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“In real life, Moffat doesn’t work with women. He doesn’t hire women and he doesn’t collaborate with women professionally.“

I think that will come as a big surprise to Sue Vertue, Rachel Talalay, Sarah Dollard, Sheree Folkson, Rona Munro, Beryl Vertue, Nikki Wilson, Caroline Skinner, Hettie MacDonald, Catherine Tregenna, Rebecca Eaton, Denise Paul, Beth Willis, Catherine Morshead and many others. Hate Moffat all you want, but let’s not erase all the great work these women have done on Doctor Who and Sherlock as writers, directors and producers. 

remember when ten year old edward elric bit his brother, ate two ants then had an existential crisis all within the same minute 


My goal in life is to try to practice being present on a daily basis. I think, as people, our consciousness is spread out. We analyse the past, we worry about the future, and it’s all fueled by fear and pain and all these negative things. Even when it’s good it’s not going to be good in a minute. Then you’re chasing it again. It’s all rooted in time and I think my big ambition is to really practice the ability to quiet my brain a little and just learn how to enjoy the moment.

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Youthful Thoughts In The Elder Hours

Maybe I’m just a dreamer
with complicated themes
of simple realizations,
cryptic as they seem.

I took a walk
replaying music
‘til my iPod died,
getting in touch
with the old school vibe
the best way I know how.
Don’t have a tape,
but every project
from those I consider greats
have them.
Well, in the way I describe gems,
current as they may be.

I’m mixing descriptions
with muddled intentions
of simple wishes
to become
one of the wicked.

In the eldest of hours
these youthful thoughts
become addictions,
but in the morning
they’re just old predictions.

anyway where’s my internet best friend that i meet because of youtube and then meet in person and become irl best friends with and spend hours upon hours on skype with and then spend all my time in their apartment and become roommates with for two years and then move into another flat for half a decade and write two books with and then perform an international stage show with and then move into another flat with and then spend the rest of my life with and-

Roman Reigns - What Did I Just Witness...

Roman Reigns - Prompt #24 and #86: “Are you drunk?” and “Why are you walking around naked?”

- Warnings - Swearing, Sexual References.

Word Count - 1,666 words.

Requested by: Anon.

A/N - If you’d like to be tagged in any future fics feel free to message us :)

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“Woo!” You and several of your other girlfriends screamed as the last of the twelve men shut the door to your hired Las Vegas Mansion, leaving you all to get along with your huge girly night in. Most of the girls in the group had continuously bugged you about why you weren’t going on some wild night out to enjoy the nightlife of Vegas- your answer of ‘I don’t want to some big ass hangover on my wedding day’ was a simple yet effective way in shutting them up. One weekend in Vegas was all you had with the hectic schedule Roman and you were confined to therefore you had to make the most of what you had. Of course, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties on the Saturday and your Wedding Day on the Sunday. Yeah, not the smartest idea in the whole world… The day was all set to be perfect; what your dreams were made of, the picture you imagined at the age of five. The single greatest day of your life. A loud shrill of one of your bestfriends however broke you out of your small daydream.

“It’s time to partayyy” Nikki screamed whilst popping the first of what seemed to be endless bottles of champagne. You solely giggled at her as she began to haphazardly pour glasses for everyone, all except the very pregnant Brie who remained rolling her eyes at her clearly overly-eager twin.

“It’s hardly even a party,” you chimed in. “More like a bunch of girls wearing face masks, getting absolutely pissed out of their minds whilst watching some random ass shows on the television.” Your small remark caused a flurry of cackles to erupt from the women scattered around the lavish living area.

“Hey, it’s a celebration and a celebration means a party you bitch.” Renee practically screeched in your ear as she began hugging you, ultimately causing both of your bodies to topple over and land lying tightly against each other. Yeah… basically spooning… You shook your head and plainly laughed at the already slightly tipsy blonde as all the other girls nodded and hummed in agreement of Renee’s previous statement.

~ Later On ~

Somehow still after two whole hours, you were sprawled on the sofa in the ever-so-slightly peculiar position with your friend. Face masks were done, alcohol had been consumed by almost everyone- maybe a little too much and at this point it was clear to see everyone was just waiting for their ‘men’ to return from whatever adventures they decided to embark on. God only knows what time they’d be back though. “Alright let’s talk about some girly things,” Naomi muttered, breaking the silence that had formed in the room. An instant sense of fear rushed over you- I mean who wouldn’t be a little scared, they were bound to come up with the most awkward or ridiculous questions going.

