the life cycle of a shirt

  • Rowan: Does your heart speed up when you see her?
  • Lorcan: Yes.
  • Rowan: Do you want to kill whoever made her frown?
  • Lorcan: Yes.
  • Rowan: Will you protect her to whatever end?
  • Lorcan: Yes.
  • Rowan: Do you wish her to not be with another male?
  • Lorcan: Yes.
  • Rowan: You would die for her?
  • Lorcan: Yes.
  • Rowan: You would chop up your shirt into linen shirts for her when she's on her monthly cycles and sacrifice your own life for her and damn the entire world just to make sure she's safe and protect her even when you have a separate mission and obey all her orders willingly and slaughter anyone should she deem so?
  • Lorcan: Yes.
  • Rowan: Do you know what this means?
  • Lorcan: No.
  • Rowan: You don't know what's happening to you?
  • Lorcan: I fail to see why this is important.
  • Elide: He fails to see a lot of things.

okay have we ever considered what would happen once ronan grew his dark curly hair back?? 

{be warned: long rambly hc ahead.}

Adam once casually mentioned that he liked Ronan’s hair. Gansey’s showed him pictures of what Ronan used to look like before he’d shaved his head and he’d commented that he’d barely been able to recognize him, but in like a good way. 

  • So Ronan decides he’s going to allow his hair to grow out again while Adam’s still off at college. 

  • They make time for each other while maneuvering around Adam’s schooling of course, some weekends Ronan will drive up to Adam’s campus or Adam will take a few days off to return to Henrietta to meet Ronan, Opal and the rest of the group. 
  • Gansey’s stunned and silently relieved, feeling like a proud father. He’d never thought he’d encounter the old Ronan again, and this was better than the old Ronan, this was a new and improved Ronan, who’d wrestled tragedy after tragedy and stood triumphant in the wake of each one, not letting it get the best of him. Blue marks it as an improvement and proceeds to nickname him Rapenzul, “Shut the fuck up, Maggot.” “Are you going to let down your hair, princess?” Noah likes to pet his hair just the way he likes to pet Blue’s hair. “So soft,” he’ll say. Ronan only lets him because it’s Noah, although he may or may not threaten to throw him out of more windows. (Yes, I don’t care what happened in TRK, Noah is undead and well, let this boy live okay!!!) 
  • When Adam first sees Ronan with his hair all grown back he actually physically falters bc goddamn does this boy have any idea how crushingly good he looks? ?? 
  • “You… You’re…” Adam doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to muster a cohesive sentence ever again. Adam was used to the Ronan who was all sharpened edges and split knuckles, but the curving ringlets that curled around his ears now and fell over his forehead in drunken midnight tufts made him appear softer, warmer, kinder. It was like seeing the before-image of a burnt photograph. It was like a fairytale filter version of him. Adam can’t help but see an uncanny resemblance between Ronan and those effortlessly handsome young war hero portraits. 
  • “Stop staring, Shithead. It’s a fucking wig.” Ronan says, because that starstruck look in Adam’s eyes is doing things to him. 
  • Adam is suddenly overcome with the sweeping urge to run his hands through it. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate running his hands over Ronan’s buzzed head or the Ronan that he’d known before. He’d loved Ronan just like he loved Gansey, Blue and Noah even back when he carried himself like a vicious python, all spitfires and bloodied lips, even when he was getting drunk every single night and trying to fight the moon. Adam wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but there’d been something ethereally enticing about him even when he was this self-destructive drag racer that Adam had been so afraid to fall and cut himself on. 
  • But the Ronan Lynch that Adam fell in love with was another boy completely. He was the dreamer who dreamed up EpiPens for his friend and hand cream for Adam’s chapped hands and performed secret handshakes with his little brother and wanted to spend the rest of his life at his family farm and who pressed his lips ever-so-gently to each one of Adam’s fingers like they were dandelion stems. 
  • All his life, Adam had felt broken and delicate, but for the first time, he felt glad for his nimble fingers, his turbulent history, to be Adam Parrish, the chipped teacup boy, because Ronan made him feel loved and wanted and appreciated, because Ronan felt everything so strongly, and there were still nights Adam was filled with gratitude for being the brunt of Ronan’s desire. 
  • So they make the drive up to the Barns in silence, Ronan asks him about how college’s been and Adam tells him all about the university Ronan wouldn’t be caught dead in and catches that proud glint in his eyes when he admits he recently got offered a TA position. “So now you’re nerding your way up to the nerdom throne. Good for you, Parrish.” They talk about Gansey, Blue and Henry’s trip to Venezuela and how Opal’s been helping Ronan build his dream ramp and chewing on all the curtains. The minute they step out of the car and into the house however, Adam can’t help himself anymore, he pins Ronan against a wall and regales him with firm, heated kisses before dipping his hands into Ronan’s hair. It’s even softer than he’d imagined, and he’d been tugging distractedly at his lip and staring out the window the entire ride, imagining a lot. 
  • Ronan’s overwhelmed but they’ve been apart for weeks and feeling the hot, reassuring weight of Adam’s lips and hips against his again, and with his long, pianist’s fingers gruffly tugging at Ronan’s hair, his thoughts upend and bottom out and all he can think is let’s never fucking stop kissing. yeah. let’s kiss until we fucking die.
  • Later when they’re laying down in bed, Adam loops his fingers in Ronan’s hair again, raking through it delightedly, and Ronan lets out a quiet sigh. 
  • “It feels weird,” Ronan then admits. “I’m not that person anymore.” Adam wanted to tell Ronan that no, he wasn’t that person anymore, but he was more whole than he’d been in a long time. He wanted to tell him that he didn’t need to fool people into thinking he was this awful, intimidating presence anymore. He wanted to tell him that it would be okay if he just let the world see him for what he really was. That he wasn’t the wolf in the henhouse, but neither of them were ever very good at words, so he just pushes a little bit of his hair back and presses a kiss to Ronan’s temple instead. “Well, I like the person you are now.”
  • “Do you think it kills my badass edge?” 
  • “What badass edge?”
  • Ronan presses a hand into Adam’s chest and playfully shoves him backwards at that, before helping him out of his t-shirt and biting into his shoulder.
  • Ronan’s thinking he might never shave his head ever again.
dghda drabble #3

