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Day 7


We always feel the safest place is in the presence of those we love.

I’m sorry this is late, there’s no excuse I was distracted by videos. But yay! It is done! Lance week was a blast, but lord my hand hurts. Also, since I missed Klancemas I made this pic a little festive! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

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i feel like once toshinori accepts that izuku is p much his son now, he'll turn into the maes hughs of the series. im talking a picture of precious izuku for every occasion (even getting baby pics from inko, who has no prob showing him every pic shes got, much to izuku's distress) and he'll pull them out every time he gets the chance. having an interview? bam, pic. talking with aizawa, woosh, look a pic! mentoring some random student? bustin out the pics yo. izuku is both delighted and dying.

HONESTLY…… i think Toshinori is gonna take some time to acclimatize to that realization lmao. like, one day he realizes this kid is basically a son to him now, and he just…. freezes. brain goes flying out the window. the lights are on but no one is home. he needs at least an hour or two before he can even react to the world again

and after that, i think he’d be a little nervous to be around Izuku b/c ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit is it weird of me to view this kid like a son what do i do what do fathers even DO shit shit shit I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckkkk’ and so he ends up kinda weird and awkward for the next few days, because he’s not sure how to act in light of this new revelation, which leaves poor Izuku super confused

but then Izuku accidentally calls him Dad during one of those days which. breaks both of them lets be honest. everything just stops and the entire world goes completely silent

Izuku is sweating an ocean and stuttering and freaking out because OH CRAP I JUST CALLED ALL MIGHT DAD UM UM UM and while he totally does view him as a dad he didn’t mean for that to slip out b/c this is ALL MIGHT and he probably has better things to do than deal with Izuku viewing him as a father figure and hska;lgha

meanwhile Toshinori is just. kinda doing mental backflips of happiness because now he knows that Izuku views him as a father and while that’s terrifying (because he’s never been a father oh god he never planned to be one he has literally no idea what to do in this situation someone send help please) at least he knows that he’s not alone in this and that they can kinda work this out

so afterwards they awkwardly get icecream together and sit in silence before speaking up at the same time and basically it turns into a huge disaster but they eventually get through it (after lots of flustering, stuttering, awkwardness, anxious silences, and embarrassment on both their parts)

eventually, they slowly get over their awkwardness. Toshi supplies many an affectionate headpat, high fives, and encouragements, and Izuku even runs to hug the man a fair few times during moments of high happy emotion, with surprised, but equally happy, reciprocation

5Sos Bsm #6: Your His Little Sister, And He Tweets A Pic Of You

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(Your the one with the light hair) Luke: My sister and her friend tagged along to the beach! They rocking the duck face.

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Micheal: Teaching my baby sis to play the guitar! I love this girl!

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Calum: My baby sis photo-bombed my phone! Save me!

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Ashton: This girl, she’s kinda weird, and kinda creepy.


[multimedia message received]

aka that gta verse freewood sexting fic for ryanthepowerbottomguy, suiteheartsin, and thebeatneverleaves (and others who were excited about it)
on ao3

rating: rockin’ out with their cocks out, etc etc

‘What would you do?’

That makes Ryan frown, brow furrowed. ‘What would I do?’ he sends.

‘If you were here,’ comes the reply, immediate, and he sighs, because they’re not doing this, are they? Sexting? Really?

‘Sleep, he responds, a flat shut down. He gets the appeal of phone sex, maybe, because that’s vocal, that can be hot, but words on a screen? Where’s the fun in that? Plus, it’s late, and he’s tired, and he’s just— No. Not indulging Gavin in B-grade erotica roleplay.

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Cool - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: Some cute little confession and meddling from a lot of people

Summary: Requested by Anon. The entire gang spent the entire day at STAR Labs researching and mostly talking about some interesting things.

Word Count: 1244

“So, what I’m hearing is that no one can tell me who the Arrow is?”

Caitlin and Cisco shook their heads. 

You groaned. “Dr. Wells?”

“Yes, (Y/n)?”

“Arrow? Who is he?”

“Well, that is an interesting question that I cannot answer. If I have enough time, I may be able to have all the computers research everything on the Arrow as well everyone i suspect to be him. But, alas, I do not have the time.”

You dashed to the main computer.

Cisco stumbled as he tried to catch you. Caitlin was able to block your path before you got to it. “(Y/n),” she warned.

