the lighting was in her favor


 Ruran stepped forward, sliding the door shut behind him to keep the light out. He moved to set the bowl on the nightstand and collect the previous one. “I am sorry to disturb you,” he apologized, “I’ve brought more soup, a different kind.”

“Haventhrown..upyet..” So rudely awoken. How dare you, Ruran. Thya Kahzuun’s gaze still follows the knight, however, if not with some delay. “..Can I.. assk a favor?”

He peeked down at her, head tilting. “Of course. How may I assist?”

Thya gazed through Ruran’s mask with her barely opened eyes, slowly blinking once before a response is formed. “..I need to.. call someone..”

The knight looked away for a moment, perhaps by instinct of the eye contact, though he played it off by looking for her possessions. “Ah, certainly. I’m sure many are worried about you.”

“Just need to.. ah.. ” Thya winced and gritted her teeth as she adjusted herself in the infirmary bed. That seems to have woken her up a tad, as her eyes aren’t virtually closed anymore. “..The others will.. have to wait. ’s.. too soon. Difficult to explain all of this.. heh.”  

Ruran rummaged through her ruined armor, pulling out the pearl and looking back to her. “Do you wish to make the call, or shall I?”

“..Just start ‘wiv that I am fine.. to get the.. initial panic out of the way..” Thya sighed softly. “..You remember.. ah.. Zelenha, yes?”

He froze for a moment, then nodded. “Ah—yes. Your mother, is she not?”

Thya stared at Ruran for a handful of moments before her expressionless gaze was turned away with.. slight shame? “..Mom, yes.”

“I shall tell her that you’re all right.” He then held up the pearl and spoke into it. “Hello? Zelenha..?”

“..Is it.. okay if she comes over?” Thya muddered.

Ruran silently nodded.

There were a few moments of quiet, before an answer came. A woman’s voice. Zelenha Kiel. “Hm? Who’s this?”

“This is, ah, Ruran Vas. We…met once before, at your bakery.”

“… Oh, yes, I remember. How did you get this— Ah. Is Thya okay?”

“Yes,” he answered quickly, “Yes, Thya’s all right. She’s at the infirmary of Charlemend and Lumont Accounting Services.”

“… An accounting service has an infirmary, huh?” There was a trace of amusement in her voice, mixed with relief. “Fair enough. What happened?”

Ruran looked to Thya, brows raised in silent inquiry. “Ah, well…You see…” Words filled the silence, followed by a pause.

“..I’ll tell her,” Thya mumbled. “Just.. get her here..”

“It would be better if Thya explained when you get here. Are you able?”

“Hm. If she can talk, why isn’t she the one making this call?”

“She’s a bit exhausted, is all.” Ruran’s words were given with honest. “She’s been resting.”

“Fair enough.” Zelenha sighed. “Give me the address, I’ll be right over.”

“Certainly. It’s located in the Goblet, seventh ward, number 36. One of the doormen can point you to the infirmary within.”

“Thanks. See you soon.”

“Indeed, see you soon,” Ruran replied simply, and the pearl clicked off. He lowered the pearl and set it on the nightstand beside the bowl. “She will be here shortly. Is there anything I should do?”

“..She’ll have.. questions. I’d.. appreciate it if you could.. ah.. assist with answering them.”

“To the best of my ability, I shall,” he nodded.

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So, what did we learn from this weekend?

We learned that a giant mass protest that shuts down large streets of major cities will be met with cops on their best behavior if the protests are made up of “regular” white people. We are shown that most news organizations reported favorably and used positive rhetoric (for the most part) and nice photos of families protesting together. It was viewed in a very kind light, which is the opposite of what most major (BLM for example) protests get. 

If only there was a way to harness or organize the suburban white lady privilege into other protests. These women act as cop repellent because cops are far less likely to split Sharon from Accounts Payable’s head open or Sandy and her daughter Keighleeanne from Naperville or Susan the wife of a CEO. If more of these ladies showed up I think we could curb some of the violence that people of color face. Operation white shield or some shit like that. This is a way to use your privilege and power to back up what you say you believe in. I am just spitballing here, but man, I have never seen such lax police at such a large protest in my life. 

The signs as Latin phrases

Aries: audere est facere To do is to dare 

Taurus: fluctuat nec mergiturTossed by the waves but does not sink 

Gemini: alis propriis volat She flies with her own wings 

Cancer: dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem As long as we are among humans, let us be humane 

Leo: fortuna audens adiuvat Fortune favors the brave 

Virgo: timendi causa est nescireIgnorance is the cause of fear 

Libra: amor omnia vincitLove conquers all 

Scorpio: carpe noctemSeize the night 

Sagittarius: transit umbra, lux permanet Shadow passes, light remains

Capricorn: amare et sapere vix deo conceditur Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time 

Aquarius: serva me, servabo teSave me and I will save you 

Pisces: utinam ne illum numquam conspexissemIf only I had never seen him.

*Please note all gendered pronouns are actually gender neutral, but translated a certain way for lyrical effect, feel free to alter them*

Suit and Tie

Written for: @gaybybirth 

Summary: Bucky is your date for a dinner party and you two sneak off to have some fun of your own 

A/N: Whew, this was a long one. I wrote this for one of my fav blogs and honestly I’ve had the worst writer’s block but this was so fun!! I’ll be getting out other requests soon :) Also please send me things!

Warnings: Bucky in a suit goddamn, Dom!Bucky, metal hand kink, fingering, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (no babies here; wrap it up kids)

Word Count: 3.6k+

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Our Pet Monster

TW: Mentions of Pedophilia

When we moved to Pine Drive, I never expected to find a conspiracy among the kids there.

I was an only child and a loner, thanks to my parents always moving. My dad’s job had him hopping from state to state. It was a pretty tough going if you wanted to make friends. But he promised that we’d stay at least six months here, so I had a chance to make at least one friend.

And whadya know, on my block, there were a ton of kids to make friends with.

I didn’t even really have to try. Two days after moving in, the Langley twins Diana and David were pounding on my door, asking who owned that bike parked in the front yard and if they wanted to play. I was shy but the twins were ecstatic to meet me.

Apparently their group had an odd number before I moved in and they needed equal teams to play their games with.

There was Alicia, who was six, she was the baby but she was very sweet. The oldest was Fletcher who was thirteen but his social skills were a bit behind so he didn’t mind hanging out with a bunch of nine and ten year olds. I think there was about ten of us all in all.

But I learned soon enough that there was a secret each of them shared.

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Seek (Jungkook/Reader)

Hogwarts!AU Mini Series | One · Two

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Genre: Smut - Hogwarts!AU

Words: 10.8K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: This was, without a doubt, the craziest thing you had ever done. Roughly inspired by the Goblet of Fire.

Tags: Grinding, oral sex, fingering, etc. 

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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Unchain my heart

So, another Kai x Reader Smut bc everybody loves him. 

Warnings: Smut and Swearing, duh. 

The wonderful, @geminioriginalsimagines , wrote this prompt. I hope you like it, love. 

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‘Y/N, I don’t think you should do this,’ Bonnie said, her arms crossed in front of her chest,’ If Kai didn’t told you that he was back from hell, I guess there was a reason for that.’ You turned around glaring at Bonnie. ‘ To be quite honest, I don’t give a fuck about what you think,’ you were mad. Very mad. Bonnie had thrown your boyfriend Kai back into a prison world. You had waited four years to see him again. You didn’t even know who to be mad at. Kai? Because he didn’t tell you he was back. Or Bonnie, who had locked your boyfriend into a prison world, ruining your changes on a happy life. Bonnie sighed. She had never understood how you could even love someone like Kai. But you had realized a long time ago, that the love between the heretic and you couldn’t be explained by words. 

‘I have to see him, Bonnie,’ you argued,’ and if that means I have to visit that fucking prison world, I will.’ She looked at you, with a pleading expression on her face, as if to beg you just to forget him. ‘Don’t worry, Bon. I won’t try to help him escape. I have to teach him a lesson.’ you explained. ‘Y/N, you have to understand that it can be quite dangerous to visit a prison world,’ Bonnie said, trying to change your mind,’ Do you really want to take the risk?’ she asked. 

