the light emporium


Places in Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Black Emporium

Voices on the winds speak of a new power abroad in the world. ‘Inquisition,’ they whisper–an ancient name restored. A memory rekindled and transformed into a blaze of hope. I hear the whispers and summon the fires of the Inquisition. Here in the depths beneath the city of chains, countless mysteries hide in shadow in anticipation of the light. Come. The Black Emporium awaits.

The Light Emporium

Here at the Light Emporium we sell light


Bottles of light

Fluorescent lights and 

 streetlights and the light that falls

across the faces of your neighborhood buildings

at seven am on a large march early spring



Purple and Green. Red and Black.

White lights - the ones you get when a car

is catapulting towards you at  forty-five miles 

an hour. The near-death light. The DMT light.

All the ones you can imagine - here: in little

glass vessels. Organized with the Dewey

Decimal System. 423 if you want to learn the language

of light. 700’s to master the art of it. And 900: the history

of light, from the moment it was separated from 

the darkness. 


Buy them. Eat them. Stir them into your 

morning coffee. Inject them straight into your

veins. Do you want to become the light? Here,

come to the Light Emporium. Where our sole

purpose is to give you everything

that takes away the dark corners that

keep you awake at night. 

- Shinji Moon