“I’ll start!” Nattie pretty much begged, leaving you with basically no choice but to nod in agreement. “So Y/N… How are you feeling, like you’re getting married tomorrow!?” It all seemed so crazy. Yours and Roman’s relationship never truly was a secret, news spread 3 years ago exactly a week after you’d been on your first official date. Everything just seemed so right with him so why would you have kept it as any form of secret? He just knew you and you knew him… it was almost as if he was a part of you; to the point where if he left you wouldn’t know how to cope. It was as if commitment was an easy thing to agree to; but only with him

Questions continued to flow around a circle from the 3 seated on the other sofa to the others who were left on the floor. “Alright, so Y/N, have you talked about kids with Roman?” Lana questioned, shifting her body on the immaculate flooring to be rested on her elbows. 

“Erm, I mean yeah we’ve discussed it and we both do want kids but like I just don’t want to really stop work you know.” That was a tricky situation in itself to even remotely talk about. Yeah, you wanted kids and yeah it’d be incredible with Roman but just the simple thought of potentially stopping your dream career was heartbreaking. Of course, it’d happen eventually, just not anytime soon.

The spiral of questions soon reached the final person, Renee. “Well the real question is… how’s he in bed?” You instantly felt your cheeks flush a bright crimson and a smirk etched its way onto your face. “Awh well that just means he’s great then.” Renee responded to your visible answer through the form of complete embarrassment.

A mass of ‘awhs’ arose during the crowd before a sharp click virtually silenced them. Your body immediately shot up as seeing your soon-to-be husband enter through the door, a small velvet box cupped in his hands. “Hey babygirl.” He mumbled bringing you into a tight embrace as you rushed towards him. “I have something for you. I’ve been told every bride should have something old, new, borrowed and blue and since you already have the new dress, the old hair-piece and Nikki’s white Louboutins, I decided to get you this. He gently opened the tiny box, revealing a perfect pair of blue diamond earrings which instantly left you gushing in pure astonishment. 

“Oh my god Roman. I seriously can’t believe you, these must have cost a fortune!” You babbled on, tugging your long hair into a loosely knotted bun.

“Don’t worry about that babygirl. Tomorrow’s our day.” Romans voice always soothed you, whether it’d be before you fell asleep or after a stressful day at work. He always seemed to have that trick up his sleeve; that way of making everything feel as though it was going to be okay- well, more than that… perfect. His fingers intertwined with the fallen strands of hair framing your face before he delicately placed his soft lips against yours. It wasn’t long before the rest of the guys entered the house, greeting their other halves. “Okay Y/N I’m going to head to bed before I literally pass out.”

“Alright we are going in like 5 minutes but I’m gonna stay the night in Renee’s room since I figured we shouldn’t see each other tomorrow, you know superstition and all that…so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow handsome. Night babe.” You explained releasing your arms from his extremely attractive, toned biceps to watch him walk away. All the guys seemed to have the same idea, heading towards the barrage of different bedrooms in the distant corridor. “Erm Dean your bedroom should be the second on the left. Everyone else knows where they are.”

You slumped back onto the sofa to continue your conversations with the girls for a little longer. The conversations were solely supposed to last five minutes; those 5 minutes soon turned into 10. “He’s just really sweet and gentle you know.” You answered to Maryse’s prior question, not realizing the immediate switch in Tamina’s facial expressions. 

“My god, my eyes hurt. I’m not supposed to be seeing this.” She blurted out, shielding her eyes with the palms of her hands. What the hell was going on!?

“Gurl… you’re so getting it good.” Naomi’s words directed towards you. Utter confusion was the only thing on your mind right now. Your back was faced away from whatever had caused this mixture of reactions wherein all the rest of the group were gasping in shock as well. 

You sat up in a fast pace, head already pounding to turn to witness that… it. “Roman what the actual fuck!? Why are you walking around naked?” There he was stood… your future husband. No towel, no boxers, nothing… just bare. “Are you drunk? There has to be some reason at least for this.”

“No! I swear I am not drunk, it’s just he was there and we were spooning and-” His words were cut off not only due to the eruptions of laughter filling the atmosphere but the urgent ‘what!?’ that rolled off your tongue. 

