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I feel it’s not only Garnet, but also Pearl who regularly mediates to centre herself.

When Garnet and Steven arrive at the very beginning of Adventures in Light Distortion, Pearl is on the ground looking despondent.

It is only a short while after they arrive that she make a face as if surprised, which means she wasn’t already aware of their presence earlier.

And then she stands up and says, “Oh, you’re back!”

That she and Amethyst had relieved and almost glad reactions to their return shows what I feel implicitly goes on between the gems. I’m willing to bet Garnet told her and Amethyst nothing about where she was going, why she was afraid, and what she was going to do. All they likely knew was that she was going to find Steven.

And it speaks of Garnet’s action-orientedness in times of conflict, but how it can also cause the people around her to worry without her meaning to cause them stress. Pearl mediates too, as much as it would seem like she just lets her feelings explode around her.

Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction.
The Amity Affliction’s ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ Australian Release Tour.
Brisbane, Australia.


It’s a testament to how well the Crewniverse understand the cartoon short format. This scene made full use of moving images and sounds and that’s what made it so compelling and urgent. Just posting the photos could never capture the feeling. What they’ve accomplished requires a deep familiarity and respect for the medium.


Those darn Rubies! Now the equivalent of squashed bugs on a windshield.

I hope Leggy is safe. She’s relatively a child.

Also, no Eyeball? Still floating. In space. Where there’s no means of propelling yourself. 

2001: A Space Odyssey. Gem Edition.


The Andromeda Galaxy by Matthias
Via Flickr:
IMAGING DETAILS Date: 30.11.16 + 01.12.16 33x 600 seconds ISO320 (Just added some bias frames) 5.5 hours of total exposure time. EQUIPMENT Camera: Canon EOS60Da Telescope: APM 107/700 triplet apochromatic refractor Corrector/ Flattener: TS 2.5" Field flattener Mount: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 on concrete pier Guiding: Finderscope, Lacerta MGEN Autoguider