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Cobain: Montage Of Heck

I just walked out of the theatre speechless. Walked to my car and started crying. It took a long while to control myself and calm down.

No other documentary, movie or anything has ever made me feel like this; sad and happy and empty all at the same time.

Montage of Heck was incredible to say the least. It was brutally honest view of Kurt through his thoughts and the eyes of the people who cared about him the most. It was beautiful and tragic. It was inspiring, just like Kurt was and still is to many, including me.

It will take a long time to process everything I was fortunate enough to see.

don’t try to rap kitchen sink

Happy 19th Birthday Calum





AKA Calum Hood

He’s a teddy bear hugging teddy bears


Who wants to kill me with photos of puppies



And everything else he could possible do in life


What I wouldn’t do to meet the people he’s met

Peace out

Have fun

true af

I’m gonna post a bunch over the summer. :)