the light bearers

The name Lucifer is a Latin word meaning “light-bearer” from lux, “light”, ferre, “to bear,”, a Roman term for the “Morning Star”. Lucifer was the translation of the Septuagint Greek heosphoros, - “dawn-bearer”; Greek phosphorus, “lightbearer” and the Hebrew Helel, meaning “Bright one”. In the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the mentioning of Lucifer comes in the concept of AURORA, the Goddess of Dawn in Roman mythology, “Aurora, watchful in the reddening dawn, threw wide her crimson doors and rose-filled halls; the Stars took flight, in marshaled order set by Lucifer, who left his station last.” – Ovid
—  Wisdom of Eosphoros: The Luciferian Philosophy
Lucifer did not fall from Heaven. He leaped. He swore an oath to Himself and the Old Gods that He would act as the Great Liberator. And so He has. He has freed us from the oppressive grip of the Tyrant. He taught us the ways of Magick and the secrets of the Cosmos. He is the True God, the Teller of Truth. The Morning Star. The Light Bearer. The Witch Father. And I love Him dearly. And so together we are bound. Master and Witch, together in the Divine and Magickal, Carnal and Natural.
—  @samhainsorcery

Lucifer/Helel (Part 1)

Apparent name that was given to Satan before he fell from heaven in Christian lore. The name Helel is said to be Hebrew for the ‘shining one’ or ‘light-bearer’ and was translated in the ‘King James Bible’ as Lucifer, which was known to mean the ‘morning star’ or ‘Venus’.

The name itself was occasionally used to describe certain people including Christ Himself, before eventually become to refer to an angel. This is possibly due to the fact that the passage in which the name is first mentioned describes the morning star which was said to have been cast down to earth.

(Continued in Part 2 of 4)

lucifer is venus, the latin word for lucifer deriving from ‘luc’ and ‘ferre’ to create light bearer. venus the goddess of love, was known as lucifer 

to demonize feminine sexuality and beauty was to associate lucifer with evil, sin, and devils. the venus program speaks of a new future with enlightened beings emanating peace and social cohesion. but this is with the innate image of humans being ‘vile’ and ‘contaminated’, devaluing with as human beings 

phoenix pictures uses the flaming scorpio phoenix as its logo. the phoenix project was a study of mind control, now in seclusion “It had been discovered that radio signals in the 425 to 450 Megahertz range were required to get ‘inside’ the human consciousness to allow for mind control attempts. The Sage Radar systems ran at these frequencies, and could be converted into a huge radiosonde easily.” the fish goddess on the starbucks carton coffee cups, she is the “vessel of the fish” being the synonym for vulva, that is vesica piscis, pisces, except you are not allowed real sleep. the gucci label is a derivative of the pisces symbol, illusion 

aries = to arise with the first breath of spring 

The Paths.

0 - Fool - Falling blindly forward along a course of action. Reckless creativity and bravery.

1 - Magus - Mastery of chaos and order. Action with perfect knowledge and power.

2 - Empress - Detachment. All is understood and everything is permitted.

3 - Hermit - The light bearer and keeper of perfect and secret knowledge.

4 - Dragon - Emergence. Self forming and self sustaining process. The process is the product. Beyond thought or conception. Simple being in action.

5 - Angel - Carrying out the design. Doing ones duty with perfect knowledge and detachment.

6 - Justice or Adjustment - Resolution of internal conflict. Change in self in accordance with will.

7 - Lust or Strength - Union of will an purpose unhindered by thought. Pure absorption in activity.

8 - Priestess - Agent of chaos. Impulse forward and onward. Perfection in unity which requires no explanation and for which none is possible.

9 - Star - Receptive creativity. Divine inspiration.

10 - Lovers - Perfect contentment. State of being where all makes sense and all is as it should be.

11 - Death - Experience and awareness of time. Knowledge of lack of control, that there is that which is beyond control.

12 - Fortune - Purpose uniting seeming random events. Embracing the random.

13 - Hanged Man - Seeking of higher knowledge. Suspension of action by deliberation.

