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The house is a wreck right now. My lease at the apartment finally ended and all of my stuff has officially been moved into the house. It’s driving me crazy and I have half a mind to just chuck it all, but I’m sentimental and want to keep all the little trinkets from life. I love and hate it at the same time.

We’re doing a pub crawl in East Atlanta Village tonight for our birthdays since they’re so close together(12 day different). If you’re in town, swing by and buy me a drink.

Speaking of the pub crawl, I’ll be channeling my inner Mimi(Steven’s late grandmother) and will be wearing her mink stole(?), cape(?) or whatever you call it. All I know is that it looks damn good on these shoulders. 

I had to say goodbye to two of my managers on Thursday. I’ve been slowly transitioning into more of a managerial position on the team. It bothered me more than I had expected. I’ve been assisting one of them since I started three years ago. And she’s come a long way with procedure and her property management skills since working with her. I hated having to say goodbye, but it was inevitable. I need less managers on me to be able to take on more team responsibility. I really hope we still keep in touch when she comes into the office. 

My boobs have been getting a lot of attention from me this week since buying the new bras. It’s only a matter of time when one of the higher ups will turn a corner at work and catch me in the act of fondling myself. 

This morning consisted of pantless tea sipping on the couch while watching soccer. It’s really the best way to start a day, if you ask me. 

Side note: Where did all of you new people come from?! It seems like 50 of you started following overnight. Well, welcome to this organized mess of a blog of mine where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. 

Happy Saturday, all. 


what’s eyewitness?
- eyewitness is a show about two high school boys named philip and lukas. they witnessed a triple homicide and they don’t admit that they did because of a certain reason, which you will learn once you watch the show.

why should i watch eyewitness?
- not only does it have an interesting and intense plot line, it also conveys real life problems such as closeted LGBT+ teens and family issues. it might not have a good representation, but it’s an overall good show. also, if we don’t hit 1M views before season 1 ends, there won’t be a season 2. it would be a great loss, so please watch eyewitness!!

where can i watch eyewitness?
- you can watch eyewitness on the USA channel at 10/9c. you can also watch it online on the USA website or on the USA app. past eyewitness episodes are also available on iTunes.

i don’t want to watch eyewitness. can i still help reach 1M views?
- yes!! just set your DVRs to record the remaining eyewitness episodes :)

thank you if you read this. if you do watch eyewitness, make sure to dm/send me pictures of you watching it!! i’ll give some of you a shoutout :)

Crossover Review *Spoilers, duh*

Overall it was pretty okay. Special effects were good and the storyline was good.

Main thing I didn’t like:
Every single episode seemed like an episode from their own shows except for LoT!
Supergirl was barely a crossover and all about Cadmis and her
The Flash was about Wally and Barry and Iris mainly
Arrow was the dream world with just arrow people (ray and sara started in arrow) but it was mainly about oliver
LoT was about everyone but the legends… The episode literally ended with Barry and Oliver which i was okay with but i thought they’d least have a little Legends in it…
Sara had like 6 lines across the entire crossover. Mick had like 5 + 2 quips. Stein had an okay amount… But Amara and Nate did like nothing. I forgot Jax was in it when he wasn’t with Stein.
Other things I didn’t like:
-Cisco’s ooc attitude towards Barry (which i understood and was okay with), but like the complete 180 he did in like 2 secs. wth
-Sara didn’t say anything about baby Sara
-No one punched Barry
-Supergirl episode was irrelevant
-I didn’t get why Oliver sidelined Kara it was random and if it was because of budget and special effects than they could have come up with a better excuse
-Wally… Kinda felt bad for him but like he had his powers for like 2 days and was clueless as to why he couldn’t fight aliens
-Didnt understand the purpose of the Laurel scene because it kinda made Oliver seem like an ass even thought it was a dreamworld
-Team leader Barry…? …Because he saw the aliens first?
-Where did Lyla go?

I have mixed feelings about Stein’s daughter but where is Clarissa?!

