the light was very flattering in the apartment

I was telling W how I think “The Upside Down” is such an elegant way to refer to the place beyond the veil and I started to talk about how I’ve been researching liminal spaces and whatnot, but he cut me off and said, honestly, almost pleadingly, “Please don’t open the Upside Down in our apartment.” And on one hand, I was like…literally, what kind of magic do you think I’m Doing??? but also like, very flattered he thinks I’m that powerful lmfao.

i promise ☆ zelo scenario

word count: 1,991

skydive au series: yongguk - himchan - daehyun - youngjae - jongup - zelo

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It was the last thing you’d ever thought you’d be doing; working as a bartender at a club owned by one of Seoul’s most prominent gangs; serving some of the most powerful men in the entire country.

Associating yourself with these types of people, working late into the night. You knew it was bad. You knew it was dangerous.

But you didn’t have a choice. In your mind, being able to get a college education was something worth the risk. And if you had to work in unideal conditions in order to make tuition money, then so be it.

“____, refill this for me will ya?” your boss’ gruff voice boomed as cigarette smoke filled the air.

“Yes sir,” you approached him, never able to look him in the eyes as you took the glass from his hand.

It was 4 AM, the club long past closing time. It was merely you, your boss, and two of his right-hand men. They always stayed late, and you were forced to stay as long as they were there.

You walked over to the bar, taking a bottle of scotch of the shelf and pouring the glass half-full before you hearing a bang on the door.

“Who the hell his that?” you heard your boss yell, commanding one of his men to answer the door.

Mere seconds later, you heard gunshots. Several of them, coming one after another.

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Ice Cream for Breakfast | Ian x Reader

Bit longer than yesterday’s part. Idk what I should call this fic thing so if you have any suggestions based off of the two parts I’ve posted so far, I’d love to hear them lol. Also! Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my idea, I really appreciate the feedback! Love u xxxxx

This part is also a little random. The next one will be posted TOMORROW and it will feature SMUT, so either shield your eyes or pull down your pants, depending on how u feel about that kinda stuff lmao

Summary: Ian asks you out because he’s feeling bold. Then he fucks it up for himself because he’s Ian.

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Last weekend I was joking that I’d make a new cosplay for LA Cosplay Con in 3 days, so uh…I followed through and made fem!Hux in 3 hours today instead. While running a fever, I might add, because I definitely have con plague from Fanime and have been mildly delirious for half of the day and I got sick of lying bed all day, so I might wake up tomorrow and realize this was an awful idea. I started at 3pm and finished 10 minutes ago. But god bless Toys R Us and my almost entirely black wardrobe, because I literally just repainted a Nerf Stormtrooper blaster to match his custom blaster’s colors, repurposed Kylo Ren’s belt, and then sacrificed a suit jacket I never wear because I hate wearing suits and only wear the skirt from the set. The jacket actually came out really pretty and flattering and I wish the lighting in my apartment was good enough for everyone to see how pretty it is (and how tight it is because, good god, I’ve never worn a jacket so tight), so please just pretend that you can see that this is a very prettily-fitted tight jacket. It helped that I already had the rank stripes and patch for Disneybounding purposes too, so I kinda feel like I cheated. But still. Easiest cosplay ever. It’s also way more comfortable than most of my other cosplays because there’s no armor and it’s only 2 layers of black as opposed to the 8 LAYERS OF BLACK OF KYLO REN OH MY GOD I HATE KYLO REN SO MUCH SO I MAY HAVE CHANNELED MY HATE OF KYLO REN INTO THIS AND OVERCOMPENSATED. 

If I’m feeling ambitious and less sick in a few days, I’ll go see if Goodwill has any long black coats but I’m not sure I care enough. Because that seems like too much effort and also I’d like to not get heat exhaustion next weekend. 

So yeah, if I’ll probably be wearing this to Cosplay Con. Unless I wake up tomorrow or in 2 days and realize I shouldn’t make cosplays while running a fever. 

Bonus - I was originally just going to wear regular black tights with this, but then I asked myself, “What would the fandom want?” And the answer was, “thigh highs, garters, and corsetry.” So you’re welcome:

Things I Never Thought Would Happen - Luke Imagine Part 2



Part One

Warning: Swearing and Smut

I really hated him. Even if it was impossible to hate him. He had to like someone, he just had to like someone. Then I had to practically run away from their house. Someone call Ben and Jerry, we have another date to cry over Luke.

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anonymous asked:

I was looking for a meta on lighting on John's face when I found your Lighting Mary2. I noticed that a lot of John's face shots gifs fr S1-3 are split lighting; I feel that its not just to portray masculinity but a split personality(?)in John or something about his doctor-soldier-save-a-life side and danger-miss-the-battlefield side. May I have your thoughts on that? Do you know/can you point where theres a meta about that? Also thank you for the Lighting Mary posts& half light face explanations

There’s no meta about it that I know of (since I’m the only person I know who blogs about specific lighting patterns), though ICBW.

Lighting Geekery ahead.

I actually think most of the split lighting we get on John throughout 1-3 are for aesthetic reasons, i.e. to make MF look his best. That’s how most lighting decisions are made most of the time, apart from when a particular emotional effect is the goal. There are several aspects that make up lighting patterns: the pattern (split, rembrandt, loop, butterfly, clamshell, etc.), the direction (short or broad), and the ratio (ratio of light to dark). For the most part MF is lit in broad or split soft light with a low ratio (little shadow). This is basically “good character” lighting, i.e., it’s meant to look uncomplicated, straightforward, and flattering. It also minimizes skin and undereye problems. (Yes, he’s very handsome, I’m not insulting him here, but pretty much everyone has features that need to be highlighted/diminished. Except for Benedict, whose face is made of marble and angel giggles.) This is what I mean when I write that John always gets the beauty lighting. :)  I’m not going to go through the whole series right now but the only scenes I can think of that deviate from this are dramatic ones like when he is brought to the pool in TGG, when he goes to the drug den in HLV, the empty house and 221B later on in HLV. In those cases the shadow ratio is hiked up, which adds drama. There’s a reason MF thanked Lawes in his BAFTA speech—Lawes started the habit of lighting him skillfully and luckily the other DPs carried on with it, for the most part (Kidd wasn’t too careful about it, but his lighting signature is more environmental or emotional and less beauty oriented).

While it’s certainly true that John is a bit of a split personality—doctor and danger addict—we only have to look at how Mary is lit in HLV to see what Kidd (for one) does with a real split personality, and how much more that split pattern is emphasized with a high ratio in most scenes, compared to John.

Hm, I think I just wrote the meta you wanted. ;)