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ANYWAY this Still Star Crossed show is culturally insensitive. Did I say you shouldn’t watch it? No. Did I say it shouldn’t exist? No. Did I say you’re racist if you like it? No, I didn’t, I never did, and if you read that then I suggest you go get your eyes checked. 

I merely suggested that racebending works with American stories, not Italian ones, because Italy never really had an overwhelming black population, and at best we had a lot of Middle Eastern people mingling with us (not to mention invading, colonizing and trying to wipe our culture out but something tells me you don’t wanna hear that lmfao), so that’s why a lot of us look a bit Middle Eastern. 

And like yeah ok we had one (1) guy who was mixed and in the aristocracy and kinda can look black if you look at portraits with a lens but that’s not a relevant statistic, sorry. Just because Alessandro De Medici had a slightly darker complexion it doesn’t mean that suddenly all of Italy was 50% black. 

It’s not our fault that until like 15 years ago pretty much all of us were light-skinned, including the light-skinned national minorities and immigrants. When you see movies and tv shows set in Italy and everyone is light-skinned, that’s not racism or bad representation. 

That’s reality. 

I live in Italy, and I know my reality better than you ever could, so kindly shut the fuck up about it and stop trying to murricasplain my own country to me. 

pink boy lars

i like how the yotsuba arc somewhat highlights that, yeah, even if light never picked up the death note, he and l wouldn’t by default make the flawless, working pair. light would disagree with a lot of l’s methods (be repulsed by them even) which could cause a falling out and being reduced to two intellectuals working separately towards a common goal (serving justice) but with different approaches (much like how the story already is). except, in this narrative, i think l would be more widely accepted as the “bad guy” even though in reality it would be as grey as the original.

Sweet Beginnings - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N: So here’s something I wrote a few weeks ago, it’s kinda short and pretty much just a fluffy drabble. Not sure I like it but I’m still posting it so, sorry if it’s bad and sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc. Other than that, Enjoy! :p


Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: None?
Word count: 1127

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Could you please draw a sad and a happy burr!? Thank you!!

Ein traurig und ein glucklich Burr fur du!!

sorry the picture is kinda grainy, bad lighting. Also i made these at like 11 pm so bad quality art, also i’m not that practiced with tears in my style so i dont really have a specific way i draw them. I struggles. But i tried. Sorry anon, have some trash,,,,

Imagine being possessed by Dagon whilst being Lucifer’s girlfriend

Word count: 870

Request by: anon

A/N: Hey guys, sorry it took so long for this to come out but better late than never right? (I have no excuse other than I found a podcast called ‘The Adventure Zone’ and I have just been binge listening to it for the past few days). Anyway, sorry that this is really bad, I kinda rushed it and forced myself to get it done today so that’s why it’s hot trash. 

“You have to go Luci,” you giggled out as Lucifer wrapped his arms more tightly around you to pull you closer into him causing him to nuzzle his head deeper into your neck.

“Just five more minutes in bed with the most beautiful human ever,” he whispered placing a light kiss on your forehead.

“You’re only saying that because I’m your soulmate Luci. Now I’m not even joking, you have about 10 seconds to be out of this room or you can find somewhere else to sleep tonight, you have hell to run.”

“It’s not as if I do anything whilst I’m there anyway. It’s chaotic whilst I’m away, I like it.” he placed a long final kiss on your lips before reluctantly pulling his arms away from your waist,

“See you tonight, Y/N,” he spoke out slightly smiling at how beautiful you looked even when you had just woken up and clicking his fingers taking him to ‘work’.

You sighed out happily into the empty room, taking in how content you felt in that moment. You had never loved someone as much as you had done with Lucifer, he was your soulmate after all, you were physically made for each other.

Everything about him from his icy blue eyes to his fluffy blonde hair attracted you to him and the same went for him whilst he was thinking about you.

The door to the room slowly creaked open.

“Back so soon?” you joked out looking over to the door.

Shock filled your body as Dagon walked into the room wielding a knife.

“D-Dagon?” you wearily spoke, shuffling as far away as you could from her.

Murmuring ‘weak’, Dagon simply walked over to your body, clicking her fingers. You felt invisible ropes restrain both your arms and legs. You tried to scream out but all that escaped your mouth was a muffled sob and tears fell rapidly down your cheeks as she moved away your shirt and brought down the knife onto your chest, right where your anti possession symbol was tattooed.

Pain flowed through your body making you scream in pain as she dragged the knife across the tattoo. Not a second after your mark was completely destroyed, Dagon exited her body suit and the black smoke forcefully rammed its way down your throat.

Involuntarily, with no control of your body, you stood up. Trying your hardest, you screamed out to Dagon for your body back.

