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i wonder if i’m the only one who has no real feelings on elriel or even elucien because elain bores the absolute life out of me?? i don’t hate either ship but like elain had so much potential as a character and so much could have been done with her as a person and a seer and she was just pretty meh. now throw lucien and azriel together, there’s an interesting combo. lucriel. i’ll ship it. 

welcome!!!!!! this is long overdue. i’ve been promising myself i’d made this forever. so here it is - the ultimate masterpost of wlw (women loving women) books. not all characters are lesbians, some are bi or pan, though all books feature f/f relationships and/or themes. there are 150+ recommendations, so enjoy!








How I Feel About Lucien Right Now:


Unexpected Bonds


Chapter One

“Feyre” Rhysand said tentatively. She knew that it was the voice he reserved for when he wanted her to do something, something she wouldn’t want to do. She glanced at him, eyes full of suspicion. “What?” The returning smile that he gave her was dazzling, they had seen a century together and her breath still hitched when he looked at her like that.
“I need you to catch the Suriel for me.”
“No way! Not a chance Rhys. Every time I ensnare that thing it tells me a goddam secret about one us and I have had enough of its interfering gossip.” Feyre’s face reddened, she was at the end with the Suriel. It had told her that Rhys was her mate, it had told anybody who would listen what Amren really was, it had told her that Nesta and Cassian were having a baby before they even knew themselves and it had been the one to tell her that they would lose Mor in the war. It told her that there was nothing any of them could do to stop it too.
“I need to hear some of that interfering gossip.”  Her jaw dropped, Rhys never wanted to hear anything the Suriel had to say. She went to open her mouth but he cut her off.
“It’s about Azriel…and Elain.” All of the anger subsided in Feyre immediately. She knew that Mor’s death destroyed a part of Az, she understood that but, she couldn’t help but notice the shy glances between the shadow-singer and her sister. She saw the way that he looked at her, knew that look, it reminded her of the way Rhys looked at her. She recalled their first meeting, all those years ago when her sisters were still mortal. She remembered thinking how they seemed to gravitate toward each other even then. A low sigh escaped Feyre’s lips.  
“Get me a cloak and a chicken.” She glowered. Rhysand beamed at her.

For three incredibly long hours the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court waited, crouched in a tree for the Suriel to take the bait. The excitement emanating from Rhys only pissed her off further. Insufferable busy body she thought to herself. It took no effort for her to catch the Suriel now, the cloak and chicken were just for show, the bastard practically threw itself at Feyre’s feet, eager to tell her anything about her life or her friends’. Rhys’ ears pricked as the snare snapped into place, delight spread across his perfect feautures, she groaned. “Here we go.”
The grotesque withered faerie looked up at them, it’s grey gnarled fingers dramatically tapping together. Tap, tap, tap. Feyre rolled her eyes.        
“High Lady.” It began, it’s voice ancient and cruel and yet young and beautiful. “And your mate I see.” It’s delight was palpable. “You have one question then release me.”
Rhysand stepped forward. “I have the question, it’s regarding Azriel and Elain.” “Ah yes, the shadow-singer. It’s a pity about the truth teller, he loved her so deeply, a love unwavering.” Rhys sagged slightly in spite of himself.
It had been a century since his cousin had died, and a century that he has had to watch his friend suffering. Azriel had blamed himself for Mor’s death, but she had sacrificed herself for all of them, for Prythian.
“Ask your question High Lord, so your mate might free me.”
“Is there any chance for them?” He asked, his voice hollow.
Feyre gripped her knife beginning to cut it free of the crude snare she had built for it.
“There’s always a chance for mates.” The Suriel replied feigning boredom.
“WHAT?!” Rhys and Feyre exclaimed together.
Feyre’s head was spinning, her thoughts racing too fast to focus. But Lucien she thought. Ninety years they had spent keeping Elain away from Lucien. He had persisted but Elain was adamant she didn’t want the bond, didn’t feel the bond. Nesta had shielded her sister from him so fiercely she had almost taken his other eye.
“Lucien.” Feyre voiced aloud.
“Oh please, The High Lord of the Autumn court claims mates more often than the water wraiths claim they are hungry.”
Rhys and Feyre gawped as the spindly bodied faerie got to its feet, pulling its new cloak around itself. They watched it begin to walk away before it turned and gave Feyre a knowing look. Here we go she thought the secret nobody wants to hear.
“Of course though, Lucien only does so to cover his true feelings.” It paused theatrically waiting for Feyre to bite, but she wasn’t going to. She didn’t need to. Rhys did. “True feelings?” He queried.        
“Oh you didn’t know? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? Lucien has been in love with Tamlin for 300 years.” And that was it, the Suriel was gone, bounding into the trees and out of sight. Feyre groaned again as she winnowed back to Velaris.

