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Hummingbird Heartbeat

Pairing; Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn’s been in a fully committed relationship with wrestling and no one else. He thinks it’s going to be that way forever until Becky throws a birthday party and invites her incredibly cute cousin. 

Warnings: Language and Fluff.  

Word Count: 6,154


The incessant honking from the car parked in his driveway continued to blare throughout the neighborhood even after he was stumbling out the front door, still trying to slip his Vans on. 

It would have been one thing if he wasn’t late already - having lost track of time at the gym - but now Sami and Ben seemed to just be adding emphasis to their feelings about his lack of socializing outside of work; the longer the car horn blared, the more time the two of his friends would probably spend on expressing their opinions about Finn’s need to go out and be more social. 

“Well it’s about damn time” Sami shouts from the driver’s seat, “thought you were just going to hide out in your bedroom and ignore us until we drove away… again.”

“Sorry, sorry. Lost track of time, I was helping Matt train some of the newcomers at the performance center,” Finn huffs, running to the backseat and sliding in. 

Ben turns around in the passenger seat and looks at him, “You ever gonna give yourself a break man? You were never hired to be a trainer.”

“I know that, Matt just really appreciates the help sometimes.”

Sami speaks up next, cranking the ignition and peeling out the driveway, “Yeah, but you need to get a life man, when’s the last time you did something that didn’t involve wrestling”

The question is answered with silence, because Finn really can’t remember the last time he did something unrelated to work, and he hates himself for that. It’s not like he’s intentionally cut himself off from the social world, he’s just always wanted to be the best. 

No one becomes the best if they don’t work at it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

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okay but like think about this, when steve told sami, charlie, and chief that they could go home, that he only asked for two days and he won’t ask more of them, sami said they were going to stay because while diana can take care of herself, it’s steve that they were worried about —- and in the end it is steve who dies, as sami had feared

and etta, when we first saw her, she practically tackle hugs steve because she’s so glad he’s alive since she thought he died —- and now this time he actually is dead, he won’t walk back into her life again

diana lost steve, but so did etta, sami, charlie, and chief - they were steve’s team for all those years during the war

Baby’s First Beach Trip

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Request - 12) Child’s first trip to the beach.

Pairing - Finn Balor X Female Reader + Daughter

WordCount - 1, 073

Requested By - Anon

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your daughter’s Name.

Taglist - @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood @becca-bear

A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Finn was excited. Beyond excited. Not only did he have a couple of days off to spend with you and your baby daughter but you were also taking your eight- month-old daughter to the beach for the first time. Whenever Finn got to spend time with you and Y/D/N, he always wanted to create new memories. He loved watching Y/D/N experience something new, the way she stared in awe at whatever she was being introduced to. Y/D/N’s reactions varied from each new thing, sometimes she would giggle, other times she became nervous or scared resulting in her crying. Regardless of her reaction, everything was new to her and watching her discover new things fascinated Finn.

When you and Finn agreed taking Y/D/N would be a nice idea, Finn went out buying her a bucket and spade, a life jacket, cute little flip flops, a swimming costume and her first beach outfit along with a few toys that she could play with while she was at the beach. Your husband had certainly gone overboard. Also, he invited Seth, Sami, Sasha and Bayley to tag along. Finn claimed that he wanted Y/D/N to have a special day. It’s not every day you go to the beach for the first time!

You pulled the car into the perfect spot as you arrived at the beach. Finn’s knee bounced up and down as you cut off the engine. If you hadn’t been convinced that your husband was more excited about going to the beach than your daughter who had fallen asleep on the drive here.

“Love, ya did pack the camera right?” Finn asked as you unbuckled your seatbelt.

“Yes and I packed the extra batteries and the spare camera. Finn, I promise we double checked the car before we left, relax. Y/D/N is going to love the beach once she wakes up.” You smiled as you watched your little girl sleep in your mirror.

“That’s alright love, it gives us the perfect time to pick a spot and set up. Why don’t ya stay in the car with Y/D/N while I find us a spot? I’ll be right back.” Finn pecked your lips gently before getting out of the car the faint sound of the boot opening and the rummaging of bags being lifted out of the car. Twisting your body around you watched your Daughter. Several minutes passed until finally returned to the car.

“Ya ready love. The others are already here.” Getting out of the car, Finn began unbuckling your daughter out of her car seat. The commotion woke her up, her eyes fluttered open and immediately getting grizzly because she had been woken so abruptly.

“I’m sorry Princess, I know Daddy’s mean for waking ya up. But it will be worth it I promise.” Finn bounced Y/D/N to cry and calm her crying a few moments passed and Y/D/N soon settled. After you locked up the car, you and Finn were more than ready to show Y/D/N the beach for the first time.