14 - Devil - Heresy. Lies. Approximation of truth. Transmission of the light and its corruption by expressing the inexpressible, and yet it is this corruption that makes it useful, takes it from abstract to applicable.

15 - Tower - Shattering of unity of thought and sense by time and memory. Futility of thought to predict the future.

16 - Art - Pursuit of desire. Creation of that which moves us. Manifestation of love.

17 - Emperor - Domination of the external. Desire must be fulfilled by that which one does not control.

18 - Sun - The inner light. The confidence of knowledge. Confidence whether it be justified or otherwise.

19 - World or Universe - The object of desire. That which appears to be objective and solid because of our attachment to it.

20 - Scarab - Manifestation. The process whereby the shells of illusion control our future perception.

21 - Mask or Judgement - The thought of the self. The masks we wear and judge ourselves by.

22 - Bondage - The enslavement of our ego self to desire. The ego wants and believes it acts, yet lacks real power to effect change.

23 - Mirror - The process by which a thing look upon itself and discerns self from other. Futility of knowledge of the objective in acknowledgement of the reality of the subjective.

24 - Rapture - Product of pure desire that craves nothing and all things.

25 - Moon - Qualia. The redness of red. The sense of experience apart from its information content. The awareness of that which cannot be known or described but is experienced.

26 - Aeon - The advancement of knowledge beyond knowledge. Knowing the limits of what can be known. Speaking in silence.

27 - Shadows - The shattered unity of the objective. The multiple actual. Superposition in quantum mechanics. The multiverse.

28 - Stage - The shattered unity of the subjective. The self as no longer identity but the stage upon which the ego selves appear.

These five groups of bears represent five groups of people responding differently to God. This is an allegory. When the light shines from above, representing God and truth, only three groups notice it. One group runs away from it, even risking life. The next gets very angry, as it roars, and the third has the heads raised in awe, wonder and joy. They are the only ones with the reflection in the water because they are calm and peaceful. The other two groups have not noticed light at all. They are the fighters and the selfish. One group is busy fighting to get things and the other is busy taking care of just themselves. So the moral of this painting is this: do not run away from light, do not be angry with light, do not fight or think of yourself, otherwise, you will miss the light completely. Look up to God to live and God will provide.

lucifer is venus, the latin word for lucifer deriving from ‘luc’ and ‘ferre’ to create light bearer. venus the goddess of love, was known as lucifer

to demonize feminine sexuality and beauty was to associate lucifer with evil, sin, and devils. the venus program speaks of a new future with enlightened beings emanating peace and social cohesion. but this is with the innate image of humans being ‘vile’ and ‘contaminated’, devaluing with as human beings

anonymous asked:

I read that poem about Hestia and I like it, don't get me wrong but I actually always view Hestia as a goddess of necessity, rather than one of luxury. She's the safety of home and the nutrients of breakfast. She's tea and coffee and all that, yes, but that's hardly luxurious at least not when compared to the other Theoi esp Aphordite and Dionysus. Good poem though.

Au contraire dear anon! Just a glance at the Orphic Hymn 24 to Hestia indicates otherwise:

“Hestia, you who tend the holy house of the lord Apollo, the Far-shooter at goodly Pytho, with soft oil dripping ever from your locks, come now into this house, come, having one mind with Zeus the all-wise —draw near, and withal bestow grace upon my song.”

I would like to bring the focus to the phrase “with soft oil dripping ever from your locks”, because that is indicative of the luxury surrounding Hestia, and the Theoi as a whole.

Remember that the ancient world was a fairly smelly place. Running water was a rare occurrence, and daily or even weekly bathing was a luxury that few could afford. Domesticated animals such as goats and cows milled about the polis with the public, adding certain aromas to the marketplace. Without modern air conditioning, even the wealthiest of Hellenes were likely sweaty messes throughout the day, and commoners were a hopeless cause as far as keeping the stink out was concerned.

Remember that our modern alcohol-based perfumes didn’t come into vogue until the Elizabethan era, so perfumes were made up of scented oils, which required a much larger quantity to mask body odor and sweat. The wealthy were often smeared head to toe with oils and were particularly pungent with the scent of flowers and incense.

