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Could you please draw a sad and a happy burr!? Thank you!!

Ein traurig und ein glucklich Burr fur du!!

sorry the picture is kinda grainy, bad lighting. Also i made these at like 11 pm so bad quality art, also i’m not that practiced with tears in my style so i dont really have a specific way i draw them. I struggles. But i tried. Sorry anon, have some trash,,,,

Sweet Beginnings - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N: So here’s something I wrote a few weeks ago, it’s kinda short and pretty much just a fluffy drabble. Not sure I like it but I’m still posting it so, sorry if it’s bad and sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc. Other than that, Enjoy! :p


Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: None?
Word count: 1127

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Hi there! I wanna say that I really like your writing! If you don't mind, could you do an MC that is afraid of the dark? Thank you so much!

I have a fear of the dark, so I have lights hung up around my room. im so sorry this took so long, i added the minor trio because i felt so bad. i hope you like them.


  • kinda think he’s a little     scared of the dark too?    
  • Like he tries to be a manly     man™
  • But he’s bad at it 
  • So he’s 100% with a night light     or something     
  • Probably gets one of the wall     Sticker lights     
  • Like the ones that make it look     like Captain Americas shield has punched through the wall
  • Because Yoosung can’t be     trusted around fire Yoosung doesn’t own any candles
  • So if there’s a black out he’ll     just hold you tight
  • “It’s Okay MC!!! You don’t     have to cry!!”
  • “Yoosung, you’re crying     not me"     
  • He’ll protect you
  • Don’t worry


  • A Little confused when you tell     her
  • Because like the dark is just     the absence of light     
  • But it doesn’t really matter     since Jaehee has learned to fall asleep with lights on
  • She’s fallen asleep while     writing reports numerous times    
  • And forgets to turn lights off
  • So if you need some source of     light it won’t bother her    
  • She probably fights it cute     though
  • Secretly wants to protect you,     so she’ll cuddle up to you    
  • Such an angel 
  • When there’s blackouts, or     you’re somewhere without light, she’ll grab your hand and remind you she’s     there     
  • She’ll do what she can to never     leave you alone in the dark    
  • Or to scare you when it’s dark


  • Zen does not like sleeping with     lights on
  • But when you tell him he melts
  • He still won’t want the lights     on, but he’s fine with a little light somewhere 
  • Maybe leaving the hall light on
  • Also willing to protect you
  • “You don’t have to be     afraid MC, I’ll protect you from anything scary. I promise" 
  • He’ll smother you so you’re     protected
  • Also might accidentally     suffocate you
  • So just push him off a little
  • He’ll also do the same if     there’s a blackout
  • He’ll wrap his entire body     around you and whisper sweet things in your ear
  • Again if it’s suffocating just     nudge him a little he’ll ease up 


  • also confused like Jaehee
  • He finds it illogical
  • But then again, anything for     the love of his life    
  • He won’t want the lights on     either, but he’s willing to adapt for you
  • Probably does something fancy     like gets lights installed in the roof to look like little glowing stars 
  • Something fancy and rich like     that
  • Also asks if you want to talk     to someone about your fear since he finds it a little childish
  • He also gets little floor     lights installed e v e r y w h e r e    
  • So whenever you’re walking you     can always see ahead of you    
  • He isn’t good at comforting     people but he’ll make sure you’re okay during black outs 
  • And that the power is back on     quickly.     


  • this is totally fine!!!! 
  • This boy is willing to sleep on     the suns fucking surface for you  
  • So a little light isn’t gonna     kill him
  • Truth be told he isn’t fond of     the dark, he doesn’t have a fear per say, but he is much more comfortable     with being able to see    
  • He makes sure you’re never left     alone in the dark     
  • If you ever get trapped in the     dark together he’ll tell you everything will be okay and he’s right there     for you
  • Such a sweetheart. 

Bonus!! Because these took so long and I feel really bad. 


