the life of a crazy canuck

Me: lmao im not a crazy hockey fan like some people

Also Me: wears team merch all day everyday, constantly checks social media accounts about fav team, get notifications about teams sent straight to my phone AND my moms just so I won’t ever miss anything, cant go 10 minutes without bringing up something about hockey,constantly broke from buying hockey merch, cant live a normal life because of hockey

This is the best highlight for this year’s Edmonton Expo for me, my Dad being so overwhelmingly happy I got him the Fourth Doctor’s scarf on the last day of the convention as an early birthday present. He’s doing his best Fourth Doctor impression of offering a jelly baby here for the camera so I could show Mum.

He missed last year’s Expo when he suffered a stroke literally the day before we were supposed to go together. So this year I wanted to make sure he had the best time. A sort of celebration if you will for all of the accomplishments he has made in his recovery. I wanted him to have the best experience at his first major pop culture convention. It was the only thing I could do because he was the person who introduced me to the fantastical world of SciFi with Star Wars and old classics like Lost In Space on betamax tapes. So I purchased us the Deluxe Passes so he’d get some awesome swag from the Expo Store and exclusive badge and lanyard. I also planned to spend as much time as I could with him showing him around as we weren’t able to have the Father Daughter geeky weekend we had planned for last year.
I couldn’t believe it but on the first day we managed to do our first sweep of artist alley and vendors hall scoping out everything. He just booked it and did everything he could! He met the legendary Stan Lee, got a few photo ops with media celebs like Jenna Coleman, attended all the awesome SciFi panels, and even attended yet another BioWare panel with me.

I am so grateful we were able to finally have the Father Daughter geeky weekend and I can’t wait until next year’s Expo.