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dan’s music recommendations from live shows

From 2/21/17, 3/7/17 and 3/14/17

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i see you - the xx

jamie xx

love - lana del rey

chained to the rhythm - katy perry

uyai - ibibio sound machine 

green light - lorde

the 1975

divide - ed sheeran

in rainbows - radiohead

stockholm syndrome - muse

liability - lorde

jonna lee


chanel - frank ocean

glass animals

Sherlock S4 Trance Theory and how it explains “everything” (including the blue lights, the repeated plot/dialogue, the odd sound glitches, and the flickering lights)

First, before I elaborate on my reasoning for Trance Theory, I just need to write a brief(ish) A/N: 

I believe that all my Tumblr friends (mostly Johnlockers) are a group of passionate, kind, intelligent fans who have been moved deeply by the love between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes (and consequently feel strongly about this show.)

I realize that a lot of you were disappointed with S4–especially TFP.  Likewise, I realize that some of you liked S4, were satisfied with how the show ended, and believe it must be taken at face value. 

I find myself in neither group and would like to present a theory that hopefully convinces my friends that the S4 is actually a clever, beautiful, unfinished, multi-layered puzzle. :D 


Sherlock Holmes is known for his keen sense of observation and for his amazing deductive skills. But another one of his “superpower” is his ability to go deep within himself in order to solve a case. 

In every ACD canon story, after a new case has been presented, or when the clues get all tangled, Holmes does nothing more than recline in his chair, put his hands together, and disappear in a trance-like state using a specific meditative technique he learned in Tibet,

I propose that this is exactly what is happening in S4 of Sherlock.

My basic premise is that Sherlock has been in a deep Tibetan Trance since to end of HLV in order to solve the apparent return of Moriarty.

In this meta I will provide evidence that Trance Theory is the silver thread that connects and explains all the plot inconsistencies, repeated dialogue, the multiple sound glitches, the odd flickering lights, the blue colouring, the glowing skull, why Sherlock talks to John when John’s not there and how it’s also entirely based on ACD canon.

A trance is a deliberate act of self-hypnosis (It is different than using a mind palace or being in a coma.) The purpose of Sherlock’s deep trance is to enter a half conscious state in order to let anything relevant he has unconsciously noticed rise to the surface of his consciousness in order to make links and solve the case. 

I realize that for some of my Tumblr friends this seems unbelievable because it’s hard to believe that Sherlock is in a trance for that long (ie 3 episodes worth! :D ) But Mrs Hudson in TAB explicitly told us that Sherlock has the ability to sustain a  trance for 2 days! (more on that later). Anyway, for me, taking S4 at face value is acknowledging that what we are seeing is the art of deduction at its very best. Season 4 is Sherlock’s incredible brain at work.    

Heck, knowing Sherlock is in a trance is like obtaining the key to a cipher. All you need is your copy of ACD canon and a few of the other Sherlock Holmes adaptation and you can basically figure out everything. Ie;  Sherlock’s entire backstory, why Moriarty is the virus in the data, IOU, and the deep secret. You can also find the answer other loose threads on the show. For example: The significance of the phone number Eurus gives John, the connection between the “Black Pearl” and A.G.R.A, why Culverton Smith made reference to the Queen, why Magnussen has chronically moist hands, who Alicia Smallwood is, why Mycroft does not like clowns, what the funny graves are, why mummy Holmes wrote about the thyroid gland in her thermodynamics book, why Mary never regained John’s trust, who is really hiding in plain sight, the Thatcher connection, who the sharks are, who is Charlie and his power ranger, the meaning of  “6 by 16 and under we go” (OMG that drove me crazy), glowing skulls, glowing rabbits, etc, etc. etc,,, 

And last but not least, Trance theory shows how we were right all along; this is a Johnlock story of epic proportion. 

Okay, before I get to the fun part of explaining all these things, I first need to provide concrete evidence that Sherlock is in a trance.

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I don’t want to miss you (Newt x Reader) PART 2

Requested by anon:  Hey! Can you write an imagine where Newt and reader had an argument and in heat of the moment he said something really hurtful which made her walk out on him? And then maybe Grindelwald is kidnapping her as a bait for Newt and he comes for the rescue after which they make up and fluff? So basically like hella angsty in the begging and then super fluffy happy ending!😊♥️

A/N: Here’s part 2! I finished it earlier than expected. (Wohoo!) The fluffy ending turned a little bit smuty I guess… Also: thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you like it. ♥️ And: if you have any requests then feel free to send me some. Requets are currently open! Okay, enough talking, enjoy PART 2! :)

Pairing: Newt Scamander x reader

Warning: mention of blood

Word count: 3,372

PART 1 Masterlist


“I think we should talk to Newt… Y/N hasn’t returned yet”, Tina suggested, walking up and down by the window, looking out in hope to spot your figure. It had been 2 hours since you left the apartment crying.

The little group though it was best for you to catch fresh air and have some time for yourself. But the hours passed and with every minute more the worry of the three grew bigger and bigger

Queenie’s expression was concerned. She nibbled on her lower lip as your last thoughts echoed in her mind.

He hates me. He really hates me. I’m not worth it.”

It broke the Legilimens’ heart. The sadness and hurt within your thoughts were almost unbearable. Queenie snuffled and moved from her chair.

“I’m going to talk to Newt…”, she announced, her voice determined. Jacob stepped next to her, rubbing her arm. Quennie smiled at him, bending down to place a sweet kiss on his cheek and left the room. Tina sensed the baker’s uneasiness.

“She’s going to be alright. She will bring Newt back to his senses…”, the auror tried to lighten up the mood, believing in her sister and Newt.