Finn settled down on the towel holding Y/D/N settling her in his lap, her eyes drifted around the vast scenery, the beautiful scenery, the large ocean nearby. Finn watched her expression in amazement, it was like she was studying everything. Finn unbuckled her cute little sandals that Bayley had purchased for her, he slipped them off as he held her up before gently putting her feet on the sand. Y/D/N was suddenly focused on the new feeling,  she was looking down intently at her feet before she began moving her feet a cute toothless grin appearing as she looked around at the adults who were watching her reactions intently, Y/D/N crouched down, Finn sat her down in front of him. Finn leant forward picking up a handful of sand and sprinkling the sand back onto the ground. Y/D/N watched her Father intently before attempting to mimic his actions.

“Aren’t ya a clever one? Y/N, ya documenting this right?” You smiled at your husband, you had documented Y/D/N first encounter with sand. Her beautiful blue eyes reminded you so much of her Father’s.

“I don’t think you would love me anymore if I didn’t.” Finn turned to look at you a cheeky grin on his face.

“It’s impossible for me not to love ya.” You cheekily snapped a photo of Finn. Hoping the day would continue to run smoothly.

You laughed as you watched Sami and Seth trying to teach Y/D/N how to put sand into the bucket, she wasn’t quite getting it as she rested against Seth’s legs. The amusement on her face was magical, while she didn’t understand most of what they were saying she was still paying attention. You laid back on the towel talking to Bayley and Sasha.

“She’s already so much like Finn. She’s into everything. She’s definitely like you too, the way she looks at people when she’s thinking. How do you think she’s going to react when she sees the ocean for the first time?” Bayley asked as Finn plopped down beside me.

“She’s either going to love it-” You began, Finn lifted your head up so your head could rest on his lap.

“Or she’s going to freak out.” Finn finished for you. He checked his phone, before showing you the time. Y/D/N would be due to have a nap in the next half an hour or so.

“Love, what do ya say about taking Y/D/N down to the ocean now before she falls asleep.” Looking up at Finn, I agreed as he helped me up. Bayley and Sasha followed behind us as Seth picked up Y/D/N. With everyone wanting to see her reaction. Seth stopped near the shoreline. Crouching down, Seth waited for the ocean to retreat back before he holds her near the ocean waiting for the ocean to touch her toes for the first time. Finn had the camera, taking photo’s every now and then. As soon as the water hit her toes she squealed followed by a fit of laughter.  

Finn bent down watching his Daughter her tiny emotions vary. She soon sat on the shore splashing the water before it disappeared again. One of the great things that Finn was learning about being a parent was getting the opportunity to see what it’s like to be completely new to the world. There was still so much for Y/D/N to discover. Next on Finn’s list to show Y/D/N was a lego set….  

Too Close For Comfort

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Pairing: Sami Zayn x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing and really rude and hurtful things but then fluff at the end, also, claustrophobia.

Rating: Mature (for only swearing)

A/N: This was a request from an anon AGES ago: “I’m a sucker for hate/love things so I’m going to request it with Sami to feed your need lol Reader and Sami TOTALLY hates each other and are always fighting like they cant even see each other without saying something rude (Im also a sucker for rude and angry Sami) turn out they get stuck in the elevator together and one of the is claustrophobic so the other has to comfort it and they end up kissing each other and having a lot of fluff but then she says “I still hate u” so he try to change that

Sami Zayn is a fucking asshole. Whatever his fans said about him didn’t matter, you hated him. He hated you too. It all started when you came up from NXT. There was something he just didn’t like about you, and he made it known to everyone. “So please explain y/n, who did you have to sleep with to get here?” Even Kevin Owens glared at him, mouthing “what the fuck man?” at him.

“I worked my fucking ass off and you say that shit to me?” Sami just rolled his eyes and walked past you, slamming his shoulder into yours. It took everything in you to not run up and slap the hell out of him. Fuming, you stormed back the locker rooms. That’s how it’s always been between you two, pure loathing and hatred.

You were called up to the main roster about two months after Sami did. When he was gone from NXT, it felt like you could properly breathe again. Now he was back. The first few weeks were okay, just a few snide comments from both sides. Then it got bad. You started up a rivalry with Charlotte leading up to Wrestlemania 32 and would be placed in the match along with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Sami thought you were overstepping your “low status”. Your arguments would get so heated that people from Kalisto to the Big Show would have to separate you two. The fights were vicious. Although Sami wouldn’t hit you because he said it was against who he was, he made it clear that he would love to. You, on the other hand, didn’t care how you looked to others. Before you could usually smack his smug little smile off his face, someone much stronger and more level headed would swoop in and throw you over their shoulder. Whoever was brave enough would have to dodge your fists and knees as you tried to claw your way back to Sami. Kevin would usually come in and try to calm down Sami.