Basically I woke up 3 hours early for no reason today and now I’m just grouchy in bed wishing I had someone here to stroke my hair til I go back to sleep. So I’m living vicariously through fic as usual. Enjoy <3

Todd was glad beyond measure that Dirk Gently wasn’t a morning person- he could only imagine the sheer amount of early and ridiculous wake-up calls he’d be on the receiving end of otherwise.

The problem with Dirk’s distaste for waking up early, Todd soon found out, was it became downright impossible to ignore him on the rare occasions when he did. Sure, there were probably worse sounds to be woken by than the sound of his boyfriend’s nice accent rambling to himself about the life cycle of pigeons. But it was still fucking dark out and there were goddamn limits.

“Dirk?” he rasped, rolling over towards his voice.

Dirk started, pausing in his current pacing cycle to meet Todd’s gaze. He was still in his pyjamas- the too-short sweatpants he’d ‘borrowed’ from Todd upwards of four months ago, the Mexican Funeral t-shirt (he insisted that bed was the safest place to wear it, as it was the place he deemed least likely to be shot in. Todd thought that was pretty optimistic of him- he had no doubt that Dirk could get shot at just about anywhere). His feet were bare, his hair was ruffled, and his wild eyes were still just a little droopy. He looked kind of adorable, in sort of a scruffy, unkempt way. But then, Todd always thought he looked his best when he let his guard down, rolled up his sleeves- metaphorically and literally. His arms were a sight Todd couldn’t get enough of.

“Todd!” Dirk said, a little guiltily. “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“Kinda,” Todd said, still finding his voice. “Why’re you up?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Dirk shrugged, returning to his pacing. “But I couldn’t get back to sleep. Sorry, I’ll be quiet.”

Todd was too tired to do much more than grunt and flop back against the pillow.

It took him all of two minutes to decide he wasn’t gonna get anymore sleep with the sound of Dirk padding up and down like a restless dog, muttering to himself about God knows what.

“Dirk,” he called again, waiting ‘til he had Dirk’s full attention before patting the bed. “Come sit.”

“I really can’t get back to sleep, Todd,” Dirk said, but he came over anyway. “Believe me, I tried.”