Newt was in his case and sat in front of the Occamy’s nest. He had one in his hands, balancing it carefully on his palmes. The little creature eyed him curiously, bending its head to one side. The wizard gave it a weak smile.

“Don’t look at me like that, Stuart. I know I should have followed her but I…”. Newt closed his mouth, suppressing another upcoming wave of tears. Instead he swallowed it down. He knew that his behaviour was mean and he regretted everything he had said to you. He didn’t mean it, but the stress and anger had befoged his clear thinking.

You probably hated him after your argument and Newt couldn’t handle the idea of you leaving him. You’ve deserved better anyway… So here he was, lonely and bearing his misery.

The occamy started to squeak at something. Newt turned his head and flinched a bit as he saw Quennie standing behind him. He didn’t hear her steps. He gently put the creature back in its nest, watching as it wiggled on its spot.

“Newt…”, Quennie began and the magizoologist nodded his head.

“I know what you’re going to say. Y/N left me, right? I can’t blame her for it after all the unforgivable things I’ve said to her and…-”

“Y/N has gone missing.”

Newt’s heart skipped a beat. He blinked a few times. He needed a moment to take Queenie’s words in.

And then it felt like a lightning hit him. Newt’s eyes widened.

The blonde woman read his mind, so she answered his question: “She left the apartment crying. We though we would let her go, catching air to calm down… but it has been 2 hours since the…-”

“Two hours!”, Newt repeated shocked, his eyes starring into nothing. “Two hours… Merlin’s beard…”

Queenie fumbled with her hands, she couldn’t hide her worries anymore. “I think it’s best we look for her now…”

Newt raised his gaze. “Yes… Yes it is!” He jumped on his feet and sprinted over to his shed, collecting his wand and climbing ub the ladder. He waited until Queenie left the case as well to secure it and taking it with him. Then, the two rushed into the living-room where Newt was met with the alarmed looks of Tina and Jacob.

“Newt! Y/N… she…!”, Tina was the first who spoke.

“I know.” Newt cut her off, fighting with his coat hectically as he put it on. Queenie stepped closer.

“We will help you find her, Newt!” Tina looked at her sister, then at Newt. “Yes”, she joined and Jacob nodded. The hufflepuff was touched by his friend’s support. He had behaved like a total ass this evening and still, they stood by his side. Newt smiled quickly.

“Thank you”, he said before he left the apartment in a hurry.

Time was ticking and he had no clue where you were. The thought of you beeing all alone by yourself at this late hour. What if some guys molested you and…?- Newt shook his head.

He wouldn’t let that happen. He would find you. He had to.

The british wizard ran through the streets of London, the cold december air lashing his face, but he kept his fast pace. He pounded all your favourite spots: the near park, the old book-store, the bridge where you liked to enjoy the view, the funny looking houses and the King’s Cross station. But you were nowhere to be found.

Panic started to rise up. Newt began to use apparation to get faster to places more far away.

“Y/N! Y/N!”, he screamed into the dead of night, hoping to get a respond, hoping to hear your sweet voice.


The magizoologist continued his search, using all his foucus and willpower to keep his apparation on a fast level. After 15 minutes though he had to take a break.

Newt collapsed on his kneeps, panting heavily. He leaned against a wall to regain his strength.

“I’m sorry, Y/N… I’m so sorry…”, he whispered to himself, giving up the fight against his tears and letting them run down his sweaty face. His little sobs filled the silence by echoing in the dark alley.

Newt was deep in thoughts, pondering the next places he should look for you. He didn’t notice his case softly rocking as one of his beasts escaped. It was the niffler. The furry creature sniffed on the ground and shooed away.

Newt’s eyes caught the little troublemaker and he immediantely followed him.

“Little bugger, not now!”, he grumpled but was surprised that the niffler had stopped. Newt reached him and saw a familiar earring in the paws of the little thief.

It was your earring.

Newts eyes widened, he spun around to look for you but his body came to an abrupt stop. He faced the wall and all his worries and fears became reality as he read the message that was written with blood on it:


Newt was petrified with horror. The worst scenario he could have imagined had happened: Grindelwald took you hostaged.

It had to be him. The dark wizard was after one thing after all: the obscurial inside his case.

By wasting no time Newt grapped the niffler and stared at the metal knife that was stuck inside the wall. It was stock-still, but as soon as Newt touched it, the knife shoot out of the wall and flew away. The hufflepuff chased after it, his heart hammering against his chest. He prayed that Grindelwald didn’t hurt you, but if he did… Oh, he would show no mercy.

You felt sick and dizzy.

You tried to study your surroundings but your vision was blurry. Grindelwald must have used this magical transportation-thing… Newt had told you about it once. It allowed wizards and witches to disappear from one spot and appear in a total different area.

You’ve always begged Newt to do it with you, but he refused. He said it was too dangerous for you as a normal human beeing.

Now you understood him.

It felt like your body had been almost ripped apart, the pressure inside your head had made you scream in pain. The dizziness reminded you of this horrendous experience.

“How are you feeling, love?”

You turned your head to see Grindelwald, your face was full of hatred. He stood above you, keeping a distance.

“Fuck you”, you hissed, narrowing your eyes. The blonde wizard just chuckled at your word choice.

“No reason to be rude. Altough, my apologies that I’ve cut you. But I needed your blood to… deliver a message”, he explained and you looked down on your arm, spotting a clean cut. You knew that he used you as a bait to lure Newt.

“Nice try, Grindelwald. But you won’t get what you want because Newt won’t come!”

