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Could you write a one shot of Alec and Magnus where they train together 👀👀

you knw what gets me going, don’t cha? 

both of them were really sweaty, heavy breathing with grins painted on their faces. alec’s legs were burning from all the running and dodging magnus’ magic. his knees were shaking and yet, he couldn’t stop. the sight of his man shirtless, laughing and joking arund kept him going for several hours. 

he didn’t even noticed he was staring at man in front of him when suddenly ball of energy softly hit his chest. alec’s knees gave up and he ended up on thew floor, body shaking from laugh. grabbing wooden stick next to him, he threw it at magnus’ legs and miserably missed. 

“getting tired?” smooth voice appeared next to him. he looked up. magnus was dropping on his lap. and soon after that he felt weight on his crotch, heat on his sides. his hands automaticlly went to the other man’s waist, supporting him. laughing, alec carefully sat up. his breath was mixing with magnus’. suddenly, they’re lips were locked together, playfully sharing small kisses. until alec turned them around, his hands were holding magnus down as he pressed his hand on magnus’ chest: “are you?”

Just Hold Me!

A/N: Based on this prompt! I hope you love it Nonie!

Alexander Lightwood was having perhaps the most atrocious day. It started with him being late to his first class of the day, which just so happened to be his least favorite class, International Law. The only reason it was his least favorite was because it was taught by his least favorite professor, Professor Valentine Morgenstern, Class-A douche and all around villain. After being late, and being called out about it in front of the whole damn class, Alec spilled coffee all over his pants and didn’t have enough time to go back to his apartment and change so he spent the rest of his days looking like he pissed himself. Next, his mom called to tell him that the divorce between her and Alec’s father had officially gone through and he could hear his little brother, Max, bawling in the background. Alec’s dad was an intolerant jackass who threatened to cut Alec off when he came out and  cheated on his mother time and time again for the past three years…but Max was only 10 and didn’t really understand what was really going on. 

Needless to say, Alec was exhausted. 

Alec wanted to be there for his mom and little brother, but he was in his third year at Harvard and he had no time to take off. His little sister, Izzy, lived closer to the family and she called him and promised to go in his stead. It gave Alec some relief, but he still felt guilty. 

Luckily, the day was finally over and he walked back to his apartment. The moment he walked inside a deep ache settled over his body. His boyfriend, Magnus Bane, was sleeping soundly on the couch. Magnus’ arms were crossed over his bare chest, silk pajama pants riding low on his hips. Alec could see Magnus’ chest rising and falling with each soft breath he took. Magnus was the most beautiful person, inside and out, Alec had ever met. He was outgoing and what some would call flamboyant, but Alec just called it Magnus.

Alec wanted nothing more than to press himself against Magnus, feel those strong and safe and loving arms wrapped tightly around him, and allow Magnus to chase away the crappiness of the day. 

Alec set his bag down and slipped his shoes off and walked up to Magnus on the couch. He reached out and lightly brushed a lock of his black hair from his eyes. Magnus sighed sleepily, nuzzling into Alec’s hand. 

“Hello Alexander." 


Something must have been off in Alec’s voice because Magnus suddenly looked very much awake as he looked up at Alec. Magnus tilted his head slightly before scooting back against the couch and motioning for Alec to lie next to him. Alec wasted no time in stretching out against Magnus, burying his face in the smooth chest, and sighing. 

"Are you alright darling?” Magnus asked softly, carding his fingers through Alec’s hair. 

“Rough day." 

"Anything I can do?" 

"Just…just hold me, ok?" 

Magnus’ arms wrapped around Alec, pulling him even closer. "Of course." 

They laid like that for close to an hour, Alec fell in and out of sleep as Magnus sang softly in his ears. It was a song in Indonesian, Magnus’ native tongue, and Alec had no idea what it meant, but it made him feel at ease. 

"The divorce has been finalized.” Alec murmured. 

Magnus pressed a kiss to Alec’s temple. “I’m sorry love." 

"I’m not,” said Alec. “I’m glad it’s been done. I just wish Max was a little older so he could understand better. I could hear him crying." 

"Will you be going home then?" 

"No, I’ve got too much work to do with school. Izzy will be there though." 

Magnus squeezed Alec. "I love you." 

"I love you too.” Alec replied, nuzzling into Magnus’ chest, causing the older man to chuckle. 

“That tickles.” Magnus murmured, squeezing his arms tighter. 

Alec grinned. “Good." 

"Oh you will lose the fight, Alexander,” said Magnus. “You are far more ticklish than I am." 

Before Alec was able to retort, Magnus curled his fingers into Alec’s sides, wiggling them quickly and causing Alec to jerk. 

"Mahahagnus!” Alec immediately devolved into giggles. His ribs were super ticklish and Magnus was incredibly strong; Alec could barely wiggle with the way Magnus had his arms wrapped around him. Alec tried to retaliate, but then Magnus pressed his lips to Alec’s neck and started blowing raspberries.  

“AH! NOHO!” Alec screeched and fought harder, managing to break the hold Magnus had, but falling half off of the couch. Magnus, never one to miss an opportunity, started tickling Alec’s hips and blowing raspberries on his stomach, which was bare now thanks to his shirt riding up. 

“You smell delicious Alexander.” Magnus purred into his stomach. 

“PLeheheHEHEASE!” Alec is not above begging of course, and he felt like he was going to go crazy if he didn’t get away from Magnus’ tickles. 

Magnus planted one last raspberry on Alec’s stomach and then grinned down at him. “Do I win?" 

Alec smirked and reached for Magnus’ neck, pulling him down for a kiss. "I’m with you, so I win.”

Apparently, it’s Jalec Month 2017, and this week’s theme is “Definition”…

What defines Jalec for me? Easy: their non-sexual intimacy. 

Whether I write about Jace & Alec as a romantic couple or platonic parabatai, this is the one thing that I always accentuate: they’re intimate with each other. Arm thrown around waist, chin hooked over shoulder, falling asleep together, things like that. This is what sets my heart aflutter.

I admit that I’ve never seen them like that in the books. But watching Dom & Matt on-screen is a real experience. They don’t mind physical proximity, they encourage it, especially Dom. You can see how he’s with Alberto, the way they pretend-kiss or carry each other around, but there’s always an undertone of lulz there. With Matt, Dom’s simply comfortable, completely at ease and that translates into casual touches - and that carries over on-screen. Like they said at NYCC last year, their on-screen relationship feels honest because of their off-screen closeness.

So, I know that for many Jalec shippers, Jace and Alec equal hot monkey sex - ha! ;) - but what I imagine are lazy summer mornings or quiet conversations at night while it’s hot outside and the windows are open and they lay sprawled in bed, simply enjoying each other’s closeness. 

That’s my definition of Jalec.