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Okay, don’t know if it already haven’t been completely given in depth examination, (mostly cause I am behind on this)…. But the drug that our newest villian, Culverton Smith, cooked up…it got kinda pushed away be the presence of the villian himself, mostly because of Sherlock’s bad condition and focus on their missed lovely time………but the drug really got over shadowed. It doesn’t feel right. (can’t remember, and will edit this post later, busy now, so just hitting it down before I forget….sorry…)

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You were like the first KuroTsuki friendly blog what came to my mind and I just want to share this conception with someone, okay? okay. Kuroo sees picture of Tsukki which is taken when he was in elementary school and Kuroo is like:"??Why you were so tall when you were like, I don't know, eleven?? What they gave you? Some special carrot vitamins that "our sweet little boy will grow taller than giraffes??" and Yamaguchi just nods because "finally, someone understands how abnormal that was.."

IT’S A cURSE *lighting strikes from outside the window sfx* honestly tho I feel kinda bad for saying this but as an uke!tsukki enthusiast I really wish he would shrunk a little so his seme could pamper him better LMaO im sorry pls dont attack me /hides/ and that much height for single boy is definitely uNFAIR


Well here is my kinda set up Ostara altar. Sorry the colors are so bad. The lighting in my apartment is kinda bad. I love the colors I chose for the ribbons and flowers. Green, peach and other pastels!! I also have some jasmine/rain scented incense and I am stocked up on some finely ground egg shells for blessings and some soil and daffodil bulbs (I’ve known them to grow well where I live plus they are a symbol of cancer research around here) to plant during my ritual. I hope you are blessed with warming weather, sweet smells of earth and a riot of color this Ostara!!! Blessings be! Also keep and eye out for my wreath making tutorial. Coming soon!!!

# Edit! I added another 2 photos when the lighting in my apartment was better!! Thanks for the likes and reblogs! 

Soulmate AU IwaOi

When you touch your soulmates skin, that place starts to glow blue
{in this thing Oikawa’s mom is kinda homophobic. So sorry about that}

* Iwaizumi and Oikawa were just kids when they first met eachother

* when they met their moms werent there, so when they saw what happened when they touched eachother, they didnt know what it meant. they thought it was really cool and special

* when Oiwaka’s mom first meets Iwaizumi, the boys show her what happens when they hold hands

* and so she starts to freak out because her only son’s soulmate is another boy

* she tells Iwaizumi to go home and tells Oikawa that the blue light is a very bad thing, especially when it happens with another boy

* Oikawa thought Iwaizumi was very nice but doesnt want to dissapoint his mother 

* Iwaizumi’s mom hears her son out about what happened and is so proud that her little bean has already found his soulmate

* Oikawa grows up while trying to ignore Iwaizumi

* while Iwaizumi tries to get Oikawa to talk to him all through middle school

* he assumed Oikawa didnt want him as his soulmate but he started to slowly realise that it was because he is a boy

* they get into a lot of fights because Oikawa is trying to isolate himself and Iwaizumi doesnt want him to  become even less lively

* the moms came together once; Oikawa’s mom to declare that her son isnt gay, and Iwaizumi’s mom to try to reason with her. Now they also dont talk to eachother anymore

* Iwaizumi has given up on the boy he once held glowing hands with

* he ignores Oikawa from now on

* and Oikawa only feels frustration now

* his mother notices that her son is now blocking her out too 

* they enter the same high school and it becomes very difficult to stay out of eachothers way

* Matsukawa and Hanamakki become friends with both of them and notice how different they are on and off the court

* they each go to one of the boys and try to get some sort of explanation

* Iwaizumi doesnt explain why

* Oikawa gets angry

*  they leave it alone.

* in the boys second year they have a few first years joining the volleyball team, including Yahaba and Kyoutani whom are constantly bickering

* At some point during training Iwaizumi notices that when Yahaba and Kyoutani touch; that place gives off a soft blue light

* he doesnt really know why Oikawa and him stopped talking, he only knows what his mother told him about the Oikawa’s household and has his own assumptions holding him hostage

* after one training after school Iwaizumi stays behind and secretly watches Oikawa practice his jumpserve

* when Oikawa is finally finishing up he comes out of his hiding place and stops him from walking away

‘why can’t you accept me as your soulmate?!’ 