“’M not asking you to sleep,” Todd mumbled, waiting until Dirk had situated himself comfortably with his back against the pillows and headboard. “But if you keep up that pace you’re gonna wear yourself out.”

Todd scooted over, shoving his pillow aside and resting his head on Dirk’s thigh instead. He draped an arm loosely over the other man’s legs, settling in comfortably and closing his eyes once more. After a moment he felt Dirk’s fingers start to card through his hair, felt the tension leave him and his body go soft and pliant as the repetitive motion calmed him.

It wasn’t long ‘til Dirk was talking again, mostly about nonsense, but he kept his voice soft and his hand lightly stroking. It lulled Todd back to sleep almost instantly, with a relaxed smile on his lips and a warm feeling in his chest.

Dirk, soothed by Todd’s warmth at his side and silky hair beneath his fingers, followed minutes later.

He really wasn’t a morning person.

Levi and Eren Reincarnation Head Canon

So I have a head canon for Levi and Eren when it comes to reincarnation.  And I decided I would share it with all of you.

What if Levi and Eren die young saving humanity in their first life?

What if Levi is a slave and Eren is a prince, and when it’s found out the two are in love, Levi is executed in their second life?

What if Eren is blind and Levi is deaf in their third life, doomed to cross paths again and again but never connect?

What if Eren is Levi’s student and they’re caught, sending Levi to a life in prison in their fourth life?

What if Eren is the one patient Levi couldn’t cure, and Levi has to slowly watch him die a lonely death in his hospital bed in their fifth life?

What if in life after life, they never have a happy ending?

I’ll tell you fucking what.

They would refuse to accept it, because after all the impossible things they did and all the impossible things they are, somehow, someway, they will be together.  They will find their lifetime, the one that was meant just for them.  Even if they have to burn down the stars and use the ashes to mold a new world with their bare hands, they will fine their spot in space and time where they belong together.  

That life will be long.  And it will have it’s problems, like all lives do, but ultimately, it will be happy, since in the end, they always have each other.  

And when they die together, peacefully in their sleep, they will drift away to somewhere with a glistening ocean where they can finally be at peace.  This cruel cycle of reincarnation, this flower full of toxins, will finally stop.

No more being shoved into lives that fit like a hand-me down shirt.  No more being ripped apart before really ever being put together.  No more searching for that one missing thing.

They can stay by the ocean forever with everyone they know.  They’ve all been waiting for them, waiting for them to finally have their lifetime together, because that’s what it took to end the cycle. Because even the grand, unfathomable universe saw their love and finally said: “Enough.  You have done enough.”

And let them be.

For @pluckyredhead​, who wanted Foggy babysitting Dani Cage-Jones (Sorry this is so late!)

Danielle Cage-Jones sat on Foggy’s stomach and bopped him repeatedly on the chest with a CD case, giggling the whole time.

“Hello,” Foggy sang, but laughing too hard made his voice wobble, “My name is Elder Price.”

He was on his back on the living room floor, CD cases and inserts scattered around him. Dani screeched with laughter and shook the case in her tiny fist. The corner swung perilously close to her own face, so he took it from her. “Actually, maybe Book of Mormon is a bit too old for you.”

Foggy lifted Dani off and butt-scooched over to the laptop. “Here’s something you might like.” He hit the play button.

“Geese and ducks and chicks better scurry,” he sang along while Dani bounced and boogied in his arms, “when I get you out in the surrey, when I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top. Can you say Surrey with the Fringe on Top?”

“Frurry!” Dani screamed.

“Close enough,” Foggy laughed, and broke into his best rendition of Magic To Do.

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Green Shirts... Shits.... Whatever

I Hate wearing green shirts,
I hate the word shirts,
It reminds me of shit.
Green shit, baby shit,
Babies, they’re kinda adorable.
They shit so much though,
not as much as cows,
but still.
Ah, a steak,
that sounds great,
sooner or later,
That will be shit as well.
Also, all that fat,
That’ll kill ya,
And gets you buried,
Where maggots feed on you,
And you become maggot shit.
Such is the life of a person,
The cycle of shit,
To good, to shit,
To death, to worm shit,
Ah, life.

A/O/B  Masterlist

+ vanilla sweet Universe
despite the fact that zayn’s an alpha, liam gives him a chance to prove himself worthy of the omega’s affections.
(or all four parts to this series combined for easier reading).

