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How would the Axis react to their S/O waking up and telling them they just dreamt of a past life where they were a country that has been dissolved for a long time and already met them. In fact, they fell in love in that lifetime as well.(P.S. dream was actually true.)

N. Italy (Feliciano Vargas): It would take him a while to wake up, first and foremost. It would then take him quite some time to understand exactly what they were saying. Once he understands, the shock settles in. “E-eh…? You… y-you were–?” He wouldn’t know what else to say. Had he recalled that happening to anyone? Well, aside from Holy Roman Empire… perhaps he hadn’t seen them as often to exactly remember them… he simply wouldn’t know what ro say. It would remind him of HRE too much. In fact, he’d probably cry…

S. Italy (Romano/Lovino Vargas): Much like his brother, he wouldn’t be able to wake up. He’d be quite whiny about it too. However when his S/O would say it’s urgent he’d just snap right up and listen to what could potentially be bothering them. Much like his brother, he wouldn’t know what to say. However he wouldn’t be as upset, because nobody important (aside from S/O) would have left him back then… but damn he’d be happy to have her again. He’d be confused, as he may have difficulty understanding but now, he’d make his best attempt to protect them from such a horrible thing happening.

Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo): He’d shoot right up when his S/O wakes him up. Had they been hurt? He’d probably bombard them with questions, and just not stop going on. Once he’d settled down he’d listen intently to his S/O’s dream… his mind had been racing with so many thoughts he’d forgotten for a moment. Instead of crying, he’d just hold them in a tight, warm embrace. Like Romano (and perhaps the rest, yeah?) he’d promise to protect his S/O from any harm.

Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt): Like Spain he’d wake up instantly. Instead of bombarding them with questions however he’d listen intently. From what he saw they didn’t seem hurt, anyways. He’d remember them immediately. He isn’t used to showing emotions but there was a sense to show protection of some sort to his S/O. He’d make his own little vow that, whether they ever broke up, he’d keep all harm from coming to S/O.

Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt): This dude is like Romano. A whiny jerk whenever he’s woken up. Hearing that his S/O would have to tell them about a dream they had he’d get up immediately and begin to tease them, in case it was a ‘special dream’ they had. When S/O’s voice is quite serious, he knows to listen. He wouldn’t be so quiet when it comes down to promising to protect them though. He’d turn into his normal, cocky self and say quite loudly, something along the lines of: “Well you’re with the great me! You don’t have to worry about any more harm coming to you!” He’d also be trying to brighten the situation quite a bit. He doesn’t have time for sadness now.

Japan (Kiku Honda): Flustured when he hears this dream after waking up. He was great with faces and he knew that his S/O looked familiar, which was probably why he fell for them in the first place… they seemed so similar to that one person who meant so much to him in the past life. He’s more than relieved that, although they may not have been safe then, they’re safe now. He’ll make sure of that.

Hetalia Superhero AU Snippet #2: Part 2

Yay it’s done! That took forever omg… it’s almost 2am right here in Australia… 
So um yeah, have some more of theartisserie’s superhero AU because I have no life and am utterly sucked in.

Part 1 to this can be found here.

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Matthias couldn’t think of a retort in time as all hell broke loose. Men of all shapes and forms entered the field, either wielding knives or guns in their beefy hands. All the superhumans broke away from the circle they had created around the Rogue Assassin and immediately engaged with their new opponents. Matthias went head to head with a burly fellow, with dark tattoos running down his arms and he, unlike his companions, carried a nasty looking machete.

He swung the weapon at Matthias, who just narrowly dodged it. Forming a fireball in his palms, he threw it into the air and, using his willpower, made the flames scatter around the man’s feet as it fell like a ball towards the ground.

‘SLAM DUNK!’ he cheered, cackling madly. Oh how he loved the adrenaline rushing through his veins. ‘Take that!’

However, once again, a whoosh rang through the air as the super speeder and Emil ran between machete-man and Matthias. Matthias, for moment, watched with fascination as the super speeder, as opposed to Emil, went from person to person, displaying a range of powers. He ran up to one man, who was engaged with the doppelgänger, turned into steel and gave him an almighty sucker punch to the stomach. The man doubled over with a grunt, allowing for the doppelgänger to give him a kick in the chin, knocking him out completely.

The super speeder flashed him a grin before running off to where Berwald and Tino were in a double combat with two extremely stocky fellows, much bigger than Berwald was. The super speeder joined them, his body glowing green and he sent a blast of light their way—almost exactly as Lukas usually did—which caused the pair to separate and yelp in fear. One walked straight into Berwald, who, with his metal skin, was no match for him. The other rolled into Tino who, with some impressive karate skills, rendered the man unconscious in seconds. Tino sent the super speeder a thumbs up before swivelling around to throw a knife at another foe, where he fell to the ground with a pained scream for Tino’s knife had sunk into the flesh of his thigh.

And thus that’s how it went. The super speeder, seemingly able to use an array of powers, went from person to person, going from using super speed to energy projection in less than a second, to turning his body into the same steel as the doppelgänger or as Berwald to switching to using firepower like Matthias was. There was no other way to describe him than as a superhuman machine.

How is he doing that? Matthias wondered incredulously as he caused a nasty burn on a skinny man’s arm, who ran away in tears from the intensity of his wound. That is actually insane…

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Aldrich loved his children. He truly did. They were the light of life.


There were only so many sleepless nights a person could take, and Germania had hit his limit. Roderich was sick and Ludwig was teething, and Aldrich had been back and forth between sitting with Gilbert next to Roderich, getting his brunet son to eat, drink, and take the medicine Gilbert had gotten from Rome; and rocking Ludwig, trying to sooth the baby who would not. Stop. Crying. Finally, all the children had fallen asleep, and he had practically fallen into his furs, asleep almost immediately.

Whoever was standing at his side shook at his shoulder again. Not bothering to open his eyes, the blond man mustered up enough energy to mumble out a slurred “Someone had better be bleeding or dying.”