* Oikawa doesnt want to answer and tries to leave but Iwaizumi is done and pushes him against a wall which makes their hands and wrist glow blue

‘because this is unnatural!’

* Iwaizumi gets angry at that answer and decides on the spot on use his last card

*  he always wanted to do this

* Iwaizumi has Oikawa against the wall and roughly kissis him

* Oikawa is too shocked to fight him off

‘was that unnatural to you?!’

* Iwaizumi lets go of the boy and walks away

* he gets stopped by a hand on his upperarm and the pale blue light that it comes with

‘that shouldn’t have been..’  a whisper

* the boys lock eyes and their hands move on their when they pull eachother closer.

Sorry about this being so long.
I had this idea and I really wanted to write it down.
I could have put more detail into it but then it would have been a normal fic and I wanted to write it this way.

Neon Lights (Bucky x reader)

ANON REQUEST - “Bucky x reader where Bucky really likes the reader and he’s always flirting with them and he asks them on a date and they say yes and he’s really excited but he gets sick on the day of their date and she brings the date to him”

(I kinda changed the flirting bit and made him shy I hope that’s still ok)

Words: 1658


And you said I’ve lost my head
Can you see it? Can you see it?

Bucky strolled down the hall with his headphones on, listening to the new tracks you had given him. The 1975’s new album was on repeat. After his first listen, he realized it was his favourite type of music in the modern world. Despite being biased on anything you recommended, he truly did appreciate the indie pop rock sound.

As he neared your work place, a lump formed in his throat. Butterflies erupted in his stomach, like tumultuous waves crashing onto the shoreline. He made the decision to ask you on a date, something that made his veins flood with nerves. He glanced down at the two tickets for The 1975’s concert, and prayed that you would appreciate them. He had developed a crush on you since the first moment you met. Your unparalleled beauty matched your impressive intellect, further strengthening his admiration. You were Dr. Banner’s assistant; your intelligence in quantum physics and ability to solve any task with ease was something the Avenger’s could not overlook.

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What do I do when the world get too heavy? What should I do when your the light blinking at the end of the road? Was it always me?

Gosh Anon, I’m not really sure how to respond to this? I don’t know if you’re sending song lyrics, joking around, or being completely serious, but if something’s wrong you can always shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Sorry I couldn’t do much here :/

Remain Shirtless Dallas Imagine

I got home and ran up the stairs to my room, it was kinda late but my parents where going to be even later. I had been out with the girls and we had a girls night full of talking and snacks. 

I was really tired so I went home since I had to work in the morning. 

I went into my room with the light off and threw my bag down on the bed, before going to the bathroom to get ready for bed. “Ow.” I heard a familiar voice yell. 

“Who’s here?” I yelled turning on the lights. I saw my boyfriend Dallas Winston in my bed without a shirt. “What are you doing?” I asked. 

“I wanted to make sure you got home safe.” He grinned. 

“Why without a shirt?” I rolled my eyes. 

“I got in a fight and ended up with blood on it and I was close to here and I needed to sleep a bit and I remembered your parents weren’t home either.” He shrugged. 

“You could’ve called and I would have came home to be with you.” I looked at him sitting on the bed. 

“Well I knew you were having a girls night and I didn’t want to interrupt it.” He smiled sitting up. 

I lean over and kissed him, lightly laying my hand on his chest. We laid back together as we made out for a while before I pulled away. “You can stay tonight if you want.” I smiled at him as I laid down. 

Dallas was never a cuddler when we were sleeping and since I was always hot it never really bothered me. I felt him lay down. 

“If you’re going to remain shirtless, you might want to get out of my bed.” I laughed a bit. 

“Why?” He laughed throwing his arm around my waist pulling me into him so I could face him. 

“So if my parents come in they don’t think the worst, you know they don’t like you spending the night very much.” I looked up at him. 

“It’s dirty.” He smirked. “I don’t think you want blood on you bed.” 

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes. “If we get caught you are explaining it to my parents though.” 

“Deal.” He lean over and kissed me. “Good night.” He mumbled as I pulled away. 

“Good night Dally.” I sighed happily as I laid down and closed my eyes. Even though we weren’t touching him just being here made me feel better. 


