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500 Followers. It feels great to gotten this far and I’d like to thank all 500 of you taking part of my blog.

I’d like to congratulate these awesome people for their support and getting me where I am now.

@demoiselledefortune for your always giving me something to talk about, particularly mechanics
@markoftheasphodel for your fics and giving me inspiration on how to approach writing
@arthoure MAY DOMA’S BLESSINGS and your headcanons are cool
@the-banished-one For shitposting infinitely on the Light of Zwei
@allitalksfandom I see you reblog my stuff and I appreciate it.
@randomnameless giving me the blessings to expand the Genealogy Of The Holy Self Insert S Support confessions
@flamingarcanine for your backing for getting to where I am now
@epictacticianjay for your constant ruining and weird replies. Dammit Jay, I hate you but I also love you. 
@priestessoftheemblem for being the person on this lonely canoe of Ike!Mia
@jugdraldefender for defending Jugdral, also being a really cool friend and being out there for me.
@burgermiester85 who’s experience has given me insight on the evolution of its fandom
@mirrorsofsilver RETCONS, POINT THEM ALL OUT.
@eliiwoods Thank you to elevating me to Mod Stats, but there is something you must know. BENCH OSCAR.
@prince-mar-mar You are forever a Humble Meme Merchant, that is your destiny. SUBMIT TO IT.
@almas-glue Thank you joining forces in the Pineapple on Pizza Defense Force on the Discord
@seeralvis I remember the old days when you would talk about how great Cormag was but then I would counter with DEAN. 
@telethiaplume MOR’S FURNITURE, ONE DAY.
@videogamefangirl-world I still remember the elder days of the Hector Cult
@talys Together we are salt!
@pumvilla It’s nice chatting with ya anytime
@wylia Something something Gaiden jokes, something something Lunatic Club
@naga-of-akaneia You’re on here because our shenanigans get me followers, and nothing more. You’re actually pretty cool but I’ll never admit it.
@saint-of-swords Even though we don’t interact much I appreciate you liking my stuff
@sugardaddegaius Thanks for being a friend I can talk to, also your art is great. 
@mahnati Nice having you around, and nice art.
@princess-marths-princess You and Princey. Never change. Never stop like ever.
@genocidaltophattedoharo AY MAN, YOU MY BEST MAN.
@miss-randomness-the-iii Your contributions are to my stuff is great.
@beserkercharlotte You are Kaga’s greatest nightmare
@silver-lucas FAM, I MISS! If you ever need I’m here, probably shitposting.
@anankos GOD SQUAD
@raspberrytrap GOD SQUAD
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@maximumfabulosity GOD SQUAD
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@random-crap-fandom-crap Never stop memeing, ever.
@suicunerider for being a great friend and memer. 
@smedgemcedge I remember way back when you International Postal Service and far we’ve come since. 


A/N: Some Liam fluff, because Liam is a big ol’ teddy bear who would be awesome with cuddles :)

Character: Liam

Warning(s): None

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I’ve not even been back for a day and I’m already missing Honolulu. *sigh* Flying commercial alone while you’re on crutches is possibly one of the seven levels of hell. God bless Hawaiian airlines for being so kind to me. Six hours of flying each way plus all my hobbling around the airport was totally worth it to surprise my niece before her play and spend only about 40 hours with my awesome brother and his amazing family. Seeing my niece’s face light up when she saw me and then watching her kill it on stage made all the hassle and misery of traveling with an injury completely worth it. I’m so proud of her.

mrs-swordslover  asked:

I just discovered your blog and it's awesome! I especially love the idea of Griffith married to Farnese and their interaction, but that (light)smut tho 👀👌🏻

asdasafefsdfsdfd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ;_;

@farnese-de-vandimion, look, someone roots for us ♥♥♥