  • yeah
  • Same
  • He’s been kept in the dark his     entire life
  • So he’s probably petrified of     it
  • especially when he’s alone he’s     scared of the dark
  • Of the unknown
  • Pun not intended 
  • You have a string of power     lights across your guys’ room that are almost always on
  • If there’s ever a blackout the     two of you hold each other close 
  • You’re both scared but you’re     not alone and that’s the main thing 


  • annoyed 
  • Like really?
  • It’s just the dark
  • He is literally the definition     of ‘the dark side'     
  • He won’t admit it but he     actually wants to help you with your fear rather than make fun of you
  • Because he cares 
  • Tsundere tsundere 
  • He’ll probably hug you if you     guys get trapped in the dark together.
  • "You should know by now     I’ll protect you no matter what, MC. Don’t be stupid" 
  • Probably doesn’t give a shit if     you have lights on at night    
  • As long as they’re not too     excessive     


  • he can’t be scared of the dark     it’s all he sees
  • "Oh my god V it’s so dark     I can’t see anything”    
  • “Omg me neither neither     MC"     
  • V finds your fear a little cute 
  • In a weird way
  • Like the way you cling to him     when it’s too dark?
  • He lives for that shit
  • He will make you feel safe and     secure even when you can’t see a centimeter in front of your face
  • V is practically the sun so     it’s like never dark    
  • He’s fine with night lights
  • They don’t bother him
Imagine being possessed by Dagon whilst being Lucifer’s girlfriend

Word count: 870

Request by: anon

A/N: Hey guys, sorry it took so long for this to come out but better late than never right? (I have no excuse other than I found a podcast called ‘The Adventure Zone’ and I have just been binge listening to it for the past few days). Anyway, sorry that this is really bad, I kinda rushed it and forced myself to get it done today so that’s why it’s hot trash. 

“You have to go Luci,” you giggled out as Lucifer wrapped his arms more tightly around you to pull you closer into him causing him to nuzzle his head deeper into your neck.

“Just five more minutes in bed with the most beautiful human ever,” he whispered placing a light kiss on your forehead.

“You’re only saying that because I’m your soulmate Luci. Now I’m not even joking, you have about 10 seconds to be out of this room or you can find somewhere else to sleep tonight, you have hell to run.”

“It’s not as if I do anything whilst I’m there anyway. It’s chaotic whilst I’m away, I like it.” he placed a long final kiss on your lips before reluctantly pulling his arms away from your waist,

“See you tonight, Y/N,” he spoke out slightly smiling at how beautiful you looked even when you had just woken up and clicking his fingers taking him to ‘work’.

You sighed out happily into the empty room, taking in how content you felt in that moment. You had never loved someone as much as you had done with Lucifer, he was your soulmate after all, you were physically made for each other.

Everything about him from his icy blue eyes to his fluffy blonde hair attracted you to him and the same went for him whilst he was thinking about you.

The door to the room slowly creaked open.

“Back so soon?” you joked out looking over to the door.

Shock filled your body as Dagon walked into the room wielding a knife.

“D-Dagon?” you wearily spoke, shuffling as far away as you could from her.

Murmuring ‘weak’, Dagon simply walked over to your body, clicking her fingers. You felt invisible ropes restrain both your arms and legs. You tried to scream out but all that escaped your mouth was a muffled sob and tears fell rapidly down your cheeks as she moved away your shirt and brought down the knife onto your chest, right where your anti possession symbol was tattooed.

Pain flowed through your body making you scream in pain as she dragged the knife across the tattoo. Not a second after your mark was completely destroyed, Dagon exited her body suit and the black smoke forcefully rammed its way down your throat.

Involuntarily, with no control of your body, you stood up. Trying your hardest, you screamed out to Dagon for your body back.

“We are going to have so much fun,” you heard her speak before a darkness overtook you.

 Slowly, you came back to consciousness.

“Y/N, are you sure you are okay, you haven’t been acting normal all day,” Lucifer’s voice spoke out.

You tried to scream out to Lucifer that it wasn’t you but all that escaped your mouth was a ‘yes, I’m sure’.