+ Alpha pride

Liam was desperate, Louis’d say. He was desperate for a mate and love and someone to take care of him but he wouldn’t do something like this. He was respondible and smart and new the rights from the wrongs, ups from downs, ins from outs. He knew enrolling himself in Alpha classes was wrong, which is why he’d never do it.(Except he sorta already did.)Or Liam, an omega, inroles into alpha only classes by accident (not really).

+ Growl

Zayn’s having trouble accepting his place in the pack.Liam doesn’t know how he ended up the leader.Louis just want’s Harry.Harry wants to have his cake and eat it too.Niall is to busy getting some to care.And a lot more in between.

+ Yet all along i knew we’d be fine 

Zayn Malik and Liam Payne decide to take an example from their fellow bandmates Louis and Harry, and confess their relationship to the world. A few happy days re-encountered, a couple of laughs, then BAM! Zayn’s on his heat. And well; It’s highly predictable what happens next!
{Just a one shot

+ With this ring 

Liam is a Sensitive New Age Dom (SNAD) who hangs out with impudent Subs and has everything in life going on for him. Until he realizes his crazy-ass dad who was supposed to have fucked off years ago has left him with another mess to clean up - an arranged marriage to a Sub who has, terrifyingly, quote unquote, spent all his life learning how to please him.

+ these lovers eyes

A/B/O verse where Liam is an alpha, Josh, Niall, Louis, and Harry are his betas and an unlikely little omega stumbles into the picture.

+ omega zayn


+ breaking the silver chain

The omegas of the group, Louis and Zayn, slip security and disappear leaving behind a very angry alpha Liam and two worried betas, Harry and Niall. When Paul finally catches up to the two trouble makers they are in for a serious lecture from their alpha; however, when the two boys get back on the bus Louis’ sass comes out in full form. Alpha Liam is having none of that.This is 4,000 words of dirty, dirty, filthy smut and I’m probably going to hell.Also the title is shit and I’m sorry.

+ Flushing pills

Liam arrives at an empty home and tries to hold off his heat by trying to distract himself. Dinner will probably not be edible tonight.

+ breathe 

Because everything started and ended with a deep breath.“You don’t understand, you and your scent that it’s everywhere, making me so helpless and I just…want to stop breathing.”
“It’s you who doesn’t understand Zayn,if you ever stop breathing,I’m going to stop too, because there’s not a chance I could live in a world without you.”
“I hate you. You ruined my life.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”

+ Vanilla sweet 2.0

liam’s keen on satisfying zayn’s needs.

+ black treacle

Liam wasn’t gay. She wasn’t. She liked dick. She’d never seen one in person, but she’d watched enough porn during her heats to have a pretty good idea of what they looked like, kinda scary but well, that’s just how they looked like. She liked them. She was supposed to, right? She was an omega, was supposed to want an alpha, a male alpha, to stuff her full of his pups and make her his good girl. So why the fuck was she fingering herself to the girl next door?
(or the fic where liam doesn’t like girls and zayn will punch whoever looks at liam in the throat and harry just wants zayn to fuck her and niall just wants to have a simple date with his girlfriend and louis just wants to fool around // genderswap!

+ the first meeting

Zayn’s out at the theater with Harry trying to figure out if he wants to get popcorn or a big bag of Sour Patch Kids. Harry points out this smaller boy across the theater with a buzz cut. Zayn feels a lurch in his stomach at the sight, and finds himself putting up little fight to Harry’s suggestions to him to introduce himself.Niall has finally dragged Liam out of his room to see the latest installment of Captain America, even though Liam refused to see the first one. Liam didn’t believe his best friend when he insisted the movies were as good as the comics Liam kept his nose buried in. Niall goes to get popcorn (Liam prefers Sour Patch Kids over the too-salty movie theater popcorn) and Liam finds himself approached by a stranger. This stranger fumbles and trips through a less-than-smooth introduction that leaves Liam’s heart fluttering.