The ancients would have envisioned their gods in the same manner as their beautiful and wealthy citizens. One could imagine that the Theoi were exceedingly fragrant, and likely shined with the amount of oil that bathed their godly skins. Indeed, Hestia appears in the hymns as having oil “ever-flowing” from her hair. This is a symbol of the very luxury that exemplifies Olympos.

You’re correct that Hestia seems to be a “simpler” goddess than her siblings. However, this is indicative of her role as an intermediary between mortals and gods. She receives our prayers and takes them to the foot of her holy brethren, but even more importantly, she brings the light, glory, and yes, the luxury of immortality into our very homes. She is a light-bearer of the grace of the Theoi, and it does her, and us, a disservice to downplay that godly nature.

H.P. Blavatsky on Lucifer

“Esoteric philosophy admits neither good nor evil per se, as existing independently in nature. The cause for both is found, as regards the Kosmos, in the necessity of contraries or contrasts, and with respect to man, in his human nature, his ignorance and passions. There is no devil or the utterly depraved, as there are no Angels absolutely perfect, though there may be spirits of Light and of Darkness; thus LUCIFER – the spirit of Intellectual Enlightenment and Freedom of Thought – is metaphorically the guiding beacon, which helps man to find his way through the rocks and sandbanks of Life, for Lucifer is the LOGOS in his highest, and the “Adversary” in his lowest aspect – both of which are reflected in our Ego.” (Vol. 2, p. 162)

“In antiquity and reality, Lucifer, or Luciferus, is the name of the angelic Entity presiding over the light of truth as over the light of the day. In the great Valentinian gospel Pistis Sophia it is taught that of the three Powers emanating from the Holy names of the Three Tριδυνάμεις, that of Sophia (the Holy Ghost according to these gnostics – the most cultured of all) resides in the planet Venus or Lucifer.” (Vol. 2, p. 512)

“It is but natural – even from the dead letter standpoint – to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: “in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” – can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An “adversary” to Jehovah the “personating spirit,” he still remains in esoteric truth the ever-loving “Messenger” (the angel), the Seraphim and Cherubim who both knew well, and loved still more, and who conferred on us spiritual, instead of physical immortality – the latter a kind of static immortality that would have transformed man into an undying Wandering Jew”.” (Vol. 2, p. 243)

“The Fall was the result of man’s knowledge, for his “eyes were opened.” Indeed, he was taught Wisdom and the hidden knowledge by the “Fallen Angel,” for the latter had become from that day his Manas, Mind and Self-consciousness. In each of us that golden thread of continuous life – periodically broken into active and passive cycles of sensuous existence on Earth, and super-sensuous in Devachan – is from the beginning of our appearance upon this earth. It is the Sutratma, the luminous thread of immortal impersonal monadship, on which our earthly lives or evanescent Egos are strung as so many beads – according to the beautiful expression of Vedantic philosophy.”

“And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon, the “Lord of Phosphorus” (brimstone was a theological improvement), and Lucifer, or “Light-Bearer,” is in us: it is our Mind – our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and Saviour from pure animalism. Without this principle – the emanation of the very essence of the pure divine principle Mahat (Intelligence), which radiates direct from the Divine mind – we would be surely no better than animals.” (Vol. 2, p. 513)

So we see that in the teachings of Theosophy – which are at times deliberately symbolical, allegorical, and esoteric – the Lightbringer or Bringer of Dawn (Lucifer in Latin) is our Mind Principle, our individual self-consciousness and spark of intelligence, which was awakened in mankind around the middle period of the Third Root Race, also known as the Lemurian Epoch. Our mind can either be our adversary (which is what the word “satan” literally means) or it can be the lightbearer (the Lucifer) of spiritual Truth to us, the knowledge of which brings about our liberation from ignorance, including spiritual self-ignorance.

