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buffy/willow: still life (1/?)

summary: in which buffy never moved to sunnydale, and the first evil runs rampant throughout history. buffy—the slayer, reeling from the loss of her mother and the responsibility of caring for her sister—is teamed up with willow, a witch with a penchant for over-using magic. in dreams, they (time) travel to new places and work to keep the slayer line safe.

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“You wanna move on to the next place?” Amy asks. She’s not finished her drink yet: a martini, Willow thinks. Minus the olive, ‘cause she’d already eaten it.

“I-I don’t know. I kind of have a thing to do later.”

Amy looks at her bemusedly. “It’s 11 PM. You know that there isn’t much ‘later’ left, right? What is it, anyway?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Willow waves her hand and the snow-cloud she’d conjured over the club disappears, along with the blanket of snow-turned-slush that had covered the concrete dancefloor moments before. Amy mimics the movement and her twittering birds leave, too, flying out the front door into an uncertain future.

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12 and 21 for Angelica!

12. grudges and vendettas

angelica hates alexander after the affair. strangely, she doesn’t hate maria. family gatherings are awkward, especially since eliza is adamant on staying at alexander’s side. she still gives him a cold glare every time she sees him. it’s a quiet reminder that even though eliza forgave him, she hasn’t. 

21. turning points in their life

angelica had to do a project for school. she was to choose a historical figure that she admired. she had no idea who to pick, wasn’t even sure how she was going to do the project, but her thoughts went onto susan b. anthony. it could have been because peggy was babbling nonstop about the woman on the coin that her dad gave her, but the more and more she read about this woman and all she did for women, the more angelica found herself wanting to fight for women’s rights too. 

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Hey i heard from a rehabbed at project wild life that if baby possums are 2 smol if you take them off the nipple it rips there stomach out, is this true? If so will you please mention it on baby possum post, it concerns me. Thank you

I’ve never heard this, nor seen it happen.

Opossums, being marsupials, are born at a damn near embryonic stage of development. They have decently well-developed front limbs, and they use those to crawl from birth canal to pouch, but that’s about it. 

Once they reach the pouch, they grab a teat and swallow it. (Opossum nipples are weirdly stretchy; I’ve had to detach babies from a dead mama and it’s kind of freaky how far they will stretch.) The teat then swells up inside the baby’s mouth, forming a seal around it. This allows mama to move around and jostle her pouch a fair bit without worrying about her babies coming loose. Some species of opossum actually don’t have a pouch at all, which tells you how strong that connection is!

Because there’s actually a lot of different species of opossum besides the North American one, and because that’s the only one I’ve worked with, I can’t speak for all of them. But I’ve never had a Virginia opossum baby lose its stomach when it was pulled off a teat.