‘Yes,’ you answered. There was nothing else you could do. You missed Kai, horribly, and you had to give that joke of a boyfriend hell. For letting you waist four years, of your life. 

‘Alright,’ Bonnie sighed, she still didn’t like the idea but she knew you’re very stubborn,’ It would be best and the most uncomplicated if you were asleep. That would make the spell a lot easier.’ You nodded. Of course you realized that it was a big favor, you had asked her for, but on the other hand, she was responsible for this situation. They could have just called you. Kai listened to you most of the time and you’re sure this wasn’t an exception. ‘Just lay down and relax,’ Bonnie said, as she started lighting the candles she had placed around your bed,’ As soon as you fall asleep, I will start connecting the two worlds. Take care of you, Y/N.’ You smiled at her and tried to get comfortble. Falling asleep now, seemed almost impossible. Your heart was racing because of how nervous you were. But as soon as you heard Bonnie’s soothing voice, chanting a spell, you could feel your body beginning to float and to slowly vanish into the void. 

Somewhere in the distance, you could smell the nasty smell of bad alcohol and peppermint. There was a song playing, you’ve heard it before but you couldn’t remember when or where. Why am I here, you thought. Slowly, memories started floating your brain. You had talked to Bonnie. But why? 

The prison World. Of course, Kai! Thats why you’re here. Finally, your body allowed you to open your eyes. The first thing you saw were lights. Loud neon lights in a range of different colors. That must be the ceiling, you thought. The ground you were laying on was hard. Wooden floor. The scent of alcohol and peppermint was still present and the song  seemed to be even louder than before. You blinked a few times to adjust to the light. Groaning and a little bit clumsy you sat up. It seemed as if you were sitting behind a bar. Your head was still a little bit aching, but it got better with every passing second. ‘Hello?!’ someone called. Wait, you knew that voice. Kai Parker. ‘Bonnie? Is it you? Because if it is, I have some news for you,’ you could tell that he was trying to sound alright, but you could hear the distress in his voice,’ If you think this is torture, the jokes on you. That song? Great choice. Got a catchy tune to it.’ Kai paused, waiting for an answer. When nothing was to be heard he groaned. ‘Fuck you, Bonnie.’ he muttered. Now was the time. Now, you’d finally see the man you love again. All you wanted to do was to hug him, love him, kiss him and tell him how much you missed him. But that wasn’t an option. Kai had to be taught a lesson. And you already knew how.

You grabbed the counter to steady yourself and pull yourself up. As soon as you were standing, your eyes met his. ‘Y/N’  Kai whispered. His voice was deep and calm, but the emotions in his eyes showed a mixture of relief, happiness and fear. Kai already knew, what was about to happen. ‘Y/N, Im so hap-’..’Shhh…’ you cut him off. To emphasis it, you pressed one finger to your mouth. Kai’s beautiful, blue eyes widened as you came closer. You walked very slowly, swaying your hips with every step forward. You could tell this was already killing him. ‘Baby,’ he whined,’ take these of so I can touch you,’ he gestured to the chains, but you just shook your head, grinning at him. Kai tried to say something, but you silenced him by pressing your index finger to his mouth. ‘Can you imagine, what that feels like. To spend four years waiting,’ you started telling Kai, lifting one of your legs and resting your heel on his knee, just to tease him,’ and then have someone call you and say: , the man, you waited for was alive but…he didn’t want to see you.’ You tilted your head, fake pouted and tapped your chin with one finger, as if you were thinking about what you just said. ‘Just imagine it, Kai. All the lonely nights, wanting nothing more than to feel your body next to mine,’ you teased, looking at him, never breaking eye contact. You ran one hand across his crotch. You had to hide your surprise, as you discovered that his dick was already semi-hard. You didn’t even really start yet.

Kai looked at you with pleading eyes. There weren’t blue any longer. All the Lust had turned them black. Kai wanted to do nothing more than to take you right now, hard and good, like he had imagined it so often. If you continued to tease him like that, he would probably die. He clenched his jaw and his hands turned into fists. ‘Help me out of these chains, babygirl.’ he tried to sweet-talk her. But you shook your head. ‘ You hurt me. I have to teach you a lesson. So you never disappoint me like that again.’ you whispered into his ear. You bit his earlobe and started pressing soft kisses to his jaw. You could feel Kai move under you. Trying to grab you or at least get a little bit of control. But not tonight. 

Now your lips were almost touching and Kai wanted nothing more than to taste you, again. But you just teased him. You bit his plumb bottom lip for a few seconds and started caressing his face with your fingers. ‘ Y/N, if you don’t open these chains right now, I swear to God, it will have consequences,’ he threatened,’ As soon as I can move again it won’t be funny for you anymore.’ You just chuckled and straddled him. ‘ I really do have to teach you manners, Kai. Don’t I?’ you spoke against his lips. He struggled, trying to do anything, trying to somehow get out of this position. You smashed your lips onto his. After all this teasing, you couldn’t take it anymore. It was even better than you remembered it. Kai immediately started assaulting you with his tongue, trying to at least dominate you a little bit. But you pulled away. Both of you were breathing heavy, looking at the other. You could feel his cock pressing through his jeans. Kai was just as aroused as you. ‘ Do you wanna know what I missed, Kai?’ you asked innocently,’ Your face between my legs. I can’t tell you how often I dreamt of you and your magical tongue,’ you cooed. Kai closed his eyes and swallowed hard. You were making him crazy and there was nothing he could do about it. Your scent, your voice, all the things he had missed so dearly were intoxicating him now. To taste your honey, was all he wanted . ‘ Let me please you, babygirl,’ he said huskily. Even though he wasn’t the dominating one right now. It sounded more like a command than a question. But you didn’t care. All that mattered now was that you would get what you wanted. Kai was mustering you, when you took your skirt and panties of. 

You climbed onto the chair again, standing on it. It was uncomfortable, but neither of you cared. ‘Take your top of for me, Babe,’ Kai whispered. You did. Slowly. So slowly it was almost killing him. You were wearing your baby-blue lace bra and you could tell that all he wanted was to rip it off. But you teased him. Taking it off very, very slowly. When he could finally see her breasts he growled, dangerously ‘Come on,Kai. Show me that you missed me,’ you purred. Kai started licking your entrance. Very slow at first but he fastened his pace very soon. Your hands found their way to his hair and started tangling it. Small moans escaped your lips. Kai grunted, as if he responded to the sounds you were making. This t totally turned him on. The pressure on his member was almost unbearable but he knew Y/N didn’t play fair. He swirled his tongue around your clit a few times and started sucking on it. ‘Kai!’ you screamed and looked at him. He hummed, satisfied with himself, knowing he could pleasure you. 

Suddenly, kai started tongue-fuck your pussy. Your knees were starting to buckle and you screamed in pleasure as you could feel your orgasm approaching. ‘ Kai, Oh fuck, Kai!’ He looked up at you with those big eyes and you just couldn’t hold it back any longer. You came, screaming his name, so loud you were sure even Bonnie could hear it. ‘ Oh Kai,’ you moaned, sinking down slowly, straddling him again. You’re pussy was completely soaked now. You kissed him passionately and started grinding on him. ‘Y/N, babygirl, I need you now, please,’ Kai begged. Y/N glared at him. ‘Are you sorry?’ she asked. Kai buried his face in the crook of her neck and nodded. ‘Say it, Kai. I want to hear you say it.’ 

‘I’m fucking sorry ok?’ he muttered,’ I was scared, that you maybe wouldn’t want me anymore.’ Kai admitted. ‘I love you, Kai,’ you whispered as you started to unzip his pants. You touched his length, pulling it out. Kai moaned into your ear. You could feel his hot breath on your skin. ‘ Fuck this feels so good,’ he muttered. Your pussy was dropping with juices for him already, so you slid him right into you. ‘ I want to touch you so bad, Y/N’ he growled, ‘ I can’t fucking take it anymore.’ You started to ride him faster, bopping up and down., ignoring his pleas. Kai threw his head back, small sounds escaping his lips. The faster you went the louder he got and soon you could feel him twitch inside you. ‘ I want to cum inside you, Y/N’ he groaned, making eye contact again. Your body started vibrating. Kai had hit the spot, you wanted him to hit. ‘Fuck,’ you mewled. You were going at a bruising pace now, pleasuring both of you. ‘I’m c-’ before Kai had ended his sentence you could already feel it inside of you. You caught up with him fast, experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm. You collapsed on top of him, wrapping your arms around Kai’s neck. He breathed heavily onto your skin. 