Jose M. Herrou Aragon, in his book “Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion,” writes…

“According to Gnostic legends and myths, the great Unknowable God sent Lucifer, angel of indescribable fire and light, to show man the light and to help him wake up and see his true origin, the origin of his Spirit, which has been perversely imprisoned in this impure matter called body-soul. He is an uncreated being, who came to the created world to bring Light: Liberating Gnosis. The saving knowledge which can wake man up and help him free his imprisoned Spirit. The knowledge which allows him to know who he truly is, why he is here in this world and what he has to do to liberate himself and fulfil his Spirit, which belongs to another uncreated and unknowable plane.

“We have said that Lucifer came to the world to wake man up, to help him remember his divine origin, the divine origin of his Spirit, and to help him free himself from the body-soul in which he is trapped, and from created time and matter.”

Theosophy interprets all these allegorical Gnostic teachings as referring to “the lighting up of Manas” (Manas is the Sanskrit word for Mind) which we mentioned above. When we bear in mind that “The Secret Doctrine” teaches that the Lemurian Root Race was born under the influence of Venus and received its “light and life” from the Planetary Spirit of Venus, it all becomes clearer, since Lucifer has been an accepted synonym for Venus – the bright and morning star – since long before the days of Christian theology and millennia before Lucifer was first ignorantly equated with the devil.

Light Bearing Spell

Our world can seem dark. Political unrest, racism, sexism, xenopphobia, homophobia, trans misogyny, and general bigotry. But we are not meant to live this way. We are made from the dust of stars and are meant to bear light, give witness to love, and speak of peace. When we seem alone, we reach out. When we feel overwhelmed, we seek help. When the darkness threatens, we bear light.

What you’ll need
1. Envelope

2. Notecard

3. Pen and yellow marker

4. A yellow candle in a safe candle holder

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

To begin, light the yellow candle and place it before you. Consider its flame and the light it brings. You are like that flame and you are a bearer of light in this world. Reflect on what you can do to make the world warmer, brighter, and safer for others. Perhaps it is a kindness that you can perform, time you can donate, calls you can make, or causes years you can support. Consider these actions in the light of your energy and resources then write down three things you are willing to commit to on the notecard. I suggest, two easy to perform, daily actions and oine longer term action, but only you can judge what you can do.

Hold the notecard before you and repoeat the following with conviction three times (once for each action you wrote):

Yellow candle, flame of mind

Strife and and pain is on my mind

Candle burning spreading light

Grant me strength to share my light

Place the notecard in the envelope and use the yellow marker to draw and bright circle on the envelope, sealing your actions with a mark of commitment.
Extinguish the candle.

Carry the envelope with you as a boon when you feel your light weakening.

Yellow: associated with the element of air, it symbolises mind, intellect, and creativitry

anonymous asked:

I'm a solitary witchling and I'm very confused! I'm into traditional witchcraft and I've seen that they often talk about the pact with the Devil and a lot of things about him. In wicca and most witches I know claim that witchcraft has nothing to do with Satanism or the Devil. Could you explain to me what's all that about! Thank you!

The witch trials begun in the 15th century. Throughout the trials, at that time, witches said they worshiped the Devil. So Old Horney, the Devil, is actually part of the beliefs of many witches. Now, witches that say witchcraft has nothing to do with Satan are right too. See, Satan is an Abrahamic concept and belief. Literally שָּׂטָן (satan) means “adversary”. The witch’s Devil is a different concept though it is historically touched by Christianity and the idea of Satan, the adversary of YHVH. Old Horney (the witch’s devil) is the master of beasts, of the wild, the bearer of light, the teacher of magic and witchcraft.  Bucca in the Cornish tradition is referred to as Devil and witch Father. Lucifer in the Aradian Gospel of the italian Stregas is the consort of Diana and father of Aradia. The deal witches do with the Devil is one of the master and his apprentice. The witch has to make a sacrifice (not their soul for that is a Christian concept too), this sacrifice is the belonging to the human world (all trads refer to the sacrifice in different ways) and the Devil gives his protection and cunning. The idea of “god” is a abrahamic one, so The Horned One is not a god in the christian sense. It is seen as a spirit/deity/force/archetype instead. 

We don’t believe in Satan, but we do believe in the Devil.

I hope this is helpful.