It was Wrestlemania weekend and like most NXT alums, you had just seen Takeover Dallas. It was amazing, minus Sami’s match. Not that it was a bad match, but Sami kept glaring at you when he would attack Shinsuke, like he wished it was you in Shinsuke’s place. 

After catching up with everyone, you along with the huge group of main roster stars, headed back to the hotel. You lingered a bit down in the bar, just sipping on a coke because the last thing you needed was a hangover during the biggest match of your life. Finally, you decided to head upstairs, taking the elevator to save your legs the strain. Once in, you hit the number 7 button and it flashed. Sami came sprinting in, just barely making it.

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Right Here Waiting ~ Sami Zayn Imagine~

Take off your coat, and baby come on in.
Girl, let me help to get back at him.
And I don’t know why you never say goodbye…

Unnamed Female OC x Sami Zayn

PS I have nothing against Seth Rollins I actually adore him I just thought his character would be a good fit here. 

Warning: Smut, cursing, kinda angst

Summary: When her boyfriend cheats on her, she runs to the one she know she can count on to comfort her. Will one night of passion lead to something more?

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

Sami Zayn fell into his hotel bed with a heavy sigh, his body flushed and still moist from his shower. His body stretched, a groan escaping his pink lips as he adjusted his weight among the pillows while flipping mindlessly through the channels on the flat screen. He settled on an ongoing Forensic Files marathon tossing the remote carelessly to the side. Just as his eyes were becoming too heavy and his vision blurring a knock startled him. Glancing at the time, Sami contemplated ignoring the intrusion he had just returned from a night out with the roster surely no one was missing him already. However, the knocking continued, becoming louder and more frantic. 

Sami grumbled pulling himself to a sitting position when he froze at the sound of the voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Sami?” The vulnerable voice whimpered. “Are you there? I need you…please.”

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Well, Since You Begged (Sami Zayn) - the reader suffers from an injury and her best friend Sami cares for her. Afterwards, Sami mentions feelings he has, leading up to some domineering Sami plowing her into next week

let me know what you think, y'all. also, i have tons of free time now, so i’m going to start taking requests. enjoy the read, hoes. it’s a long one, buckle up for the ride

WARNINGS: smut, language, spanking! 

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#306 [Sami Zayn]

Requested, #306, “I can’t do this without you.” (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is pure fluff. Because Sami Zayn.

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars @pjanina13 @spot-of-bother @bolieve-that @m-a-t-91 @chasingeverybreakingwave @heelturn-timesten @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @ratherkissawookiee @imaginingwwesuperstars

If there was one defining characteristic that you loved Sami for above all else, it was that he wore his heart on his sleeve. There was never any question in your mind when he was happy, sad, frustrated, angry, or uncertain. It was rare to see the negative emotions last for a long time, but they happened, as Sami was human.

The longest you’d ever seen him upset in any capacity was when he made his first appearance on the main roster…only to immediately injure himself. He had gotten “overenthusiastic” (his words) upon getting to the ring. You couldn’t have blamed him honestly; it was his first time on RAW, in his hometown, with all of the people he loved watching him in person. The moment was big, and he had tried to act accordingly. Unfortunately, it resulted in a serious shoulder injury, and it looked like a multi-month rehabilitation stint.

Having met Sami after his move to Orlando, it was the first injury you’d experienced as his girlfriend. He did his best to downplay it, not let you worry yourself, but you did anyways.

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Make a Move

Sami Zayn x Reader

Requested by  @native-snowflake

Prompt: What about a fluffy one where Sami Zayn teaches the reader how to ice skate?

A/N: Some Sami fluff bc why not:D I combined this with a little idea I had while writing a prompt for the made up fic title thing. Hope the gramamr isn’t too bad in this one…

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“See you after the show.” Sami smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. She returned the gesture and pecked his cheek before she turned on her heel to hurry to the locker rooms.

“Behave yourself.” she winked over her shoulder. Sami chuckled and turned around. His smile fell into a scowl when he saw Kevin lurking near a curtain.

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The Invitation.

A little imagine which my dear friends helped to write.

@jazzyjonah @boomboomboomwayhoo @lost-in-wonderland-x @5sosmusic1d @dannyboyseavey @thatssoherron @superseavey

You should defo go follow these amazing girls! They’re amazing.

Warnings: Cursing, let me know if you spot others..

Summary: Why Don’t We spot a special group of friends hanging together and genuinely enjoying each other company. They decide to pay them a little visit.