“We are going to have so much fun,” you heard her speak before a darkness overtook you.

 Slowly, you came back to consciousness.

“Y/N, are you sure you are okay, you haven’t been acting normal all day,” Lucifer’s voice spoke out.

You tried to scream out to Lucifer that it wasn’t you but all that escaped your mouth was a ‘yes, I’m sure’.

Lucifer gave a look which any normal person would dismiss yet you knew Lucifer, and you knew that look, Lucifer knew that something wasn’t quite right but he couldn’t figure it out.

You tried again to scream out and all you could feel was Dagon beginning to get angry before blacking out.

It felt as if weeks had passed until you regained consciousness once again.

Suddenly you felt your stomach rumble and you could feel that Dagon was slightly startled, she looked up at Lucifer confusingly.

You sighed seeing Lucifer once again, your panicked state slightly calmed as you looked into his deep icy blue eyes. No matter what situation you were in, thinking about or seeing Lucifer would never fail to calm you down.

“Y/N, you’re hungry…” Lucifer spoke, his voice slightly wavered when saying your name.

“Ah yes, hungry.”

Dagon walked over to the fridge, she kept looking at Lucifer to see if she was doing things correctly. You couldn’t help but laugh at how obviously unhuman she was being. You were surprised at how long it was taking for Lucifer to figure out that it wasn’t you.

Slowly, she reached into the fridge and pulled out your least favourite food. Oh this is priceless.

Suddenly, your body was thrown against the wall as Lucifer put his arm tightly across your chest and looked extremely angry.

“Who are you?” He spat. Finally, you got there in the end Luci.

“I er-I don’t know what you me-“

Before Dagon could finish her sentence, she quickly smoked out leaving you to weakly fall onto the floor. Before you could hit the floor you felt Lucifer’s cool arms wrap protectively around your waist and pull you tightly into his chest.

“L-Luci,” you spoke out, slightly stuttering due to the long amount of time you had spent not being in control of your own body.

“Shh,” he spoke picking you up and carrying you over to your bed, “I’m so, so sorry Y/N. I should have noticed it was you sooner, I can’t believe that demon was inside you for so long.”

He placed you down on the bed and climbed in after you.

“I-I love you Luci,” you whispered out quietly whilst your eyes slightly began to close.

Before you fully fell asleep you heard Lucifer whisper a little ‘I love you too’ and place a light kiss on your forehead.

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-mark reacting to you ignoring him

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; s h o o k

; forreal he’d be truly amazed but not in such a good way

; covering his face out of frustration and embarrassment

; his feelings would be bursting inside and he wouldn’t be able to act properly

; “help me!! what did i do wrong?” he’d desperately ask with his whole body trembling

; he’d reach out to his hyungs to know if they had any idea of the situation

; with his head shaking and legs moving all over the place he’d think deeply

; trying to find something he did wrong to cause you to ignore him

; after his overthinking he’d figure something out but still not understand

; so he messages you but realizing you could ignore his texts he decides to face time you

; he’d become a soft mess™

; “(Y/N), please tell me what it is you’re doing.. you’re making me feel bad”

; his eyes like a puppy and his lips shaping a sad face

; you’d think of hanging up but seeing him feeling so sorry made you stay

; he’d apologize and sound a bit insecure but as soon as you respond to him he lights up

; “oh my god you’re talking! BABY!!!”

; you’d forget whatever made you feel like ignoring him and he’d remind himself why he loves you

; you’d apologize to him as well and he’d start ranting about why he always need you by his side

; “like,  when you do this.. it kinda hurts.. and uh.. i just want you to be next to me even when there’s something on your mind”

; “baby do you know how hard it is for me when you’re not around?” “..i need you like all the time”

; this boy would be pouring all his feels out

; and you’d be there just listening and looking at him and realize you should never hurt him like this

; he loves you too much and so do you ,, he’s too pure to get treated like crap!!

; so the both of you would take this as a lesson and become more stable in the meantime

That’s Not My Name

A cheesy pickup line isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 713

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: this is for @andtheraincamefalling Bad Pickup Lines Challenge. I signed up with my main blog @chumi-la-chula This didn’t have much flirting not only because I don’t know how to flirt, but it kinda just flowed with not much flirting. The pickup line will be in bold. Enjoy :)

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Boyfriend! au - Hongseok

Hey guys ! I would give you a crappy excuse as to why I never update, but I’m just a graduating senior so ya’ll should understand lol. But, because I felt bad (also had extra inspiration) I added a bonus to this one. Enjoy reading folks :)

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(also why does Hongseok have so many cute gifs it was soo hard to pick :/)