+ Needing you and your ridiculous motorcycle

Liam, in his polo shirts and clean jeans, lives a rather sheltered life. He’s not privy to the “obscene” (that’s his parents’ word not his) fun he’s heard people talk about. His life is a continuous cycle of business “tea parties” (those are his words), friends with their noses in the air, and the same alpha personality with different faces. All he wanted was someone who wasn’t arrogant and actually thought he was worth more than a few kids who would then grow up to have their exact same idea?Now, Liam didn’t come to this revelation all by his lonesome because he used to be one of those kids who refused to think for themselves and just listened to their parents. To be fair, he had no idea his parents couldn’t see past the end of their noses. He was perfectly content dreaming of Connor Hawkins, his father’s partner’s son who had all the aspects of a Prince Charming (and would be coming into a rather large amount of money when his grandfather finally kicked it (those were his mother’s words exactly)). To give credit where credit is due, Zayn really did most of the work turning Liam to the world of Think For Yourself and “obscene” fun. Now, and Zayn actually prefers it this way, they’re a secretly-mad-for-you couple.

+ zayn baby

Zayn is almost 17 and yet to go through his first heat. Whenever his boyfriend, 21 year old Liam, goes into rut he has to endure it alone. Harry and Louis try to warn him, but it gets harder for Zayn to stay away. The first chapter of a two part sequel to Louis Love.


Liam is an Alpha who’s too kind for his own good. Zayn is a reluctant Omega surviving on a cocktail of suppressants, drugs and alcohol. Throw in needy basketcase Omega Harry into the mix, and it is all very distressing indeed 

+ Addicted to Ziam 100%

A collection of original and prompted Ziam stories. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to tell me what you want to see!

+ when you’re around me, i’m radioactive

basically, zayn is in heat in a grocery store and liam comes to the rescue and they fuck

+ Needing You and Your Ridiculous Motorcycle

Liam, in his polo shirts and clean jeans, lives a rather sheltered life. He’s not privy to the “obscene” (that’s his parents’ word not his) fun he’s heard people talk about. His life is a continuous cycle of business “tea parties” (those are his words), friends with their noses in the air, and the same alpha personality with different faces. All he wanted was someone who wasn’t arrogant and actually thought he was worth more than a few kids who would then grow up to have their exact same idea?Now, Liam didn’t come to this revelation all by his lonesome because he used to be one of those kids who refused to think for themselves and just listened to their parents. To be fair, he had no idea his parents couldn’t see past the end of their noses. He was perfectly content dreaming of Connor Hawkins, his father’s partner’s son who had all the aspects of a Prince Charming (and would be coming into a rather large amount of money when his grandfather finally kicked it (those were his mother’s words exactly)). To give credit where credit is due, Zayn really did most of the work turning Liam to the world of Think For Yourself and “obscene” fun. Now, and Zayn actually prefers it this way, they’re a secretly-mad-for-you couple.

+ With Utmost Endearment

In the minds of entrepreneur Zayn Malik, he will never be enough. His abstract paintings will never be perfect, he will never find out who is real mother is, or even try to calm the waters down with his adoptive mother and well, his…man friend? If one shall be called a lady friend, why is it so impossibly odd to call one a man friend? He would never know.

Louis has always known that as a lawyer, he would never, ever have something amazing and dangerous happen to him. Until he meets an assassin who’s name cannot be permanent, with sleek green eyes that never lie with a grin that makes all the girls faint.Niall has two hunky alphas who never get a break. They are erotic, sexual men, but they are not so sexual in terms of activity or just, imagination. They fuck when they want to. They eat when they want to. They love Niall when they want to. Niall needs to find a way to get some priorities etched into his husbands’ minds.Liam Payne has a dark side, we all do, but his dark side is something that can never be covered or fixed by love or blind affection. Will he ever find happiness?

+Ziam fuckathon

series of alpha / omega ziam 

+ The Boys Next Door

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are cousins, who move to the small town Huntersville. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik have lived there their entire life. The town seems normal except for one little secret. It’s got more werewolves than humans. Liam, being a newly turned werewolf, joins their pack, meeting Harry and Zayn, the alpha and beta’s sons. The four become quick friends, but is that really all they are? Secrets unfold quickly and there might just be something in the air in Huntersville other than the dog smell.

Gansey: Here’s to the eight year anniversary of me getting stung to death. I’m glad you all could be here to commemorate the worst day of my life.
Noah Czerny: No, I thought the worst day of your life was when you didn’t get pulled on stage at that Spin Doctors concert.
Adam Parrish: Or when your mom substitute taught your sex ed class.
Blue Sargent: What about the day when we made you stop wearing your visor upside down?
Ronan Lynch: I thought the worst day was the day you got that haircut that you currently have right now.
Gansey: Remember that time when I got my shirt caught–wait a minute, why am I participating in this?!


