the lightning thief and the last olympian

But why are people disappointed in Percy because he didn’t visit Bob? You guys do you realize that even if you’re Percy Jackson you can’t just walk in and out of the Underworld whenever you like, right? 

Every time Percy went in the Underworld it was because of a quest. In TLT he went because Hades let him, since he wanted Percy to bring him his Helm of Darkness that he thought was at Percy, then in “Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades” he was brought there by Persephone. In TLO he went there with Nico, who is a child of Hades, and also it was Hades plan to bring him there so he could imprison/kill him so Nico would be the child of the prophecy. And then there was Tartarus, which was because he didn’t want to let Annabeth alone and also they had to close the Doors of Death. 

Going there is a big deal guys, you don’t just walk into the Underworld like you walk into a Starbucks


it’s some bad mythology, the guards are here, i don’t know which heart is yours

inspiration based on this!

Book Photo Challenge - June - Day 18

Father: Poseidon 

The whole prompt for this series is Percy Jackson finding out who his father is. Poseidon’s character isn’t in the books all that much but who Percy is and what pushes him has a lot to do with who his dad is.

Thanks to @booksforthoughts for making up the June challenge
Petition · ABC, Netflix, Rick Riordan: Create a Percy Jackson TV series called Percy Jackson and The Olympians ·

Petition to make the Percy Jackson books into a series with each book getting a season. More details on site. Spread this like wildfire

Damian Wayne reading the Percy Jackson series and getting really passionate about it. He only read the first book because Tim had been bothering him about it for years, so one boring afternoon he finally read the darn thing. Cut to a year later and he has a copy of every single book from The Lightning Thief all the way to The Dark Prophecy, he’s read the Magnus Chase series, the Kane Chronicles, and every book Rick Riordan has ever written. His favorite characters are Nico and Annabeth, and he cried throughout the entirety of Blood of Olympus. You can’t have a conversation with the kid without him in some way mentioning Percy Jackson, usually ordering everyone in his family to read them as well. 


"I tried. You kept biting me whenever I tried to touch the book." 



Character Aesthetic: Annabeth Chase

“Stop!” Annabeth insisted. “This is a stupid test.”
“Um, Annabeth,” Grover cut in nervously. “Maybe you should just, you know, finish first and complain later?”
“I’m a child of Athena,” she insisted. “And this is an insult to my intelligence. I won’t answer these questions.”