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Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era

you just close your eyes, and count to ten / breath in twice, and open them

you know where to go you have been there before in your heart

rb (me talking under cut)

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Honestly Guren would be such a great character if he wasn’t painted as a hero by the narrative because like?? Even though he’s a complete fucking asshole, he’s also very morally grey, and morally grey asshole characters are GREAT for story progression and development because they tend to power/influence the plot far more than most of the protags ever will. So Guren’s dickish, secrative, manipulative nature is actually a very good thing in storytelling terms, but the fact that he’s painted in a more heroic light is just kinda…bluh. It ruins some of his appeal, to be honest, because he’s very clearly not a hero or a savior, so it feels forced. Characters like Guren are perfect as they are while depicted in a neutral light, because you see their good side contrasting with their horrible actions, and it allows the readers to appreciate them for who they are- as flawed, but still interesting, characters. To put Guren’s actions and behavior in a more positive, heroic light ruins the whole thing because the whole appeal to what he’s doing is that it’s flawed and not the right thing. That’s what makes a character like him likeable. To display it as the ‘right’ thing, the heroic thing, ruins it.


@ImmortalHD: loving these positive mentions in my notifications lately b o y s. thanks for that

Marvel can shove their “fixed” MJ up theirs. Mary Jane didn’t need fixing which we all know if what’s really happening. They see Mary Jane as nothing but a damsel and so they thought hey why don’t we change her so she’s “better”

Yeah thanks for creating even more hate towards a female character.

Y'all I’m so tired of this.

First marvel comics and now the mcu too. I thought they would do justice to Mary Jane but I was such a dumbass for trusting them.

I thought ok well maybe the Michelle name is cover name, nope wrong. Well then I guess she’s not Mary Jane, nope wrong.

I still don’t get why change her name. If she’s an adaptation of Mary Jane she should still be Mary Jane. Wtf

Get it straight marvel. Is she a adaptation of Mary Jane or was she never supposed to be Mary Jane?

Kevin feige: no she’s not Mary Jane, it’s just an homage.

Writers of homecoming: yes she’s an adaptation of Mary Jane. A love interest you don’t see coming(lmao really?)

A love interest you don’t see coming. Perhaps like readers didn’t see Mary Jane coming in the comics? She was just a blind date but then she stole the show. Hmm I wonder why this strikes a chord with me?

She’s some weird ass adaptation of Mary Jane but she can’t keep the name?

So now it’s going to be Mary Jane vs Michelle.

Because we needed more of this shit right. We need more Mary Jane trashing in favor a a character that’s taking her shit. First we deal with Gwen from the amazing Spider-Man, who’s basically ultimate MJ with science and now Michelle.

Guess I live in a time were we make character that take from Mary Jane and then call them better then Mary Jane.

Great to know I’ll die before ever seeing a accurate Mary Jane in a spider man movie.


The first time I ever watched this episode I didn’t know what to do with myself. 

Also, Hohenheim manhandled Ed too much in it lol

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what the hell was going on with your snapchat story

god yesterday was a day lemme tell you


Merry Chris-Hanukkah-mas and a Happy Rama Kwanzaa Dan!

I had an ask from a bit ago about Fidds getting to see Christmas lights being excited about them. Ford probably didn’t get to really enjoy decorations either so they both can enjoy them.