I feel like this look would work for me but: bro, take some pictures with a shirt on, I can’t show this to my stylist, he’ll judge me

Close your eye’s

Think about Gansey. Think about the fact that he was on the rowing team.

hold that that. Now imagine he’s been at practice or a race,

his hair is wild and windswept, his cheeks are bright red from smiling and the wind.

he changes out of his rowing uniform to a holy tee-shirt because he doesn’t want to get his uniform or another close all sweaty

the shirt is so worn it turns almost translucent over part of his collar bone, sticks to his sides.

It’s after class so he gets in the pig rolls the window all the way down driving back to Monmouth. Relaxed and humming as the afternoon slowly turns to evening

When he gets back Ronan’s in the bathroom showering or doing laundry so he sits on the couch to rest for a moment till he can peel himself out of his close

keep your eye’s close because

imagine, he hasn’t slept for more than an hour this last week, he sits down and the lull of Ronan walking around in the bathroom pulls him straight into sleep

Poor Ronan comes out to see Gansey leaning back on the couch in a faded Harvard tee-shirt passed out

a tee-shirt that is bunched up enough to expose the smooth skin of his hip and the slight impression of his rowing toned muscles

his weather dried lips, red from licking them too many times, part

sweaty hair clinging to the nape of his neck

And then Ronan cursing as he walks into one of Monmouth’s support beams trying to escape to his room.

ok let’s talk about the ronan/adam size difference:

  • the height difference is only like an inch or two but it totally matters
  • ronan stubbornly refusing to lean down so adam has to tiptoe the slightest bit to kiss him. adam’s all pouty and annoyed and ronan thinks it’s adorable
  • adam getting frustrated and shoving him down on the bed and sitting in his lap so they’re on the same level
  • adam secretly loves waking up all warm and cozy in his arms, feeling safe and protected. ronan’s like a furnace so he makes the Best Pillow Ever
  • ronan loves being the little spoon tho. adam crawling into his bed after work, wrapping an arm around his waist, breathing against the back of his neck, warming his feet between ronan’s calves
  • ronan letting adam do whatever he wants to him even though he’s bigger/taller than him!!!!
  • he LOVES it, he loves when adam’s bossy and manhandles him and presses him up against walls and holds him down on the bed and touches and kisses him everywhere like he wants to devour him whole
  • ronan dropping kisses on his forehead all the time, burying his nose in his hair, putting an arm around his shoulders in the booth at nino’s and kissing his temple 
  • adam tucking his face against the side of ronan’s neck, arms sliding around his waist, kissing where his tattoo’s showing
  • ok i have to talk about the clothes-sharing: adam wearing his leather jacket and it’s a couple sizes too big and the sleeves almost cover his hands and it’s warm and soft and well-worn and it smells like him and he’s never giving it back. ronan wearing adam’s old threadbare t-shirts that are a little too tight but adam’s enjoying the view a bit too much
  • ok adam also secretly likes when ronan puts his arm around him all possessive in public. he secretly likes that ronan scares babies and their mothers and that literally no one would dare look at either of them the wrong way (even if they both know adam’s the one who could actually ruin someone’s life if he wants to)
  • basically, certified big scary badass™ ronan lynch being utterly at adam parrish’s mercy :)))))

anonymous asked:

Everytime I see the brog@nes au I lose a few years off my life but when I see people honestly call Shirt K3ith's dad I lose a whole reincarnated life cycle like damn

I honestly don’t know why some people genuinely think Shiro is Keith’s dad


Pop princess Britney Spears set herself a nearly impossible goal of $1 million to raise for our Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation about a year ago.

As her deadline approaches, she’s singlehandedly raised $500,000 and another $352,000 as sponsors for a 10K bike-run challenge to be announced this morning at sports facility X Cycle, 750 S. Rampart Blvd. in Boca Park, on Thursday, Oct. 27, at noon.

Her manager, Larry Rudolph, whose partners at Maverick management have just signed on Shania Twain and Andrea Bocelli as clients alongside Britney, Miley Cyrus and Madonna, recruited Zappos king Tony Hsieh for a $100,000 contribution — along with Live Nation and two others at $50,000 apiece for the cycling challenge.

