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Netflix death note is already bad bc they made light an ugly greasy white boy instead of handsome confident japanese honor student lmao

im crying… honestly as an asian i dont mind them doing a western adaptation and thus having white people but why did they make him so greasy i mscreaming 

light is supposed to be, as you said, this handsome cool-headed confident slick guy you would never suspect to be a serial killer

not an internet dweller slathered in grease i 

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Hello! This isn't a request, just sharing a thought i had. Imagine a human friend of the lost light crew pulling off the classic "thumb-split" trick and they were doing it for laughs thinking it obviously wouldn't fool them, but it turns out the bots actually fall for it. One is yelling. Another one is staring horrified into oblivion. What have you dONE


You hurry to put your thumb back and everyone sighs in relief…

‘Are… there not magicians on Cybertron?’ you wonder.

You pull a coin from behind Rodimus’ finial. 

He’s like this:

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How does one get their lighting in unity to look so fire like yours? Some of these scene pics you post I wanna straight up eat!! Keep up the great work dude.

Hey anon! Getting delicious 😩👌💦 lighting in Unity can be easy! 

With Unity’s new Realtime GI and PBR & Reflection probe system, you can make shit look gooorgeous. 

I got two asks like this, so hopefully I can answer both at once! 

I’ll give you a breakdown. 

Here’s how a frame of Nour is rendered: 

(more below)

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maybe it is naivety,
maybe it is the way i eagerly
search for you in a crowded room,
praying our eyes catch just
so i can look away.
your gaze is the first thing
i’m afraid to hold on to,
a fleeting moment i will
obsess over for weeks.
i can’t shake you, can’t get
the softness of your face
off of my hands.
this is becoming an addiction,
pining for your attention when
i know it belongs to someone else.
but she’s not me, she doesn’t
understand how to love you
without turning the lights off.
you deserve to someone who
could make love to you before
they even touch your skin.

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Buckynat week prompt: "We've met before, you know." "Yeah, you made a great impression on my chin."

“We’ve met before, you know.”

“Yeah, you made a great impression on my chin,” Bucky gestures vaguely, aimlessly towards his face, managing a small smile even though the pounding of his heart.

Natasha’s eyebrows rise subtly and her lips curl just a little, an echo of a wry little grin that has been ghosting around his memory during too many sleepless nights in an apartment in Romania. “Was it really your chin hurting afterwards?”

“Well. No.” An aborted half-shrug, his left shoulder still feeling too light, the absence of weight constantly putting him off-balance, still. He can feel his shoulders try to curl inward and forces himself to remain still in a weak attempt to not give everything away.. “Pretty sure you hit me in the head several times and kicked me in the groin.”

His memory is still hazy of those moments, like so many of them.

Bucky chances another look up into her face, into her eyes, the question that has been a constant companion for months now repeating itself in his mind. Does she remember?

‘We’ve met before, you know.’

He gets to watch that little thing of a smile widen into something more prominent.

God, she’s different now. Not so painfully young anymore, grown up, and beautifully so, her hair the same shade but in soft waves opposed to the wilder curls, her eyes older, calmer, surer of herself and of everything around her. Happier too. She grew up into everything he hoped for her.

Bucky’s not sure if even if she did remember, he’d even fit in anywhere in her life anymore. She has so much now - teammates, friends, people she obviously trusts. Hell, for all Bucky knows she could even be married now.

His gaze slides away from her, a tightness rising in his chest that’s hard to swallow down. He’s being ridiculous. She’s probably only here because -

Why is she here?

“I didn’t mean that though,” Bucky hears Natasha speak up again, still finding himself unable to look into her face again. Just like back then, at the very beginning, when she was so vibrant and bright in the twilight of his own existence that it almost hurt to look at her. “I didn’t mean the bridge in D.C. Didn’t mean Odessa either.

She’s shifting, and Bucky’s heart rate ticks up another notch when he realizes that she’s sitting down on the low coffee table right in front of him, and at the same time what her words mean.

Not Berlin. Not D.C. Not Odessa.

His head jerks up to look at her again after all, and it’s startling to have her closer suddenly, close enough that it would make him pull away from everyone else except for Steve. Natasha looks up at him with her fingers entwined underneath her chin, looking so calm and collected, but there’s something in her eyes he can’t quite interpret.

“Do you remember that?”

There’s a horrible, terrifying feeling of vulnerability fighting the hope that wants to rise in his chest, the ridiculousness that comes with the realization that she does remember. She does. They made him watch as they put her in the chair and wiped away everything they had, and somehow, at some point, some things must have broken through again, must have come back to her. There’s no other explanation.