‘So why don’t  you unchain me, babygirl? I bet you want a round too.’

My Brokenheart 2 | Justin Foley

part 2   My Brokenheart  <– click for part 1


Pairings: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: Heart plus sad emoji 


J U S T I N ‘ S   P O V 

It has been 4 days since y/n broke up with me and I feel nothing more but shit. I honesty cannot eat, play basketball or even get out of bed. 

I hate this fucking feeling of being alone, without her warmness making me feel happy, alive…human. I miss her and I know I fucked up but, I will do anythingto get her back.

“Dude there’s a party at Sheri’. It’s her birthday.” Alex told you while reading something on his phone. “And oh. y/n is going to be there.” He informed me.

“Whats the point? She doesn’t want me anymore, she hates me.” I told him grudgingly and continued drinking my beer. “I’m not going.” I turned him down and he was taken a back, since I never really turn down a party.

“C’mon dude, she doesn’t hate you. She is just hurt that’s all” Marcus said almost comfortingly. “Go there and win her back dude.” They all agreed with Marcus with a series of ‘yea’ and ‘he’s right’

“Alright. Fine.” I stood up and got my letterman and we proceeded to drive to Sheri’s

As soon as we arrive the house smelled like beer and sex. We grabbed some drinks but after a while I was left alone in the living room having the worst night.

Is she going to show up? Just when I was about to call it a night I saw her walking in with her fellow cheerleaders. God, she is perfect. She’s wearing a flowy baby blue dress that runs just a few inches above her knee and a beige cardigan. She was wearing the dress I gave her for her birthday.

I was about to make my way to her when Sheri and a drunk Jessica, well a wasted Jessica blocked my view from her where she was already making her way to the kitchen.

“What now?” I asked slightly annoyed. I don’t really like seeing Jessica. She’s just really wild and physical and it annoyed me that she made me try weed that night and got me high enough to seduce me. I hate her for that.

“Chill. Can you do me a favor? I’m going for a beer run and Jessica here is too wasted. Can you bring her upstairs please? So she can sober up for a  bit.” She asked me politely.

“Uhm. I don’t know Sheri.” I said unsure and tried escaping but she wouldn’t budge.

“Come on. Please? I’m REALLY in a hurry” She emphasized on the ‘really’. I nodded hesitantly and I took a very wasted Jessica upstairs hearing a thank you from her.

I saw a door colored light pink and assumed it was Sheri’s so I took her there and slowly settled her down. I was about to leave when she spoke up.

“Stay please.” Jessica said groggily. I ignored her and got up.

“I still love you Justin.” She said a little bit louder this time. I was taken a back and she, taking advantage of the moment, she pulled me by the hand and I landed on top of her and forcibly kissed me.

I pushed her back but it was too late. The door bursted open and there was y/n standing with wide eyes. She looked at the both of us anger, shock and…pain in her eyes.

“Wait y/n please!” I stood up and hurried to her.

“Fuck off!” She screamed at my face and was about to leave but I grabbed her hand and stopped her.

I grabbed her and turned her to me but she slapped me causing a wave of pain to strike my right cheek and a wave of shock.

“I loved you. Just when I thought I should give you a chance. I now know better, you’re exactly what they say you are, an asshole.” She said in between tears, she wiped them and looked at me with so much anger, and pain.

“I hate you Justin Foley.” With that she left not bothering to look back.

xxxxxxxxx BONUS ROUND xxxxxxxxx

Jessica Davis’ pov

You’re mine Justin. Even if I have to step on y/n pathetic heart. I will have you, we will be together again.






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Fae Male Instincts

Rating: T for mild cursing.

Word Count: 5,724

Likes and reblogs welcome

It may be my birthday, but I got ya’ll a present.

Something’s wrong.

Which is ridiculous because nothing could be better. Nesta’s home, the one they’ve made together and is literally in his arms, snuggled beneath a mountain of blankets.

By all rights Cassian should have passed out ages ago, exhausted from the long flight back to Velaris from the Illyrian Steppes and their enthusiastic reunion. The Mother knows she is. Gentle sighs that are just shy of being considered soft snores escape her lips as she nestles into his side, forever leeching his body heat, not that he minds. Her golden brown hair is mussed, the stray fly away strands tickling his skin, and Cassian wonders if that’s what’s keeping him awake.

Because something is most definitely wrong.

There’s an unmistakeable nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he just can’t shake that grows stronger with each passing minute. Maybe it’s the lingering wisps of longing. The missing of her, his mate. The phantom ache in his heart, as though a piece of it is gone when she’s gone, taken it with her.

An unfortunate series of scheduling conflicts has kept them apart. Nesta’s spent a fortnight visiting Elain and Lucian in the Spring Court, and though he’d wanted to be there with her, the yearly summit between Camp Lords demanded his attention. Then afterwards, some inconsequential emergency that amounted to a four day stint in the snow and ice on the Steppes for nothing and Cassian was near desperate to see his wife again. One ill-timed joke from his High Lord or his brother might have sent him over the edge, but fortune it seemed was on his side when he’d left the camp early that morning.

Tonight is the first night they’ve been together in any sense of the word in just over a month, the longest the two of them have been apart since they’ve mated and married. Cassian wonders if it’s the residual tendrils of feeling that are causing this, this panic, even after an evening tangled in sheets. A night filled with laughter and good food and catching up on trivial events, and worshiping Nesta’s body.

It’s something he’s missing. Something critical that has his instincts roaring at him to protect his mate. It strikes him then, almost as strongly as when she’d first accepted the mating bond, this viperous feeling, this need to hide her away from the world.

He bites back a groan, knowing how much of a light sleeper Nesta is because there’s no reason he should be feeling this. There’s no danger, no war. Not even the Camp Lords are making trouble. Prythian is the most at peace it’s been in Cassian’s five hundred years. The seven courts seeking to maintain peace in the wake of Hybern’s attacks. Hell, even the human realms are silent, enjoying the mildest winter in a hundred years.

Yet something’s keeping him awake.

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Anon Asks: Dear awesome comic artist/ storyteller, What kind of PJs do you think team STRQ would wear when they were dorming at school? :3

Ohhh, stahp it~

Text and non text versions because why not.

Qrow sports a graphic T-shirt, usually his ‘May Contain Alcohol’ shirt, and a pair of baggy sweat pants. Will take his rings off when going to bed but can’t sleep with his necklace and wristband off. He feels too weird without them anymore.

Taiyang is a shorts and a T-shirt kind of guy. He gets too hot at night, so light clothing it is. Shirt says ‘Pun Master’. Tai strikes me as a ‘sleeps in nothing but his boxers’ kind of guy once he’s snuggled up in bed.

Raven’s is based on her daughter’s PJ’s with her own colors and some of Raven’s flair. Can’t sleep with all that extra cloth, so a tank top and yoga shorts are her sleep wear. STRETCH GURL

Summer wears a tunic-length T-shirt that covers her butt and pairs it with leggings. Summer will snuggle up with a book before bed. She reads all genres, but favors adventure and romance novella’s before going to sleep. She sometimes reads to Qrow, too.

The team was initially divided by gender as far as beds go. Tai and Raven, however, start dating and basically rearrange the room to sleep on the same side as one another when Qrow and Summer are in class one day. It isn’t much of a problem until the couple start engaging in romantic festivities under the sheets. Qrow and Summer are left to listen to their team mates/sister do the horizontal mambo in awkward, disgusted horror.

Qrow may throw a pillow, book, desk, or broadsword at the couple every now and again, because he and Short-Stack need sleep and he isn’t above disturbing the two.

Qrow and Summer are indeed together during this interaction. They’re going to snuggle up together later (once Tai and Rae are asleep) and laugh at Tai getting his butt handed to him by Oobleck. Shouldn’t be pranking teachers, Tai.