Lucifer gave a look which any normal person would dismiss yet you knew Lucifer, and you knew that look, Lucifer knew that something wasn’t quite right but he couldn’t figure it out.

You tried again to scream out and all you could feel was Dagon beginning to get angry before blacking out.

It felt as if weeks had passed until you regained consciousness once again.

Suddenly you felt your stomach rumble and you could feel that Dagon was slightly startled, she looked up at Lucifer confusingly.

You sighed seeing Lucifer once again, your panicked state slightly calmed as you looked into his deep icy blue eyes. No matter what situation you were in, thinking about or seeing Lucifer would never fail to calm you down.

“Y/N, you’re hungry…” Lucifer spoke, his voice slightly wavered when saying your name.

“Ah yes, hungry.”

Dagon walked over to the fridge, she kept looking at Lucifer to see if she was doing things correctly. You couldn’t help but laugh at how obviously unhuman she was being. You were surprised at how long it was taking for Lucifer to figure out that it wasn’t you.

Slowly, she reached into the fridge and pulled out your least favourite food. Oh this is priceless.

Suddenly, your body was thrown against the wall as Lucifer put his arm tightly across your chest and looked extremely angry.

“Who are you?” He spat. Finally, you got there in the end Luci.

“I er-I don’t know what you me-“

Before Dagon could finish her sentence, she quickly smoked out leaving you to weakly fall onto the floor. Before you could hit the floor you felt Lucifer’s cool arms wrap protectively around your waist and pull you tightly into his chest.

“L-Luci,” you spoke out, slightly stuttering due to the long amount of time you had spent not being in control of your own body.

“Shh,” he spoke picking you up and carrying you over to your bed, “I’m so, so sorry Y/N. I should have noticed it was you sooner, I can’t believe that demon was inside you for so long.”

He placed you down on the bed and climbed in after you.

“I-I love you Luci,” you whispered out quietly whilst your eyes slightly began to close.

Before you fully fell asleep you heard Lucifer whisper a little ‘I love you too’ and place a light kiss on your forehead.

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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Originally posted by nestorquik

Request: Hey! I just wanted to request a story about the reader having the worst day, like so much worse than even getting struck by lighting-worse. Maybe into an accident and break a few bones? Team rushing over jus tin time as the ambulence’s arrive to take the reader away and they ride with them to the hospital, well, one of them, while the rest of the team follows in their cars. Sorry if this isn’t somethin you’re willing to write, btw

Summary: Fem!Reader just has a really long day. Much angst.

A/N: HEY GUYS! I’m baaack! Didya miss me? No? You didn’t even notice I was gone? Same. Anyway, hiatus is over (until finals week probably lol) and now I’m back to writing! I was so excited to post today that I accidentally woke up at 3am oops. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this one! I had crazy writer’s block when I tried writing this one, took me the whole weekend while camping + Monday to finally finish this one smh Enjoy!

Wordcount: 887, meh not too shabby for my first post-hiatus fic

Warning: mention of blood, car accident, angst

Requests are closed for now, very sorry friends :(

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Henlo it is I the Jelf the Elf protest sign girl here with the school project I sent in an ask about like a month or so ago

It’s based on Two of a Kind and it lights up

Sorry for the bad photo, the switches were being weird and I had to kinda hold one of them in one hand and take the photo with the other (non-dominant) one

OH MY GOD IT’S YOU this is so cool though whaoahaoaoah!!!!!!!

Sick Day (Sirius Black x reader)

Another request, thanks!!

“Sirius, I love you but you have to stop!”

You giggled as he lightly peppered kisses on your neck. He stopped when your giggling turned to violent coughing. You two were sitting on the common room couch, waiting for the rest of the boys to come down for breakfast.

“Sorry, love. I can’t resist.” Sirius whispered as he leaned in to kiss you. You scootched back, causing him to dramatically fall forward into the cushion.