You whined, “Come on! I’ve known you guys for years. Being absent that one week doesn’t mean I don’t get to know what happened!”

Something whooshed throughout the room. Barry Allen plopped himself on one of the chairs. “Sorry, I’m late. I had to get something.”

“Barry, who’s the Arrow?” you asked.

He shrugged. However, he scratched the back of his neck and stuttered, two signs that he was nervous. “I-I don’t know.”

You sighed and smiled slightly. “Please, Bar,” you pleaded, putting on your best innocent look. 

Barry flushed bright red. “(Y/n), you know I’m not allowed to tell you.”

You groaned.

“I did get you something, though.” Barry pulled out your favorite movie.

You gasped. “Barry!” You grabbed it and held it to your chest. “You did not have to!”

He shrugged and grinned. “You know, well, um, saw it and thought of you.”

You beamed. “Thank you!” You kissed him on the cheek and proceeded to jump up and down with excitement. 

The redness from Barry’s cheeks spread to his ears and forehead. 

Caitlin nudged Cisco. The two scientists giggled. 

Barry narrowed his eyes at them, attempting to look menacing. However, it was very difficult when his entire face was red. 

You gleefully placed the new DVD in your purse. As your back was turned, Caitlin and Cisco got Barry on his feet and kept on encouraging him to go up to you. Barry was protesting, of course. Then, he was pushed by Cisco towards you. Before Barry could turn around, he was pushed again, this time by Dr. Wells and his powerful wheelchair. 

By the time you turned around, Barry’s chest was touching yours and his face was inches away. Barry cleared his throat, averting his gaze and stepping away from you. “Sorry,” he mumbled. 

You took a moment to compose yourself before laughing and waving it off. “It’s ok, Barry!”

“Hey, guys!”

“Iris!” you greeted. You hugged her as a greeting. You embraced her boyfriend, Eddie, and her father, Joe, as well

The young reporter smiled. “So, what’s been happening?”

Cisco couldn’t help himself. “Our little Barry bought (Y/n) a gift.”

“Well, uh…” Barry drawled, looking away, as you eagerly nodded. “Barry got me my favorite movie! Blu-ray, too.”

Joe and Iris hummed, as Eddie just smiled and eyed Barry. 

Barry peered up a little and laughed awkwardly.

Joe chuckled. “Well, that was very sweet of you, Barry. There wasn’t anything else?”

“Else?” the superhero pondered.

You tilted your head in confusion. 

Iris saw where her father was heading with this. “Yeah, Barry, anything else to give, maybe even say?” She raised her brows at him.

Barry stuttered many incomprehensible things, his cheeks sporting a light pink color. You were so confused by his weird behavior. “Barry, did you forget something?”

“No!” he exclaimed. “I mean, um, no. I’m ok. Yeah, I’m fine.” He cleared his throat. “And you?”

You giggled. “Perfect.”

The entire rest of the day went on as usual. The eight of you spent the day researching a little, talking a lot. 

Then, a certain topic came up. “Ok, so Caitlin has a husband, I am engaged to Eddie, Barry dated Linda, and Cisco-”

“I got a pic of me and the Canary!”

“Yeah, Cisco did that, so (Y/n), what about you?”

“What about me?”

Iris laughed. “Love life, (Y/n)? Anything interesting? Dates? Boyfriends? Crushes?” Iris eyed Barry, who just turned red at the comment.

You blushed. “Well, I don’t know.”

“Now, you have to tell!” Cisco yelled, laughing.

Caitlin smiled gently, placing a hand on your shoulder. “It’s ok. We promise, nothing leaves this room.”

You glanced at your crush and sighed. “Well, there is one guy.”

“Really?”Joe asked.

Everyone stared at the police chief. 

“What? I can be involved in this, too.”

You smiled. “Don’t you guys worry about it. He probably doesn’t like me anyway.”

Barry exhaled shakily. He then flashed a smile. “Sorry, guys. I gotta get some fresh air.” The Flash rushed out of the room and out of your sight. 

Worried, you followed him. Even though no one saw what path he took, you knew Barry Allen, and Barry Allen always went up to the roof to think. Like expected, you found him there. You bit your lip and spoke. “Hey, Bar.”

He turned around and smiled. “Hey.” Barry faced the city and sighed. 