You headed for the airport, excited to finally meet you best friends. You had spent many, many late nights talking to them in your own special group chat, longing to meet each other. You referred to each other as best friends. Always supporting each other, sending virtual hugs and even offering to fly across the world to help fight for each other. Why Don’t We where holding a convention here in you home town, LA. You best friends, desperate to meet each other all decided to visit and meet you in LA. It was your excuse to finally meet each other.

You headed towards the gates where you had promised to meet them. As everyone began to flood in through the gates, you held up your personalised sign reading the name of your group chat. ‘Jeepers Nutsack’ could be read in large swirly letters. Too excited to meet your friends, you hadn’t noticed the funny looks of people passing by. You suddenly felt anxiety building up as your mind came to one thought. 'What if they don’t show?’ You mind was suddenly taken away from the dreaded thought when a short girl, you recognised as no other than Maia. She looked stunning as usual. Her long dark hair, flowing behind her as she raced towards you, excitement plastered over her beautiful smile. She wore an off the shoulder top with skinny jeans with make up (the one thing she took pride in), her signature look. You where so happy to finally meet her as she collided with you, drooping her luggage as she brought you into a tight embrace.

“Maia” you beamed, both of you laughing in a pile on the floor.

“Y/N!” She replied as you both began to regain your posture. “I’m so fucking happy to finally meet you!” She added.

You two didn’t get long to chat before another one of your friends had arrived. Maia lived the closest to you, followed by Samie. She was older than you however, she was much shorter. It wasn’t hard to spot the red haired girl with beautiful hazel eyes, her glasses bring out their beauty, and freckles to match. She wore black overalls with a purple crop top beneath them. Her hair was curled and she appeared to be carrying a harry potter suitcase. It was typical of her since she was a huge fan. You could ask her anything to do with Harry Potter and guaranteed you would get a sassy paragraph explaining everything. It was one of the many things you loved about her. Being her clumsy self, she had managed to trip leaving you and Maia to catch her.

“Oh my fucking god! Thank you Y/N! Shit! You’re even prettier in real life” She gasped smiling brightly as she glanced from you to Maia, pulling you both into a tight hug. This was something you would never get fed up of.

“Aw thank you!” You smiled. You had decided to wear a simple t-shirt, jacket and leggings. You where too excited to put loads of effort into your look, you had practically made your mother leave early just so you could be there on time. You all went back to holding up the sign. Samie practically jumping with excitement causing you and Maia to laugh.

Another crowd of people flooded the airport, you and your two besties began searching in hopes of finding the other weirdos that belonged to you chat. It was then that Maia noticed Stephanie, probably the most supportive member of you group. She always made sure that everyone felt loved, she wouldn’t stop until they did. You loved that about her. She practically skipped steps when she read the sign, her brown hair and shone a tinted red in the light, perfectly framed her face, her brown eyes filled with love as always as she brought you all into a tight hug, almost not letting go.

“Noodles!” You nearly screamed in excitement. “Oh my god! That outfit is amazing!” You added. She wore a black band tee, with skinny jeans ripped at the knee, a flannel tied around her waist as she rocked her black ankle boots.

“Could you wear more black?” Maia teased, earning a playful punch from Stephanie. You where so busy laughing at the two teasing each other you hadn’t notice Rhea arrive, until you heard-

“jEePeRs NuTsAcKs” You knew instantly who that was as you turned to meet the gaze of your taller friend, Rhea. A ball of sunshine. Her hair was balc and about medium length. Like Samie, she too had hazel eyes. She wore her glasses to day, her hair perfectly straighten as usual and tucked behind her ears to reveals her beautiful studs. Upon reaching the group she began to grow awkward noticing that people had began to stare at the nearly complete group of friends. She wore something simple. Sweatpants and a graphic tee of some kind, you didn’t care, she still looked as pretty as the others. You were only waiting for three others before you could finally say that the group was complete. 

About 10 minutes had passed before two other girls had joined you. These two being the wonderful Haley, who wore I a lovely, loose jumper with skinny jeans and Hero, the beautiful blonde with adoring brown eyes and nerdy glasses, holding some chips she must have picked up on her way to meet you.

Haley had lovely long, brown hair and brown eyes. She looked flawless as usual. Upon noticing us, she rushed over, Hero trailing closely behind in what appeared to be skinny jeans and a comfy blue tee with the Hogwarts logo on showing her love for Harry Potter. Hero and Samie instantly started hitting it off, talking about everything to do with harry potter, from the houses to the movies to the books. EVERYTHING!

