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April 19th, 2016 - We can’t waste anymore time. 

Happy birthday to Melissa! @mcbridemelissa 

May every moment of your birthday be the happiest you’ve ever had, and may your happiness spill over to every other day of the year. I wish you all the best things in both personal life and career.

Thank you for exist and making my day a bit brighter always. ❤❤❤

Smile brightly as you always do! 

Everytime we get Kara x Mon-el being cute and coupley in Kara’s apartment, I feel like we’re actually seeing Mel x Chris being cute and coupley. They’re all smiley and silly, and they’re both just such good and genuine people. Their chemistry is incredible, and you can plainly see how much they enjoy working together. You couldn’t ask for two better people to exist, and it’s so wonderful that they’ve become friends. I love them.

some quick tips for vegans
  • always buy food in bulk, because it’s cheaper + you don’t have to go grocery shopping as often
  • if you can’t get ahold of the packaging label, just don’t eat it. instead, you can bring your own food/snacks everywhere
  • make a shopping list and go grocery shopping as needed 
  • read the ingredients. all the time. especially if you’re eating out/buying food/eating someone else’s food
  • get a rice cooker!!! i swear it’s so easy + fast to make rice and this way u can be super lazy and cook fast and delicious meals (like me)
  • only buy the staples, then make fancier meals out of them. don’t go crazy buying fancy vegan foods, because you will spend a lot of money.
  • for body products/makeup/etc., you could spend more money and buy from the explicitly vegan brands, or you can buy from everyday drugstore brands and just check the labels super thoroughly. it just depends on your budget. 
  • frozen fruits and vegetables!!! they’re cheaper + they last longer
  • almond milk is AH-mazing and every vegan should try it. heck, you should try it even if you’re not vegan almond milk is LIFe
  • trader joe’s has a lot of great vegan foods and it’s wayyyy cheaper than whole foods
  • fruits and vegetables are great for meals/snacks
  • smoothies!!!
  • it’s okay if you can’t afford to go completely vegan. (as in, you can’t buy only vegan clothes/makeup/body products) baby steps. you’ll get there.
  • don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally eat something non-vegan! we’ve all done it, and it’s okay. just be more careful next time!
  • good luck with your vegan journey! it’s a wonderful, life-changing experience, and I encourage you all to try it! ~mel

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so sake and i were talking earlier about the time sasusaku found out sakura could have multiple orgasms. he wanted to learn how to make her come with his fingers, since he'd never really done that before, and after he manages to coax her into letting him watch her touch herself, he learns that she does that thing where she curls her fingers to hit something inside and it makes her /crazy/. he lets her work herself until she's close... so close... and then stops her so he can take over.


Here’s a new thing I’m doing as a working woman: before I send an e-mail, I re-read it to see if I’m unnecessarily apologizing. Then, I delete those apologies. I also delete things like “hope that makes sense!” or “Is that okay?” after I’ve clearly explained myself. Because if someone doesn’t understand, they can let me know. I’m not going to second-guess myself or give someone the opportunity to question my authority when I know what I’m fucking talking about.

Privileged (17/?)

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“*yn* and her four friends plus Murphy continue on their journey to find and save the rest of the delinquents. When they lose one of their own, tensions between *yn* and Finn reach boiling point. *yn* reunites with one of her closest friends.” 

Warnings: death, violence, swearing, fluff, slight angst 

Notes: Based on 2x04 “Many Happy Returns” of The 100.

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“How do we even know if this map is right?” Murphy piped up. 

“I’m just saying, we’ve been walking for two days and there’s no sign of them.” He continued when his question was met with silence.

“Just be quiet Murphy.” Monroe snapped irritably before *yn* could even open her mouth to tell him off. The group had lost what little spirit that they originally had a long time ago, around the time that Murphy had begun to complain every hour like clock work to be precise. 

“I’m just making the point-”

“Shut up.” *yn* cut him off as she came to a sudden halt and jerked her head around. “Oh what now-”

“Shh.” She snapped, shooting him a silencing glare before turning her attention back to her surroundings. The rest of the group came to a halt and they once again fell into a tense silence, all of them shooting *yn* confused glances.

“Do you hear that?” She murmured quietly. The rest of them strained their ears at her words. There was a pause when nothing but birds chirping entered their ears until they all heard something coming up ahead. 


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