ACOTAR Characters As The Seven Deadly Sins

Wrath: Nesta, Amarantha

Envy: Ianthe, The Mortal Queens 

Makes Bad Friend Choices: Lucien

Gossipy Bitch: Suriel + Feyre

Partial to Eating People???: Amren 

Too Pure™ For This World: Elain, Morrigan

Giving People Too High Boyfriend Standards: Rhysand, Azriel, Cassian

Why I ship Elriel

I’ve gotten some asks for this and I’ll try to answer this here:

After ACOMAF, I’ll admit I was riding the Elucien mate bandwagon, because the idea of them together and mated seemed cute. But that’s all they were: an idea.

I’d hoped Maas would give us some real Elucien interaction to work with in ACOWAR, had hoped for it, but the reality of it was there wasn’t much.

The broken Elain wasn’t something anyone planned for. In most fanfics and headcannons I read, she accepted her immortality and was content finding Lucien and discovering the bond between them.

But what Maas gave us was a broken girl unsure of reality and dreams. A girl unable to let go of the fiancé she left behind. A girl who struggled to be seen compared to her other “stronger” sisters.

I still had hope that Elucien would pull through. I imagined Lucien sneaking into Elain’s room to talk to her (without Nesta knowing) or him watching her as she walked around the house, staying away from her but failing. We got none of that. When Elain finally talks with Lucien, she asks him if he noticed her, Lucien didn’t say he did.

The only interaction of importance between them (imo) was the eye contact they made before Lucien went to find Vassa. That was when they both truly connected. Besides that, there wasn’t much to work with, though Lucien trying to connect with her and help “cure” her was really cute.

Not compared to the Elriel interactions (which included Azriel risking his life to rescue her, Elain saying to him “You came for me”, Elain kissing his cheek as ‘thank you’, and him giving her his weapon that he has never let anyone else touch). Azriel was also the one who watched her enough to realize she was a seer.

More importantly, he was the one to ask about where Elain was when the cauldron took her, and helped everyone to realize that she had been taken. He noticed she was missing when no one else did.

So, while the idea of Elucien is a nice one (imagine Elain making Lucien flower crowns), it isn’t the reality SJ Maas wrote.

The reality is that Azriel quite possibly could be the love Elain needs (even if he isn’t her “mate”) and Elain could be the woman to show Azriel what real love could be like, not 500 years of unrequited love. (Side note: his shadows disappear when she’s around, something that used to only happen when he’s around Mor).

I’ve heard the argument that Elriel will never be as good as Elucien because they aren’t mates, but SJ Maas has said again and again that even if you’re mates, it doesn’t mean you have an Earth-shattering love. The mating bond hasn’t come in for Nessian yet, and there may be a chance that they aren’t mates (tho it’d be nice if they were mates) but people (including me) ship them all the same.

And Elriel could honestly be as great a couple as Nessian or Feysand if everyone would give them a chance.

UPDATED: okay, maybe there might be some SPOILERS for anyone that hasn’t read ACOMAF - you’ve been warned.

Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone a list I made while reading ACOMAF. The list is made up of pages/chapters/certain parts of the book that are my fave or made me feel some type of way.

Hope you enjoy! If you have any fave parts or chapters please feel free to add onto the post!! I’d love to see what your fave parts are!

