the line of his body tho

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i'm pretty sure that you usually envision ktbas as a webcomic; do you think it could be a series of novels? or is the visual element too important to the story? i really liked your short story about harriet and roan meeting, obviously. how would you feel about other people forming their own interpretations of what harry, dick and the gang look like?

naw i think it could absolutely be some books. i like visual gags too much tho, idk how to communicate humor thru just words on a page omg… i mean like, im bad at using words to communicate feelings, but in a visual medium u can communicate that with faces or body language instead. which is nice

i obvi have a heavy idea of the main cast in my head, but it would be nice to see how other ppl would interpret descriptions without like, my art being there to shape the bounds of their features…. i always liked the line “sunlight that seemed to dance daringly upon [his] crown but became soiled by having the gall to try” to describe his nasty boy hair. and his eyepatch has been a placeholder for something cool for all of three years. and i dont put enough effort into clothing design. so ITD BE…. INTERESTING to see wat ppl do with all that


Also if u got a rlly bangin troll w/abnormalities like visible scars and prosthetic limbs, as well as body types that isnt the normal stick thin, then HEY HE’S HIRING, HE NEEDS MORE MODELS, SERIOUSLY YALL

Just make sure to come at him in ur best clothes like don’t fuckin show up w/sweatpants and an ugly cjristmas sweater because he will McFreakin lose it


So I really need Deku’s dad in my life because of anime dad issues so ya know what, I made a design of Hisashi Midoriya!!

I based him off the first prototype of Deku (known as Yamikumo), Deku in the first one-shot of BNHA called “My Hero”, and Black from Horikoshi’s other manga Barrage ovob I did my best to give him the curly hair Deku has and slim body build. He has a small birthmark on his cheek too! ;7; Deku definitely inherited more from his mom tho that’s for sure!

I really want Deku’s dad to be a pro-hero, but be in some line of hero work that requires him to be gone for a very long time (Plz don’t let him be like Black from Barrage pLEASE) And I mean I feel like Deku might have gotten SOME inspiration for his hero costume from his dad?? Especially with the green! I have a lot of headcanon’s for a man who we have yet to see in the manga haha ;v; I’m glad tho that we have an official name!!!

I did my best tho and I really want to draw more Deku dad ;7;/!!!

okay but jigyu’s height difference dynamics

  • instead of having things reached for him, jihoon climbs on mingyu’s back to get stuff from the top shelf just so he can do it himself
  • then he doesn’t actually get off for the rest of the shopping trip
  • you can see jihoon’s head bobbing along over the top of the aisle
  • jihoon has to constantly power walk to keep up w/ lanky legs’ big ass strides
  • his lil legs get tired so again he just hops along the mingyu train and makes the younger carry him
  • mingyu is always willing tho
  • jihoon does that thing where he rocks mingyu’s shoulders back n forth like he’s riding a fucking horse
  • jihoon’s lyin there, being lazy and mingyu will slip onto whatever jihoon’s on and full on engulf his body with his
  • jihoon’s just used to mingyu’s constant cuddle attacks and spooning but somewhere along the line, jihoon somehow manages to switch it up and ends up backpacking mingyu
  • couple cooking consisting of mingyu actually trying to cook while jihoon sits and walks on the counters getting the ingredients from the cupboards
  • mingyu takes jihoon’s legs when he’s sitting on the kitchen island and stands in between them, wrapping them around his waist
  • getting so distracted with kissing the food burns and neither of them notice until there’s black smoke billowing from the oven
  • then it’s mingyu’s turn on the counter as jihoon grabs the fire extinguisher
  • they eat a take away pizza on the sofa where mingyu serves as jihoon’s leg rest
  • sometimes jihoon sits curled in mingyu’s lap and mingyu can wrap his arms totally around jihoon’s torso
  • other times jihoon just sprawls himself over mingyu’s body, then complains when mingyu can’t get a good enough hold and he falls to the floor
  • dragging mingyu w/ him
  • everyone’s favorite morning after trope where jihoon dresses in mingyu’s dress shirt that comes to his knees
  • mingyu tries to run his hands under that shirt but jihoon slaps them away while he tries to enjoy his morning coffee
  • wrestling where jihoon just sits on mingyu’s chest and pinches him
  • the ultimate tol n smol

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3 words: choker(i'm almost sorry but def no shame), icarus, mint. Does greek mythological figure count as a word??? for rap money supreme pls because who else would make me thirst for his neck tbh

im so sorry if this is completely not waht u wanted but this is just where the words took me?? weird magical realism angels and ?????? IDK I HOPE YOU LIKE IT THO??? 

requests are: closed

the drawing of lines
rated t for too weird
word count: 2,683

01. choker

There are lines tattooed around your necks at the coming of age ceremony; it’s a line of demarcation–something that marks your mind from your body, your head and soul from the rest of you, meant to remind you that from here on out, whatever may happen to your body, your soul will remain unaffected.

That you might have to make choices that benefit your mind, but not your body.

(What utter bullshit.)

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So if Sean gets killed off, what is Frank’s body count going to be up to?

I guarantee you it’s gonna be like this:

Mickey accidentally OD’s Sammi & gets sent to prison, even tho there’s (I assume) no physical evidence: Prison for 15 years. Maybe 8.

Frank has been responsible for multiple deaths: just goes on with his useless life and story-lines.
Shameless Writers: It’s Shameless, people get away with murder  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