Merry (late) Christmas! Was hoping I would get this done in time for Christmas but I guess the day after isn’t so bad! Here’s a Christmassy, cheesy, cliche Bucky Barnes drabble for you all. :-) Why so cheesy and cliche? Cause I love that shit so much you have no idea lol. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Under the Mistletoe
Author: hotlineassbutt, previously themostmarvelousimagines
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Brief mentions of alcohol
A/N: It seems kinda like Stucky at one point so I’m sorry for that lol. It’s also pretty long, hence why it didn’t get done until today. :p

Tony’s annual Christmas Party was the highlight of the year. Exotic alcohol, fairy lights strung from even the highest points of the tower, and chocolate fountains galore. It was everyone’s favorite time of the year, the time to put the suits away and be people again. There was nothing you loved more than seeing your teammates get together and laugh until they cried. They deserved the time off, you all did.
If it wasn’t enough to just be partying and having fun, you were able to dress in the fanciest clothes you owned. It sent your self esteem skyrocketing with the amount of compliments you got on your outfit. It felt a little silly, but it made you feel all the more accepted by your friends, and their friends. There was one particular person whose compliment sent your heart into hysterics, though.
“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky said, walking up to you with his arms outstretched. There was a big, stupid smile on his face, which was a lot easier to see with his hair tied back. He looked unbelievably handsome, like something straight out of a magazine.
“Hey, Buck,” you grinned, reaching up and hugging him around his shoulders. His arms wound around your waist in a loving hug, something you hadn’t had from him in far too long. He smelled just as good as he looked, the scent of pine and cinnamon filling your nose as you held him.
“You look..” he trailed off as he pulled away, one hand staying on your waist, “wow.”
“Thanks,” you laughed, feeling your blood rush to your cheeks, “You look ‘wow’ too.” You noted the hand still resting on your waist, just above your hip. The contact nearly made you shiver.
His eyes stayed on you for a few moments longer before he broke out of what looked like a trance thanks to Steve, who came over and clapped him on the shoulder.
“Well, if it isn’t my two favorite people,” Steve said in a sing-song voice. You both smiled and greeted Steve, Bucky retracting his hand from your waist and shoving it in his pocket. He almost looked nervous.
“Hey, Buck, can I talk to you a sec?” Steve asked, his eyes flickering to you for half a second. Bucky rolled his eyes, nodded his head, and gave you a brief goodbye before walking off with Steve.
“That was weird,” you said under your breath, turning in the opposite direction and wandering off to find someone to socialize with.
After about fifteen minutes of discussing whether dark or milk chocolate was better with Sam, Bucky returned, his cheeks flushed.
“Hey guys,” Bucky said, a small smile on his face. You and Sam both looked at him, slight concern on your faces.
“You okay?” you asked, running a thumb over his red cheeks, “you’re bright red, Bucky.”
“What? Oh, I’m fine,” he laughed it off, grabbing your hand with his and removing it from his face. You eyed him for a moment, concern turning into suspicion.
“What did Steve need?” Sam asked, folding his arms and smirking.
“Nothing, he just thinks he’s funny,” he chuckled nervously, “Anyway, what are we talking about?”
You and Sam exchanged looks for a moment before returning to the previous conversation. Something was up, and you both knew it.
You spent the remainder of the evening with those two, laughing at their ridiculous jokes and enjoying the party. At one point, Bucky asked if you would come with him to get some air on the balcony, and you agreed.
Bucky opened the door to the balcony for you and you shivered against the cold night air. You made your way over to the glass railing, which was wrapped in twinkling lights, and watched the city below. There were still cars out, lights still on, people still walking in and out of stores.
“Looks like some people just don’t get a break for Christmas,” you said to Bucky as he stood next to you. He mumbled a very gentle “mm,” which made you look at him.
“Are you okay?” you asked, placing a hand on his arm and turning him to face you. His eyes met yours, and they seemed to shine with the reflection of the lights. It made your breathing stop momentarily, since when did he get so gorgeous?
“I need you to do something for me,” he said, his voice quiet.
“Well, yeah, sure,” you agreed.
“Look up,” he said, his eyes never leaving yours.
You narrowed your eyes and hesitated for a moment, but finally followed his request. You tilted your head upwards and looked at the rafters above. At first all you saw was the lights, twisting around the various metal bars of the building, but then you saw it. A red and green object caught your attention, but you had no idea what it was.
“Buck, what is that?” you asked in confusion, still staring up at the object.
“Mistletoe,” he answered simply, “Steve’s idea.”
You looked back at Bucky with realization in your eyes. “Is that was he pulled you away for?” you asked. He nodded in response, a nervous smile playing at his lips.
“He wouldn’t let it go,” he chuckled, shifting his weight, “I told him it was stupid. He just wouldn’t leave me alone about it. He really wants me to kiss you, this was his way of sort of forcing it.”
You laughed at the idea of Steve climbing up to the rafters just to place a mistletoe among the lights. Tony had put the lights up himself, but he had his suit. Steve would have been in full party attire, climbing around up there like a monkey. Bucky laughed along with you, gently chuckling as you laughed. He loved seeing you smile.
After a few moments, you regained yourself. “So,” you started, “he wants you to kiss me?”
“Yeah,” he all but scoffed, “like he can force something like that.”
“I mean, we are under the mistletoe…” you trailed off, meeting his eyes. He stared into your eyes for a moment, loving the way they sparkled.
Bucky reached forward and placed his hand on the side of your face, his other hand resting on your waist, just under your ribs. He swiped his thumb across your cheek lovingly, making you smile and reach up to take his hand. After a moment, his lips connected with yours in a sweet kiss. His lips were slightly dry, and his facial hair was gently scratching your skin, but you didn’t mind at all. If anything, it made it all the more real. The feeling of his lips against yours was like heaven and you never wanted it to end.
When you finally pulled away, you were both smiling like idiots, lost in each other’s presence. The rest of the world fell away as you stood there in the cold, gazing at each other like two kids in love.
In that moment, nothing mattered. It was you and Bucky, and no one else. From then on, things were very different between the two of you.
And Steve was standing behind the glass window to the balcony, cheering and laughing at his “success.”

