the lighting is weird

emerging-writer  asked:

Can I just say that I'm really happy that you post Sheith stuff? Cause like I've seen so little of it around and of all of the Voltron ships it's like my fav (it's tied with Shallura tbh) and hardly anyone posts it so like thank you for reblogging it sometimes? I hope this isn't weird.

Oh no dude it’s not weird at all! I know in light of things people are more hesitant to post stuff but!! I can help send you on your way to some p awesome sheith blogs I follow 







These are the blogs I can think of off the top of my head, but all of them are very positive and predominantly sheith! 

P.S. if any of you guys see this and want to be taken off the list I will happily do so

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one of the small things i love about ur art style is that the people you draw seem to have light inside them? idk thats a weird way to put it but take that person with the long black hair and blue skin u drew, red light is inside them and shining through.. i think thats the coolest thing ever

!!! that sounds so beautiful and so amazing! thank you! i really like to play with light and colours and i’m really glad you like it! it’s fun to make it “weird” sometimes, just going with what looks cool. thank youuu<3

What if I just stole a truckload of bricks from a building demolition site, drove out into the middle of the woods, built myself a small house with those bricks, and lived on berries and river fish for the rest of my life. Befriend deer and raccoons. Climb a tree. Take up basket weaving. Fight a bear. Look at the night sky without light pollution. Be that weird forest dweller that lumberjacks only half believes actually exists. 


OF 2014: Is Stiles making out with Lydia or Malia on his bed?

OF 2016: Is Stiles saying “You’ll forget me” or “Don’t forget me” as he gazes intensely into the eyes of Lydia Martin, his soulmate, who gazes back with tears in her eyes as she declares passionately “I won’t”?

bonus: Is that a lipstick smudge on Stiles’s bottom lip or is the lighting just weird?