“I’m too sick” you said with a shrug when he pouted up at you. You sneezed and Sirius quickly handed you his hanky. You sniffed


Then handed it back to him. He pushed your hand away with mock disgust

“how about you hold onto that.”

You chuckled but winced at the headache that seemed to form within seconds. You heard the boys coming down the stairs.

“Why don’t we just skip class and cuddle in your bed all day?

His offer was tempting and you felt awful, but you knew you would never hear the end of it from your parents if you missed class. You shook your head

"no, I can do it”

After breakfast Sirius realized you were no longer by his side. Assuming you had just gone to class he made his way to Transfiguration.

His brows knotted when he saw his mate, James in your seat. He scanned the classroom to find you in James’s usual seat next to Lily. Sirius plopped into his chair. “Why did you switch seats?” Sirius asked, annoyed. “She didn’t want you to get sick” James answered as he kicked his feet up on the desk, earning a “Potter!” from McGonangall and immediately brought them back down. “So? She’ll get Lily sick!” Sirius spit back. Remus, who was sitting behind them spoke up “In her defense, Lily isn’t going to try and shove her tongue down (Y/N) throat.” James chuckled

“that’d be hot”

“you’re disgusting” said Remus, rolling his eyes. Class begun.

You kept getting distracted every time you looked up to see Sirius’s eyes burning into you. You felt bad, but getting him sick would make you feel a lot worse

Your cold seemed to be getting worse and worse throughout the day. Your head ached, your throat burned, and your nose never stopped running. You really just wanted to grab Sirius bring him to your dorm and have him hold you until you were better.

Class after class, Sirius found you in a seat across the room. He felt miserable, fingers itched to touch you, he craved to taste your lips. If he had to spend another minute with James blabbering on about Lily, he would go to Azkaban for murder (🙃) .

His only resolve was to stare at you. He loved the way your eyes tried to avoid his gaze. Your occasional sniffs made him want to run over, cradle you, and carry you to his dorm.

The redness of your nose made you look like an innocent little bunny. It was almost too much for him.

Finally when classes were over Sirius bounded up the girls dorm stairs, using the trick that disarmed the staircase the James had taught him.

He bursted into your dorm and ripped open your bed curtains. You were sound asleep but violently woke up due to the commotion.

Your eyes flew open and you brought your covers tight to your chest but then loosened when you saw it was Sirius. He looked at you wide eyed.

“I’m so sorry, that was supposed to be dramatic, I didn’t realize you’d be sleeping.”

You laughed, he leaned forward hopefully

“please tell me you’re feeling better”

he was inches away from your face, you could see the pleading in his eyes.

“Yes, I feel alo-”

he cut you off with a hard kiss and crawled into your bed. Sirius looked at you desperately when you pulled back for air.

“Today was the worst day ever”

he murmured into your hair. You nodded your head, you couldn’t help but agree. “It was scary too” he added. You raised your eyebrows at him


“Yeah, because I got a taste of what life would be like without you”

You suddenly felt a rush of guilt “I’m sorry Sirius, I just didn’t want you to get sick” you rested your head on his shoulder and drew circles with you fingers on his chest.

“No, don’t feel bad. I’m kinda glad it happened. Now I know I couldn’t last without you.”

You placed a light, lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered softly “I couldn’t last without you either.”

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Oops I think I may have made a typo, I think it was 34. The mascarade one :) Just If you want to tho, I mean

this is really bad and i lost the other ask lmao im so sorry but its BLURB NIGHT

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Boyfriend! au - Hongseok

Hey guys ! I would give you a crappy excuse as to why I never update, but I’m just a graduating senior so ya’ll should understand lol. But, because I felt bad (also had extra inspiration) I added a bonus to this one. Enjoy reading folks :)

Originally posted by edawnnie

(also why does Hongseok have so many cute gifs it was soo hard to pick :/)

  • that guy that you see every Tuesday and Thursday at the gym? THATS YANG HONGSEOK 4 U
  • It’s easy to tell by his appearance that he’s a sweet guy not ur typical muscle guy