The “Piece of Me” charity ride will go directly to 45 services provided by the Nevada foundation’s One Year One Home Capital campaign to enable pediatric and adult clients to be served at one convenient Valley location.

It now leaves Britney about $150,000 to reach her goal, and you can donate everything from $50 for a Britney ride T-shirt to $10,000 to ride alongside her and supporter Mario Lopez of EXTRA. There are 25 bicycle seats available to ride alongside Britney during the choreographed 45-minute, high-energy class that features songs she’ll handpick.

Britney is determined to exceed her goal — and the 45-minute workout — and this morning announces the fundraising platform to top her target. She said: “The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation does incredible things supporting kids battling the devastating effects of the awful medical problems of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

“Doing this charity ride with my friends at X Cycle is a rewarding and fun way to raise money for Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, an amazing organization that supports children and their families in need.”

Britney asks that you visit to make your donations and become eligible to win a trip for two to her hit residency BRITNEY: PIECE OF ME at Axis at Planet Hollywood.

“We are so close to the $1 million. I am determined not to fail. We will do whatever it takes to surpass the target we’ve set.”

Since her record-breaking residency opened, Britney has been a major supporter of Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation with donations from her ticket sales, T-shirt sales and paid appearances totaling more than $450,000.

These funds are part of the capital campaign driven by Britney to build one convenient and expanded location of support services for critically ill children and adults facing cancer living in Southern Nevada.

“We are thrilled that Britney Spears has chosen to partner with Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation,” said Jeff Gordon, president and CEO of NCCF. “Britney brings with her so much passion for our cause, and we feel privileged and honored to have her in our community and now as a member of the NCCF Family.”

For additional information, go to

4. d o n ‘ t  w o r r y  a b o u t  m e

Originally posted by choiseunghyunn

Title: don’t worry about me

Pairing: Song Minho/Reader

Summary: Under the most surprising weather conditions, a young couple sheltered themselves under the arch.

Note: This scenario was inspired by the EXIT teasers, if you want to see Seungyoon’s version click here.

As of that morning, she had wondered many things about life, such as: why do they call day when the sun rises and night when the moon comes down and not vice versa? Or are we really anything but just small stars finding a place in this world? But most importantly, she had asked herself how the perfect curves and lines on Minho’s face and body could look so perfectly drawn together. The man was a real perfectionist when it came to his art, even with himself, seeing as he didn’t accept the fact that to her, he was a Greek god in all his glory.

It was a sight to never forget; his hair was falling over his forehead as his eyelids were closed, his nose was a slight shade of pink since his nose tends to get cold at night, his lips were parted in a delicious way and the covers that they had shared for the night left his chest to be revealed. Goddamn, she should’ve waked him up and try to start to get ready, but she was too immersed in the beauty of Song Minho.

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poeets  asked:

okay real talk but gansey would wear those 'life is good' shirts :')

this is the cutest and most accurate thing i’ve heard in my entire life !! he absolutely would.. he’d wear them to sleep i bet… Alright i just imagined small, sleepy, rumpled gansey in his wireframes and a ‘life is good’ shirt, illuminated by the rising sun through monmouth’s huge windows, and my heart may have skipped a beat………. i’m in love w him,,

a few ‘life is good’ shirts i think he should own, specifically:

Continuing to fill in allthroughoursplendor’s Adam/Ronan requests. Two down, five to go! This is #16.

things you said with no space between us

It’s hot and sticky and gross. They’d crawled under the BMW with the intention of Adam finally teaching Ronan to change his own damn oil, but now that they’re down there in the shade neither of them wants to move. Possibly ever again. At least not until September.

Ronan does a shimmy and brings his left hand up so he can cradle the back of his head. His sweat slicked right arm bumps into Adam from his elbow up to his shoulder. It’s almost more than Adam can bear. He’d probably be completely undone if it was 10° cooler.

Jesus, it’s hot.

“I hope the jack stand doesn’t fail,” Ronan says.

“Did you not want your nose pressed back into your brain by the undercarriage of your own car? Might help add some bad boy flair. Make you look dangerous.”

“I’m already dangerous. But some of us need all the help our pretty faces can get us.”

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