And Bucky tells himself, his thoughts racing, that this has to be enough, he can’t expect - can’t hope - there’s a ravine of so many years to bridge where she kept living, lived her life without him anywhere near it, probably for the longest time without even remembering, and -


Her voice drags him back from that place he fell into for a few moments without even realizing and Bucky swallows and presses his lips together. But there’s so much warmth on her face, so much softness, so… so much.

And that’s what makes him take that jump, to push through that uncertainty and nervousness and fear and finally meet her eyes again.

“Yes. All of it.”

It takes a moment, but when a smile breaks over her face, it’s the first moment since waking up from cryo where Bucky thinks that maybe, somehow, things could actually be okay.

the signs as LLP things p. 2

based on beth’s marvelous post

Aries: L’s mysterious soho bender
Taurus: a series of lengthy wikihow articles on wall construction and maintenance
Gemini: L memeing it up in the DMs
Cancer: getting stood up by Yoshio Anderson on snapchat
Leo: Mello’s Slightly Different Opinion™
Virgo: Bobbert Winfrey
Libra: “several people are typing”
Scorpio: the mummified kiwi that’s been sitting on my desk since valentines day
Sagittarius: Matt saying “ya”
Capricorn: L’s knife wound
Aquarius: seriously who the FUCK is running LLP, it’s been a month, what the shit
Pisces: Light telling people off in the group chat for not doing their homework on time

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S-so you didn't hear me, Togami-san? *Blushing mess* I-it's better that way! I'm e-embarrassed now.

I just told you so, don’t make me waste my time. *coughs before wincing*

Are you okay?

I am.

You obviously aren’t. You should sleep. You didn’t rest properly in day after all.

You didn’t either, do you think I can’t see the bags under your eyes?

I…I couldn’t help it. I was too worried…

But okay, let’s both sleep them, lie down, I will turn off the lights.

  • the zombie apocalypse didn’t dampen any of his happiness
  • he’s pretty much still the same, just a bit more cautious as to the volume of his voice lmao
  • most people thought he wouldn’t get too far along but he proved to be full of hidden skills
  • for one, he’s good at repairing broken weapons and improvising in making new ones
  • ever seen a double-sided rake? well now you will because seokmin made it
  • that’s actually how you got close
  • you were on a run and were assigned to bring in every potential weapon you could find before taking them to seokmin for checking
  • you practically had to drag the duffel bag you had because it was full of metal scraps, tools, and a few guns
  • seokmin saw you struggling and immediately tried to help you
  • “here let me help you with that.”
  • truthfully, you were distracted by the light glaring off his sweaty, sleeveless arms and that even more blinding smile on his face 
  • you quietly unloaded all the stuff onto his workstation, yours and seokmin’s hands occasionally brushing against each other
  • “thanks for doing this,” seokmin said, pulling a strip of duct tape loose, his arm muscles (and your eyes) bulging
  • you tried to keep your cool and be like “it’s no problem.”
  • seokmin just smiled and reached under the table before handing you what looked like an upgraded version of a shotgun
  • “take this the next time you’re out there.”
  • and you looked at him all weirdly like “you giving me this for free?”
  • seokmin laughed before going “not really. you can pay me by becoming my new assistant.”
  • you reluctantly agree but on the inside you were like ‘holy shit??? what the fuck???’
  • so for the next few weeks you spend more and more time together, the first few times being a little quieter than you’d like since he did most of the talking, and even then he’d go into long bouts of silence if he was super concentrated 
  • the only reason for this is because you were too afraid of saying something stupid in front of him
  • but eventually you open up and gain knowledge about one another
  • and you honestly believe the apocalypse would be way, way worse without the ray of sunshine that is lee seokmin

Metal collided with ceramic in a jarring clink, an unprecedented​ jerk of the hand rousing Jill’s attention to a task that would otherwise been passed by as a matter of muscle memory and habit. It was like a cloud had been carved through, a rain of stimulus pouring over her senses, and Jill was all of a sudden very aware of her every surrounding. The coffee was cool and tasteless, the spoon nowhere to be seen upon bringing the mug to her lips, but satisfying nonetheless. Toes wiggled against cool tile that she couldn’t feel but Jill got the sense it was supposed to be cold; especially as she moved from tile to tile, upwards and onwards. She put it down to taking her environment for granted.