Soon after the faint sound of footsteps could be distinguished, getting louder every second until another lean build came into view. “Ah shit.” Dean’s raspy voice muttered as he then realized everyone staring his direction. “Well, this is awkward.”

“Renee… can you please explain to me why both of our men are standing in front of everyone butt naked? Cos’ I can’t.” You questioned turning to your friend, your tone becoming more and more sarcastic by the minute as you desperately tried to seek an answer to this.

“Look Y/N, I was just lying there minding my own business, doing my sleeping and then I feel someone get into bed so obviously I’m like oh that’s you. So then I start spooning this person, naked might I add and then realised. Why the hell are you so bloody hairy… So I ran out thinking you guys would stick to your word and be gone but here I am. Naked.” It was hard to even take this partially seriously, like come on; Roman and Dean. You tried to keep it cool but it was just way too difficult at this point and you couldn’t contain the fit of laughter forming inside of you. It was even hard to find breath in between the on-going giggles leaving your mouth- it was borderline impossible! 

It seemed like that with the other girls as well, it was just surprising how none of the other guys woke up. I guess they were pretty drunk then… That’s surely the only reason they weren’t able to hear the roars of eleven high-pitched giggles. Well, what would have been twelve, however it didn’t seem as though Tamina was enjoying this whole situation… at all. “Okay you know what, all of you guys can’t stop fucking laughing so Roman can you go and put some clothes on before my eyes literally burn.”

A/N - Okay it’s finally done after having to restart the whole thing -.- Anyways who doesn’t love a little bit of Roman so I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I do! xo ~ Nikkii.

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The Contest-Part 14

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

 Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the doctor finally came out to speak to Ryan.  “Emily did great.  We’ll need to keep her for a few days for observation since we had to do an emergency C-section, but she will be fine I think.”

“And the baby?” Ryan asked.

“Your son is fine.  Nice healthy set of lungs.  Emily is in post-op and the baby is getting checked out by the pediatrician.  You will be able to see them both shortly.”

“What are you naming him?” Jared asked.

“Dylan James.” Ryan told him.  There were tears in his eyes as he tried to hold it together.

We stayed with Ryan until he was allowed to go and see Emily.   I gave him my cell number and asked him to give it to Emily to call when she was feeling up to it.  Nikki and I hugged him and Jared shook his hand.  “Thanks for everything.” He said as he followed the nurse out of the room.

Jared was driving the three of us back to our apartments when Nikki spoke. “Why don’t you tweet something, Y/N?  Most of the crew follows you on Twitter, that way everyone will know whats going on.”  

Y/F/N  Y/L/N                                                                                                          @GeminigiraffeRN

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the SPN family, Dylan James.  Mom Emily is doing great! We love you Em!

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Abby’s 20 Birthday Celebration

by far the greatest moments of my entire life!!! 

My best friends, my sisters, my lifelines 

@bellarketm: Babes can you believe that we’ve officially been friends for more than 2 years already? It’s weird to think that it’s only been that short of a time. It literately feels like I’ve known you my entire life. You’re in high school now so you aren’t on here as much but you’re still my little sister and I love you dearly 

@blyedeeks sometimes you meet someone and they fill a missing piece in your life, Cams, for me that is you! You are by far the most positive kindest person on here and I can’t believe that I only met you almost exactly a year ago. You are literally my soul twin and I love how relentless you are in spreading joy. You are also so so talented and smart and I literally can’t imagine this year without you by my side. I literally feel like something is wrong if I don’t talk to you once a day. 

@abazethe100 my partner in podcasting, my brain twin, my dear dear Anna. We complete each other in all the best ways and I’m so glad I reached out to talk to you about Odyssey parallels. We’ve come so far from that first talk and I adore how you build me up when I am down, you are by far one of the smartest people I know

@rosymamacita you’re kinda like my tumblr mom Rosy. I feel like I can go to you for anything and you’d be there to help me and calm me down. I love how smart you are how you don’t take anyone’s bullshit and most of all you have such a giant heart. 