  • Page 49: Feyre being a sassy lil shit and throwing her shoe at Rhys’ head lmao.
  • Page 62: The whole page but mostly, “You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre.”😩😂
  • Page 95: “We’re not finished with this meal” - Tamlin “Oh, get over yourself” - Feyre // I love Feyre, I really do.😂
  • Page 192: “If that day comes, I’ll find a way to break the spell on Amren and unleash her on the world. And ask her to end me first.” - Rhys about Amren
  • Page 289: When Feyre hears the music and realizes that Rhys had sent that music to her in the prison (ACOTAR). “Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.” - Rhysand // also the way he “ruins” the moment with his comment about the Weaver.
  • Pages 290-291: When they’re exchanging notes. MAKES ME GIDDY AF FAM 😍 // “Lick you where, exactly?” - Feyre “Wherever you want to lick me, Feyre. I’d like to start with ‘Everywhere’ but I can choose, if necessary.” - Rhysand
  • Page 299: When Azriel and Cassian have to stop themselves from laughing so hard when Feyre makes a comment about being surprised that there aren’t more mirrors in the house for Rhys to look at himself.
  • Pages 335-337: The little argument Rhys and Feyre have because they’re jealous of the time they spent with Cresseida and Tarquin apart. And then my little heart broke when Rhys basically said he was jealous and wanted to be someone Feyre could easily fall in love with and smile at. okay bye, I’m gonna go cry. 😭 // “To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.” - Feyre “To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered.” - Rhysand
  • Pages 365-367: Rhysand not being playful with Feyre and Feyre wanting him to be his old flirtatious self. The “lacy little unmentionables” talk. 
  • Page 374: When we find out the meaning of the tattooed stars and mountains on Rhys’ knees, “That I will bow to no one and nothing but my crown.” - Rhys “So dramatic.” - Feyre // Feyre bringing lambs blood to Amren and, “You––oh, I like you.” - Amren
  • Pages 399-401: “Amren and Mor told me that the span of an Illyrian male’s wings says a lot about the size of … other parts.” - Feyre // “They also said that Azriel’s wings are the biggest.” - Feyre // Rhys teasing Feyre about being this big badass but “a little free fall makes you scream?” and Feyre’s response of course, “I’ll leave you to rot the next time you have a nightmare.” // The whole wing talk on the bottom of page 400 and all of 401.
  • Pages 413-416: FEYRE SITTING ON RHYS’ LAP GOODNESS GRACIOUS HAVE MERCY ON ME. 😩 // “You are good, Rhys. You are kind. This mask does not scare me. I see you beneath it. “ - Feyre to Rhys.
  • Pages 420-422: Rhys feeling horrible for acting a certain way to his court in front of Feyre (the whole act of him being this high lord). Rhys not wanting her to compare him to Tamlin. WHEN FEYRE CROSSES THE LINE AND HURTS RHYS’ FEELINGS.
  • Pages 426-427: “When Rhys came back, after Amarantha, he was a ghost. He pretended he wasn’t, but he was. You made him come alive again. “ - Amren to Feyre about Rhys. // Amren saying that Rhys thinks he’s the villain. And Feyre saying. “But I forgot to tell him, that the villain is usually the person who locks up the maiden and throws away the key.” “He was the one who let me out.”
  • Pages 437-440: Starfall. Starfall. STARFALL. Rhys laughing. Feyre laughing. Glowing lovebirds. Feyre PAINTING AGAIN. FEYRE PAINTING ON RHYS. FEYRE GIVING RHYS A SMILE. // “You’re exquisite.” - Rhys to Feyre // FEYRE AND RHYS DANCING OH GOD IM CRY
  • Pages 487-488: Feyre telling Rhys about what she used to paint for her sisters while pulling the ash arrows out of his wings. // “What did you paint for yourself?” - Rhys “I painted the night sky.” - Feyre // “I was looking for you, too.” Rhys to Feyre 
  • Pages 492-496: mate. mate. maTe. MATE. MAAAAATE.
  • Chapter 54: It honestly breaks my heart. I reread this and cried because Rhys is known to be so vicious but he does certain things to protect the ones he loves and he’s been through so much and he was raped over and over to keep Velaris protected. To keep his squad and HIS PEOPLE AWAY FROM AMARANTHA. // “But then she snapped your neck.” Tears rolled down his face. “And I felt you die,” he whispered.
  • Pages 544-546: “Feyre doesn’t look too tired. Maybe she could give me a ride––” - Cassian 😂 // “Welcome to the family, Feyre.” - Mor // “We will serve and protect.” - Amren // THE WHOLE FAMILY VIBE MAAAAN
  • Pages 557-558: Feyre trying to get rid of Cassian and Azriel bc she doesn’t need protection lol. Feyre and Rhys exchanging notes 😌
  • Page 571: “Feyre Cursebreaker, the Defender of the Rainbow.” - Rhys to Feyre after the attack in Velaris.
  • Pages 574-575: Rhys hating and blaming himself for what happened to Velaris. // “I don’t deserve you.” - Rhys “We deserve each other. And we deserve to be happy.” Feyre
  • Pages 577-579: “You might be my mate, but you remain your own person. You decide your fate––your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose everyday. Forever.” - Rhys to Feyre // Feyre and Rhys deciding which room to take together. // THE WEDDING RING GOSH DANGIT.
  • Page 581: “With my life, High Lord. I’ll protect her with my life.” Cassian to Rhys before they go to Hybern
  • Pages 620-621: When Rhys breaks the news to the squad that Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court.
Unexpected Bonds Chapter 4


