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What can I say? That meme is just fucking hilarious

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METRO: LAST LIGHT  Main Factions [1/3]:  The Rangers of the Order

╾ “If it’s hostile, you kill it!”

The Rangers of the Order, as well as referred to as Polis Rangers and Spartans (conversely, the Spartan Order), are a group of elite battle hardened soldiers that roam the wasteland, consisting of the most skilled and deadliest warriors in the whole Metro. The Rangers move individually or in small units helping settlements as well as fighting bandits and mutants. They also appear to guard and protect Polis.

I have officially become AsaNoya trash. C:

A little while ago I drew a Toy Warfstache! mostly inspired by Monodes who is working on a game called Five Nights at Mark’s (which I’m very excited about!) and Monodes I really hope you like it! 

Hopes for Lucifer

Random shit I want, this is just a light hearted list btw 

-I don’t want Chloe and Lucifer to have a ‘thing’ until she KNOWS who he is. I feel like that’s not a great idea and it’s almost slightly deceitful on his part if he gets involved properly with her without showing her who he really is. It’s not like he just as a secret it’s important, right now she just thinks he’s a bit of a weird human. Not an actual celestial being, and that should be a part of her decision to be involved with him like that or not 

-More angsty Lucifer I need that shit 

-Low key want Amenadiel to take Lucifers side like Maze but also high key want Lucifer&Maze vs Mamma Mroningstar& Amenadiel

-Maze standing by Lucifer hell yea (pun intended) 

-(this is a thing from the promo for 2x10) can we have Lucifer getting kidnapped and Chloe getting all ‘I will wreck anyone who gets in the way of me finding him’ please even though she’s super mad about being stood up 

-Can Dan and Charlotte plz stop k thanks 

-This is an unlikely hope but can we skip the massive amounts of second hand embarrassment if/when it’s revealed that Dan slept with Lucifers mum 

-Linda needs some flowers or somthin she puts up with some cray cray shit this woman deserves some recognition throw her a party 

-More casually touching Deckerstar like the dancing and the shoulder touch that almost killed me 

-Lucifer and Trixie coz that’s just hilarious but that leads me to my next point 

-Trixie is so a Deckerstar shipper so can her and Lucifer have a super deep but childish conversation about love and feelings and stuff because Lucifer has about as much understanding for them as she does and it would adorable 

-Can we have mamma morningstar force Lucifer to reveal his true face to Chloe and she gets freaked out and he’s like the most devastated devil ever