@everybodyknows-everybodydies my soulmate, god I’m so jealous you get to go back to the place where we began but I’m so utterly proud of the person I’ve seen you becoming over the past year. You are so talented, so talented and you are so tiny and cute that sometimes I can’t believe how much passion you have in your body. I love you so so much

@thesnowyswan Rae, my gorgeous darling, shakespeare loving, essay saving badass. You have strengthened me in so many ways and thank you for ruining my life and introducing me to lucifer

@goodqueenalys Mere is literally a goddess among mortals, her take no shit attitude is inspiring, her love and dedication to her friends is incredible. I never could have imagined that when I sent you that ask I would make a friend who always believed in me and has my back. 

@marauders-groupie there are not enough words in the english language to describe just how incredible Lana is. She is incredibly brave, supremely dedicated and just an all around badass. She is the most talented but she also the most kind and I’m so glad we became friends 

the babe squad

@bellarkestrut (Karly you are literally everything to me) @lydias-martin (Gi, you are so kind and talented and I’m so lucky that SBB brought us together) @wellamyblake (MJ you are an utter badass, unfairly funny and so incredible) @wellsjahasghost (Jadey, my love. she is the most talented and it’s unfair that she’s so fantastic, it leaves the rest of us to shame) @hiddenpolkadots (Nai is simply hilarious, and her words leave me speechless on a regular basis) @cupcakeblake (Cam is so talented and positive and she gives off so much light) @bellarke-stydia (Nik, I can’t thank BCRev enough for bringing us together, you always light up my day just by existing) @thelovelylights (Jen is so fierce and brilliant and so so incredibly beautiful, she’s one of the greatest people I know and doing those ATLA watches was so fun) @junebugninja (Amanda is literally the goddess of kindness, no other person in the universe holds as much heart as she does) @stilesprefers-screamers (SYD!!!! My precious bean who has so much talent and so much strength and I just love her a lot) @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx (Tate is the greatest, her snapchats give me so much joy and she is just so cute) @mego42 (Meg is infinitely better than chocolate at cheering me up, she’s also incredibly smart) @hisstericallypawesomesleepurr (Jenn is so talented and badass and unapologetic and amazing and I just I’m in awe of her gifsets every time I see them @jontyaxefive (Rory is the best, I’m so so grateful she exists and is so smart and kind and I can’t wait to see you again) @raincityruckus (oh my god Kayla is the kindest most honest bravest person ever, she’s a gem among the rocks) @bellamysprincessa (KATIE, MY POLY RANGER HEADCANONING LOVE OF MY LIFE, I’m so so glad that we meet through BCWC and that we are constantly going back and forth headcanoning all kinds of fics) 

BCFamCaravan aka the people who blow up my phone on a daily basis and whom I love more than I love bellarke

@bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 (april is such a badass and so smart) @iam-dollparts (Nikki makes me laugh so hard all the time) @forgivenessishardforus (Sam is giant goddess of pure sunshine) @ginalou16 (Gina is an angel) @allisoneuph (Allison is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met) @hehmionee (Alyssa is the most fantastic) and I know I’m missing a few of you but rest assured I love you all with all my heart

BCWC aka my girls, my loves, the ones who always have my back, the ones I feel comfortable sharing any and all unpopular opinions with and the ones whose conversations sustain me 

@singinglikeapenguin @stardustrebelprincess @missemarissa @bellohmyblake  @molliiholmes @harpermcintyre and so many more of you that I adore but I’m awful with urls 

the writers, the ones who send me into a fangirling fest almost as great as the ones I have when my otp kisses for the first time, the one who leave me speechless and envious and inspired in equal measure

@deadcatwithaflamethrower (her world building is fantastic, her writing is glorious and if you are a star wars fan go read her fic now and come die with me) @so-caffeinated/ @dust2dust34 (the verse these two have written, FICON is compelling and awe-inspiring and a great counterpart to when Arrow both is fantastic and when it lets you down) @ink-splotch (I was lucky enough to meet her at SVCC last year and she is just as amazing in person as you think she’d be, her What if verses are absolutely killer) @rongasm (the absolute pinnacle of Stydia fic for me, like I said in a review of one of her fics, she draws you in with absolutely glorious characterization and then makes you cry like a baby for hours so it takes a while to read her fics because I just can’t stop screaming and her Rainflower fic with @redstringbanshee is absolutely killer and beautiful) @missemarissa (some of the best hottest and brilliant smut that I’ve ever read, so informative and careful yet so hot) @caramelkru (Mel’s fic are so funny and in character and I just love everything she writes) @ajrchaosrising (her fics are on hiatus right now but for real some of the greatest bellarke fics I’ve read belong to her) 