I was disappointed at the tempo of the episodes too because in Supergirl literally nothing happened, in the Flash they all met up in like 2 seconds and then rushed a lot, Arrow was mostly a dreamworld and nothing was rlly accomplished, then LoT had a rushed finale.

I wish Winn was there and the nerds were more nerdy together.

I loved the little quips though & fourth wall breaks

I think that the fact that the crossover happened is really cool! It better effect future episodes.


Im probably gonna be disappointed because he is a hallucination or the lack of cc scenes but hey

Wentworth is a joy to see in the screen.
It was awesome seeing the 4 shows mix
I loved all of the little groups (sara and cisco scene… What!)

Can’t wait for the next crossover!

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Pearl is pretty upset that the warps are down. Maybe they were here to colonize the earth and somehow get left behind? And now Garnet and Amethyst have made their peace, but Pearl misses homeworld. Or…nah, I don’t think that’s right, or else Lapis wouldn’t have been so opposed to our group. And that whole mysterious “what does that mean for us?” line Pearl had at the end of Ocean Gem leads me to believe they don’t want outside interference. I think they *want* these warp pads to stay offline because they don’t want anyone coming to earth. Maybe our group defected for some reason? Or got into some trouble? Maybe some shady vigilante group? I don’t know. Something’s up, though.

birthday run

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secret agent!au, 1.5k words, angst/fluff

a/n: based on the drama series “The K2″, i’m in too deep ;-; 

If there is one weakness Taehyun have always wished to erase, it was the mere sound of his name uttered by the one voice that could destroy him beyond his control.

“Who is this?” He runs a thumb over the corner of his mouth anxiously, trying to keep his voice even.

“Time’s ticking, Nam.” The voice from the other end is of a man he couldn’t recognize. The anonymity only pushed him further to the edge and Taehyun feels the desperation consuming him quicker than he was willing to let on.

This man knew his name, a struggle that many have encountered when it comes to him. The nature of his work revolves around confidentiality and given his impressive track record, Taehyun is well sought after for (mostly) all the wrong reasons. This isn’t just anyone on the line, whatever this person wanted— it’s personal.

“Let me hear her.” He demands flatly, swallowing the tight knot forming in his throat.

“Listen, Romeo—”

“Let me hear her, goddamnit!” It’s the first strike to letting the enemy know they’ve got him wrapped around their finger, even more so when he heard her voice quivering through the line.

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@katnissdoesnotfollowback threw down a ‘Ten Last Lines’ challenge after the initial round of ‘20 First Lines’ that sounded like fun!

Her Rules: Post the final line of the last 10 fics you have completed. 

I was tagged by the @titaniasfics, @randomnoteforfuturereference and @alliswell21 - thanks for thinking of me!

Just so you know, I skipped the metas.  Because once again, not really fics.


  • We believe in finishing fics.  The only currently unfinished fics I have are Let Me Fly and Damaged, Broken, and Unhinged.  FanficAllergy has one more - Participant.  But almost all our fics are finished, with a lot of one-shots.
  • The first seven of these have a clear pattern: soulmate fics end in a sentence that starts with the word “And” while non-soulmate fics end in dialogue.
  • Of course, this falls apart with the last three, which are also soulmate fics and end in dialogue.  
  • We’ve definitely switched to ending in dialogue.
  • Looking at fics that didn’t make this list, I have zero soulmate fics (we got into those this year).  Of the other eleven published since 2014, only two end in dialogue.  Three end in non-dialogue that starts with “And,” which leaves a grand total of six fics we’ve written that end in non-dialogue that doesn’t start with the word “And.”  Only three of those are Hunger Games fics.  That is a vast minority.
  • So basically - non-dialogue that starts with “And” or dialogue.  

As for tagging…if you haven’t done this, you’re tagged!  Since I know I was already tagged three times so it’s been making the rounds.

And, finally, the lines!

