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Luts Kiwi Romance ver. by ZU Light Limner
Via Flickr:
Faceup by Light Limner Jan 2016


The Biking Limner

The goal of You’re US is for Klein to paint portraits of three people from every state. So far, he’s painted 40 Americans from ten different states. In exchange for his Renaissance-style portraits, Klein’s subjects give him room, board, and the opportunity to record stories from their lives. The resulting audio has been featured on NPR's Snap Judgment and played alongside video of his paintings at UnionDocs, a nonprofit center for documentary art in Brooklyn.

As an added difficulty, Klein travels from subject to subject by bike. He’s traveled 14,000 miles in the past three years—almost all of those miles in the summer heat with 80 pounds of art and life supplies in saddlebags hanging off his wheels. Sometimes he rides a hundred miles in a day



Painting By Light Limner par ZU Light Limner


Light Limner - OOAK Kiera(Clown) par ZU Light Limner