“OMG! I’m so freaking pumped to finally meet you!” she gasped, hugging each and everyone of the girls in turn. “Is that all?” She asked after she finally let you out of her grip.

“Nearly, we’re just missing Nicki” You explained.

“SUP PEEPS!” You heard Nicki call as she ran across the room. Her small structure colliding with the group. She wore an over sized grey hoodie with a pink moustache on it, with black high waist skinny jeans that where ripped at the knee. She wore her hair up in a messy bun, strands falling everywhere, revealing the purple dye beneath the blonde. Behind her was another girl, one you didn’t recognise.

“Guys, this is my good friend Nastya, she’s here for the why don’t we convention, I offered her to tag a long with us cuz she’s cool” She explained. Nastya waved. She had adorable brown eyes and a slightly lighter shade of brown hair that hung neatly around her face. Like Nicki, she wore a hoodie, a darker grey than Nicki’s.

“Heya Nastya” Everyone greeted. It didn’t take the gang long to take pictures and begin fangirling over the boys for the millionth time that week. Hero sharing meme’s of the boys while Maia imitated Jack’s sassiness. Samie couldn’t help but start feels amongst the group by sharing a very touching story about Jonah. They had gone nuts yet again, it was if they had always known each other. Nobody would have thought that this was their first time meeting.

The group left the airport heading straight for starbucks after Nicki had complained the entire time that she wanted to go. You gave in asking if your mum didn’t mind you and the girls heading off out after they had settled into their hotel rooms.

“I can’t fucking believe that my mam let me come here on my own” Nicki gasped, Her welsh accent thick amongst the group. Hero attempted to agree as she munched on her freshly backed muffin. It didn’t take the group long to kick off on a mission again. Rhea bring up the subject of dogs and Nastya chatting to Stephanie about football.

“Y/N! Do you have any pets?” Maia asked

“No, but I play the guitar” You answer looking over at Samie and Nicki who where on the subject of instruments “I’d love to own a dog” You added bouncing back to Maia’s conversation with Rhea. The coffee shop had began to die down. Only the sound of your group of friend laughing, joking and teasing each other about Why Don’t We and the idea of meeting them. You had no idea that the boys wher watching you or even there until Hero jokingly said.

“Could you imagine Jonah being stood behind me right now” Nicki’s and Haley’s face dropping to the floor as they noticed the tall boy behind her. “What?” Hero questioned “Is there something on my face?” Stephanie and yourself stopped mid-conversation as the other boys joined him. “Shit” Hero muttered “Tell me what I said didn’t just happen” She muttered too scared to turn around. No one could answer, in fact you where the only one who could manage to nod.

“Hey” Jonah smiled, Hero’s face dropping as her heart began to pound loudly in her head. “I couldn’t help but drop in after reading your group chat and after hearing you guys talk, you sound like the right people”

“Wait you actually read the messages?” Maia gasped in disbelieve.

“Oh Sweet lord this is embarrassing” Haley muttered still not functioning proper.

“I SWEAR I’M A GOOD CHILD OF THE LORDE!” Stephanie blurted out

“Shit” Nicki muttered unable to think of anything else to say. There was a lot of embarrassing thing written in that chat and he had read it all.

“JEEPERS NUTSACK!” Rhea blurted, falling into a fit of laugher, everyone else joining her, include the boys. Everyone finely regained their sanity, well what little they had of it. As Jack perked up.

“We actually came over to speak to you guys, we missed you at the airport” He began once again leaving you and your friends in shock.

“Us” You said “As in the bunch of weirdos who as suffering from extreme embarrassment right now” You hated yourself for saying that.

“Pinch me i’m dreaming” Bre muttered as Nastya giggled at her.

“We want to invite you guys to hang with us, you seem like really nice people who are extremely supportive of one another” Daniel explained

“Holy child of God” Stephanie gasped.

“About that” Daniel began, frowning slightly. “You guys gave up some strange nicknames”

“I don’t know what you on about 'cause Aesthetic Meme Corbyn is pretty lit” Corbyn smiled.

“That actually fucking read the chat” Hero looked terrified as she spoke, her eyes wide with disbelief “Boy am I fucked”

“Really Fuck Boi Zach?” Zach dramatically gasped faking being insulted “But seriously, you guys are freaking awesome, we’d love it if you’d hang with us someti-”

The poor boy didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before they where suddenly coated in hug from the girls who had suddenly realised that this was literally Why Don’t We and they wanted to hang with them. US!

A little romance never hurt anyone

Pairing: Sami Zayn/You

Summary: You’re boyfriend Sami isn’t as romantic as people assume. This bothers you a little. Maybe that’ll change ?