The problem with Women and Superhero shows

You know what’s really frustrating? How many TV shows,especially  superhero TV shows aimed at young people absolutely refuse to do something as simple as make sure that their show is gender balanced.Or show female characters have any connection with other women. Superhero shows are meant to inspire us, to show us a better way and yet they seem to hate the very idea of actually spending any time on female characters

Just look at all the TV shows we had till now .Can you think of one show where the the men don’t outnumber the women? Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter…….the only one which actually bothered to some degree  was Agents of Shield*

Arrow is horrible when it comes to it’s treatment of female characters. We all know that. But they are also horrible when it comes to the actual presence of female characters.. And they don’t learn. Oliver’s new team of vigilantes had a 3;1 male to female ratio. Was there ANYTHING preventing them from making Rene or Rory a girl? And look at how isolated Felicity is from other girls. She has zero female friends

The Flash is also very much a guy show and Caitlin and Iris barely even interact with each other. Again was there anything to prevent Julian from being a girl? No. They absolutely refuse to include more female characters

Legends of Tomorrow has a two girl maximum. At least in the first seaosn Sara and Kendra were friends but now Sara barely even seems to talk to Amaya. And again there was nothing preventing them from making Nate a girl. Hell his issues with being sheltered and feeling helpless his whole life would have been even more impact if he was a girl

And the few shows we have which are supposed to be about girls? They are cringe inducing when it comes to these issues and absolutely get worse with time

Agent Carter was male dominated and the only somewhat female light in the show was Carter’s friendship with Angie. And they snuffed this completely in the second season in favor of a shitty love triangle. And don’t get me started in how they took a brilliant female historical figure and turned her into a pathetic villain

Supergirl is probably the worse when it comes to this. Look at how the show started. Although Winn has improved he started as a creepy toxic male geek. One of his very first lines was thinking that Kara was a lesbian because she didn’t want him. And when Kara turned him down he made her feel guilty and apologize to him. And he was presented as her best and ONLY friend. Kara Danvers had no female friends. Do you realize how insane this is?. Still season 1 wasn’t quite as bad. Kara had Cat as a female mentor, she overcome her hesitancy and develop respect and friendship with Lucy and James although he had a few minor glitches like his reaction to the Red Kryptonite was a goddamn awesome and healthy male character. But in season 2?

Although the introduction of Maggie and her realtionship with Alex is excellent it’s the ONLY bright spot. Everything else ruined the little they had. They ditched Cat in favor of Snapper, Lucy disappeared in the void of unappreciated female characters and instead we got freaking Mon El. The very definition of bland pretty boy. James was turned into some fragile insecure boy who feel threatened by by Kara’s status, Winn actually actively sabotaged Kara just so he and James can shine and again don’t get me started on Mon El. M’gann should have been one of the bright sides of this season but he was barely used. We got see more of Mon El’s fuck then of a fascinating and complex character like M’gann. The ONLY female friend Kara has is Lena and you know they are going to fuck with this,

Literally all of these shows actively isolate women from interacting with other women. Female friendship is treated as some flaky thing that can easily be ignored and erase while male friendship is celebrated and iconic. Just look at Oliver and Diggle, Barry and Cisco. On Legends they pushed Nate and Ray and Ray and Mick to bond and become friends  while Mick and Snart were beyond celebrated and iconic. On Supergirl they put more attention on Winn and James friendship then on any interaction Kara had with a girl that wasn’t her sister

Female friendships gets none of this. The closest we ever came was Carter and Angie’s and Sara and Kendra’s (and come to think of Sara and Sin) . And all of them got only a fraction of the time spent on male friendships and was erased completely later on never to be mentioned again

The only chance girls get when it comes to friendship is with male characters and this is often either a prelude to or baiting of a realtionship


*I am not gonna get into the Netflix shows as well since this already got too long but they have their own issues as well. Not quite as horrible as the CW shows but still bad

Planetarium // Nurseydex

a/n: short drabble based on the commission @wheeloffortune-design was doing today on their livestream. i’ll link back to that when it’s posted. EDIT: here’s the link.

“The binary star Algol is located 93 light years away. It used to be known as ‘al Ghul’, the demon star….”

”Yo, Dex,” Nursey whispered, nudging Dex’s arm. “Where’s she pointing? I can’t see what the laser is pointing to.”

“It’s the one on the left, over there.” He pointed.

“Oh, I see,” Nursey said, reaching over Dex to take a handful of popcorn. “No, wait, I don’t see.”

Nursey, it’s right—hey.” Some of the popcorn in Nursey’s fist fell out onto Dex’s lap. “C’mon, you just spilled popcorn all over me.”

“Whoops,” Nursey said, sounding entirely unapologetic. He picked a piece off of Dex’s knee and popped it into his mouth, grinning.

“The binary star makes up part of the Perseus constellation. It represents the mighty Greek hero….”

Dex threw a piece of popcorn at Nursey’s face, who immediately threw it back. Dex raised an eyebrow. “I was going to give you some of these M&M’s I smuggled in,” Dex said quietly, “but now I’m having second thoughts….”

“Eh, it’s fine. I’m more of a skittles guy anyway,” Nursey replied, shrugging. He bent his knees and propped his feet up on the seat in front of him.

“God, I can’t believe you’re such a candy snob, It’s sugar.”

A couple of rows in front of them, an older woman turned around, putting her finger up towards her lips. “Shh!” she hissed.

“Sorry, maam,” Dex apologized. He did his best to look repentant.

They tried to be quiet for a few more minutes, listening to the woman explain the science behind stars and the meaning behind constellations. The planetarium was mostly dark. They could barely see each other in the dim lights cast down from the artificial stars above them. Despite himself, Dex found that he was actually really enjoying this date. It had been Nursey’s idea, of course—who else would turn down a normal date plan like going to the movies in favor of a planetarium. But Dex had been talking about how he missed being able to see the stars, and Nursey must have remembered that, and that was pretty sweet, he guessed. Slowly, like a high schooler on a first date, Dex put his arm over the back of Nursey’s chair and let it fall onto Nursey’s shoulder.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the constellation Aquila is associated with the eagle who kidnapped Ganymede, son of one of the kings of Troy….

“You know,” Nursey whispered into Dex’s ear, “Ganymede and Zeus banged a lot.”

Dex couldn’t help it—he started giggling. “What?” he said, doing his best to keep his voice down. “I thought Achilles was the one who was into dudes.”

“All the Greeks were into dudes, Dex,” Nursey murmured. “The founders of their democracy were a same-sex couple.”

“That sounds fake, but I don’t know enough about Ancient Greece to argue with you.”

“It’s totally true,” Nursey said. “You know who else is into dudes?”

Dex sensed a trap. “…Who?”

“Me,” Nursey said. He leaned in and planted a kiss on Dex’s cheek.

“Oh my god.”

The older woman from before turned around a second time, giving them a look. This time they managed to keep quiet until the end of the show.

“So, what did you think?” Nursey asked as they left the planetarium. “Was that better than a movie?”

“Dunno,” Dex shrugged. “I guess I could be convinced.”

“Hm, I could definitely convince you…” Nursey said. He leaned in and kissed him.

“God, you’re such a sap,” Dex murmured against his lips. But he kissed back all the same.

Protecting Us

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Mafia au, angst, slight smut at the end

Warnings: Strong powerthankyou language

Word Count: 1.8k

“Stay here” Yoongi unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to open the car door when he turned to you. “I know you can take care of yourself but if something happens to you I won’t be able to get through it, ok? So please don’t do anything stupid” He sounded loving. He cared about you, and you knew that.

Anyone would say he was cold and hateful, a killer. But what they didn’t know is that he wasn’t like that on the inside. Obviously, you will let them believe that, as being cold hearted was his job, but still. He was the most loving person you have ever met. He was there when you were down, even if your problems were stupid, he never judge you. He wasn’t like that at all.

“Yoongi, I work from this too” You said, trying to calm him down. You have killed just as much people as he had, that’s how you met each other.

Many people would think you were the bad ones, when there is actually not a good or bad side. The government was fucked up and Yoongi and you worked for the people trying to stop this shit. You were the “good” ones, at least until you talked with one of the guys on the other side, and then the story iwas completely different.

“I know, I know, babe.” He shuffled his hair as his eyes went to the floor and up to you again. “Just promise me you won’t risk your life, ok?” Yoongi seemed really serious right now, and, if you had to be honest, that scared you.