Grindlewald raised an eyebrow, acting surprsised. “Oh, and why do you think so?”

“Because Newt and I…-”, you hesitated. You remembered your argument. There was no chance that Newt would come and rescue you. After all he’d said to you… you were a burden to him. But your thoughts were interrupted by an evil laugh.

“Oh look at you… Isn’t love brutal? It will always leave its mark on you. Making you vulnerable…” His gaze drifted off and you used his mental absence by looking around.

You were at a railway station telling by the signs and structure. Also, this was an underground station that you recognized. “Wait…”, you mumbled as your vision came fully back.

Again, you looked down on you, but this time your eyes widened in shock as you realzied your situation:

You were tied up on a rail track.

Grindlewald smiled, he had a great time as he saw the realization finally hitting you.

He enjoyed the look of pure panic in your eyes, watching you fighting against the robes, with no success. You wiggled like a fish on dry land, the fear of death poisining your mind.

There was no way to escape. You had no chance to win against a powerful wizard. But you weren’t ready to die yet, you were too young, you had your whole life ahead.

And then your heart stopped beating for a moment. There was a faint light in the distance, the rail track vibrating under your body in accordance with your tremble.

A train rushed with high speed towards you.

The lights got brighter and brighter. The sound of the machine booming painfully in your ears. That was the end. You knew it.

Tears ran down your cheeks and your breathing became choppy and hectic. In your final moment you wished you could see Newt once again, telling him how much you loved him and feeling his arms around your body.

The train was seconds away from you, its light blinding you. You squeezed your eyes shut, your thoughts running wild but in this chaos you could see the shape of your boyfriend, smiling warmly at you. Even though it was just your imagination, it made you forget about your nearby death. You were ready.


Your body was moved by an invisible force that shot you across the rail track in a split second. You crashed into something warm and firm. The strong wind of the passing train swirled up your hair and arms wrapped around your body. A familiar smell made you look up in disbelief, but there he was: Newt.

You clutched at his blue coat, snuggeling your head against his chest and cried.

You let all your emotions out, all the fear, relief, happiness and guilt that had plagued your soul. Newt pulled you closer and pressed a kiss on your head.

“Everything is going to be okay, Y/N… I’m here, love…”, he whispered into your ear.

The hufflepuffe was extremly reliefed to have you safe in his warms. But nevertheless, you both were still not out of danger. Newt stared at Grindelwald who had observed you both with a grin. The dark wizard raised his wand and Newt did the same.

“Here we are again, Mr. Scamander. Do you like the location? I hope you recognize it!”, the dark wizard spoke up.

Newt remembered. It was similar to the place where he had revealed and captured Grindelwald together with the Macusa back in New York.

“Bringing back good old memories…”, he said and pointed his wand at Newt’s case.

“Here’s the deal: I want the case. In return, I won’t kill your girl. Pretty fair, isn’t it?”

Newt didn’t answer. Instead, he thought about how to escape. He knew he had no chance against Grindelwald. Not alone. His priority was to get you and himself safely out of this.

The magizoologist leaned back, his wand and eyes still fixated on the other wizard.

“Y/N, take the case and hide. I’ll get us out of here”, he promised, shoving his brown leather-case to you which you grapped tightly.

“Newt, I won’t leave you alone let me he…-”


You winced at Newt’s forceful order. His expression was dead serious and his whole body tensed. It scared you to witness that Newt, who was usually calm and controlled, was now the total opposite. So you nodded and ran away with the case pressing tightly against your chest.

Grindelwald laughed again and shot a flash with his wand towards Newt.

“Protego!” The flash bounced off and flew towards Grindelwald who easily blocked the attack.

Then, the dark wizard moved up a gear, shooting a dozent of flashes at once. Newt had trouble to keep up the pace. He knew that Grindelwald was just playing with him.

“How imprudent of you to face me after you’ve used apparation so much”, the blonde wizard emphasised, but Newt tried his best. He was already sweating, his spells became a little slopy and he couldn’t stand longer on his feet.

You hid behind a wall and watched the battle. You wanted to help Newt, you had to or he would die.

Suddently you saw figures behind Grindelwald: it were Tina and Queenie!

They tiptoed closer and closer. Grindlewald was too engaged in his battle with the hufflepuff and so he didn’t noticed their new company.

Then, Tina pointed to the dark wizard and you followed her gaze: Grindlewald was standing on the rail track, Newt was a few meters away from him, laying on the ground.

Tina gave you instructions per hand signal and you nodded. You waited. Grindelwald was rising his wand again, ready to give Newt the finishing stroke. That’s when you sprinted towards both men.

“HEY! Coward!”, you screamed and it made Grindelwald stop in his move. A smile formed on his thin lips.

“No! Y/N! Stay away!”, Newt yelled, using all his strenght to stand up, legs shivering.

“You want this, right?! Then take it!” You threw the case and Newt’s jaw dropped.  

The case flew directly to Grindelwald who reached out his hand, that was your cue.

You raised your hand high up in the air, screaming as loud as you could. “NOW!”

Tina and Qeenie apparated on command, standing on each side of the dark wizard, pointing their wands at him. Grindelwald saw right through the trap but he lost precious seconds by catching the case, so the Goldstein sisters had an advantage.

Petrificus totalus!” The spell hit him twice, making his body freeze. Newt understood your plan as another train came rushing behind the dark wizard.

The magizoologist acted quickly. “Accio!” His beloved case returned to its owner, just in time before the train hit Grindelwald. Newt apparated next to you to carry you away from the trail rack.

The train roared passed you and left the trail empty. No sign of Grindelwald.