  • that guy that you see every Tuesday and Thursday at the gym? THATS YANG HONGSEOK 4 U
  • It’s easy to tell by his appearance that he’s a sweet guy not ur typical muscle guy

  • Like it’s obvious he’s down to earth he dedicates his time to school, his job teaching little kids english and chinese, and working out ikr so ideal

  • Typical guy that literally everyone has heart eyes 4. Your sister? Yep. Your grandma? Yep. Even ur brother. Hongseok is just a 20/10 kind of guy

  • Ofc his friends give him shit for it (they’re slightly jealous but they would never tell him that)

  • Esp his friends hui and edawn

  • As a competition they tried to see who could get the most “jacked” in a week

  • Let’s just say it didn’t go well…

  • So, as you could expect, hongseok encouraged hui and edawn as they traded spots lifting every 2.3 minutes

  • But edawn screamed his lungs out after about dropping the weight on his chest cuz hui didn’t spot him (see that gym terminology yo i’m cool af)

  • He literally continued to encourage them as they looked like dumb and dumber he’s that nice

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Sick Day (Sirius Black x reader)

Another request, thanks!!

“Sirius, I love you but you have to stop!”

You giggled as he lightly peppered kisses on your neck. He stopped when your giggling turned to violent coughing. You two were sitting on the common room couch, waiting for the rest of the boys to come down for breakfast.

“Sorry, love. I can’t resist.” Sirius whispered as he leaned in to kiss you. You scootched back, causing him to dramatically fall forward into the cushion.

“I’m too sick” you said with a shrug when he pouted up at you. You sneezed and Sirius quickly handed you his hanky. You sniffed


Then handed it back to him. He pushed your hand away with mock disgust

“how about you hold onto that.”

You chuckled but winced at the headache that seemed to form within seconds. You heard the boys coming down the stairs.

“Why don’t we just skip class and cuddle in your bed all day?

His offer was tempting and you felt awful, but you knew you would never hear the end of it from your parents if you missed class. You shook your head

"no, I can do it”

After breakfast Sirius realized you were no longer by his side. Assuming you had just gone to class he made his way to Transfiguration.

His brows knotted when he saw his mate, James in your seat. He scanned the classroom to find you in James’s usual seat next to Lily. Sirius plopped into his chair. “Why did you switch seats?” Sirius asked, annoyed. “She didn’t want you to get sick” James answered as he kicked his feet up on the desk, earning a “Potter!” from McGonangall and immediately brought them back down. “So? She’ll get Lily sick!” Sirius spit back. Remus, who was sitting behind them spoke up “In her defense, Lily isn’t going to try and shove her tongue down (Y/N) throat.” James chuckled

“that’d be hot”

“you’re disgusting” said Remus, rolling his eyes. Class begun.

You kept getting distracted every time you looked up to see Sirius’s eyes burning into you. You felt bad, but getting him sick would make you feel a lot worse

Your cold seemed to be getting worse and worse throughout the day. Your head ached, your throat burned, and your nose never stopped running. You really just wanted to grab Sirius bring him to your dorm and have him hold you until you were better.

Class after class, Sirius found you in a seat across the room. He felt miserable, fingers itched to touch you, he craved to taste your lips. If he had to spend another minute with James blabbering on about Lily, he would go to Azkaban for murder (🙃) .

His only resolve was to stare at you. He loved the way your eyes tried to avoid his gaze. Your occasional sniffs made him want to run over, cradle you, and carry you to his dorm.

The redness of your nose made you look like an innocent little bunny. It was almost too much for him.

Finally when classes were over Sirius bounded up the girls dorm stairs, using the trick that disarmed the staircase the James had taught him.

He bursted into your dorm and ripped open your bed curtains. You were sound asleep but violently woke up due to the commotion.

Your eyes flew open and you brought your covers tight to your chest but then loosened when you saw it was Sirius. He looked at you wide eyed.

“I’m so sorry, that was supposed to be dramatic, I didn’t realize you’d be sleeping.”

You laughed, he leaned forward hopefully

“please tell me you’re feeling better”

he was inches away from your face, you could see the pleading in his eyes.

“Yes, I feel alo-”

he cut you off with a hard kiss and crawled into your bed. Sirius looked at you desperately when you pulled back for air.

“Today was the worst day ever”

he murmured into your hair. You nodded your head, you couldn’t help but agree. “It was scary too” he added. You raised your eyebrows at him


“Yeah, because I got a taste of what life would be like without you”

You suddenly felt a rush of guilt “I’m sorry Sirius, I just didn’t want you to get sick” you rested your head on his shoulder and drew circles with you fingers on his chest.

“No, don’t feel bad. I’m kinda glad it happened. Now I know I couldn’t last without you.”

You placed a light, lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered softly “I couldn’t last without you either.”