Tags: @the-geekgoddes

Everyone you’ve ever come into contact with assumes that Sami is a romantic. That dating him must be like living in a romantic comedy all the time, that he must take you on the most picture perfect dates the world has ever seen. Even you’re close friends assume that Sami must romance you on a regular basis but in actual fact ? Sami doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.

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Love That Used To Be~ Sami Zayn Imagine

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

@laochbaineann @hiitsmecharlie @imnoaingeal @wwe-smutfics @thepalaceofmelanie @allgirlswrestlingclub

Note : Grab a tissue because you are going to get your heart broken. I cried writing this. 

“ You need to stop Sami” Kevin says as he looks at Sami who’s been having a hard time forgetting you. 

“ It’s been tough without her, she was-” he shook his head, stopping himself from saying what he thought he really wanted to say.  “ I really want to see her Kevin, she has been on my mind non-stop.” 

“ But she doesn’t want to, Sami. You know that” Kevin said reminding Sami that you too were trying hard to forget him. Sami sighed, running a hand down his face. 

“ Remember Sami, you broke her heart, let her move on. Don’t walk down that hallway. Just go back to the locker room, let her be.”

Sami looked at the ground, it was so painful to hear your laughter when he’s not the one who is making you laugh.

“ Am I going to be happy again? I mean she was everything to me”

He could never see himself being happy without you by his side. You were his light to his darkest day. 

“ Yeah” Kevin answered. “ Leave her be, Sami. Please.”

Sami looked down the hall to where you were getting your hair and makeup done for the show. You looked beautiful as always to him, with or without make up. He didn’t listen to Kevin as he made his way down the hall, eyes set on you as you scrolled through your phone not even bothering to look up that Sami was watching you.

He has done a lot to hurt you over the months, from his feud with Kevin making it all about it and pushing you away from him. To him feuding with Braun, you tried reaching out to him. 

But it was too late for Sami to fix things between you two. You couldn’t just wait for him to crawl on his knees and beg for forgiveness. You didn’t want to be treated like you were nothing. No matter how much you loved him, you had to let him go. To move on, to find happiness. 

He moved to the opposite side of the wall, his eye showing sadness seeing Seth making his way over to you. Seth and you have been getting closer and closer by the looks of it. He was expecting you to move on, but he couldn’t help feel the pain. The pain of losing you once more. Sami watched as you rose your head to greet Seth with a smile on your face, it was wider than he had ever seen before. Seth leaned down to kiss you on the cheek, making you blush. It was one of the things Sami missed about you. You used to blush so much around him when his beard would tickle your cheek or your neck. He remember the moments, the moments that he made you the happiest you can be.

He knew it was the biggest mistake in his life of letting you go. If he just could go back, he would change everything so he would see you smile for him one last time. 

“ Oh Seth” you giggled, as he pecked your other cheek. His beard tickling your blushing, red cheeks. You tried to keep that smile on your face, remembering the moments when Sami did the exact same thing to you when you two were together. 

“ You done?” Seth asked. 

“ Yeah” you nodded, getting off the chair. You brushed your curled hair to the side not noticing Sami was watching you still. Seth was so sweet to you, he made you happy once more. But in the back of your mind, Sami still linger there. The times you would spend with him, hugging him, cuddling with him, kissing him, working out together etc.

The more you thought about Sami, it felt like you were hurting him by finding happiness with Seth. It only has been two week since you and Sami called it quits. You spend months with him, maybe it would of been better if you just waited one more week before trying to move on. 

Sami did something to you, to make you feel less confident and less about yourself. You still felt broken to pieces that he broke things between you, he broke your heart. The last words he said to you was that you meant nothing to him.  You thought he was the one, the man that you would start a family with and marry. 

He made a mistake letting you walk out of his life. 

“ Let me get changed in my ring gear and I’ll be back to you” Seth says, you nodded your head. 

“ I will be back” He said going into the locker room.

You leaned against the wall, looking at the crew members and other wrestlers walking around. Your friends stopping by to tell you hello before making their way to where they were going. Tonight was one of those shows before a pay-per- view, but the atmosphere wasn’t the same without seeing Sami every Monday Night. Your breath hitched as you spotted the familiar hat, your heart clenched seeing him. You need to go, now. 

The atmosphere was different, like you were losing your breathing and once again you felt your shoulders having weight on them. The weight was back on your shoulders. It was hard to breath. Neither of you had talked to one another since the break up happened. The day after your break up, it was hard not to trust in tears seeing he was no longer by your side. You wondered if he ever thought about you like you did about him. 

Being with Seth, just starting to see him, you began to question yourself weather if you were happy with him or your happiness was much more when you were with Sami. 