Others whom I adore and have made this year one of the best ones ever

@sassamyblake @bellamys-griffin @bellamysfern @prosciuttoe @saltymonty @nataliecrown @deadshotbellamy @ravenreyess @morleybell @ravenbellclarke @queensusan @kindclaws @zoemonroe @bellsgirl @asexual-mechanic @swanhookheart @llysandra @lukesaysbreathe @scottmcblake @rashaka @brayvenlarke @grumpybell @rhysand @bellamypotter @asweetdeception @clxrkblake @katefullergecko @rememberiloveyou @readymachine @grounderbellamy @apirateslifeforsmee @sanabakkosh @warriorsaralance @xyouss @turtlejustice @jbuffyangel @spacexualkids @anabthchse @allisonaergents @rhysandly @chancellor-reyes

and to all that have read my fics or reblogged my poetry, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to be brave and share my work. 

I love all of you so so much!!!!!!!!


what a complex feeling. something you may or may not feel on a daily basis. the way you smile when you see cute babies or see your dog when you get home. joy when you’re with your friends and having the damn time of your life. i thought i was happy. i thought i was content with my life, and then i met you.

you showed me a whole new side to happiness. a type of contentment i had never felt before and all of a sudden i felt like i had a purpose. i had someone to show me what being happy truly felt like.

i had you.

The Contest-Part 20

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After much debate, Jared and Jensen had convinced me that it would be much more fun if we surprised Nikki and Misha with the wedding reception/baby shower.  “So what cover story do we use to get them there?” Jensen had asked.

“I got it!” Jared had said.  “It’s almost Y/N’s birthday, so we can say I am throwing her a party for her birthday and because she’s staying on the show.” 

“This is good.  We can work with this.  You can ask Misha and Nikki to be the ones who get me there.,  I’ll make it REALLY hard on them. Nikki will bitch, but Jensen you can say you’re helping Jared set up.”  My mind was already whirling with possibilities.

The entire cast and crew had been sworn to secrecy.  I honestly had my doubts as to whether we were gonna be able to pull this off. Mark Sheppard couldn’t keep a secret to save his life.  Ruthie Connell was so excited she could barely contain herself.  Amateurs!

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Every Single Word


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: You and Jack having a conversation about you and Mac, without the two of you knowing Mac overhears.

After a excruciating mission, the team was finally back on the jet flying home. Everyone apart from you and Jack were all asleep. For most of the plane ride you had been either staring out the window or at Mac’s sleeping form.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?”, Jack curiously asked.

Diverting your gaze from Mac, you knew that the team had a pretty good idea on the feelings you had for Mac. Unfortunately due to the dangerous work that the Phoenix Foundation partakes in, Mac thought that starting any sort of romantic relationship would be difficult to maintain. Not because he didn’t see you that way, but because his biggest fear was you being put in danger due to him.

“The mission was tougher than I expected, I guess”, replying back to Jack who gave you a grin. “Why are you looking at me like that?”.

Jack sat up straight and pointed to Mac. “Because I’m curious if that has something to do with you and him ending up in a closed, tight space together?”.

Jack was referring to a moment during the mission where the team split up to corner the targets. You and Mac teamed up, but ran into some trouble where the two of you were forced to hide in the nearest room, which coincidentally ended up being a small unity closest.


“Well this is cosy”, you mumbled as Mac’s body was pressed against your own.

He nervously laughed, “Yeah sorry about this. I didn’t really have time to think of anything else”.

The fact your throat was getting dry was no surprise and there was also nothing that could be done about it, not at this point anyway.

“To be honest I’m glad it’s you and not Jack”, you joked trying to break the awkward tension that was building.

You could feel Mac’s eyes on you, and that’s when you made the mistake of looking up. His hands were resting on either side of your arms on the wall. And his lips were inches away.

It felt like there was this magnetic pull, and each second you delayed made that pull stronger. Mac licked his lips and you bit the corner of yours. Heavy breathing from each of you, along with the close proximity added to the intensity.

Mac’s head dipped down like he was about to kiss you, but your heart sunk when he placed a finger on your lips instead, indicating to be silent. He leaned towards the door, checking to hear if any footsteps where coming this way. When he concluded the coast was clear, Mac opened the door continuing on with the mission.

