the light is belle

…e quella notte mi resi conto della straordinaria prevenzione di Gatsby alla speranza, un dono che non ho mai riscontrato in nessun altro,e che difficilmente riscontrerò ancora, e il tutto era per lei la casa, le feste, ogni cosa…


Silly Nords, this is what the capital of a civilization should look like! The beautiful and massive city of Almalexia is the capital of Morrowind (aka Resdayn) and the seat of Dunmeri culture, politics, and religion. One of the largest urban centers east of the Imperial City, a traveler can expect to find a plethora of sights and sounds in the city of Almalexia, from thriving markets, to boisterous schools, and the ringing of temple bells.

This is Almalexia, City of Light, City of Magic, Capital of Morrowind, and home to the Gods themselves. Welcome Outlander to the Gem of the East!

We recently released a trailer for Almalexia, taking a more detailed look at one of the largest cities you’ll find on the mainland Morrowind.

You can download the latest Tamriel Rebuilt release here and check out this truly beautiful city for yourself. Or you can join the Tamriel Rebuilt team and help to make the mainland of Morrowind a reality for all to visit.

Swanfire/Rumbelle Hocus Pocus AU for @emospritelet and @deariedoo

In order to save his son Rumplestiltskin agrees to become the Dark One, servant of the Mills Witches (Cora, Regina, and Zelena). It’s a deal he did not understand, the witches enslave him with a dagger and curse his son into the form of a cat. On the cusp of seizing control of the Enchanted Forest, the witches are immobilized and burnt by the Blue Fairy (with her own shady ass agenda) but unbeknownst to Blue the Mills Witches have removed and buried their hearts enabling them to be resurrected upon the relighting of the double flamed candle that kindled the flame they were burnt upon. Centuries pass and Princess Emma is bored, she makes the mistake of listening to the yarns about a magic candle spun by a boy that was once a puppet. She steals a book from her governess, Lady Belle, and goes on a quest to light the candle. She succeeds, much to the anger of a strange talking cat, and places the entire realm in danger. Will Emma and Belle be able to protect the kingdom and release Bae and his father from their curses or will it all end in a bunch of hocus pocus?

Belle of the Ball

Under glaring lights and eager eyes,
She will arrive, defining perfection.
Perfectly done, made up in advance
through pre-filtered rose perceptions. 
Light will dim, but eyes won’t wander
as by day or night, She wears our ruin.

— © 2016 Jade Onn

I was tagged by the amazing @studentvsprocrastination!!!

Always repost the rules. Answer 11 random questions posted for you. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. Let the person who tagged you know that you’ve answered.

1. What is your favorite place on Earth ?

My favorite place on Earth is New York!

2. What do you love most about yourself ?

I think that I love being tall (idk??).

3. How do you motivate yourself to study ?

Well, studyblr plays a major role in motivating myself to begin studying, but I also like some motivational speeches (especially from a youtube channel called Matheusz M ).

4. A story you would love to read ?

I would love to read a science fiction story that is scientifically accurate (any suggestions?).  

5. What do you think about before falling asleep ?

So many things!!! However, I usually like to organize my next day and review what happened that day.

6. What is your favorite song ?

That’s Life - Frank Sinatra!!!

7. If you own an instrument, does it have a name ?

I don’t have any instruments.

8. Favorite fictional character ?

Ellie Arroway!!

9. Is there something you’ve been craving recently?

Lately, I’ve been craving focus.

10. Something you’re really looking forward to ?

My first day of school of the year (tomorrow).

11. Would you rather be a dragon or a fairy ?

Fairy, because then I could have awesome powers like Dwayne the Rock.

Here are my questions !

1. What is your favorite book ?

2. What do you love most about life ?

3. How do you focus when studying ?

4. A movie you’d like to watch ?

5. What do you think about before falling asleep ?

6. What is your favorite song ?

7. What languages do you speak ?

8. Favorite fictional character ?

9. What are the most inspiring people to you?

10. Something you’re really looking forward to ?

11. Would you rather be a dragon or a fairy ?

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