“ Hey, “ you heard his familiar voice making you stop in your tracks. Your feet felt like they glued to the ground. You swallowed the lump in your throat, the tears that wanted to run down your cheeks. 

“ Y/N” his hand laid on your shoulder turning your around; you held everything inside seeing him once again. 

“ Hi Sami” you softly said, your voice cracking slightly. You stepped back, his hand dropping from your shoulder. You felt like breaking once again, if he continued to stand here, you’d just burst into tears. 

“ You look nice..” he said, rubbing the back of neck. You nodded, not really want to talk to him. 

“ Look Y/N, I didn’t really mean to hurt you..” 

“ But you did” you snapped at him. Turning your back to him, you didn’t want him to see you break, not in front of him. He didn’t deserve to see you cry. 

“ You pushed me away, I always was there for you. But you made things more about your career than you did with us. I meant nothing to you, just like you said..”  you turned back around so he could see the hurt in your eyes. The hurt, he caused. “ We were together for moths, Sami. We shared a home, we traveled together. But still, you stopped treating me like I was your girlfriend. You treated me like I was trash. Always talking about Kevin this, I’m going to hurt Kevin, Braun did this. I couldn’t take it anymore, what about me Sami? I loved you Sami. I gave you everything and you ripped my heart apart.” 

“ I didn’t-”

“ But you did! You did hurt me, I cried and didn’t even want to continue to work at the same company as you! You’re always finding ways to make this about your career!” 

By now tears were making their way down your cheeks like a waterfall. 

“ I know now, how important your career is instead of the person you love. I’m sorry that you gave me a clear picture to never fall in love with someone who’s career comes first.” 

“ I’m sorry I-” 

“ No! You can take your sorry and kiss my ass Sami” you growled. “ I know how much important that your career is. But you couldn’t make time for me anymore, I wasn’t important to you anymore. You are trying to get a chance a title. Well so was I, I work my ass off just like you do every day of the week but I still make time for my friends and for those who I love. I guess I wasn’t worth your time and love anymore. I wasn’t good enough to be Sami Zayn’s girlfriend anymore. It’s all about you and your career and nothing more.” 

“ I was stupid “ he nodded, reaching for your hand in his. “ I was scared. I was scared that we were getting serious. I wanted to become something, much more than just being the Underdog. I don’t know what I was doing to you until you walked out of my life. I made the biggest mistake of my life” His eyes began to tear up, crying along with you. I know know how much of an idiot I was. I can’t be happy without you.” 

“ You can’t just let me forgive you Sami, I can’t” you looked down at his hand in yours. “ You broke my heart Sami Zayn, “ you told him and he nodded listening.” Do you know how much it hurts to see you every week? Or seeing you with the same friends that I have? I can’t.. I won’t” 

“ I’m so sorry Y/N. I know how much it hurts, I felt the same seeing you laugh or smile knowing I’m not the one making you smile or laugh. But I know Seth won’t love you like I do. But you know what? My biggest mistake was letting you go and I am going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Just let me back in, please..” He begged, taking your face with both his hands as he stared down at you, into your eyes letting you see that he means every word he saying to you. 

“ But I’m with Seth..” you say, wanting nothing but to hug him right there and there. Your heart clenched seeing him like this, broken as you are. 

“ I can’t just leave him, I like him Sami. I do” He nods, more tears running down his cheeks.

“ I know” he softly says, stepping back wiping his tears with the back of his hand. “ It’s not fair to you Sami, you need to find someone else to make you happy” you tried telling him trying to hold back more tears. 

“ Just answer me this, are you happy with him?” he asked. 

“ Of course” you said, lying through your teeth.  

He nods once more, “ If he hurts you Y/N, I won’t stop to rip his head off his shoulders. Just know, he’s not going to love you like I do and he won’t be your last.” 

Sami took a deep breath in, leaning down brushing his lips against your cheek laying a kiss there, his beard tickling your cheek like he used to. 

“ It was good talking to you, you look beautiful “ He says, stepping back once more turning around as he walks away from you. You wanted so badly to run after him. You wanted to be with him again, your true love. 

But Seth was watching the whole thing happen between you and Sami. He questioned to himself, why didn’t you go after Sami? Why did Sami just walk away from you like that? 

But then Sami stopped in his tracks, he was walking away. There was hope inside him for one last time to show you how much he still loves you. He turns back around, jogging back to you bringing you into his arms. He leans down kissing you with so much passion, showing you how much he still loves you in that one kiss. 

Pulling away, he has your face cupped with both his hands, his thumb brushing your cheeks. 

“ I will always love you. No matter what, I will always be here for you. I’m here till my heart stops beating for you”

This brought you to tears once more. He let go, stepping back as he walked away leaving you in tears once more. 