You joined him, standing next to him. “Beautiful, huh?”

He chuckled. “I’ve seen better.”

You laughed. 

The two of you enjoyed the few minutes of silence. Barry and you did know each other for a few years, so it was natural that the two of you were practically best friends. That is why you never got your hopes up when he got you something. You thought he saw you as just a friend. That’s why you never thought different when he blushed. You always thought it was just Barry being Barry.

Barry stared at you. Why were you so worried about some guy liking you? Who wouldn’t like you? Barry opened his mouth, then closed it. Finally, he told you, “You know, you shouldn’t be worried about this guy.”


“Because it would be his loss if he didn’t like you back.” 

You bit your lip. “What if the guy was you?”

Barry’s eyes widened. “What?”

You stared at the floor. You shrugged. “Sorry.” You shook your head. “I should go.” You whipped around, heading for the door.

“Wait.” Barry grasped your wrist. 

The momentum you had caused you to fly into his arms, your chests touching. Barry beamed. You looked beautiful, even when you’re embarrassed. You actually did not see his reaction, thinking that you ending up in his arms was a mistake. you pushed yourself away from him. 

However, Barry just pulled you closer and lifted your chin up. “Hey, (Y/n), I like you, too.”

You gazed at him and smiled. “Cool,” was the only word you managed to get out.

Barry Allen just smiled even wider, his eyes crinkling and his cheeks lifting. He leaned in closer. You gasped and leaned in, too.

Suddenly, the door to the roof opened, and five people fell onto the floor. Dr. Wells reprimanded them, “I told you we should’ve just used the security cameras.”

“This is way more fun!” Iris exclaimed. The young woman got up and beamed. “Finally, we’ve been trying to get you two together for months.” She squealed and hugged the two of you. 

You narrowed your eyes at Caitlin and Cisco “Guys,” you drawled. 

Cisco shrugged. “It was inevitable.” Caitlin just smiled. “We have literally been pushing the two of you together. We can’t believe you never noticed, (Y/n).”

Barry scratched the back of his neck. You smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

The entire crowd went “Aw!”

Hey, guys! So, I did this really late, so I apologize if it doesn’t really flow as well as my previous ones. I will probably edit it tomorrow when i look at it again, hopefully. 

Anyway, I hope you guys like it, love it, not hate it! See you, and love you all!

Snow hoe hoe hoe

It’s snowing like crazy here in Stockholm. Real beautiful, makes everything quiet. I haven’t been in one place this long since FOREVER. It sort of nice to be here. I’m noticing all the things that I “need” to fix in my home.

One of my best friends got into the Red Cross education program here in Sweden. I’m so PROUD of her. She’s gonna do some real good in the world. And then she can make me feel bad when I’m too SELF INVOLVED. Some days I can’t wait to make tons of money and give it all away (I’m still in my one bedroom apartment so you know haha). Either I’ll become one of those BLING BLING artists who buy weird little outfits for their little dogs saying “they feel so PRETTY wearing this! Look!” while the dogs are shaking with anxiety (or whatever it is that makes them shake like that.. what is it..?) or I’ll be the face of thousands of charities, preaching to my audience about third world countries and how we all need to do something while having a light show worth millions. Or I’ll be a little of both. Though I will NEVER dress up my spanish street dog. He’s got it hard enough with his weird long legs and underbite (pic below). Also.. I know only DOG people care about other peoples dogs. The rest of you don’t give a fuck. 

They say cat people are weird and dog people are normal. But I’ve met some odd ones. If a dog person is fine with the dog watching while you’re FUCKING - get out. They’re one step away form getting the peanut butter. Same people usually ask their dog for advice… WEIRD. Cause unless the dog shakes it’s head and growls it will always be a “yeah you think so too don’t you”… Hm. 

Anyway I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about I’m so BOOOOOOORED haha. 

Gonna complete my long list of email interviews now… Just one more thing - if you interviewers want original answers that DON’T sound like I’ve answered the same questions a MILLION times - Ask ORIGINAL questions!! Oh the troubles of an artist…



Tove & Elliott the dog (we’ve never shared peanut butter)


Can’t wait to work on this little guy. Sorry for the weird lighting, I don’t know what it is about the barn and taking pics in it.

Came from a lady who owns all kinds of cool, interesting animals. Sadly this guy became very ill, and despite the lady doing all she could, he didn’t make it.

