the line: it is drawn


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From SKayLanphear’s fanfic Serendipitous Fate, Chapter 22:

“As the water was pulled forcibly from her body, the skin around her eye began to pale. It turned a papery white, each centimeter of water that was drawn out only spurring the pallor to spread outward across the rest of her face. Until all the color was gone, leaving behind darkened, shriveled veins sprouting visibly beneath translucent flesh.”

I’m usually not that interested in drawing fanart of fanfics, but Skaylanphears writing is just SO fantastic, and this last chapter contained so many inspiring moments that I just had to draw something! Ended up drawing this scene with Volpina, which was both terrifying and awesome. I feel so bad for the poor girl behind the mask…

If you’re not already reading this fanfic, then I strongly recommend it!!!


a thing about end of the line! i made this a while ago, before i was really comfortable drawing tf2 characters. boy things have changed some. i’m embarassed about this and it feels really weird but i figured i might as well post something i worked so hard on, even if i gave up. this is the first time i actually like how i formatted the damn thing though - it’s too bad i didn’t think to do it this way with my trek comics huh?