End of Flashback

Snapping out of that memory, Jack was staring and waiting for an answer.

“Y/N, putting all the jokes aside you can talk to me?”, he offered in a soothing tone.

Tapping your fingers on the chairs arm rest, the lack of exhaustion was starting to kick in.

“About what? About the fact my feelings for Mac grow everyday and I can’t do anything about it, because he seems to think us starting anything will be too dangerous. Expect this job is nothing but dangerous, so tell me how I’m suppose to be okay not being able to be with Mac?”. You firmly whispered, careful not to wake anyone.

“He just needs some time Y/N. You know how Mac gets about mixing his work life with his personal one”. Jack stated.

Scoffing a bit at his comment, “He managed to do it with Nikki”.

Jack laughed at the sour tone you used when saying her name. “That’s true, and look at how well that turned out”.

He did make a good point, however it still didn’t make your feelings about the situation any better. Glancing over to make sure Mac was still asleep, you leaned back further in your chair.

“At least she had a chance to see if a relationship with Mac would work out, and I know that if I had that chance I’d treat Mac the way he deserves, unlike the way Nikki did”. Jack knew when it was time to let a conversation with you go, he offered to make you a drink to calm any nerves, but you politely declined. Jack got up leaving you alone with your thoughts.

Mac stirred in the seats opposite and slowly opened his eyes.

“Hey there sleepyhead, how was the nap?”. You asked Mac who sat up and somehow still looked effortlessly handsome, after just waking up.

He smiled, “Exactly what I needed”.

For some reason you had Mac’s words running through your head all the way home.

When the jet landed Riley, Jack and Bozer hopped off as quickly as they could. You were zipping up your go to travel bag when Mac asked if you had a minute to talk. Nodding, you focused all your attention on him.

“About what happened in the closet, I just want to say-”.

“You don’t have to say anything Mac, I completely understand”. Picking up the duffle bag, you tired to get past.

He reached for the bag and set it back down on one of the empty seats. “I don’t think you do Y/N. I heard the conversation you and Jack had. I never knew you felt that strongly about me”.

Sighing. “Yeah I do, but it doesn’t matter now, does it? I mean you’ve made it perfectly clear that starting any romantic relationship is a big no, so there’s just no point in telling you how I feel”.

Picking up the bag again, this time you did make it around Mac, but he quickly gripped your right wrist. “It does matter, Y/N it matters to me. We had a moment on the mission, and I’m not saying that to make you feel better. I’m saying it because I felt it too. I just need to know what you said to Jack, was it true? Did you really mean it when you said you can treat me better than how Nikki did?”.

Looking right at Mac, so he’d know the next words were genuine and true, you softly breathed. “I meant every.single.word”.

Mustering up a smile his way, Mac stood there silent. Taking that as a cue to leave, you wondered if that confession was enough for Mac to consider giving you and him a chance.


Let’s talk about AfroPop, how did you come to be the host for the 9th season? Did they reach out to you?

Nikki Beharie: Yeah, you know what’s funny? They reached out and our director for the show reached out and was sort of filling me in about what the show is. I was just like, “Hold up, stop for a second because I have been watching this program on and off for years.” I seen it in Atlanta, when I sort of like visit my family. As I would travel you can actually find it in different countries. Of course, they’re on different stations but I happen to just really love what it stood for. I didn’t know specifically they were all documentaries about the diaspora, I just felt like it was a really good documentary program.
The minute that they brought it up to me, I was like, “I’m game, lets do it.” I’ve told her, “Lets do this!”

What does that entail, being a host? Introducing it to fans and giving background in terms of the stories?

Nikki Beharie: I think it’s just amazing, I get to watch all these amazing documentaries and get insight. Personal insight from the filmmakers and the people who selected the films. The whole idea is just to sort of bridge the gap from, I guess we want to say the american viewing audience. Really, sort of bridge the gap of the diaspora, realize that there are so many untold vastly different stories. That don’t tend to get a lot of attention on the main stream media or even as narrative. These stories, I don’t even know if some of them would work. In terms of narrative or people would be bold enough.
We have a few in this season that are really difficult to stomach. I’ll at least throw this in there, they have like positive turns at the end but really difficult hard-hitting stories. I just don’t think anyone else would be brave enough to tell. Stories about, whether it’s like tribal warfare or issues with children, environmentalism. I just really get to dig in and learn as much as I possibly can about each individual episode or documentary. Then I just introduce them, which is the easiest part but really I feel like I was getting that education by being a part of this whole thing.