Tina and Queenie appeared next to you and Newt, the auror put a hand on your shoulder. She looked at Newt concerned. “We should leave. Grindelwald must have escaped so we better get out of here.” Newt nodded.

You were sitting in front of the mirror in your bedroom, eyeing yourself. Your hair was a mess, your clothes were ripped here and there and a bit of dirt covered your face.

The shock was still deep in your bones. You were close to death today, if Newt had came one second later, then…

A soft knock pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Come in.” You watched through the reflection of the mirror how Newt entered the room, a bowl in his hands. You swallowed, fighting against the tears. But Newt noticed.

He rushed to your side, putting the bowl carelessly on the table and pulled into a tight hug.

Your arms grapped his shoulders, holding on for dear life as your body was shaking uncontrollably with your sobs.

The wizard caressed your back gently, whispering sweet nothing into your ears to calm you.

Newt could understand your feelings. You had no idea how dangerous the world of wizardy and witchcraft could be and today you experienced it firsthand.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through this…” Newt truly was. He could never reconcile it with his conscience that you’d get hurt because of him…

But there was one question that plagued you the most. You leaned back to meet Newt’s eyes, letting out a shaky breath befor you asked your question.

“Why did you safe me?”

Newt’s eyes widened in confusion. “P-Pardon?”

“Why did you safe me? I though you hated me.”

A wave of guilt crushed over Newt. His expression was a mixture of shock, hurt and sadness. He furiously shook his head and cupped your face gently with his hands. “No, no, no, no, no, no… Y/N, darling, I love you… I love you so much…” You dropped your gaze.

“Be honest, Newt. Are you tired of me?” The hufflepuff frowned, tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn’t believe he made you feel this way.

“Listen, Y/N…”, he grapped your hands, placing them on his lap and stroked with his thumbs over your soft skin. He lowered his head, his messy hair covering his eyes. “… I was a fool, I-I didn’t mean anything what I said to you. I know that I can be exhausting, I get easily drawn-in by my work. B-but that is no excuse for how I’ve treated you… Please, plea…se…”, Newt’s voice broke as teardrops landed on your hand.

“Please… d-don’t leave…me… I don’t want to miss you. Ever again…” He brought your hands to his lips, pressing desperate kisses on your knuckles. His repeating begging crushed your heart and you couldn’t take it anymore.

You splapped Newt right in the face.

The impact of your hit moved his head to the side. He didn’t dare to look at you.

“That’s for breaking my heart, Scamander”, you sobbed. Newt swallowed, he briefly allowed himself to look at you from the corner of his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but you leaned closer and wrapped your arms around his neck.

You kissed his red cheek, sitting on his lap. “And that’s for saving me.”

Newt turned his head and looked at you puzzled, hope glinting in his eyes. You offered him a small smile. “I love you too, Newt. Please, just don’t treat me like this ever again…”

The wizard grapped your waist and you felt his whole body relaxing. “I-I promise!”, he bursted out stammering which made you giggle. Newt smiled in awe at that beautiful laugh of yours. Then, the atmospehre changed.

You both stared into each other eyes, tension and desire building around you.

Newt was the first who gave in.

He cupped your face again, pulling you closer to collide his lips on yours. You sighned into the heated kiss, enjoying the passion the hufflepuff shared with you.

Newt couldn’t controll his needing for you. His tongue eagerly licked over your swollen lips to get the wistful permission. You happily granted his request by opening your mouth and were taken aback by Newt’s hunger for you. He pushed his tongue inside, searching for yours to massage it intensely.

You forcefully pulled back, gasping for air. Newt moaned at the sudden breakup, panting heavily as he eyed you with heavy lids. He then felt ashamed for his intrusive behaviour, looking away.

“F-Forgive me…”, he apologized, a faint blush on his freckled skin.

“No need to apologize, but I believe we still have a diner party to attend…”, you wiggled with your eyebrows, “… and after that we could continue our…”. Your eyes flickered between you both. It earned you that boyish smile of Newt that you adored.

The wizard stood up and rached for your hand.

“Well, then we have no time to spare.”



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I’ve decided to do a sleep masterpost, because people are always saying that you need to sleep early so you can wake up early, but if you’re like me and have insomnia, sleeping early is not always an option. This masterpost is supposed to help you sleep.


  • Stick to a sleeping schedule: always go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends, 
  • Avoid naps: I know how naps can be a gift of God, but napping during the day make it more difficult to sleep at night. If you really need a nap, limit it to 30 mins before 3:00PM. 
  • Get regular exercise: exercise can improve symptoms of insomnia, but it’s not a quick fix. Aim for 30 mins or more of exercise every day, but not too close to bedtime. 
  • Avoid late meals: Try to avoid heavy, rich foods within two hours before bed. Fatty foods can take a lot of work for your stomach to digest. Spicy foods can cause heartburn. 
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine: Stop drinking caffeinated beverages at least eight hours before bed. While alcohol can make you feel sleepy, it interferes with the quality of your sleep, and nicotine is a stimulant.


  • Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark, and cool: Noise, light, and heat can interfere with sleep. Try using a sound machine or earplugs to hide outside noise, an open window or fan to keep the room cool, and blackout curtains or a sleep mask to block out light.
  • Avoid stimulating activity and stressful situations before bedtime:  This includes vigorous exercise, big discussions or arguments, or catching up on work. Instead, focus on quiet, soothing activities, such as reading, knitting, or listening to soft music, while keeping lights low.
  • Turn off screens one hour before bedtime: The light emitted from TV, tablets, smartphones, and computers suppresses your body’s production of melatonin and can severely disrupt your sleep. Instead of emailing, texting, watching TV, or playing video games, try listening to a book on tape, a podcast, or reading by a soft light.