Keep You Safe (Pt 1)

Longish Draco Malfoy Oneshot/Imagine (2 parts)

Request: Hello!! Can you do one were you are dating draco and he is crazy about you, like he loves hopelessly, but he brokes up with you because you are a “mud-blood” and because of voldemort, and it kinda goes from there, you chose the ending, make it long please! (Sorry for the bad english btw!) and add a lil bit of smut to it. ok sorry bye

Word count: 939

Pairing: (Y/N) x Draco

(Flashback in italics)

It was almost nine o'clock when you passed by the old clock on the common room mantle piece. There weren’t many people left now, most of the stragglers were now filtering upstairs to the dorm room. The fire had been extinguished and the room had lost its warmth and light, the golden and red Gryffindor banners displaying a darker tone. You smile slightly to yourself at the thought of what… or who awaited outside your common room door. Exiting through the portrait hole it was obvious that no one was in the halls at this time, the impending darkness had turned many student away. The halls now pressed an extra weight onto everyone’s shoulders and the paintings had even become more wary. Slipping carefully into the closest corridor you see him standing there. 

Him. He defied everything, every bone in his body to be with you, you the “Mudblood”, the “Gryffindor.” How could it ever be? Yet it was. He was leant with his back to the wall, almost blending into the darkness with his fully black suit, hands nimbly twisting with a ring around his finger. “Draco?” You call as not to startle him but instead of his usual happy response, he turned with a solemn look on his face, his grey eyes staring straight into yours as he took a deep sigh before turning on his heel and walking swiftly towards you. “What are we doing tonight, room of requirement? Kitchens-“ You are cut off from your excited rambling by his lips against yours, hand cupping your face. He is the one to pull away first, resting his forehead on yours. You frown in worry, his behaviour wasn’t normal. “You um” He coughed slightly to clear his throat, pulling away from you. “Draco?” You half heartedly laugh, genuinely worried at his behaviour now. “You know when I told you I love you with all my heart don’t you (Y/N)?” His brow creased with fear as you cocked an eyebrow, nodding cautiously. 