We’ve seen a lot of documentaries this year getting a lot of spotlight. It’s hard to tell which stories are going to catch an audience. Do you think showing it on TV is a better way to do it than theaters?

Nikki Beharie: Yeah. It’s kind of a small group of people that are making this thing happen and it’s really beautiful. These are filmmakers and people that don’t necessarily find the platforms all the time. To highlight the work in it. It’s really good work, beautiful, thought provoking, and life affirming work. If not life affirming just like being aware of what it’s like being a human being on a planet in all these different ways. I just feel like it was really grounding and extremely refreshing to get different takes on having brown skin and being on planet earth. There’s a lot of different versions of that, we just tend to just feel maybe like four or five versions of it.

You got a slew of stuff happening this year, including Jacob’s Ladder. It’s good to see you back on the big screen. Do you know when that’s coming out?

Nikki Beharie: Thank you. I don’t know exactly when it’s coming out, I think we actually have to go in for some re-shoots. To clear up some things and hangout more with those beautiful talented actors I get to work with. I have a few things that are cooking right now too, also in the film and then in theater but I haven’t signed on anything. So I really shouldn’t talk about it but yeah, I’m really excited about this year. It’s looking like a good busy year, I feel like I’m back on track.

Your fans will miss you on Sleepy Hollow. Was it a mutual decision not to come back or is it a different direction that the show wanted to go into?

Nikki Beharie: There’s a whole history behind that, that goes back to the very first year. It’s kind of one of those hieroglyphic, look at the puzzle pieces kind of thing. You know? Diehard fans know what’s been going on, I’ll say it was mutual, sure.

It’s always tough, obviously you’re not the first actor of a series to leave. When there’s a fan base there that they love your character, it’s hard for them to stomach your absence.

Nikki Beharie: Yeah, it was a really a wonderful opportunity and I really loved playing that character. I can not tell you how much I loved those fans, and I did have some really good times on the show. Sometimes things just take a turn. I haven’t seen the show this year because I’ve really been away and working on other things. I really do hope that it’s doing well and that people are still enjoying what they’ve been coming up with. There’s some really great crew and cast there, and some great creative thinkers on that production. I wish everybody well but I do think that my time there was up. I don’t think they were able to do anything else with my character, or couldn’t imagine it. 

Last year had lots of women of color break through in different areas from behind the scenes, on stage, and on television. What direction do you want to be seen more in? Is it being more of a film actress? Are you entertaining to go back on TV?

Nikki Beharie: Really the focus is just, in these times with what’s going on today. Different rights and people realizing there are a lot of issues that have gone, on both sides un-communicated. There is so much of a undercurrent of fear and just lack of identification of the humanity of people on both sides. I think it’s important to do anything that kind of speaks to that, anything.
Anything that’s well written and that’s kind of about something. Not hitting you over the head with it but anything that speaks to that. Asks you, doesn’t preach, but asks you to sort of see what part you’re playing in it. Whether it’s a play or a musical or whatever. I’m really open to just really great material. I’m really excited to be free and doing the things that I love to be completely honest.

What’s a good reason to start tuning in now to AfroPop?

Nikki Beharie: Well, a lot of what’s on television is for ratings and advertising. I’m not knocking that but there’s a lot of information that’s like “The revolution will not be televised” kind of thing. It actually will but as public media. If you want to go a little bit deeper, dig a little bit deeper. Just be a little bit more aware about some things. It’s important to see these things (at AfroPop), if you don’t happen to have the subscription to IFC, or you can’t fly to Sundance, or go to Cannes or whatever. You really want to see some really great hard hitting documentaries and support the arts, and support the community. That’s kind of that but that goes to say, I’m doing writing now. Working with people and also working for other people as an actor but going into being more of a behind the camera type person. I realized that there is lots of stories that people don’t really understand or that they see for a woman, a woman of color, young black woman. They don’t understand sometimes nuance or corks. There are just certain stories that people can’t imagine telling with someone that looks like me. We have to sort of be a part of that tipping point.