#10 [Finn Balor]

Requested, #10: “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” from here. For @nickysmum1909

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars @pjanina13 eleonora-dsb

“How did we end up here?” Bayley groused, falling down on to a bench, letting out a long sigh. You sat beside her, adjusting your sunglasses on your face, the Florida sun bright as ever.

“It somehow went from ‘what should we do today?’ to ‘zoo’, and honestly, I don’t remember the in-between,” you admitted. “But, I’m pretty sure you and Finn can be placed with most of the blame.”

“I should have checked the weather first,” she replied. “It’s got to be at least 100 out here.”

“With the humidity? Probably,” you agreed. “Doesn’t seem to be slowing down the boys any.” You pointed across the pathway to where Finn and Sami were looking at an enclosure of birds, laughing and animatedly talking with one another.

“Shouldn’t Canada and Ireland have a harder time with heat than California and Texas?” Bayley questioned, gesturing from the two men to the two of you.

“You’d think.”

“We are not making American proud today,” she concluded sadly, which made you giggle. “We could redeem ourselves though.”

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7 tips to create likable characters

It is finally here! This took me way too long than it should but I’m proud of how it turned out in the end, and I’m happy I took my time.

Majority of the characters belong to my friends and others aren’t technically mine; most of these characters are portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor, Ben Mckenzie and Cory Michael Smith in films they’ve done way before Gotham.

My friend Alex and I thought that the short screen time of these characters deserve more life and personality! So that’s what we gave ‘em c: some of them are just made up by us.

Anyways hope you enjoy the video!!


Therd, Thred, Raymond, Empy, Payn, Facade, Hazel, Burne, Mad, Steel, Wisdom, Theo, Kyle, Kirsten, Hazel, Reggie, Mundy, Danny, Six ©  Me

Toby, Ash, Ron, Taylor (Robin as a Lawyer~) ©  Alex 

Louis, Marie, Tony, Peter, Scott, Wade, Rickie, Mundy, Broody, Sofia © Alex and me

Aleks, Eris, and Clover © My friend Delsin

Characters I portray based on films/series:
Phil © The House is Burning
Abernathy © Accepted
Dylan, Jared © Law and Order
Sami © Taxi Brooklyn 
Ryan © The O.C.
Chris © Camp X-Ray
Tommy © Carol

Characters Alex portrays based on films/series:
Lloyd © Cold Comes The Night
Sami © Taxi Brooklyn
Cedric, Dale © Law and Order
Jeff © Another Earth
Alex © The Assassination of the High School President
Sam © The Walking Dead
Noah © Full Dress-(It’s actually not out yet so the headcanons are all based from Alex! )
Nick © Moving On


Sami Zayn x Reader
Warning: Fluff. Maybe a feeder thing if you squuuuint, hair worship for sure
A/N:  Just meant to be straight up Sami’s hair and tummy loving fluff (also I’m just keeping the tags for everything). For  @sunshinesamizayn
     Tagged; @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77 @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @devittslegos
~1000 words

Sami is back from tour, his favorite dessert, and head rubs.

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Friends don’t change but love does

Pairing: Sami Zayn/You

Summary: You and Sami have been friends your whole lives. You were always going to end up together. It just takes you a little longer the Sami to realise it.

Notes: This is a loose interpretation of a 5+1 thing. Though it’s more like 3 + 1. I’m not sure how good it is mind, but here you go anyway. 

You’re watching cartoons together the first time Sami asks you the question that will follow you for the rest of your lives. You can’t be any older than 8 and you’re laying on your stomachs in his living room. There’s empty cereal bowls on the floor nearby and you’re both clutching cups of juice.

Sami is your best friend in the entire world. He’s been your best friend for all of your short life. In the middle of your show he turns to you, a serious expression on his face and asks,

“Do you love me ?”

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First Date

Request by @lisamaliceWhat about a fluffy Sami Zayn where he and the reader are on a first date and he keeps wanting to impress her even though she already really likes him and loves what he does.

Word Count: 1,085

A/N: @lisamalice, Sorry for long wait, going through a lot. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by samisebei

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Summary: Sammie and Chris go to the Super Bowl. Sammie experiences fanboy Chris at his finest. 

Warnings: Smut, being a Falcons fan and having to relive this experience of losing a 28 point lead. (I am by no means a Pats fan.)

Words: 3022

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for taking the time to beta read. You’re the best!

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sammie had decided to get in on fun. She had managed to get video of some of her students rooting for both the Patriots and the Falcons and planned to have Chris watch them before the big game.

She was happy with the videos from her students and couldn’t wait for show Chris.

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