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Creepypasta #1138: Why I Left My Job As A Construction Worker

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You may take my story with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t really bother me because I’ve stopped caring a long time ago. My purpose here is to share my experiences and not shove them in your faces, should you raise the eyebrow of skepticism. I won’t reveal my place of residence for political reasons. But in summary, I’m a Caucasian male, neither too old nor too young, and pretty normcore.

I’m part of a night-working team. We work in a construction site situated within a large university campus - the part of it where the active student & teacher life is. The other side of the campus comprises of numerous abandoned buildings that were supposed to be faculties and departments. Over the years, many of them were built half-way through and then deserted. As a result, they have no doors or windows. You just see tall buildings with several stories of utter darkness. Hell, some workers even go in and defecate on the floor when the restroom is taken.

Frankly, it’s like being in a ghost town located in the suburb of a metropolis. You have to literally walk miles to get back on the main road where civilization is (shops, busy roads, people going on about their business). Recently, though, them higher-ups want to renew this deserted area. Methinks it has to do with upholding the reputation of the school; so there are people working day and night.

One day I was really bored out of my mind and decided to explore for a bit. There’s nothing fun about watching your co-workers dig a hole in the ground: it’s noisy and you’re tired as hell. I’m mainly charged with carrying metal bars and dusty bags of cement, so there isn’t much to do after that. I went with a guy I secretly disliked because of his bossy attitude (let’s call him Adam). He was free and offered to take a quick walk with me to which I replied yes. We were talking rather awkwardly about life and all that cheesy pseudo-philosophical stuff plebs (myself included) think makes them sound deep and wise. That’s when I realized that we strayed away farther than I had intended to, but I didn’t really mind at the time. 

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