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Obedience {PJM}

**2 DISCLAIMERS** This is inspired by a series on Youtube entitled “The Bad Master” but I’ve been trying to make it as different as possible

The genre, pairing, synopsis, author’s note, and warnings only apply to THIS CHAPTER, the genre, pairing, etc. for the entire store are stated on the first chapter

Chapter Two

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x Jimin + that witch Sunghae

Synopsis: Reader gets punished. Reader meets actual “Owner”

Author’s Note: This was kinda depressing lol #sorry not sorry

Warnings: Trigger Warning (Depression, missing loved ones, abuse)

Word Count: 1044

Originally posted by lethargicmin

You shivered violently, though you weren’t cold. You’ve been surrounded by darkness for four days, with the exception of a few glimpses of light. You’d see an arm reach in with a plate of leftovers. You’d want so bad just to touch it, but it was too quick to disappear. All you did was cry and sleep. You could actually sleep, being more comfortable with being in the dark alone than being harassed.

But nonetheless, you were still sleep deprived. Sleeping was unbearable. You either were curled into a ball or sat upright with your spine curved from you being hunched over.

Every day in that room, you’d ignore the food’s existence, being sickened by the smell of it after a while. The plates gathered in the small room, some beginning to rot, making the room unbearable to sit & sleep in.

You thought you were going to lose your mind in there until someone finally opened the door. You squinted at the harsh light, even looking away from it.

“Is this her?” A man asks. “Yeah.”

You hear him sniff loudly. “What the he- Has she not been eating?

You looked up at the man. He was quite short but still taller than you. His eyes were dark, not only in color but in actuality. His eyes were downcast upon you, giving you that pitying look.

“Clean her up and bring her to me.” Sunghae nodded at his command.

After the man left, Sunghae scowled at you. “You are truly an idiot. Why in the world haven’t you been eating?”

You definitely couldn’t talk this time. You were sleep deprived, hungry, and in pain.

“Stand up!” She screamed. You jumped at the sudden outburst. It had been completely silent for the last four days and your body definitely wouldn’t react well to sudden yelling.

You stood up slowly, wincing at the sharp pain in your back. You tried walking, but you were also weak and dizzy. You were in complete bad shape. You almost cried at the complete 180 your life took.

Sure, you didn’t have fancy things and you didn’t live anywhere near a lavish life, but you would rather have that than this. You missed the worn out carpets and the slightly moist comforter that was never properly dried. You missed the dogs barking at 2 o'clock in the morning and Namjoon yelling at them out of the window.

You missed Namjoon.

You couldn’t help but let a few tears slip at the fact that your brother was gone. You probably would never see him again. You wept at the fact that this was your life now.

“Would you stop being a big baby?” You ignore Sunghae and continued to sob. She doesn’t know you pain so she doesn’t have a right to comment. You followed her into a bathroom. “Take a shower.”

You stand there, still sobbing. “Are you deaf? I said take a shower!” She shoves you, but you don’t budge. She sighs in annoyance and leaves the bathroom, but not before threatening you.

“If I come back and you haven’t taken a shower, I’ll keep you here with me forever and let men have their way with you.”

You shut the door and strip out of your clothes. You turn the shower on and just sit under the water. You sob as the realization hits you again.

You get out and wrap a towel around you while you wait for Sunghae. She comes in with a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and undergarments. You pull them on, ignoring that she was there. “Come on.” You follow her once again, this time into a car.

“Where to.” Said the driver. Sunghae tells him the address and he pulls off.

“Since we’re here and the ride will be long, I’ll fill you in on some things.” You continue to look out of the window, not even trying to look at her.

“Your owner will ask you to call they something, call him only that. Also, they may give you something to wear, wear only that. If they say a place is off limits, don’t even dare go there. Also, don’t try anything sneaky, they’ll always find out.”

You felt numb to all of the things being said. You were being treated like a pet, but you seemed to stop caring. This may have been why the girls at the building were soundly sleeping like that.

The ride was long, but you felt somewhat at peace whilst looking out of the rain covered window. It made you feel serene.

The car finally came to a stop at a big, beautiful, mansion. You gawked at it, your mouth hanging open.

“Get out. This is your new home.” You gladly step out of the car, ready to be away from her already.

You walk slowly due to the pain in your back up to the humongous house. It was a modern Beverly Hills style mansion with huge windows showing some of the artistic interiors of the house. You knock, still gawking at the house.

You hear someone clear their throat. You look over to see the man from earlier, dressed in a suit. He looked to be in his early twenties, with an impatient look on his face. “Come in.” You follow him into his house, the interior being even more stunning. How can a man so young have a house like this?

“What is your career?”

