the liminal project


“One of my first memories of the wood was on a family walk. 
At one point while playing with my sister I decided to run ahead. 
I came into a clearing and then quickly slowed down and stopped as I approached an entrance. 
Despite the daylight it was dark at the edge of the clearing where the path continued into the wood. 
Fear gripped me for a moment with a vivid thought.
Then we all continued in .”

The term liminality stems from Latin limen meaning boundary or threshold. Concepts of boundaries exist in all aspects of humanity and have been the study of many ethnologists, folklorists and philosophers. In particular, Plato considered the boundary between a reality and a heightened reality or altered state of mind. 

My practice involves extensive observation and explorative research of a landscape, built environment or interior space. The work examines past experiences and memories in the context of a new, technologically developing and globally linked society and the psychological effects that permeate. The experience is solitary, raw and elemental and reaches deep into the psyche.

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