the line of all lines

Art Nouveau inspired Feysand for @meabhd ‘s coloring contest!
(I hope you don’t mind that changed up the lines to fit the style!)

Thank you for providing us all with such beautiful artwork to color! 

edit: crap I forgot to texture it.

The Waxing Crescent Moon: A time for making plans; laying a foundation; emotions and the start of positive change. A time for spells of love and good luck ♥

  • alec: did you sit in a pile of sugar?
  • magnus: ? ? ?
  • alec: 'cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • magnus: :) :) :)
  • Takka: Thanks for pickin' that up for me; here, have some ingredients on the house. And be sure to kiss the cook for me.
  • Noctis: ...
  • Prompto: ...
  • Gladio: ...
  • Ignis: ...if any of you kiss me tonight, you'll be eating burnt toast for a week.
  • Gladio: Damn.
  • Noctis: what
  • Prompto: what
  • Gladio: I mean what
  • Ignis: *facepalm*
Dave, Done, And The Magical Sea

Dave, Don, And The Magical Sea

Once in a little farm

A little far away

In through the forest 

Near the old black bay

Lives a man named Dave

And a man called Don

Near by the sea shore

They all get along

All the fish and the turtles

The dolphins and the whales

And the mermaids on the rocks 

That are swishing their tails

Line by line

They wait and see

All the possible things

That go on in the sea

But time isn’t right

And it might never be

Until my little sea king

Comes returning to me

If you ever see him 

On a rock or in tree

Come into Sea World

Hear my plea

To find this ocean 

Don’t go left and don’t turn right

Just walk straight down 

To make things tight

Dazai x Yenpress aka all Victorian Dazai lines - Volume one.

Day 3:Weapons//Pick-up Lines// “But once you start doubting, it’s hard to know what to believe.” - Tanizaki Junichirou, Naomi

Okay so I was gonna write something for Hawthorne and Mitchell but then I got lazy so here have this


Rating : G

Pairing : Dazai x Yenpress

Summary : Dazai meets Yenpress. That is all.

Places to Read : AO3


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anonymous asked:

So no Raven, Monty, Jasper or Miller in that episode? What's going on? Especially as we've barely seen Jasper or Miller this season and we're already half way through.

What’s going on is this is a very big cast and they alternate focus on different story lines depending upon what part of the story they are telling at the moment. We’ve focused on the black rain, octavia, the science solution. It’s action time for Arkadia and rest time for Becca’s Lab. 

The story is almost always about Clarke and Bellamy. They feature the most. It’s their story. They are the heroes. Octavia, Raven, Murphy, Jaha, Abby and Kane are second. They are in the second most story lines. They all have story lines that don’t center on Clarke or Bellamy, but sometimes support them or serve as parallels to high light Clarke’s and Bellamy’s stories. Roan, Monty and Jasper are third. They have some story lines that are separate but mostly serve as support for the main stories. Miller, Harper, Emori, Indra, Echo have emotional beats and backstories that give their characters depth, but do not really have stories that are separate from the main stories. They show up only when it serves the narrative. This isn’t an injustice, it’s just not their story. They are supporting characters. They help the heroes. 

Making a story of this complexity means you’ve got to juggle a lot of threads and story lines and characters. It’s a delicate balance. You throw every character into the mix without regard to the balance and what you have is a mess. Not a good story.

Okay can I just nitpick like real quick
Yes this is dumb and yes the show is 100% garbage too and why should this even matter but this irked me so much
OKAY so this line this GODDAMN line is supposed to make Jughead sound all cool and true crimey like oooooo he knows his stuff he’s all dark and shit (it’s in reference to a 3 part documentary on the Memphis Three, these three kids who were charged with triple homicide in the 90s) but first of all, Paradise Lost was a poem/book before it was anything else?? It’s more well-known for being a book why throw in this line when he could’ve said “The Memphis Three”??? The book was written in the 1600 and has nothing to do with murders and everything to do with Satan
They didn’t get arrested because they wore black and listened to Metallica- they were arrested because one of the guys flat out confessed to the crime, their blood along with the blood of the victim was found on the murder weapon.
they weren’t on death row!! They got out in 2011? They weren’t even sentenced to death originally Im pretty sure, they were just given life sentences.
Ok true crime rant over, sorry 👍🏻👈🏻👈🏻🐓