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Time to recommend my top five LGBT YA books!

5. “Carry on” by Rainbow Rowell - I love it because it’s so blatantly obvious that the characters are derived from Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. As a die-hard Drarry fan, I approve. (I adore Baz so much I bestowed my teddy bear his name).

Favorite line: “I’m going to die kissing Simon Snow. Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.” -Baz

4. “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli -This is so fluffy I almost punched my wall. Honestly, I got stuck near the end because of the inevitable scene. I was so absorbed into the story I could feel the characters’ emotions as if it were mine. Plus the main character is a Drarry fan. Who wouldn’t loveeee him?

Favorite line : “Why would I want to watch other people kissing when I could be kissing you? - Simon

3. “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” by Benjamin Alire Saenz - I fell in love with this story since chapter one. The opening line made sure I would stay till the end of the story. This is the kind of book you’d re-read every year just so you could be reminded of how awesome it felt to be in there. And there will be a sequel! Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.

Favorite line: “And it seemed to me that Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness. Wow, a world without darkness. How beautiful was that?” –Ari

2. “I’ll Give You the Sun” by Jandy Nelson – Noah’s point of view is one of the best I’ve read. He’s funny, smart and so mind-blowingly charming I couldn’t help but swoon each time. This book is actually the first book I’ve read in the LGBT YA genre. I’ve downloaded it before illegally and man, I finished it so fast I cried in the end because I wanted more. And more. Sequel please.

Favorite line: “What happened between us has colonized every last brain cell. I can barely tie my shoelaces. I forgot how to chew this morning,” –Noah

1. “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miler – You like LGBTya books? Read this. You like Greek Mythology? Read this. You’re not into this genre? Read it still! Seriously, I’d recommend this book to every person out there. It fed my curiosity on what Achilles and his famous best friend, Patroclus were really like. And you get to see Patroclus POV of the Trojan war. How awesome is that? This book has ruined me.  This is a Harry Potter like addiction.

Favorite line: “They never let a hero be famous and happy. I’ll you a secret. I’m going to be the first. Swear it, Patroclus. Because you’re the reason. Swear it.” -Achilles                

Lily’s Hey Jude Lullaby // Dean

Summary: Dean was always the one to deny help when he needed it but when his wife and his separated when his daughter was a few months old. Life went down hill when Anna walked out on Lily officially. It left Dean with a full time job as both a parent and a career. What will he do?

Characters: daddy!dean x reader, Becky Rose x oldersister!Reader, Lily Winchester (OC), Sam Winchester, Anna Milton (mentioned), Bobby and Castiel Novak.

Words: 1788

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters. Nor do I own any gifs, images or songs used.

Warnings: Fluff and Becky’s stalker tendencies (mentioned)

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end. Let us know if you want added or removed on anything.

A/N: This was completely adorable to write. Requested by @komunyska


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Dean was going to rip his hair out because Anna, his now ex-wife, had sent a invitation to her shot-gun wedding. It was sent to both him and Lily as if to spite him. He didn’t even know since she had left her daughter behind with documents to prove it.

It hurt more when the name on the invitation had his childhood best friends name on it. James Castiel Novak, he had to take another glance because it stated his first given name. Up until third grade when Castiel left they had had three other James in their class so he was called his middle name.

Cas had lost touch with everyone here and he wasn’t one to have a social platform nor was there an address. Dean didn’t think that Cas knew he was marrying his best friend’s ex-wife. Dean didn’t know if he should go with his daughter because she wouldn’t remember it. For godlike Lily’s only a ten month old baby.

“Sh. Baby.” Dean said rocking his little girl to sleep, “Daddy’s got you. I’ll always be here for you.”

Not wanting to put her down but knowing he had to get some sleep for the early morning tomorrow. He had to be at work at six in the morning due to the important client coming into work and it was important because after he had to get over to the shop.

“Night sweetheart.” Dean said kissing the sleeping baby on the forehead before laying her down. Dean smiled watching his daughter smile in her sleep before he turned the night light on and left the room.

He was tempted to get a beer but he was trying to cut back for his daughter and he had forgot to pick up more. He was barely floating with caring for his daughter while also holding down two jobs in order to himself pay off his student loans. Despite landing a cushioning sport scholarship he had had to pay for his last year once an injury costed him the scholarship and a sports career.

“Time for bed.” Dean sighed going around the house to double check the doors and windows before checking the alarm.

Once he was in his room he stripped down to his boxers with a t-shirt. He had to get in the habit so when his daughter was older she wouldn’t run into her daughter wearing little clothing. He stretched before falling sleep with a picture of Lily being the last thing he saw.


Dean was making breakfast when Lily’s cries had Dean racing off towards her room. She was standing up in the crib with glassy eyes, sweaty skin and sneezing. He groaned picking up up out of the crib.