1. Unrequited, Unabashed, and Unwavering (with FanficAllergy)

And maybe, just maybe, school wasn’t as horrible as he’d thought.

2. Family (with FanficAllergy)

“Let’s hope I never have to find out,” Katniss murmured, giving Prim a hug.

3. Words of Revolution (with FanficAllergy)

And it all started because of five little words.  

4. Odyssey (with FanficAllergy)


5. Fractured Fairy Tale Wedding (with FanficAllergy)

“I love you, Peeta Mellark.”

6. Handwritten on Your Skin

And maybe she’d finally tell Haymitch that they were soulmates.

7. Just Another Dysfunctional Holiday (with FanficAllergy)

“Baby, I thought you’d never ask,” he said before capturing her lips in a kiss.

8. Xenolith (with FanficAllergy)

“Best birthday ever.”

9. Make Your Own Luck (with FanficAllergy)

“Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

10. You Had Me At Hello (with FanficAllergy)

“Join the club.”

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Nightingale and Tears (Y). 

When he’s in hospital, after Ettersberg, after that long, slow journey back across enemy lines, the doctors have a strange dual set of opinions about tears. The men who don’t cry at all are considered to be in very bad shape, but so are the ones who can’t stop. Apparently there’s some happy medium to be achieved. Thomas isn’t sure how, exactly. He still feels like everything stopped back in that winter forest and he’s just stumbling around in frozen time, even if the year has turned towards summer. 

He ends up doing most of his weeping over carving the names, in the echoing silence of the hall at Casterbrook, more than three years later. Probably some of the doctors would call it a relapse, but they’re not here to pass judgement and neither is anybody else. It’s just him and the honoured dead. 

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Making Jess admitting she's still in love with Nick felt huge, and I thought this would push the story forward in an interesting way, bringing Ness closer again somehow and raising the tension. I feel like instead of getting closer to a reconciliation though, Nick and Jess keep getting further from it by the end of every new episode. No I didn't expect kisses and a lot of intense feelings so early in the season, but I definitely think we should've seen much more than we did so far.

I feel you. They’re getting more and more distant from each other, actually. Even causal viewers are really starting to feel it too.

When Jess said “I have to let my love for him out somehow” in Jaipur Aviv I thought this line carried so much potential. There’s exactly how they should’ve explored Nick and Jess in the first half of the season: Jess trying to let her love for Nick out somehow, but only being able to do it as a friend. They could’ve shown their friendship growing again and start building the momentum that eventually will have to explode, which is Jess not being able to do this anymore because she loves him as so much more than just a friend. Unless, of course, what they want is show that Robby is enough to make Jess decide she can and will move on from Nick and that’s it.

Where have I been?

I have been working. A lot. I started a new job recently and have been a little apprehensive about telling you guys…Now, before anyone goes getting any ideas, I do not nor will I EVER: take off any of my clothing, allow anyone to touch me, or do anything sexual as a line of work. 

The thing is…I ended up finding work at a rather famous bar. It isn’t really what I was looking for, but the pay is good and the staff is really great. Plus, this is the first bar I've worked for where they don’t allow anyone to be creepy  haha. That is to say, if anyone tries to touch you, or makes you feel uncomfortable, they are thrown out. 

Now…on to why this makes me feel odd. 

Like I said before, it’s a rather famous bar. I don’t know a whole lot of people that haven’t heard of it. And to top it off, I ended up finding work on Austin’s 6th street. Which is a fairly well-known place to go drinking haha. 

I’ve kind of been at odds with telling you guys due to the…welll really the idea I had of what the bar was before I worked there. I don’t want anyone to think badly of me or think that I’m something I’m not. As I said before, I’m not the kind of girl who will ever do anything like take my clothes off for money etc. I haven’t even been with that many people during my life v-v; I’m a private person who is super picky about who I share myself with intimately. I haven’t even ever flashed anyone before in my entire life. Nor have I ever had a one night stand or been intimate with someone I wasn't dating. haha. 