  • Abdominal breathing: Breathing deeply and fully, involving not only the chest, but also the belly, lower back, and ribcage, can help relaxation. Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths, making each breath even deeper than the last. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation: Make yourself comfortable. Starting with your feet, tense the muscles as tightly as you can. Hold for a count of 10, and then relax. Continue to do this for every muscle group in your body, working your way up from your feet to the top of your head.
  • Mindfulness meditation: (This one is my favorite one) Sit quietly and focus on your natural breathing and on the way your body feels in the moment. Allow thoughts and emotions to come and go without judgment, always returning to focus on breath and your body.



I only have an Iphone, so these apps are the ones I found at the App Store. 

  • Sleep Cycle alarm clock. 

  • Digipill - Sleep, Relaxation and Mindfulness.

  • Stop, Breathe & Think.

  • Headspace

Who the Hell is Dick Grayson: Part2

Originally posted by soccer-love-life-n-randomthingz

Prompt: Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Dick Grayson

Words: 756

AN: My first time putting a gif on one of these things. Do you like it? Or should I not? 

Part 1

The world goes silent after the name leaves your father’s lips. You’d almost be willing to bet your heart stops too. Dick Grayson. You tune out anything else your father says as you launch yourself across the room and towards the computer. It takes you less than two minutes to trace the call back to a S.H.E.I.L.D. facility. You say nothing as you sprint out of the room and to the elevator. The last thing you see as the doors close is our father’s very confused face.

You break every speed limit as you drive through the city. More than a few people blow their horns at you. The tires squeal as you pull into the S.H.E.I.L.D. facility. You don’t pause at security you stroll right through.

You pass by Clint and Nat, and you’re so focused on your objective that you don’t hear them talking until Nat’s hand lands on your shoulder and forces you to stop. You face the redhead, and you can see the worry in her eyes. You see how tense Clint is next to her. Your father called. You’re certain of it. But even as Nat tries talking to you again you can’t hear anything. Instead you yank your shoulder back, and simply say, “I have to see him.”

You full on sprint to the end of the corridor, stopping at a peice of two way glass. You want to sob at what you see there. He’s sitting at a table, handcuffed, dressed in his police uniform. You can just make out the word Bludhaven on it.

You brace yourself against the glass, soaking in the chill, and do your best to slow your heartbeat.

“Richard Grayson. AKA Nightwing. Twenty-four years old. Originally a member of the Flying Graysons. Parents murdered when he was eight. Immediately taken in by Bruce Wayne. Became the Robin shortly after. Engaged to one Y/N Kent, before she mysteriously disappeared eighteen months ago. All of this information has been verified by one Amanda Waller.”  

You scowl, “Of course you know Waller.” You turn to face Fury. “Some friendly advice, stay away from Waller. The woman has more power than you could dream of, and she has a right hook that out does Nat.”

“Funny, she said something very similar in regards to you.”

Your eyes narrow, “We’ve had a few run-ins.”

“Care to tell me how you ended up in another dimension?”

“Nope. Care to let me see my fiance?”

“Sure. After my questions are answered.”

You cross your arms against your chest, “You’re playing a dangerous game here Fury.”

“You rushed in blind, little Stark.”

You smile, “I never rush in blind.”

He eyes you for a minute, and then the lights go out. You listen to the sounds of machines being turned off, and people yelling. You can’t see Fury, but you can hear him growl, “Stark.”

“Yes?” You make sure to keep your voice light and innocent.

“What did you do?”
You flick the light of your phone on, “Nothing that can’t be undone.” You let the sentence soak in for a minute before admitting, “I’ve had backup plans regarding S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Avengers for months now, and make no mistake this is only part one. The next part is so much worse and deals with plumbing.”

“You’re interfering with a government facility.”

“Last time I checked S.H.E.I.L.D. had been disowned by the government. Last time I checked you were no longer director. Just because you crawled out of your hidey-hole because something interests you, you do not get to play your little games with me or mine. And make no mistake, Richard Grayson is more mine than anyone else in this freaking universe. Now. Let. Me. See. Him.”

Fury regards you for a second before stepping to the side. You stride forward and pull the door open. Dick turns to face you and that smile you love takes over his lips as he says, “Hey there pretty lady. Miss me?”

Tears stream down your face and you brace yourself against the door. Dick simply stands up and walks over to you and wraps his arms around you. You cling to him, and bury your face in his chest. And as he holds you, strokes your hair, and presses a kiss against your temple, you feel at peace for the first time since you woke up in the kitchen of Stark Tower.

Caffeine Challenge #6

Whoo, good job everyone! That was a fun challenge :) You can read all past challenges and today’s HERE on this doc! It also has other’s who participated.

Here’s also mine below!

[END TIME lol I actually finished a contained short story for once!]

You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things. The demon in front of you doesn’t see anything amiss, doesn’t question your choice of writing implements, doesn’t do anything but what she’s been doing for the past hour; smiling.

“There we go,” she coos and pets your hair like a mother would. “Easy, easy and so much time life, darling. You made a good deal.”

“…Thanks,” you say, trying not to lean into her touch. It’s been weeks since anyone but a nurse has touched you, even longer since anyone has touched you with something approaching the amount of affection this demon is showing you.

It’s a lie, you think, staring down at your hands. They’re thin and brushed with purple and blue, your skin nearly translucent under the weight of your medications. Your fingers knot in your flimsy hospital gown.

“Take care, kid,” the demon says and brings the contract to her lips. She kisses the crackling paper and smiles wickedly at you. “I’ll be seeing you soon enough.”