A flicker of light caught her eye as she turned from the kitchen counter of her studio apartment. Jill didn’t remember turning the light off. In fact, she didn’t remember it being dark outside, as though she had blinked and the world had flicked the off switch; forgotten to turn it on before she opened her eyes again. The only light in the room was coming from her television set. The flat screen was flush with the wall, offering best use of space in the small room. Static noise from its screen bathed the walls in a wriggling white-blue cluster that crawled into Jill’s senses and twisted her ear drums inside out so all she could hear was static. White noise from the T.V.

“Jill Valentine.”

Jill paused, squinting at the T.V. Fingers idly played with the string of the tea bag inside her cup.

“Mhm.” She acknowledged, and knelt by the set. There were metal dials on one side, the CTR framed in wood, aerials poking out of the top like it came out of a Simpson’s episode. Jill reached out, mug abandoned to the ether, and touched the top dial. It didn’t do anything, but she could still hear the voice. It sounded typical of a horror movie, all full of growls and nonsense  and cliche that could be reversed into mama’s cookie recipe by an intrepid producer. Jill twisted the second dial.

“Back again?” The dial asked. It was made of glass, shaped like crystal, losing its Swarovski quality by the light that broke through it and cast a sharp edged shadow on the stone floor. Bits of gravel gave that shadow a face and a sewn mouth.

“Yes.” Jill said. She was never much of a talker.

“You never were much of a talker.”

Now the voice sounded familiar, and Jill’s gaze flicked lazily into the off-focus picture that gyrated in the white and black grit. A numb headache made her forehead tighten. Palms rested on her knees, knees on carpet, eyes fixed to the figure behind the set. It was solid shadow, and it had eyes of its own. If Jill had been fifteen years younger, she might have been afraid. Instead, she greeted it like a wary friend, sure he was at her bedside hoping to get something out of her terminal illness.

“Did you bring anything for me?” She said to the eyes.

The responding voice sounded right by her ear, enough to startle her heartbeat into a thunderous rhythm.

“Not yet.”

CHALLENGE: write your muse having a common dream of theirs (good, bad, nightmare, daydream, even), without mentioning they’re in a dream. have fun writing weird stuff! repost, don’t reblog! 

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can I please request a teeny tiny bts!first date au? thank you!!!

This is such a cute concept, and I might have made these a bit sappy, sorry!! Thank you for the request!~

Seokjin (Jin) – Invites you over to his apartment for dinner. The lights have been turned off, and the warm glow of the multitude of candles creates soft, atmospheric lighting. There is a table with a white table cloth and red rose petals adorn the surrounding floor. Seokjin is wearing black trousers and a soft, knit sweater that compliments his tanned skin. When you sit down he pulls out the chair for you and then pushes you in. He cooked the meal himself, making his specialty in order to impress you, when you tell him how good it is his ears glow bright red. At the end of the night he drives you home and kisses you sweetly on your doorstep and you blush. He tells you that he wants to cook for you and see you blush every night.

Yoongi (Suga) – Would probably take you out to the movies and then to dinner. He’d let you pick the movie and would only grumble a little bit if you picked something he didn’t like. During the movie he’d pull the classic ‘yawn and put your arm around their shoulder’ move. And then promptly fall asleep with his head leaning against yours. You put popcorn up his nose in retaliation and he snorts loud enough to wake himself up. You almost die with laughter and he pretends to be annoyed but even in the dark of the cinema you can see that gummy smile. After the movie you get pizza and sit on the roof of your house and talk about the future, what your passions are and what you want from life. When you fall asleep he grabs some blankets and bundles you both up for the night. Yoongi kisses your forehead, then your nose, and then finally your lips before whispering goodnight.

Hoseok (J-Hope) – Takes you on a picnic for your first date. He remembers to bring all your favorite foods and surprises you when you meet up. You kiss his cheek and he blushes, grinning like an idiot for the rest of the day. He takes you for a slow, peaceful walk through the woods and he makes you laugh by jumping from different pools of sunlight. Leads you into a large meadow with a small tree that provides enough shade for you to set up your picnic. Hoseok feeds you snacks and calls you his ‘royal highness’, he is only half-joking though. You two doze in the warm sunlight and share quiet, personal stories; just enjoying each others company. When it comes time to head back Hoseok drags his heels but refuses to let you see he is disappointed. Just before you two part ways he kisses you with a passion so strong it leaves you dizzy from it’s intensity. He promises more adventures like this one.