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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 11

This chapter happened a lot faster than @outlandishchridhe and I anticipated. It’s a lot of fun! We’re loving where this story is going!

Catch up on the previous chapter HERE or find the whole story HERE

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 5

Exhausted, Claire opened the apartment door and took a deep breath. Amongst the aromas of food cooking, she thought she smelled something fainter, sweeter. Eyes springing open, she locked her eyes on the vase and saw five fresh roses in it.

“Welcome home, Sassenach,” Jamie called from the kitchen.

Grinning, she walked in and kissed him.

“Thank you for the roses, Jamie. They’re lovely.”

“Five roses for five months gone. Only a few left for me to thank ye for carrying our bairn.”

Leaning on him this way, she was acutely aware of her rounding stomach as it pressed against Jamie’s.

“You’re welcome,” she said before pulling away from him.

They ate their dinner at the table and, for once, nothing made her sick. Before they went to bed, she did a little homework at her desk, though she couldn’t sit as close to it as she used to.

Tomorrow was to be their 20 week ultrasound and Claire had been waiting for this day for weeks. They’d finally be able to see the baby look, well, more like a baby.

“You know, we can find out tomorrow if this little one is a boy or a girl.”

“I dinna want to find out,” he said, turning a page in his book.

Her mouth fell open as she stared at him. It took a minute before he realized what she was doing.

“But I want to know the sex of the baby!”

“Weel, I dinna want to know. Don’t ye want to be surprised?”

“I think this baby was a surprise enough, Jamie. Don’t you want to get prepared?”

“Sassenach, people have been having bairns for centuries without knowing what they are and they seemed to do just fine getting ready.”

“Why can’t I just find out and you not? You can still be surprised then.”

Jamie fixed her with a flat look and closed his book with a sigh.

“Sassenach, have ye ever seen yerself try to keep a secret? I love ye, but yer face canna keep a secret from me. If you find out, ye won’t be able to keep it from showing all over your face.” He reached out and stroked her cheek and she leaned into him instinctively.

The pleading look on his face made Claire’s resolve waiver. She really did want to know, but finding out together would mean much more than having to carry it around with her for the next few months by herself.

“Oh, alright you bloody Scot. We won’t find out until this little peanut decides to make its debut,” she huffed, placing her hand on her belly.

Jamie twined their fingers together, resting over her wee bump. She suppressed flinching away from it and when she finally looked up at him, she saw that heartbreaking smile spread across his face as his hand moved theirs back and forth over her stomach.

“I love ye, mo nighean donn. I ken it makes ye a little disappointed,” he started, but was halted by her rising up on tiptoe to give him a peck on the lips that, as always, turned into something a little deeper.

“Compromise, right?” she whispered. “You and I have done a lot of it so far. It won’t kill me and at least I’ll know that you’re suffering right along with me.” She laughed, a soft, tinkling sound that Jamie loved. He lived for that laugh, the smile making her whole face crinkle in happiness.

He rested his head against hers for a moment, basking in the warmth of her smile. Leaning in, he kissed her softly, letting his hands wander over her. After he squeezed her arse, he began to pull her closer. But she pulled back and took a breath.

“Are ye alright, mo chridhe?”

“Yes, I’m… I’m alright. I’m a little tired though, could we maybe just snuggle a bit tonight?”

Watching her face for a moment, he thought he understood why she was hesitating. Her stomach was getting larger by the day and it made her uncomfortable.

“Ye dinna have to get naked, Sassenach. Leave yer shirt on, it doesna matter to me.”

She gave him a weak smile before pulling out of his arms.

“That’s alright. Perhaps another time.”

Leaning over the side of the couch, she gave his cheek a light peck and left to change for bed. When he joined her, he saw she wore the nightgown she’d been favoring lately. It covered her and gave her body little shape, which was likely what she wanted it to do.

As she lay on her side, the sheets tucked up around her, he gently eased in behind her, careful to not fully cup the wee swell of her belly. Instead, he opted for reaching for her hand, entwining their fingers together..



“Ye ken I love ye, right?”

“Of course I do.”

He nodded, taking a moment before continuing.

“And ye ken I think yer beautiful, right?”

“I… yes, I do.”

“And that I dinna think yer fat or ugly? That seeing ye carry my child is the most amazing blessing ye could ever give me?”

She paused before answering, and gently brought their hands down to rest near her stomach.

“Yes, Jamie. I do. I’m sorry, I really am just tired tonight.”

“Aye, it’s fine, mo nighean donn. I just want ye to ken that I love ye verra much.”

She turned around, searching for a kiss.

“I love you, too, Jamie. So much.”


Sitting in the waiting room with so many pregnant women felt strange, but Claire was comfortable. He held her hand, his thumb rubbing the back of hers constantly. A door opened and the nurse called them back. He was excited for this, to see their child again. The last time it hadn’t looked like much more than a fuzzy blur on the screen. Claire had assured him it would look more like an actual human being now. His little human being.

Claire sat on the exam table fidgeting nervously. Jamie put a hand on her knee to keep her leg from bouncing.

“Alright Miss Beauchamp, how are we feeling today?” the nurse asked.

“Very well, thank you.”

They launched into the barrage of questions he couldn’t answer, so he just waited. As the ultrasound machine booted up, the nurse smiled at them.

“So are we going to learn the sex of your baby today?”

Claire shot him a dark glare before turning back to the kind woman.

“No. We’d like it to be a surprise, apparently.”

The nurse laughed at the scorned look on Claire’s face and patted her hand.

“Alright then, I won’t tell you,” she continued to chuckle and looked at Jamie as if to wish him luck with the decision they made.

Then she stage whispered to Claire, “The doctor will know, you know, just in case you decide to change your mind.”

Claire finally broke a real smile and sighed, looking back at Jamie again.

“No, no. I’ll wait,” she said, grinning at Jamie.

Hearing the heartbeat of their child never ceased to enchant them. Each little lub-dub brought tears to both their eyes. Blinking them back, Jamie tried to clear his vision. He wanted to see their wee bairn completely, wanted to commit this moment to his memory forever, and he didn’t want the memory to be blurry.

“Here’s your baby!” the nurse exclaimed, pointing out the head, feet and bottom of their baby.

“He looks like a wee person now,” Jamie said softly, staring in awe at the black and white screen. “I can actually see which end is his head now.”

Claire swatted at him playfully and giggled at his awestruck face.

“Well it’s a good thing that you didn’t want to know the sex of your baby, Miss Beauchamp, because this little one isn’t showing me anything! Turned away and legs crossed. This one is going to be a stubborn one for sure,” he joked as Claire chuckled.

“Well between her father and I, I’m not really surprised by that assessment.”

“He’s protectin’ his virtue is all. I wouldna want my baws splayed all over a screen for anyone to look at either,” Jamie said, seriousness coloring his tone but smiling nonetheless.

“Would you both like a printout to take with you?” the nurse asked, cleaning the gel off of Claire’s belly. As soon as it was clean, Jamie noticed she pulled the shirt she had on down as fast as she could.

“Can we have a couple please? Maybe 3?” Claire turned to look at him. “I thought maybe we could frame one and I know you like to keep one at work.”

“Aye, mo chridhe, whatever you wish.”

She grinned and reached for him, pulling him down to kiss her soundly.


“Jamie?” Claire asked, softly.

He turned his head away from the ultrasound picture to her, the sound of her voice alarming him.

“What is it, Sassenach? Are ye feelin’ alright? Ye look… concerned.”

She took a deep breath and met his gaze.

“I think we need to talk about something.”

He raised his eyebrow at her and she continued, trying to keep eye contact with him.

“I was wondering… well… at the ultrasound today, the nurse called me ‘Miss Beauchamp’ and it got me thinking. I was wondering if… if you wanted to stay married. To me.” She kept her eyes on his, and saw his face mask over. The last time they had talked about this, she had brushed him off. She didn’t want to do that now..

“We haven’t really talked about it and…” she trailed off, unable to finish her thought, too scared of what might come from this to be the one to go first.

He held her gaze, but didn’t answer. Several tense moments passed between them, but his lips stayed sealed shut. He simply looked at her and she knew that she would have to be the one to break the silence. She reached into her bag and pulled something small out of it.

