the life styled


2 WEEKS AGO I watched Riviera (programme on Sky) and thought hm I’d love to go to Monaco and live that life. And boom. Just back from the place with SD1. I always have a vision board I’m working on and little affirmations I say in my head.
Also tumblr and your own blog is so good for confirming your goals and when you see it come up every day, you subconsciously work towards it.

I remember when I had nothing, literally nothing. The only Lux make-up I had was a passed down Clinique powder. But due to me constantly focusing on all these aspects of luxury living- I’ve honestly gained everything I’ve wanted. I’m not even joking. It doesn’t come easily or quickly but somehow when you want something bad enough- life finds a way to give it to you.

I’m still a developing SB but miles and miles ahead of what I used to be like when I first started out.


Harry Styles-Story of My Life (9/28/17)


Harry Styles - Story of My Life (Live at Radio City, NYC)