  • Like it’s obvious he’s down to earth he dedicates his time to school, his job teaching little kids english and chinese, and working out ikr so ideal

  • Typical guy that literally everyone has heart eyes 4. Your sister? Yep. Your grandma? Yep. Even ur brother. Hongseok is just a 20/10 kind of guy

  • Ofc his friends give him shit for it (they’re slightly jealous but they would never tell him that)

  • Esp his friends hui and edawn

  • As a competition they tried to see who could get the most “jacked” in a week

  • Let’s just say it didn’t go well…

  • So, as you could expect, hongseok encouraged hui and edawn as they traded spots lifting every 2.3 minutes

  • But edawn screamed his lungs out after about dropping the weight on his chest cuz hui didn’t spot him (see that gym terminology yo i’m cool af)

  • He literally continued to encourage them as they looked like dumb and dumber he’s that nice

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For @hiitsmecharlie

Adam Cole is the perfect soulmate- protective, loving, snuggly, strong, soft, cute, funny, and good all packed into one very handsome package. Yes, he has his faults- the worst of which may be his bad jokes during stressful situations- but that just makes him all the sweeter. And he only has eyes for you, so you see the sides of him that no one else does. The man who grumbles about cold floors in the morning and sometimes forgets a towel before getting in the shower so he’s yelling, asking for you to get him one. The man who scoops you into bear hugs when you two see each other after a long day and buys you chocolate at random because he knows you need it. The man who holds you close in the dead of night and whispers secret thoughts to you, things he’s never talked to anyone about before.

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This has been driving me crazy. In Saizo's For the Love of a Family event story, why was [spoiler] trying to kill [also spoiler]? They never explained that!

Hello Daisy! So nice to hear from you again! Did you manage to find some past event screenshots to fill in some of the blank spaces in the stories you missed? 💕 As to your question, let me be completely honest with you and say that even I’m not 100% sure; like you say they don’t come right out and state it, so a lot of it is based on inference. Unless you and I completely missed something. LOL. What do you think?

Even though the story event is finished now, I’m still going to place this under cut. If anybody else knows, please feel free to educate us!

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I got bored and I made these GIFs of Thomas in the music video for Fout la Merde. He’s so silly in here, the way he dances, omg. I can imagine that Thomas is pleased, though. Like, he’s doing a song in his native language, how cool! 

This is my first time ever making GIFs so I’m sorry if they’re kinda bad quality or weird. And seriously I wanna see Guy-Man with him too why is he not in here.

Enjoy,  my lovelies! Some rapping Thomas =D

Hangin’ Round The Mistletoe

[Summary]: Sam and Bucky fight over who’s gonna get a mistletoe kiss from you.

[Pairing]: Sam x Bucky x reader

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Originally posted by dailyteamcap

The Avengers Tower couldn’t have looked any more festive. You decked out the entire place including the Common Room, kitchen, lab and even the training room with lights and decorations.

“Don’t you think you got a little carried away, [Y/N]?” asked Sam, walking into the Common Room and seeing your handiwork.

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Notice how the first stydia kiss was in an orange-ish lighting? And the new one is in a bluish lighting??? The perfect combination???

I know this ask is about 84 years old because I’m awful but it is very appropriate considering I recorded a podcast last night discussing @bananannabeth‘s“Colorblind”.