She disappears in smoke and fire, a vortex of light and sound in the sterile hospital room that sends all the machines hooked up to you shrieking. She takes with her the sense of peace she’d brought, probably something artificial too.

You sigh and begin to pull the IVs and patches from your body.

“Stop!” Nurse Blanchett rushes into your room, eyes wide. She’s wearing pastel pink scrubs today, the brightest color in the hospital. She grabs your wrist as you go for the heart monitor, pinning it to your side. “Lavina, you can’t pull the–”

She breaks off as, slowly, you lift your arms, forcing hers up. You’re strong, so much stronger than her, and she loses the concern in her eyes to fear.

“I’m checking out,” you say and she lets go, stepping back from you. You swing your legs over the side of the bed, your bare feet still thin, still sickly, but filled with so much strength that your knees don’t buckle when you stand. “Goodbye, Nurse Blanchett.”

You don’t have any normal clothes at the hospital, but that’s fine. You need to go shopping before your final destination anyway.

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Happy. Happy?: Part 4

Part 3


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In my 22 years of life I cannot recall a time where my parents did not fight. It was a constant heartache and I learned from a young age that “love” is not what movies made it seem. While my parents continue to stay together I can see the unhappiness in their eyes. They fell out of love a long time ago but stayed together because all they knew was each other.

As I got older I made a promise to myself to never be like my parents. I don’t want to be in a relationship where one person is happy and the other is suffering. The look in Tyler’s eyes when he saw Toni was agonizing. I couldn’t determine what hurt the must the ache in my head or the burn I felt in my chest.

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I think about the Hive incursion a lot. About the Eliksni getting attacked even where they think they’ve finally gotten a foothold. About the Exiles in constant danger on the moon and even the other houses in the Cosmodrome and places on Earth.

I think about a Fallen patrol or community or stronghold, under attack by Hive forces. ‘The enemy moving against each other’ if you will. I think of lone Guardians witnessing these battles, and some choosing a side. Because the Hive are bigger, the Hive are darker, the Hive come from beyond and are more numerous than the Eliksni and Humanity combined. I think about a lone Guardian choosing a side, Eliksni hearing the familiar crack of not-dead-enemy-long-gun and fearful for a moment because there is already one adversary here. But it’s a floating-witch-husk that drops, and then sword-husks and then dreg-husks. The sound of a bright-light-machine-god-magic activates and the Eliksni know if they keep their heads down and stay out of sight they may be spared.

I think about lone Guardians eviscerating the Hive then glancing down upon tattered Eliksni forces and leaving them for another day. I think about whispered stories through the ranks that if you don’t shoot them, if you don’t give them reason to target you, sometimes the not-dead-warriors will leave you alive.

Alone (10)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

After spending the whole day away from Chanyeol, the effects of his constant touch were beginning to wear off. A dull ache was slowly sinking into your muscles, like you’d just done a hard workout in the gym. It wasn’t too painful to bear: you hadn’t even noticed the aching while you were at the zoo with Talia. However, you couldn’t bury your desire for Chanyeol, your thoughts always falling back to him no matter what.

Lounging in your living room after your long day, you found yourself staring at your phone; wondering if you should call Chanyeol or not, wondering if he was going to call you or not. That morning, he said he would phone you after work but did he mean that literally or was it an invitation for you to call him? You didn’t want to interrupt him in a meeting or something like that.

You reached for your phone, spinning it around between your fingers in deliberation. Sighing loudly to yourself, you threw your head back in frustration. This is why you didn’t date.

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I let you win.

Monsta X’s Shownu

Word Count: 400 words

Genre: Fluff, Drabble

Little note: I hope you enjoy this tiny drabble. I know it’s short but I think it turned out short and sweet. I’m sorry it took me so long to post it!

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“Are you sure you want to play that?” Hyunwoo had asked.

You had dragged him over to a darts game, already getting your wallet out on the way there.

“Of course!” You had answered excitedly.

You two were out on a date night and, as cliche as it sounded, you had agreed to go to an amusement park. At least it’d be fun.

Regarding the darts game, you just wanted to try it out and test your skills. Once in your hometown you’d played one of those balloon popping games and you’d managed to pop two out of three so you wanted to test if it had been just a matter of luck or skill.

You never could have imaged you’d win. When the machine started making firework sounds and lighting up, you were so surprised. You turned around to Hyunwoo, throwing your fists in the air out of happiness.

“I won!” You beamed.

“You did.” He nodded.

Looking close, you noticed he was pouting, even if he himself didn’t notice. You found it so cute you wanted to squish his cheeks.

“Aw, babe, why are you like that? It’s just a game.” You smiled.

You stepped closer and stood on your tip toes to wrap your arms around his neck. He leaned down for you and his own arms found their way around your waist loosely.

“What do you want as price for winning?” He asked, clearing his throat once he realized he was half grumbling.

“Ah, why are you acting like that? The result doesn’t matter.” You tried, moving your hands to cup his cheeks. “Okay?” You insisted.

Unable to look anywhere else, he looked into your eyes, lips pursing.

“I let you win.” He mumbled.

“That’s right. I know you did, I’m bad at these things.” You nodded quickly, chuckling.

Slowly, his lips curved into a soft smile, one of those that made his dark eyes almost disappear.

“You haven’t said what you wanted as price.” He reminded.

“Ah…” You pursed your lips, looking around as you thought. 

In the process, you saw a cart selling cotton candy and you almost squealed in happiness. You looked back to Hyunwoo and gently pressed your palms against his cheeks, to make him purse his lips cutely.

