the lighting in the dome was horrible

I will describe this scene as someone who have never seen Star Wars Rebels.  I kid of course but I’ll attempt it anyway!

  • I see rows of seats.  This place is some kind of sitting area.  The blue bar thing is an aquarium for people that just want to look at fishes.  Or it’s some kind of dim blue lighting.
  • The reflective haired teenager doesn’t look too well.  He could be injured, or suffering from some kind of headache or sickness.
  • The orange tin thing has mechanical claws sticking out of its dome like some kind of robot.  It’s quite close to the boy’s white shield covering his shin.  Perhaps the robot was patching up the boy’s injured leg and the shield is there to protect the wound.  It would explain why the boy’s face is one of pain.  Could the robot be some kind of doctor or medical instrument?
  • The adult male behind the teenager looks grumpy and annoyed, possibly suffering from chest pains hence his crossed arms, and is doing his best to cope.  He probably considers seeking medical treatment to be an inconvenience until someone like his wife told him to see a doctor immediately.
  • A large alien is seated two rows behind the adult male.  This must be some kind of futuristic period where humans and aliens co-exist.
  • My conclusion: This is some kind of A&E waiting area in the fictional distant future.