“Mind your business. You are here as a maid, not an interviewer.” He quickly shot you down and you looked down at your feet. You decided to quietly stand and look down until he gave you further commands.

“Follow me.” You walked upstairs and into what you guessed to be a guest bedroom.

“This is your room. The door over there is your bathroom.” He pointed over at the door to the right of the room. “These are the only two rooms you are permitted into on the second floor.” You nod, taking a mental note.

“You can go to sleep now. There are pajamas in the top drawer of the dresser.” He leaves, shutting the door behind him.

A/N: Shout out to the girl who created “The Bad Master” on Youtube, I really liked the story line. So much, that I created a story inspired by it lololol. Yeah…. sorry for that abrupt and weird ending, I just didn’t know how to end it.

I’m sorry that I never saw what was going on between you and her. I know better now, and I see the way your face lights up when she surprises you. It’s like a little kid at Christmas.

I’m sorry I couldn’t ever get you out of your bad moods. You could almost always get me out of mine, and you always made me laugh. But I never could do that for you. 

I’m sorry I told you something I shouldn’t have. I think it scared you and even though it was the truth and I don’t regret it, it made you run away from me and that makes me kinda sad.

I am sorry. I am so sorry.

—  Alone // lily rose.
Keep You Safe (Pt 2)

Longish Draco Malfoy Imagine/Oneshot (Part 2/2)

Requested: Hello!! Can you do one were you are dating draco and he is crazy about you, like he loves hopelessly, but he brokes up with you because you are a “mud-blood” and because of voldemort, and it kinda goes from there, you chose the ending, make it long please! (Sorry for the bad english btw!) and add a lil bit of smut to it. ok sorry bye

Word count: 994

Pairing: (Y/N) x Draco

Warnings: Well its during a battle

(Italics indicate flashback)

Spell after spell shot past your face, just inches away as the green and red streaks of light left a multicolored display in the dark night. There was no silence, people were screaming, rocks were falling, death eaters were laughing. Hogwarts was collapsing. Stumbling on pieces of castle rubble you try to regain your balance as you shoot spell after spell from your wand, targeting the death eaters in dark clothing but in the chaos it was hard to tell friend from foe. The shield had broken a long time ago and now Hogwarts was truly under attack, pieces of what used to be the castle flew left right and centre. Glancing among the fighters and the dead, you try to make out the faces of any of your friends, hoping that they had survived and were ok. A secret part of your mind wanted to see him among the Hogwarts fighters, hell even the death eaters if it meant seeing him safe and fighting. Draco. 

A spell shoots within centimeters of your clothing and you spin around, wand trained on whoever may be pursuing you. However shock quickly overtook you once you realize that there were two death eaters right on your tail. You were used to one straggler after you but two was too much. Why were they even after you? There were so many others that they would find worth killing. You stood still as they approached, wand waiting to deflect their killing curses but they didn’t come, instead they practically floated towards you, blasting others out their way. Then, in that moment you did the most logical thing you could think of. You ran. Hurrying away from the open battlefield you make for the great hall, hopping that once you are within the castle you may be somewhat protected. However you grind to a stop as it becomes obvious that the castle doors were barred by another group of death eaters, shooting spell after spell at anyone who came near them. You fought hard to keep back your attackers but it was useless, two death eaters now had you cornered in a pile of rubble and no matter what spell you shot at them, they would simply deflect it with a swish of their wand. You cower down against the wall, feeling you forehead slice sharply against a rouge piece of rubble and hot liquid begin to run down your face, blood mixed with tears. You curl your hands around your head for protection as the menacing figures get closer and closer.

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ok i’m going to try to make light of this upd8. with the thing I hate most about it.


This was the thing I was most angry about in this upd8. But I’m not gonna get into that, I might in a different post.

The light I see in this? Think about it.
Dave IDs as a guy. Nepeta IDs as a girl.
Davepetasprite is nonbinary.
And now that I actually look at them, kinda awesome looking tbh? Nepeta’s hella coat with wings and shades and CLAWS and in a DRESS and a wicked cool combo symbol? I think story wise this was a bad move, but depending on their personality I think Davepetasprite may be one of my new faves. They’re also another squared sprite which means double power like Jasprose. (sorry about that date, Jasprose) ( nonbinaryeridan thoughts?)