“Because,” she started hoarsely. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Because I… I want to stay married to you.”

She opened her palm and in it was a titanium band. She was staring hard at the band in her hands, not risking looking up at Jamie. A finger under her chin lifted her face to his; he was much closer than before. His face had a broad smile across it right before he leaned in and took her lips against his.

“Wait right here, mo graidh,” he whispered against her lips.

He got up and made a beeline for their bedroom and returned almost as quickly as he left, a small box in his hand. When he opened it, Claire gasped.

“I bought this for ye, before we left for Colorado. I thought,” he paused, voice breaking just slightly. “I thought ye might make a choice then, but then, weel…then ye didna. But I kept it anyway, if only for the chance that I might be able to woo ye properly if we decided to go another way.”

He took the small ring out, a solid band with thistle and interlace overlay on top of the solid metal.

“Oh, Jamie,” she sighed. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Will ye wear it?”

“Will you wear yours?”

He smiled at the glint in her eyes, the need to mark him showing strong on her face.

“Aye, I’ll wear it and gladly. I’m completely under yer power and happy to be there, Claire.”

“I am too,” she breathed. “I wouldn’t change it. I don’t want to change it.”

“Well that’s good to hear, Sassenach. Perhaps, as we dinna really remember our own vows, we could do a wee thing now?”

Taking her left hand in his own, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it softly. He took a deep breath and prepared to slide the ring onto her finger. The light caught the inside and glinted, hinting that something was inside it.

“Wait, what’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Inside the ring. Is it engraved?”

Her eyes darted up to his and his ears turned a little pink.

“Oh, ah… Aye. It’s Gaelic, ken?”

Turning the ring slowly, she tried to read the foreign language.

“What does it say?”

“Mo graidh, mo chridhe fuil.”

“And what does that mean? For those of us who don’t speak Gaelic?”

“It means ‘my love, my heart’s blood’.”

The smile on her face grew as she stared at it for a long moment.

“I, um… I had something put into yours too…”

Taking the larger ring from her hand, he turned it to the light.

“My knight,” he said softly. “The keeper of my heart. Claire, that’s beautiful.”

“So,” she cleared her throat before she broke out into tears again. “Did you have something in mind for our sober vows?”

“Aye, it’s an old Scottish tradition, if ye dinna mind it.”

“I don’t mind.”

He stared down at her hand for a moment before sliding the ring onto it slowly. She did the same with his, pleased that the ring fit him well.

“You’ll have to repeat the words after me. They’re in Gaelic.”


Claire stumbled over the foreign words, her lips and tongue making the unfamiliar sounds. But he could see in her face just how hard she was concentrating to say them correctly. Or, as correctly as she could.

When she finished repeating him, he leaned in to kiss her gently.

“So,” she asked, searching his face. “What exactly did I just commit to? What did I say?”

“It rhymes a bit, in English. But what we said was ‘ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone. I give ye my body, that we two might be one. I give ye my spirit, ‘til our life shall be done.”

“I think I like that better than regular vows.”

His eyes moved down to her rounding belly, but he made no move to touch it. She could see the longing in his eyes, but he didn’t reach out toward her. He placed a tender kiss on her forehead before standing up and holding out a hand to her. On some level, she wanted to grab his hand and put it on her belly. But she couldn’t. Not yet.

Once again, Jamie proved to her that he wasn’t like any other man. As much as he wanted to feel their child, to touch her and hold her, he would never force that on her. He recognized and understood that she was uncomfortable with the changes in her body. She also understood that he wasn’t asking her to talk about it either; just let her feel what she was feeling.


She was dressed in the nightgown again, but he said nothing about it. He had no right to, it wasn’t his body that was changing. All he could do was give her the space she needed and support her however he could.

When she snuggled close to him, he did all he could to keep from touching her belly. It took her some time to fall asleep, constantly moving around to find a comfortable position.

They lay in bed, Claire sleeping soundly in his arms. He looked down at her stomach, bulging a little through the night dress. If he touched the bairn now, she wouldn’t know, wouldn’t shy away from him. But it wouldn’t be fair to her. Perhaps she didn’t want his touch right now, what right did he have to force that on her unconscious body?

Then she did something that surprised him. Still completely asleep, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. He froze in place, afraid she’d wake and find him touching her and be angry. Carefully, he tried to slip his hand away from her, but her grip tightened. She mumbled incoherently, sleepily patting his hand on her stomach and snuggling closer, a look of complete contentment covering her face. The stern lines that had been carved in her brow as she tried to get comfortable and fell asleep melted away as she nuzzled against him even closer.

He looked down at her, careful not to jar her and moved slowly to kiss the top of her head. She mumbled again, her grip on his hand slacking, but he didn’t move it. He couldn’t. He was so happy to feel her and the bairn, feel close to them both like this, that he would steal the moments that she gave him.


Claire woke suddenly, feeling a ravenous hunger surge through her. These damned cravings would kill her one of these days.

“Jamie,” she said softly, nudging him awake. “Jamie?”

His eyes opened slowly.

“…’s the bairn…”

“We’re both fine, but…”

One eye snapped fully open.

“Do ye need hot wings again?”

She shook her head, a guilty look crossing her face.

“No, I just… Doesn’t chili sound really good?”

“Canna say it does just at the moment.”

Biting her bottom lip, she looked up at him.

“I could kill for some chili right now…”

With a sigh, he started pushing himself up.

“Alright. I’ll go and see if someone’s open and selling chili.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“Ye dinna have to do that, Sassenach. I’m pleased to fetch ye chili if ye wish.”

Swinging her legs out of bed, she fumbled in the dark for something to put on her feet and a sweater.

“No, I’d like to come. I feel terrible, sending you out at odd hours like my personal servant.”

“Are ye sure?”

“Yes,” she said with a nod. “And this way I won’t be eating it in our bed. Won’t be finding bits of nachos in our sheets for the next week.”

“Ye make a verra fine point, Sassenach. Let’s go, then.”

Luckily, the chili wasn’t as difficult to find as the hot wings had been. They had her small bowl of chili within fifteen minutes.

“You know what else sounds good?” she asked as Jamie pulled out of the parking lot.

“Ye mean besides sleep?”

“Ice cream.”

“I didna ken pregnancy would give a woman such strange tastes.”

“Do you think we can find someone who does ice cream all night?”

“The place we just left does.”

Licking the spoon, she looked over to him sheepishly.

“I’ll split it with you.”

“No, no. I’ll no’ take any of it. I canna really eat at three in the morning.”

Making a U-turn, he pulled back into the drive through and ordered one chocolate frosty for his pregnant wife. The young man at the window gave them an odd look, which Jamie ignored.

“Thank you,” she said quietly as they headed home.

“I put ye in this position, gettin’ ye wi’ child and all. The least I can do is feed whatever bizarre cravings our bairn has.”

She grinned as she finished her strange combination of chili and ice cream.


The following afternoon, Jamie was sitting on the couch doing a little reading while Claire worked on some things for her classes. Just as he stretched, he glanced over to her and saw her flinch hard. She stared down at her belly in complete shock, her hand almost went to touch it, but stopped. He looked away from her before she could see him watching. Wondering what had caught her so off guard, he forced his attention back to his book, but continued to glance at her under hooded eyelids.

That night, they lay curled up together as they usually did. Once she settled and fell into deep sleep, she moved his hand onto her stomach. It was the only time she was comfortable having him touch her and he cherished the feeling. As he began relaxing into sleep, he thought he felt something. A faint flutter against his hand made his eyes snap open. Surely it was too soon to feel the bairn move.

With bated breath, he waited to see if it would happen again. When it didn’t, he was sure he’d imagined the feeling. He felt Claire softly push his hand against her, burrowing farther into his neck and pulling him with her down into their dreams.


Claire woke up in the morning snuggled warmly into Jamie’s side. She didn’t want to disturb him, she’d done enough of that the night before. Slowly, her eyes drank in her sleeping husband’s face.

Husband, he was her husband.

He had been since that first night together, of course, but now that they’d made the decision to stay together and married to boot, that word felt so important. She glanced down at his hand and saw the ring that marked him as hers. She smiled, but inside her emotions ran rampant with worry about what could be.