Will be traditionally lifesized on an altered kit fox form (no one sells forms for fennecs, and I don’t have the tools to carcass cast it lol may attempt to wrap a body for it, but we’ll see.)

Oh how I’d love to have one as a pet ;o;


Tank update: my driftwood was rotting. I’m bummed, but the fake one I found looks pretty damn good. 1st pic is from 10/17, 2nd pic is 10/20. I decided to switch the swords and bacopa around because I think it makes the back a little more evenly spaced. 

Kraken loves swimming through the roots of the pennywort and chilling on the anubias hammock on the left tank wall. Everything is growing really well, though the rotala is kind of…spiraling on top, and growing sideways on the bottom. It’s weird. Probably a lighting thing?


GREETINGS FROM KILLARNEY my lovely sweethearts!! ❤️❤️❤️

This post comes with a little explanation:

- The first pic shows the candle that I lit for all my followers and friends, and everyone who needs a light in this world full of darkness.

- The next two pics show myself and say: “yes, I finally made it here!!” 😄

-The fourth one is my little surprise to some of my best friends here on Tumblr. I couldn’t mention EVERYONE of course, so I added “all my other friends”. I love you sweeties and you are here in Killarney with me right now, because you’ve got a huge place in my heart. ❤️

-The last 5 pics show the Fassbender family restaurant and how it looks now. It’s owned by someone else, but there is still a weird pic of him hanging on the wall and the letters on the door still say “West End House”.

I’ll make another post with pics of Killarney itself.

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The lack of ANYTHING related to LL is highly suspicious, IMO. Is it because they want people to tune into the premiere and they know their plans for her will be highly unpopular ? I feel like they are using the date info to lure the viewers in, and they are just exaggerating the whole SL. Your thoughts?

Hi Anon!

You’re my favorite nonnie of the day!

So you noticed that too, huh? I just didn’t want to bring it up because:

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Rolling in the ice.

So guys :)

I’m a photographer and EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER make mistakes while editing the pics ! 

When is just “let’s put some light here and here, put her/ his face better” that’s the most easy thing to do. 

When it’s about do a montage you need to be Good or you’re fucked up.


everyone have been saying “ it’s photoshop” well if it is photoshop I’m gonna find a mistake . for more little it could be,,

So I’m checking and :

So this is what everyone it’s saying that can make that pic looks as fake as perrie lips haha.

Well, that’s not really fake.

If you work on photoshop and you want to do a good work, this is not going to happen. 

If we’re going to talk about this, this is a light effect and it looks brighter in the places that catch more or almost no light.

Let’s take a look again in the pic:

so, I checked the picture again and I found this little thing that it’s a bit uncomfortable to me. 

This can make me think that this is a montage because or something was not removed OR something is behind zayn.

I don’t have  a picture about the rink so I can’t judge about this little “thing” but it is really weird for me.

Going back to the pic:

This was what make me uncomfortable about the picture because it looks a bit like “blurred and not correct lines”. This is the most big mistake when someone it’s working in a montage about putting 2 persons together. 

Above it all I think it is about the light effect so I will say that this is not a montage and it’s a real picture.

What I can say that is really wrong in this is Perrie using the same clothes .. I think this pic is not from yesterday but okay  :)

Love you so much guys :) This is my opinion ;) x


There’s not enough cheeseballs on this blog, so let’s have some more! This little cheeseball is Cheddar, my Firefly girl. I peeked in her tub before feeding time on Saturday and was surprised to see a freshly shed skin and a big fat turd :O I hadn’t even noticed she was in blue! She’s gorgeous even when in shed! Though, to be fair, I hadn’t checked on her since the previous week when I fed her, so she might have been showing but I didn’t notice. Either way, she is looking as gorgeous as ever so I thought I’d snap a few pics of her cheesy glory.

Top three pics were taken at night under the spotlights in my kitchen, so they’re a little warmer. The bottom pics were taken in her tub with natural light from the window. She’s stunning either way. Gosh, I love this little girl <3 She and Havarti will make me stunning babies some day (I hope)!

I’m also excited to be getting a new girl this week, should the weather permit. A weird cold snap swung through and I’m not sure if conditions will be good enough to ship. Crossing my fingers that they are. I’ll have pics as soon as she gets here!