Namjoon (Rap Monster) – Picks you up from your house in a sleek, black car with tinted windows that makes him seem cooler than he actually is. Gives you a bright, dimpled smile when he sees you and opens the door for you. Takes you to a museum and holds your hand in his large one, occasionally said hand slips to the small of your back as he guides you towards an artifact of interest. Explains the history behind each display, and when he doesn’t know he makes up elaborate stories to make you laugh. You grab lunch at a cute, riverside cafe where you can sit outside and watch people pass by; absorbed in their own lives. While waiting for your food you make a game of guessing where each person is going and what their biggest secret in life. Namjoon kisses you behind the menu and holds your hand on top of the table, running his thumb over your knuckles. When he drops you back off, you two kiss in his car before you finally step out. Namjoon waits in the driveway until you’re safely inside.

Taehyung (V) – Takes you on a surprise date and shows up on his bicycle to pick you up; he makes you stand on the back and gives you his helmet. You hold onto his shoulders for support as he cycles through the avenues to your surprise destination. He takes you to the zoo and buys you both ice creams so you’ll have something to eat as you go through the zoo. Takes pictures of you in front of the animals.. also takes pictures of you when you aren’t looking. Puts his arm around your shoulder and mumbles lame jokes into your ear in his deep voice. Doesn’t understand when it leaves you blushing instead of laughing. Buys souvenirs at the gift shop, making sure to get the fluffy tiger plush for you so “he’ll keep you safe at night”. When you two get back to your house he comes inside and watches anime with you until the early a.m when you’ve fallen asleep in his arms.

Jimin – Takes you to a lantern festival for your first date. You two meet up at the entrance where he is there much earlier than you; leaning against one of the posts with a faraway look in his eyes. When he sees you his entire expression lights up, smiling like you’re the best thing he’s ever seen (spoiler: you are). Tells you how beautiful you are while blushing darkly. Holds your hand so you two don’t get separated as you walk through the crowds, and makes sure to play every festival game in order to get you as many prizes as possible. Is genuinely disappointed when he doesn’t get the mochi plush you wanted. You kiss away his disappointment and make him practically glow with delight. He wins you a lantern and together you make a wish as you set it free, watching it float up to join hundreds of others. Jimin kisses you under the light of the lanterns and tells you he didn’t need to wish for anything, because he has everything he wants already.

Jungkook – Meets up with you outside an underground arcade. Probably super nervous and anxious about the date, would triple check the time so he wasn’t late. Is determined to impress you so he spends more time and effort on getting the highest scores and the most tickets, rather than paying attention to you. It isn’t until you take his hand and tell him you don’t mind if he isn’t good at everything that he relaxes a little. Teaches you how to do trick shots and how to win at donkey kong, stands behind you and guides your hands with his broad chest against your back. Both of you are blushing really bad but neither of you pull away, Jungkook rests his chin on your shoulder as he watches you play; quietly teasing you when you struggle and laughing loudly when you succeed. Uses his tickets to get you the biggest bunny plush, tells you his name is “Jungkook, because he is me” and won’t let you go home until you promise to cuddle him tonight. Is too nervous to kiss you on the first date but texts you a kiss emoji when you’re both home.

Chibs x Reader

The way that the light played off the curves of Y/N’s body was exquisite, extenuating the soft plushness of her thighs, the fullness of her breasts. Exuisite. That’s not a word that Chibs usually found himself applying to things, or people for that matter, but it was the only one that seemed to fit.

“Y/N” Chibs says, in a rough voice. Accent made thicker by his clear arousal. He steps closer, splaying a large warm hand across the somewhat generous curves of your belly. “If only you could see how you look to me right now..”

“Then what?” You ask teasingly. “Then I would know how beautiful and amazing I truly am?”

He lets out a short laugh, sliding one hand around to brush against you supple and shapley bum, while moving the other up to tangle in the short hair slightly above and behind your ear, pulling with a playful roughness. “Yes, but no.” Flashing you a wicked grin, he leans in, whispering. “I was thinking that: if you could see how you look to me right now, you might have fair warning of all the things I’m about to do to you.”

You laugh as you’re all but tackled backwards onto the bed.


The rest of the day, and into the evening is filled with carnal sounds, and the smell of whiskey, smoke, and leather.


Sorry this is so short! And (probably) terrible. Lol This is actually the very first thing I’ve written for SOA..or reader insert fics. I really hope you enjoyed it anyways! ^_^


He is complexed by his body, because he’s chubby and everything, so he constantly asks Gaston to switch the light off when they’re making love. That’s why Gaston bites him the belly, to make him understand that he loves him how he is, no matter what.

Ack, I forgot to mention in my big post on 1.16… they end up defeating the shadow demons with light. Sam yells “shut your eyes!” and sets off some flares, and this brilliant white light devours the darkness.

*mental montage of every time Cas has blown out demons with light, leading up to 11.23 and Chuck and Amara dissolving into light and darkness in balance*