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Do you have any headcannons on hidden talents the tog characters have ?? Like idk singing or dancing or juggling or drawing or making up hilarious limericks on the spot or baking fucking amazing bread or just being really good at frenchbraids ?? I don't really know where I'm going with this I just thought it would be interesting to ask !

I’m including ACOTAR characters too.

Each and every member of the Thirteen is a FANTASTIC singer. On the level of sirens, only everyone is mesmerized by their voices.

Chaol can juggle. He started doing it one say for shits in his office, and found out that he is actually good at it.

Dorian can do the splits. He is actually quite limber.

Cassian quilts. Rhys’s mom taught the boys how to mend their own clothing, but she used to stay up quilting, and Cassian used to help. His brother’s don’t know this. But he can sew a mean quilt. And when Rhys’s mom died, he asked Rhys is he could keep some of her quilts and Rhys let him. He keeps them in a locked trunk in his house. But his favorite one hands on the wall. It’s both a work of art and a memoriam to the only mother he ever knew.

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WEEDQUEST highlight reel:
  • Vriska did a crit on an owlbear and then got a chunk bit out of her for 10 of her 11 hitpoints
  • Jane attempted to heal vriska later but only if she would say ‘please’ and vriska refused
  • vriska stealth attached a child safety leash onto terezi and when terezi later noticed she decided to keep it on
  • karkat ate a bunch of dirt and rolled a critical hit and killed the owlbear while screaming
  • john fucking died when he got slashed at by the owlbear and it took literally 20 minutes of debate over whether or not to stabilize him
  • dirk attempted a medicine check on him but critically missed
  • dave did a performance at an inn to get free rooms for everyone and rolled a 25 and everyone in the crowd wept at his limerick about john’s ass

Nothing spells ‘class’ like drinking wine straight from the bottle and planning the adventures of the next weeks 

The Limerick Bard's strange fetish

Premise: We were fighting a group of manticores, and were down to the last one. The Haiku Paladin steps up to the plate.

Paladin (Ooc): I use my “Smite Evil” ability and offer the Manticore challenge.

MageGM: Alright. What do you say?

Paladin: Come forth, you foul beast.
              Allow my sword to rend you,
              Guide you into hell.

MageGM: The Manticore has enough understanding of common to know that you’re getting ready to whoop its ass, but takes the chance while you’re talking to pounce with an attack of opportunity.

Paladin (OOC): What the fuck?!

MageGM: Talking isn’t a free action.

Paladin (OOC): Okay that’s fair…

MageGM: The manticore has you grappled and you are pinned to the ground. Roll to break the grapple.

Paladin: *Rolls*

MageGM: Alright. Your sword arm is free.

Paladin (OOC): I drive my sword up under the manticore’s chin. *Rolls* HAH! 20!

MageGM: *while the rest of the table is cheering her on* Nice. You drive your holy sword up under the manticore’s chin, and the aura of godliness emanating from it makes the manticore explode, drenching you in its blood and guts.

Paladin (OOC): I stand up to challenge anyone else that would try to fuck with me today.

MageGM: There are no more enemies, but you look incredibly badass.

Bard: Seeing you so covered in gore,
          Looking much like a god of war…
          And now this bard
          Is very hard.
          It makes me want you all the more.

Barbarian: Nec-tar believes you have problems, musical friend… (OOC) Seriously, though, save the flirting for outside the game.

This amazing image of the Northern Lights was captured by Frank Ryan on St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) at Lough Gur in County Limerick, Ireland.

Limerick is situated in the Midwest of Ireland and typically the Northern Lights cannot be seen from this vantage point. However, thanks to a surprisingly strong solar storm, ranked as a G4 geomagnetic storm by NOAA, the night sky was alive with the dance of the Aurora Borealis.

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The Limerick Bard Makes a Friend

So first and foremost: Yes, this campaign is still going. Second: one of the GM’s friends joined in and rolled a paladin that is kind of like a classic samurai in attitude.

GM: [giving the rundown of the characters] He’s a druid and has a wolf as his animal companion. She’s the party rogue, formerly of the circus, and in training to become a thief-acrobat. His barbarian’s name is “Nectar”, pronounced “Nek-Tarr”. Don’t get it wrong. And he’s… a bard. He speaks entirely in limericks.

Paladin: Why?

GM: I didn’t want him to play a bard so I set an impossible standard for him to meet and he met it.

Paladin: Holy fuck that’s amazing.

[Fast forward to when we actually meet the paladin in game.]

GM: You come across the warrior in the clearing, surrounded by a ring of bandit corpses. She cleans off her single-edged sword and sheathes it with a practiced meticulousness. She hears your approach and rises from her station.

Paladin: The battle was long.
              I fear I killed far too much.
              Do not judge me. Please.

Nectar: This is a mighty warrior indeed! What do you call yourself? Will you fight with us?

Paladin: My name is Elya.
              Tell me: Do your cause be just?
              If so: I will fight.

Druid: We seek to kill necromancers and their undead legions. What cause can be more just than that?

Paladin: Stand with you, I will.
              So, in carnage, I shall bloom,
              Like flowers at dawn.

Bard: That verse, I know it true.
          I don’t mean to offend you,
          But would it be crime
          To call your rhyme
          The verse known as “haiku”?

DM: [Looks over at his friend] I swear, if you do this, you’re dead to me.

Paladin: You’re trained in your craft
              To recognize ancient form.
              I like you, indeed.

Bard (OOC): Booyah! Poetry prevails

DM: I am going to find an excuse to kill both of you, I swear.