No. No, she wouldn’t let her thoughts travel down that road. Jamie was a good man, a man who loved her, a man who did everything in his power so she was happy and well cared for. A man who she wanted to be hers for always.

A need rose up in her so quickly and so strongly she couldn’t completely stifle the sound of distress that came out of her throat. Jamie stirred and she froze, still wanting to watch him sleep. He readjusted and pulled her closer, hand drifting towards her abdomen.

Suddenly, she felt it. A soft push from the inside of her belly. It had startled her the day before, the feeling foreign and somewhat frightening. Truly there was a child in there. Of course she’d seen their little one on the ultrasound screen, but it was another to feel her. To know she was in there and moving around. It was a different kind of knowing. And it amazed her.

She willed the wee one to do it again, to prove that it wasn’t just a gas bubble. She was concentrating so hard that she didn’t realize Jamie’s hand was on her stomach, cupping the small swell lovingly. He hadn’t woken, but a pure smile crept over his face; the same smile that came over him when she brushed his hair back while he slept. It simultaneous melted and broke her heart.

She knew she was being unfair to him, not letting him touch her, but she couldn’t wrap her head around the changes her body was going through. She had to make the effort, she thought to herself. She had to do this for him, as he did all these things for her.

At that thought, another idea sprung to her mind. Another way to show Jamie that she truly understood and was thankful for everything he did for her. As if in agreement with her thoughts, the little peanut gave another soft kick to her abdomen. She smiled and snuggled back into him, letting herself drift back to sleep for a little while longer.

hansaera-art  asked:

Kiss Prompts; Breathtaking Kiss! And if it's okay with you, may I request for it to be as passionate as you can make it? :D and Solavellan pairing, please and thank you <333

Thanks for the prompt :D Hope you enjoy the little kiss snippet ;)

The night had been a long one.  The soft fabric of her dress feeling stifling against her skin.  She had thought that nothing could be redeemable about this place.  Cold marble.  Cold night.  Cold people.  Everything hard and shiney and a facade, a pretentious show put on for others, and her, the shining rarity.  The odd collectible everyone wanted their hands on.

Then, Solas had come to her.  Coming out as soon as the woman Morrigan had left.  He had leaned next to her on the railing, his voice that deep sing song that she found so soothing.  It was unique, like everything else about him, it didn’t quite fit.  Though oddly, it seemed to fit more here than anywhere else they had been.  Though she could not fathom why.

When he asked her to dance she thought of saying no.  Her feet were weary and her head pounded.  In truth, all she wanted at that moment was to bury herself in bed and then leave with first light.  But, when he bowed to her, offered his hand with a slight tilt of the head and soft half smile, so rare and beautiful; how could she say no?

So, she took his hand and they danced.  They danced as the music died away and then continued a bit more, their bodies moving to a kind of internal sway that was over them both.  He held her close and his body chased away all the cold, bringing her back to life and making her blood hot once more.

He bent his head to her ear, whispered so the words danced across her skin, “I wonder what would happen if I kissed you here?  Kissed you were any of those stuffed peacocks could see it.”

She laughed, “I’m sure it would be the scandal of the year.”

He shifted so he could look down at her, “Perhaps we should do a favor to Dorian.  I imagine he is tired of being the main focus of Mother Giselle’s displeasure.  Shall we give them something to talk about, Inquisitor?”

Then their eyes were locked and something passed between them, hot and white like lighting.  She knew there was no going back, both of them had been wanting and waiting for too long.  And she wanted his kiss, wanted it so she could hold it close like a treasured secret, a promise kept between them.

His lips brushed against her cheek, her nose, feather light but still she shivered, trembled beneath his fingers as he gripped her tighter.  

“Tell me to stop.”

“Don’t.  Don’t stop.”

She reached up, hands going to the back of his neck to pull him down to her.  Their lips met and his kiss was gentle, testing, soft.  A kiss that felt like he feared he might break her.  Not the kiss she wanted, needed.  Not now, not after tonight, not after she had waited so long for him to find her again like this.

Her hands moved to the collar of his clothing, fingers knotting into the fabric as she pulled him harder to her.  She opened her mouth, moaned, flicked her tongue out to press against his lips.  He gave a low rumble in response and then his hands were on her ass, pulling her flush against him as his tongue found hers and the kiss went from gentle to devouring.

He tasted like wine and heat.  The taste and sensations combining to make her head spin so she clung to him tighter in fear she might lose her balance.  Somehow, he had backed them up, pressed her against a wall, his leg found the area between her thighs.  Then he was pushing up, placing pressure on her most sensitive spot as he swallowed her moans like they were the breath of life to him.

This kiss was killing her, she felt like she was exploding inside.  It was too much, too consuming, too everything.  He was swallowing her whole and she knew that there would never be another like this, like him.  Even if they didn’t last after all this was over, this kiss would be the kiss that changed her.  The one that would never leave her and would settle itself deep in her soul.

She surrendered to this completely.  Gave herself up to him, rocked against him begging him to take more, take all of her, take everything until there was nothing left but this.  

Then, he pulled from her, breath hot against her lips as the both stood there, pressed together, panting and hearts racing.

She managed to speak through her breathlessness, “Kiss me like that again and I’m afraid the world will explode.”

He laid his brow to hers, the fingers of one hand coming up to tangle in her curls, “Oh, vhenan, mine already has.”  

Permanent Ink

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Soulmate AU; Sixth Year Hogwarts

1,420 words

Draco is sixteen when it happens.

The inescapable, the invariable, the inevitable.

A strange, searing, effervescent kind of pain spikes through the tangled nerve ending of his wrist halfway through a potions lesson. Ink bleeding through veins into skin.

And he knows, is the thing. Understands that he’s been given a clue to decipher and a puzzle to solve and a loose-threaded soul that will somehow match the stitches in his chest.

He spares a glance across the room. At the girl seated beside the pearlescent, seething cauldrons of Amortentia that he had failed to smell any scent from just a month earlier. Before a mark, a soulmate blossomed across his wrist and -

Her fingers are knotted together as she stares up at Snape. He can see the shadow of her profile - all parted lips and sloping cheeks, a sharp nose and delicate eyebrows - thrown against the floor in a swath of dust cluttered sunlight.

He allows himself a scrape of hope that its her, spelled out across his skin. That he’ll have an irrefutable, undeniable excuse as to any he wants her so desperately.

After all, the magic never lies.

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53. Veronica Lodge x Fem!Reader

(gif credit: velmadinklev & phebobuffay)

Summary: You meet Veronica at school. She’s rather intrigued by you because she can’t quite pin you down.

Note: If you want, listen to Paul Anka’s put your head on my shoulder, and you are my destiny. It’ll make the imagine ten times better ;)

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“A Nobody” - Isaac Lahey

Originally posted by thewolfbitme

(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is evil (kinda like void Stiles) and she has a soft spot for Isaac.
(I feel like this isn’t even close to what the anon requested but this is how it turned out so I hope you guys will like it regardless.)

On the outside, (Y/N) looked like a normal teenage girl. But on the inside, nothing but darkness and emptyness could be found.

When (Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills, Scott McCall had instantly known something was off about the new girl. He had wished his instincts were wrong but soon after the arrival of the pretty-looking girl, chaos started to spread in Beacon Hills like a disease. People were brutally murdered or went mysteriously missing and the pack knew (Y/N) had something to do with it all.

“She doesn’t look like a murderer, though.” Isaac declared while the group of friends was on their lunch break.
“Wha- Is he serious?” Stiles asked his best friend, Scott. “This girl looks like the devil!” He added.
“I’m just saying, maybe she is innocent.” Isaac shrugged.
“No, she’s not. Did you take a good look at her? It’s like staring into the depth of nothingness. She is evil, and you guys know I can detect evil better than anyone.” Stiles said and Isaac rolled his eyes at the skinny and sarcastic teenage boy.
“Stiles is right. Something is off about her.” Scott stated.
“I can feel it too.” Lydia nodded.
“What can you feel, Lydia?” Allison asked, frowning.
“Death.” Lydia said after a short while.
Everytime the banshee was near (Y/N), she could feel the darkness eat away her soul and all the happiness being sucked out of her life. It was a very unpleasant feeling, even for someone like Lydia – to whom death had become a part of her daily life.
“If she is the one killing people, we have to stop her.” Scott declared and his eyes glowed a bright red for a second before going back to their original color.