Chapter Four

Feyre paced anxiously, her blue eyes darting wildly as Amren recalled her outing with Elain to her and Rhys. It was evident to everybody that Elain was…unhinged, but she had never realised the extent. Now that Amren told them of the dead nothing behind her sister’s eyes a pang of guilt ran through Feyre, she should have noticed, should have helped sooner.
“I need to tell Lucien.” Feyre told them in a tired voice. “He needs to leave her alone first, before she can commit to anything else.”
Amren and Rhysand nodded their agreement. Sadness had coated Rhys’ perfect features as he listened to Amren explain just how deep Elain’s sadness went and just how deep Azriel’s demons were rooted. Centuries, it had been centuries that Rhys had known him and he was still no closer to understand the beings that haunt Azriel than he had been the day they met.
“I’ll write to the Autumn Court.” He eventually said. “I’ll ask for a visit. Lucien will always welcome you Feyre. And in the meantime, I’ll seek guidance from the Suriel.”
Feyre arched an eyebrow at her mate, a disbelieving smile ghosted on her mouth.
“You’re actually going back to it? After the terrible advice it gave you?”
Amren snorted. “Girl, terrible doesn’t even begin to describe the plans those two idiots hatched up together.”
Rhys opened his mouth to protest but one sharp look from his second had him biting his tongue.
“I’ll write to Lucien before I go.” He promised Feyre, kissing her on the head gently as he began for the door.
“Go where?” She asked with narrowed eyes.
“It’s the full moon tonight and I have a progress meeting to attend.”
Feyre let out a deep low groan that had Amren cackling to herself once more. With a conspiratorial wink at them both Rhys departed for his ridiculous meeting.

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Probably an unpopular opinion…but I don’t want more books about the other courts. The characters were interesting but…I don’t care about them. If SJM is gonna give us more books in this verse…I want the stories to be Feyre’s. I want to watch Nesta and Cassian grow through Feyre’s eyes. I want to see Elain come back to life. I want to know if Mor ever comes out to her family. I want Feyre to watch Azriel find happiness. Someone to love. I want to know if Amren’s personality changes at all. I want more Feysand fights, flirting, adventures, love??? Growth??? Dealing with their issues and coming out on top, together, as they’ve done in the past?

I honestly don’t give a shit about Miryam and Drakon. I don’t care about the lost queen. Or the other countless lords and ladies. I only care about them in relation to OUR characters. That ending did not give me closure. Give me the family. Give me the court of dreams.

Unexpected Bonds Chapter 5


Chapter Five

The party at the Autumn Court was elaborate. Deep red and warm brown silks hung lavishly from the ceiling of the throne room. A large fire burned brightly at the end of the enormous room and the air was filled with the rich aroma of roasted meats and nuts. Beautiful heather and iberis plants hung from every available surface and upon seeing them Feyre’s thoughts went directly to her sister. Elain had politely declined Lucien’s invitation to the party, she still had no intention of being anywhere near him or this place. Much to Rhysand’s unwavering delight Azriel had chivalrously offered to stay with Elain, it was an offer that she seemed to eagerly accept. The encounter had left Rhys practically giddy with joy. Feyre stood near the buffet picking at the food whilst assessing the room. She watched as Nesta and Cassian twirled gracefully around the dance floor. Nesta’s eyes, the ones that she shared and knew so well, were sparkling with undiluted happiness as Cassian looked at her full of love and pride. Feyre could hear Varian and Amren engaging in the love hate back and forth they had perfected so well over the years and wondered if he would still be stood there if he knew what Amren’s real form was. She looked around at the faces she knew and the ones that were strangers and felt a small sense of satisfaction at how well the courts had re-established themselves after being so thoroughly torn apart the war. Her mind drifted at the thought of the war, at the thought of the price that was paid for these faeries to able to live more freely, at the thought of the friend who had sacrificed herself without a question. Unhappy with the dark direction her mind was taking, Feyre kicked off the wall and began to make her rounds, feeling eternally grateful that Tamlin and Ianthe didn’t appear to be here.

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anonymous asked:

Hey here's an idea for a drabble how about the whole gang goes out to Rita's or something and Elain gets super drunk and Az has to take care of her?

[This is probably not what you had in mind. LOL. I apologize for nothing.]

Elain Archeron is a light weight. If you looked up the definition in the dictionary, you’d find her picture. One beer and she is toasty and warm and giggling.

She’s sitting between Feyre and Azriel in a booth at Rita’s, telling them about the birds and the bees. The literal birds and bees in her garden. Then she starts talking about Graysen. She’s long been over him, but since they’re talking about the garden…

“He touched me in the garden once,” she says. Feyre’s eyes go wide (she’s got a healthy buzz) and her jaw drops. Azriel sits straight as a board and stares very hard at his drink.

“Shut. Up.” Feyre says.

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