“Cotton candy and a kiss, okay?” You asked.

“Okay.” He mumbled through squished cheeks and gently leaned in, pressing his lips to yours.

Dance Moms season 4 Groups: Ranked by Izzy

So a lot of these are my favorite dances from the show. I am not sure if it’s because it’s when they first introduced choreographer’s cut, but I do feel like the girls were all at their peak this season and I didn’t enjoy the dances again this much until like season 7. So to cap off the end of the episode, here’s some ranks!

Tribal Council
Abby one again choreographing a dance about a culture she doesn’t actually know anything about.

New Day
I just didn’t like this one because the group was too big.

Red with Envy
Maddie solo with background dancers, and it really didn’t need to be. And the costumes were ugly.

Bollywood and Vine
And again. And the costumes on these…

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
I liked the song, and the choreography. Not crazy about the overall theme.

Riches to Rags
This dance was mismatched. It was essentially I Want It Now with more confusing costumes.

The Bite
An okay dance over all, but you could hardly see anything past those capes. Also this brings me to a point about some of Abby’s group dances. Kalani and Maddie were characters—this could have been a duet. Sometimes Abby’s groups are like this. She knows the roles of two of the dancers and then the rest are just kinda there.

Eh. It was okay, just a little sloppy and a little boring.

The Good Life
This wasn’t MUCH better. And the song was fucking awful.

Girls Night Out

I actually liked this dance a lot. I loved the costumes, makeup and hair and I love when they do upbeat jazz numbers.

The Seven Dancers
The song was annoying and the costumes were stupid. BUT the dance itself was funny and it actually looked somewhat challenging and energized.

Amber Alert
The actual dancing in this wasn’t the problem. But the ‘story’ as it were…made no sense. Abby once again knew Kenz was gonna get kidnapped, Maddie was gonna be looking for her, and Nia was gonna be the kidnapper. But…what about everyone else? Why were they there? And why did Chloe introduce Kenzie to the dance and then later kill her?

Beautiful Sadness
This dance was pretty and the costumes were beautiful. I love flower crowns lol.

Why Not Me?
I liked the look of this dance. The costumes were pretty and the song was cute, although I’m told that wasn’t the original song. I just wish there was a little more to it.

The Heist
Same with this one. It was pretty basic and a little disjointed.

Beautiful Revenge
Another Maddie solo with backup dancers but I like this one better than Red With Envy as a whole because it was a little but subtler.

America Gone
It’s cool, it’s clean. Song was cool. Costumes were nice.

First Ladies
Ultimately technically better. And Chloe fit in better with this team than Jade fit in with the junior elites.

Playing with Matches
This dance is so pretty but once again…story, if there even is one, doesn’t make sense. It’s also really stupidly literal.

Free at Last
Nia as the lead, and this made Holly cry. This was one of the earlier dances from season 4 so there were more mistakes technically but I still liked it.

Yum Yum
Kalani’s first dance with the team. I LOVE this dance, it’s so cute. And it was very clean and together.

Witches of East Canton
The song sounds like a rip off of No Light by Florence+The Machine but that’s okay. This dance was cool and it was intense. And the costuming was cool and not too extra.

Kinky Boots
I hated Payton’s costume. This dance though looked really hard, especially in those shoes, so I was impressed with some of the things they did. Some of it was not appropriate though.

Broken Dolls
Yes…the DM girls have shabby technique….maybe I like the IDEA of this dance more than the actual dance. But for real I just love this dance.

Just Another Number
This dance would have made a cool movie. It was intense and there was a lot going on but not in a bad way. The bar codes on their back was awesome.

Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board
First off, dear Abby and or producers; you don’t need a Ouija board to play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. Those are two separate things…But! This dance was so good. You could tell the girls really put their all into that dance.

Hollywood Stars
Pretty, simple and clean. I didn’t get Hollywood Stars vibes but it was a pretty dance.

Amazing Grace
Watching this dance is literally like breathing in fresh air or something. It’s so beautiful. The only problem I have really with this dance is I wished Maddie’s costume would have been in the same style as the other girls or something. She should have been the lead since it was her solo, but the costumes didn’t look right together.

Smells like Team Spirit
Underrated. I dunno how anyone could not like this group. Lots of interesting shapes we don’t see a lot, not a whole lot of turns and leaps but still very pretty. And the song. <3

Best of the select ensembles dances. Beautiful costumes, cool song, and a neat prop. It was different from all the rest of their group dances.

Slip up in the beginning, sure. But still a beautiful piece. And the song was actually a bearable Rachael Sage song.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
I am gonna TRY to keep this short, but you guys…I love this dance so much. This dance is actually somewhat CLEVER in choreography, and no matter what’s going on, the girls never seem to let the character slip. The entire time they’re focused on their fears. And the music actually goes with their fears, for example…When the song starts, the words are “It’s not so bad alone,” and since Maddie’s fear is being alone, she starts it. Towards the end, there’s a line in the song that says “In silence, I’m silent” and Chloe—who has a fear of public speaking—is the one who dances on that line. I would love to write more on this dance and someday I will. But not here! But this is, for sure, my number one pick.

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If your ask box is open, yaku, lev, bokuto, and kuroo when their f!s/o has a really bad headache?

Ask box is always open, fam! And considering I’ve been nursing a 3-day stress migraine, I needed this. Enjoy!
~Admin Emma

Yaku: Super attentive and caring. He turns off all extraneous lights and sound, maybe plays a white noise machine on super low if you can’t handle the silence. He is all about head massages, and he’s super good at them, so he’ll always offer. 