Castle On The Hill
Don’t/New Man
Starting off with castle again. I have a feeling thinks going to continue for awhile, and also the hoax shirt thing lol. I love when the guitar part kicks in. I really love this song live. I think this crowd is gonna be awesome even through they just messed up the words haha. They still sound incredible. I love the beat in eraser and I’m still enjoying ed moving around. Just casually tuning the guitar while recording backup vocals lol. Just brilliant. Dive is probably my next favorite song after happier. He did not perform this during night one. I’m in love with crowd. Their and eds voices together are just beautiful. Dive is one of only a few songs ed doesn’t bvs or building for. Don’t/New Man is becoming one of my favorite mashups. Eddy please be careful jumping around lol. I don’t know why he’s singing the lyrics “2 shows” instead of “2 planes” but I’m not a fan of the change. I also don’t know why but ed always gets this bad boy attitude when he sings new man and I love it. He’s more rapping than singing with a flow on the second verse.
The A Team
I’m A Mess
Galway Girl
The a team is another song that ed doesn’t do a lot, if any, building for. It’s such a beautiful, simple song with a huge impact lyric wise. Oh I’m a mess always makes me a huge mess lol. I like the old video on the screens better. The bursting colors look better than these falling clouds of color. I will always love the building/bvs for I’m a mess. The crowd sounds great but it’s gotta be hard for ed to sing in one key when the crowd is singing in a key higher. But I like how they are singing to him and not just with him. Happier my heart ahh, I love this song. I don’t however love this video for this song. It kinda makes me motion sick lol. I don’t how he does it but this song breaks my heart and makes me smile all at the sametime. Yay Galway girl. I could watch him play this song for hours. Ripping out that ear piece haha better be careful ed. His little dance moves are the best haha. Oh goodness he’s already singing beat for her feet haha. He gets so into that he doesn’t really pay attention to what he says but I love when he gets lost in a song.
Nancy Mulligan
Supermarket Flowers
Human/I See Fire
Here’s another song he didn’t perform last night. This is nancy Mulligan. It’s a great song just a little too folky for my taste. It’s definitely better live but still not my cup of tea lol. Well I’m kinda surprised that he’s singing supermarket flowers. I did not figure we would hear it this early in the tour. It’s gonna be another song for me to get pissed at the crowd over lol. Now until don’t/new man, human/I see fire is my least favorite mashup. I do however want a full version of human. Sorry I got lost in the video on the screens lol. I’ve grown to absolutely love the video, maybe even more than the video from last tour. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. So he now has a flag haha. He must have grabbed it from a fan between songs. Photograph is another great building/bvs. I will always love photograph.
Thinking Out Loud
Perfect is great song for all the cell phone lights. I got lost again, this time in the song so the video kinda weird lol. Sorry this bloodstream video is so bad but it was the only video avalible. The hip hop arms are back. I wonder if he’s still telling the same crazy joke lol. Oh changing the lyric crowd to turin for thinking out loud, slick ed very slick lol. Omg did they let a roster in, is Gladys here. I swear one of these fams hollering sounds like a roster haha. I love how much he loves this crowd. Well the wireless box came off the guitar strap lol. It’s always something with his guitars and their straps haha. This view is gonna be awesome for the sing video and lights. Sing louder, ed um I don’t think they can get much louder haha.
Shape Of You
You Need Me I Don’t Need You
What Do I Know
He also really gets into shape. This is the quietest the crowd has been all night. Let’s see if he remembers to take a picture during you need me tonight lol. I find it interesting that’s he’s not mashing anything with ynm, I kinda miss him throwing in random songs. Broke another string lol. Yay he remembered haha. What do I know. I swear he’s saying star monkey closing haha. He actually walked off the stage tonight with them still singing, he didn’t night one. What do I know in my opinion isn’t the best choice for a closing song but what do I know lol.

Night two is in the books. It didn’t differ much from night one other than he performed dive, Nancy Mulligan and supermarket flowers. I was so surprised he performed supermarket flowers. That song is like afire love, it’s very personal, and I didn’t think he would perform it so soon. I’ve learned that the new fyi for this tour is: ed takes out ear piece, get ready to sing haha. He takes it out so he can hear the crowd sing. My favorite is when they’re just singing without him asking and he takes it out just to listen. Tonights crowd was the best so far, it’s gonna be hard to beat them. Whichever crowd does will deserve an award haha. We are heading to zurich next, I remember this place being one of my favorite shows from the multiply tour. So hopefully they live up to my expectations lol. I’m looking forward to it either way. I hope y'all will join me next week for show number three, until then have a great week sheerios 💙💙💙.