the light is all

I’m enjoying All the Light We Cannot See so far, particularly Marie-Laure’s story. Her descriptions of books makes me want to read books I’d never want to read, and how marvelous would it be to grow up with a natural history museum as your playground? 

I also like books with short chapters and shifting perspectives like this. It makes the reading seem like it goes much faster. 


moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny
controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies
impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry
greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive
vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky | over-analytical


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm

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i have this theory that every time we dream, we see an alternate reality. after all, in string theory, all universes exist. i have died many times there. i get déjà vu a lot. i wonder if i am in someone else’s dream, and she has just woken up. maybe she’s screaming at me to stop, to move a little to the left, to watch out. when i wake up i always wonder if i’m the same me or i’ve been replaced by the girl in my dream. if i died there to get a second chance here. or maybe here is where i’m learning how not to die so violently. i don’t know. i don’t get much sleep. 


Okay hear me out, BH shapeshifting himself a really big set of feathery black wings, perfect for dat #aesthetic and intimidation

(And also for holding a scared n crying Flug before ripping the person responsible for hurting the soft boi into mince meat :3c )

Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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