Lev: Poor boy, he really does try. His hands are great for something like, say, head massages, but otherwise he’s sort of hopeless. He will get you asprin and turn off the lights, but child is needy, so all he can really offer is snuggles. 

Bokuto: You’d think he’d be loud and obnoxious, but you’d be wrong. Bokuto’s anxiety and moodswings tend to result in really bad headaches, so he knows just what to do. He’ll put your head in his lap, dim the lights, and have you take your preferred painkiller before offering literally the best head massage ever. If you can handle it, he’ll hum tunelessly. He just wants to be there for you, and this time he can actually help.

Kuroo: Natural born caregiver, he tries to find the root cause. Are you hydrated? Have you eaten? Is your hair too tight? How long have you been looking at that screen? Maybe you need to take a break? Either way, he’ll be there, and he’s extremely adept at taking care of you. High key, he lives for the quiet moments in your relationship, even if it kills him when you are in pain.

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Can you please do a scenario for Kageyama, Ukai and Nishinoya where someone is flirting with his s/o and they gets possesive and jealous

i decided to combine the noya ones for this!

someone finally requested my husband ukai again i cry. his is also a bit of a sequel/continuation to another request from a while back, which itself is kind of a side-story to a longer fic i’m working on. you can read that original request here but for the most part i tried to make this a standalone without the need to read it (aka i slipped in the necessary details). so that also means fem!reader for it.

for kags and noya’s, the reader’s gender isn’t specified


Hand-holding with Kageyama had always been more effort than it was worth. The first time you took his hand out in public, he turned a shade redder than a ripe tomato and couldn’t stop stuttering any time you prompted conversation. Gradually, he grew used to this small display of affection, but even then, it had become a sparse action that you usually reserved for walking in less crowded places.

This afternoon was no different. The shopping district was bustling with people; it was one of your few days off when Kageyama was also free to go out, so you suggested a casual stroll through town to do some shopping. You and Kageyama walked along close to each other, but without much physical contact. Somewhere along the way, you stopped in front of the local arcade and pointed at the entrance.

“We’ve never been here before. Let’s check it out,” you suggested.  

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What are some good shorts to watch? Not seen many but I think Martin Scorcese's The Big Shave is great.

probably forgetting some, but these are my favorites! 

  • la jeteé (chris marker, 1962, FRA)
  • meshes of the afternoon (maya deren, 1943, USA)
  • world of tomorrow (don hertzfeldt, 2015, USA)
  • night and fog (alain renais, 1955, FRA)
  • rabbits (david lynch, 2002, USA)
  • ghost (takashi ito, 1984, JPN)
  • outer space (peter tscherkassky, 1999, AUT)
  • c’etait un rendez-vous (claude lelouch, 1976, FRA)
  • light is waiting (michael robinson, 2007, USA)
  • entr’acte (rené clair, 1923, FRA)
  • heart of the world (guy maddin, 2000, CAN)
  • un chien andalou (luis bunuel, salvidor dali, 1929, FRA)
  • instructions for a light and sound machine (peter tscherkassky, 2006, AUT)
  • fireworks (kenneth anger, 1947, USA)
  • breakway (bruce conner, 1966, USA)
  • dante quartet (stan brakhage, 1987, USA)
  • house is black (forugh forrokhzad, 1963, IRN)
  • 10/65: self mutilation (kurt kren, 1965, AUT)
  • 9214 (takahiro suzuki, 2010, JPN)
  • retrograde premonition (leighton pierce, 2010, USA)
  • pas de deux (norman mclaren, 1968, BRI)
  • corridor (standish lawder, 1970, USA)
  • american dreams: lost and found (james benning, 1984, USA)
  • threshold (malcom le grice, 1972, BRI)
  • la balloon rouge (albert lamorisse, 1956, FRA)

haunted love; cesare and lucrezia. “Impossible loves. I am very much afraid they can become an addiction.”  [LISTEN]

vampire smile -  kyla la grange / we’ll be the broken lovers with the poison cup / the ghosts won’t matter ‘cause we’ll hide in sin. happy together - filter / so happy together, i can’t see me loving nobody but you for all my life  gods and monsters - lana del rey / put your hands on my waist, do it softly   summertime sadness - lana del rey / kiss me hard before you go    I want you to stay - rihanna / i can’t live without you/ i want you to stay  young and beautiful - lana del rey / will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful  shake it out - florence and the machine / our love is questioned, such a mournful sound   no light no light - florence and the machine / and I’d do anything to make you stay   follow you into the dark - death cab / if heaven and hell decide that they’re both satisfied/ i’ll follow you into the dark   keep me high - adaline / the pull is stronger/ than the push   all i need - within temptation / all my agony fades away/when you hold me in your embrace  my body is a cage - peter gabriel / that keeps me from dancing with the one I love   running up that hill - placebo / there is thunder in our hearts, baby  devils tears - angus and julia stone / i’ll taste the devil’s tears/ but i’ll never give you up

Sensory overload
  • Me: ok, so today I'm high on spoons and I think I will be able to socialize with my classmates for once in my life
  • Brain: that sounds fake but ok
  • Me (at the coffee shop): omg, look at me acting so neurotypical hanging out with my "pals"
  • Brain: oh but look at those BRIGHT LIGHTS and these distracting LOUD SOUNDS coming from everywhere, THE COFFEE MACHINE IS LOUD, PEOPLE ARE LOUD, TRAFFIC IS LOUD and the smells and all these people touching you
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: and don't forget the pointless and incomprehensive conversation about topics that make you uncomfortable
  • Me: Let's go home and stim while looking for information about our favourite special interest
  • Brain: I like how you think