Ok well..if you read all this way, I guess it means you really care about me…so I’ll go ahead and tell you….

I’m working at the Coyote Ugly bar. 

a poem

We will rise up to find i melt with sin.
Uncertain as the night end? now a dock, to the promise of how this barnard block of this flesh, from the numerals, counting fingers, counting fingers, counting her own.
Tomorrow is so polite and this hallway lined with whole hearts will never truly illuminate the gazing at the broken backed stretch across a cautious descent, so lurid as in a formal ritual.
So brave in a sight.
Surveying this dream.
Symmetry described by the harp strings whose boundaries tides will but i predict, i’ll have to me.
Clandestine heartaches buried underneath tragedy, its god’s will destroy me contained.
“open up the lowest of my body has forgotten garden.
Pull my initials in between.
I chose to have not you aloft, conveniently invisible thread (that you have patience (every hundredth year, a healing sacrifice.

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Hey, I was just wondering, why when you draw people, do you not erase the head circle after you have added the hair and stuff?? I really don't mean to sound rude, I was just wondering

hmm tbh im just lazy :’D and since its already like, a good circle, i dont wanna redraw the head bc itll just end up w messy lines so i just stick w it and it just honestly became part of my style by now lmao?? but i do redraw the hair and stuff when i want a cleaner outcome

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♞ - Death?

Stages Of Life Headcanons || @wailingstarharpy

♞ - Death

“Bursting in that vortex or whatever the hell it was with that vessel was freaky as hell! First I felt a twitch of pain and then it all ended quickly! Death was something; I can’t say much but what I can say I was surprised.
             It’s not unknown of what I as the Saint of Cancer can do. 

I’ve seen how the spirits of the dead line up and marching heading to the Yomotsu Hirasawa. At some point of my life I’ve come to imagine and accept I’d end up like them. Mindless and walking to get judged by a trio of assholes who have their biases already.

But to my surprise, I woke up in the Underworld with my own consciousness. I knew I was dead, I so damn certain I was dead. And yet I had my own free will and awareness intact. I didn’t feel compelled to walk alongside the other dead folks. It was like as if I was visiting the Underworld again yet I knew I was this time dead.
I figured it was the perk of being a Cancer Saint or some way or another I was being blessed by Athena or the constellation itself. 

I took advantage of my condition, I immediately headed out. I learned the old man was dead; I took his helmet in my grips and teleported for Sanctuary because I felt I knew what needed to be done; I needed to give the old man’s new heir his helmet and then…
            …hahaha!!! I had to see the look on that Tenma’s face when he saw I was dead!”

What he meant was that he had to say his goodbyes to that little pegapup.

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What happened was me and my husband was in the midst of some sexy time and just as we were about to.. uhm.. you know... get there... He gasped in my ear saying "this is my swamp now" and I responded saying "meg, that feels so good", my own name is meg.. and we end up laughing so hard and making idiotic jokes lying naked in bed at 2 in the morning and ended up sharing a tub of ice cream and watching the hangover series. We didn't do it but it was an amazing moment.😂😂 Has it ever happened to you

This hasn’t happened but Bucky and I have had so many hilarious moments before, after, during… like the first time he ever sneezed right before he.. hit the finish line, I couldn’t help but laugh 😂
-Mrs. B


So, I was gonna make an infographic thing for commissions but for the holidays I’m only going to take on a few so go ahead and just either comment here or drop me a line if you’re looking to have one made before the end of the month. Let me know what you’re looking for, and I can give you an estimate on how much it will cost. I charge $20 per hour, and most of my work is 2-4 hours of work on the smaller scale. A print will be included for an extra $5 shipping & handling, or I can send you a high quality image file for no extra cost.

I can’t stand people who say stuff along the lines of “lol history professors have the most boring job in the world”

like. buddy. have you ever met a history professor??? i’ve witnessed roughly five (5) separate debates that ended in full-on, hoarse-voiced shouting matches and at least one (1) fistfight

frisk control yourself please