The next morning, (Y/N) didn’t show up to school and the pack felt panic spreading quickly into their veins. School was the easiest way to keep an eye on (Y/N) without looking too suspicious, but now they had to find (Y/N) before someone else got hurt.
The pack didn’t find (Y/N) until nightfall. Scott had got a call from his mom, Melissa McCall, saying he needed to come to the hospital right away, and judging from the panic in her voice, Scott knew something terrible had happened and he figured they would find (Y/N) at the center of it all.
The moment Scott, Allison, Lydia, Stiles and Isaac walked through the doors of Beacon Hills Memorial, they saw many people lying in a pool of their own blood. Scott had found his mom, frightened but unharmed – to his relief, and had ordered her to go home and lock herself inside the supernatural-protected house.
The pack had decided to split up – although Stiles insisted on staying close to his werewolf best friend, so they could cover more ground and find (Y/N) more quickly.

Isaac was walking quietly in the corridor on the third floor when his werewolf hearing picked up a heartbeat nearby. He walked into a room – which turned out to be the morgue, and found (Y/N) standing there, her back to him.
“(Y/N)?”  Isaac called carefully.
The teenage girl turned around slowly. She looked emotionless, but somehow pretty calm. Her skin and clothes were stained with blood as if she had taken a bath in her victims’ blood.
“I wouldn’t stay here if I were you.” (Y/N) said.
“Why? So you can kill more people?” Isaac said. There was no anger in his voice. Even if now he knew for sure that (Y/N) was the one behind the brutal murders in Beacon Hills, an odd feeling told him not to hurt or kill her, as if he still believed she could be innocent.
“Do you want me to start with you, pretty wolf?” (Y/N) asked blankly.
Isaac couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s voice sounded innocent, almost gentle but emptied of all emotions, and he failed to understand how could someone like (Y/N) could create so much chaos.
“What are you?“&#157; Isaac spoke his thoughts aloud.
"An abomination.” (Y/N) replied.
“This isn’t you.” Isaac stated, although he didn’t know the girl at all and couldn’t possibly know if she had once been different. “Something is posessing you.” He added, though unsure of his theory.
“You’re right, pretty wolf. I was posessed. But I’m not anymore, not when there is nothing left to posess.” (Y/N) said as if she was discussing the weather.
“What happened to you?”
“My soul got eaten up.” (Y/N) replied, her eyes piercing through Isaac’s.
“So you’re killing people just for the hell of it?” Isaac asked. This time, a hint of anger was present in his voice.
“Do you think I need a purpose to kill? Is that what you want me to tell your little friends when they will find you drowned in your own blood? That I took your life for a reason?” (Y/N) asked.
“You’re not going to kill me.” Isaac declared.

Isaac could see (Y/N) smirking a little even though the darkness of the night was hiding half of her angelic-looking face.
“What’s going to stop me? Your claws?” (Y/N) said, calmly.
“You’re not going to kill me.” Isaac repeated, although it was pretty obvious he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince (Y/N).
“It’s okay. Everyone begs for mercy at the end.” (Y/N) said as she walked closer to her next prey, Isaac.
“I can help you.”  Isaac said suddenly.
“Don’t you recognize a lost cause when you see one, pretty wolf?”
“I can help you go back to who you used to be.”
“I used to be a nobody. Who would want to go back to that?” (Y/N) said and for the first time since the beginning of their conversation, Isaac swore he heard sadness in the girl’s voice.
“You do.” Isaac declared and (Y/N) didn’t take another step. She was standing inches away from the werewolf.

A part of her couldn’t wait to slit his throat and watch as his blood stained the floor and until the very last drop left his body. But then, there was this part of her – tiny and well-hidden, which was forbidden her to hurt another soul, especially the one standing in front of her. But killing and destroying had been in her nature for so long, she couldn’t possibly avoid her fate. Or could she?
“I am a monster. I don’t deserve your help and your pity.” (Y/N) stated with anger.
“You’re not a monst-” Isaac couldn’t finish his sentence.
(Y/N) had placed a hand around his throat and was ready to rip it out with her own fingernails. Isaac’s jaw tightened but the boy stayed still.
“Fight back, pretty wolf.” (Y/N) said with her hand around his throat. “Fight back!” She shouted.
(Y/N)’s voice was no longer calm and gentle. There were finally emotions in her words. There was anger. There was sadness. There was humanity.

Isaac put his hand on the one that (Y/N) had placed around his throat. At the touch, (Y/N)’s eyes widened in shock and confusion. Isaac drew (Y/N)’s hand away from his throat and the teenage girl let him do so.
“You’re not a monster.” Isaac finally said.
“You’re wrong. And you’re going to die because of it.” (Y/N) said but she stayed still. She didn’t try to kill Isaac. She couldn’t and she didn’t know why.

There was a heavy silence in the room while Isaac and (Y/N) stared into each other’s eyes. (Y/N) was still fighting off the urge to kill the werewolf, but why she was fighting it off, she didn’t know.
Then, Isaac gently placed a hand on (Y/N)’s cheek and she backed away as if his touch had bruned her skin. At this very moment, she felt something. Something other than anger or pain. Something she hadn’t felt in forever which is why it felt so odd and unfamiliar. And (Y/N) knew that whatever it was, she had to hold on to it, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t because even if it was as though she could finally see a light into the darkness, the light was so bright it was blinding her. She couldn’t because it felt like someone was riping her soul out all over again. She couldn’t because after feeling nothing for so long, the pain was agonizing.
“Don’t fight back.” Isaac said quietly as he watched the girl struggling not to let any light in into her darkened mind. He could see her pushing all emotions away and it seemed to be strongly hurting her.

Suddenly, an arrow pierced (Y/N)’s body and she gasped. Isaac’s eyes widened and he turned around to see Allison throwing another arrow at (Y/N).
“Allison, stop!” Isaac shouted.
“Get out of the way, Isaac!” Allison shouted back, convinced that she was rescuing her friend and doing him a favor by killing the enemy.
“No! Stop!” Isaac shouted but Allison threw another arrow and (Y/N) collapsed onto the floor.
With three arrows piercing through her body, (Y/N) gasped for air as she laid almost motionless on the floor of the morgue, her blood staining her clothes and skin as it mixed with the dry blood of her latest victims.
Isaac hurried at her side while Allison watched him, confused. Isaac held (Y/N) in his arms as the girl struggled to breathe.
“What have you done?” Isaac shouted.
“I- I thought-” Allison stuttered, extremely confused.
“Get out! Go find help!” Isaac shouted urgently.
Allison stayed still, wondering if she had just badly injured an innocent.
“Now, Allison!” Isaac shouted and the huntress ran out of the room to go and get help.
“You’re gonna be okay, (Y/N).” Isaac said quietly as blood stained (Y/N)’s lips.

But Isaac knew what just came out of his mouth was a lie and (Y/N) knew it too. She couldn’t breathe. She was dying and she was okay with it. She wanted the pain to stop. It wasn’t her physical injuries that was hurting her. But while her body was pain-free, everything inside was agonizing. The pain which she felt on the inside was what was killing her. Her mind was on fire, her soul – which she believed to be long gone, was being torn apart by the strong and unbearable feeling of love and of life.
“I’m sorry.” Isaac whispered, fighting off the urge to scream and cry for someone he hardly even knew.
“It’s okay.” (Y/N) whispered as her body went still. “I was made to kill, not to love.”

And then her eyes were closed and a single tear fell down her face. Crying was so foreign to her, but that’s how she knew. She had been forbidden to feel, and the moment Isaac set her free from the never-ending darkness and chaos, death came crawling back to take her soul. And this time, she was never getting it back ever again. Isaac was the first person to see (Y/N) for who she used to be and not who she had become. He was the first person to see her as a human being and not as a monster. And that’s what gave (Y/N) a piece of her humanity back: to be reminded of who she used to be and not blamed for who she was now. Because everybody should be reminded of what they’ve lost in order to get it back. And as the pain exploded in her body into a thousand flames, she knew she was herself again. She was a nobody again, a nobody at all.