“You had to pick this day to be sick.” Dean sighed trying to soothe her, “I have to find a sitter. There’s no way Jo will let you in the daycare.”

Lily curled into his arms while he rubbed a hand over his head and carried the fevered baby downstairs. He had one option that would gladly looking after her so he punched in the number. He was making faces at the grumpy girl before his mother’s voice answered.

“Dean? Is there something wrong?” Mary questioned. His mother’s caring voice did the usual job of calming down Dean. She was up always at his time by habit.

“Lily’s sick and I don’t know anyone that can help. Mom I have to be at work at six and then I won’t get off for a longer time. Bobby gave me another shift.” Dean exclaimed soothing his daughter with exasperation.

“Oh honey.” Mary sighed, “I can’t look after her. I’m sorry but your dad and I already have plans.”

“Oh. I guess I can ask Sam and Sarah.” Dean pushed a hand through his hair again.

“Did you forget? They took the week off to go see Sarah’s parents before the baby is born.”

Remembering how his brother was telling how the family about the pregnancy in person didn’t help the situation. Dean growled in annoyance trying to remember anyone that could help him. He was drawing blanks because almost everyone would be working or lived in a different state.

“Give me a minute.” Mary mumbled placing the phone in the crook of her neck as she began going through the organized papers, “Becky, you remember her, she had an older sister about your age. She’s a elementary teacher so she’s on holidays now.”

“I don’t know. I’m not comf-“

“Dean, I know the girl.” Mary said not surprised at Dean hesitancy, “Give her a call okay?”


You were clicking your tongue not knowing what to do with yourself on the first day of summer holidays. It wasn’t warm enough for swimming nor did you feel like being around a lot of people. You were about to call your younger sister when the phone went off.


“Is this Y/N Rosen?” The deep male voice questioned.

“Depends on who’s asking.” You cautiously said.

“I’m Dean Winchester. My mom is Mary Winchester. She said you could help me.” The man, Dean, said, “My daughter came down suddenly with a cold and won’t be able to go to daycare. Is there any possibility you could look after her?”

“How old is she?” You inquired crossing on leg over the other.

“She’s just about one years old and rambunctious I will admit even at this age.” Dean admitted, “But she’s my Lily-pad.”

You bit your lip before agreeing to the information and gave your phone number with instruction to text his address. You got ready quickly before packing a bag to keep the young child interested and occupied.

The house you saw was small with a few toys laying in the front year that looked as if  they had been abandoned. You parked before strolling up the door, you gave yourself a pep talk before knocking. Even here you could the shrill scream of a child and fast paced feet that belonged to the man that had opened the door. Holding said child in his arms.

“I’m Y/N Rosen.” You said putting your hand out for him to shake.

“I’m Dean, thank you so much for doing this.” He sighed in relief, “Didn’t you drag your sister away from Sam?”

“She still likes him.” You muttered rolling your eyes. Your little sister was a pain in your ass and she had graduated high school. She still shouldn’t be wrapped around her childhood crush, “The amount of pictures have dwindled.”

Dean shook his head remembering how Becky Rosen was with her brother. She verged on stalker if both Dean and you were honest with yourselves. Becky didn’t even know about Sarah but with the amount of social media Sam blocked her on it wasn’t surprising.

“Who’s this little cutie?” You asked playfully making paces at the young child.

“This is Lily. Numbers and information is in the kitchen, there’s take-out menus sitting out if you want take-out or a frozen pizza.” Dean quickly said passing you his daughter, “Lily’s food is labeled and I made a sheet explaining what times to feed and what she needs.”

“Well planned out.” You chuckled. He sheepishly nodded before he was practically running to the nice car he owened.

“I’ll see you at around eight tonight!” He shouted practically speeding out of the driveway.

“Your dad is silly.” You laughed to the little girl. She giggled before pulling on your hair.


The day went by fast with Lily being content until in the last afternoon, she was screaming herself hoarse. You had given her medicine for the fever along with a soothing bath but nothing was calming the little girl. Her bedtime was creeping closer but nothing helped.

“Lily, come on. You need to sleep.” You muttered following what you saw your mom do when Becky was like this.

A bottle always helped and for awhile it worked for Lily but not anymore. You were having trouble figuring out what to do that you had no idea what time it was. You had turned on the radio in her room before you decided to sing to see if it would soothe her. You smiled when the song “Hey Jude” came on.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Lily started to calm down more and more as the song came on. Her eyes were trained in your area.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go our and get her
The minutes you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

You were smiling largely at the the baby when she started to coo along with you but it was the new voice that had you blushing. Dean was home leaning against the door frame and singing.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Lily was asleep in your arms when Dean finished the small part. You both stared at each other as the song went on as if there was a new light in both of you. Dean carefully took Lily out of your arms to tuck her in before he grabbed your hand to take you downstairs. He pulled a beer each out at the table.

“My mom sang that to Sam and I when we were kids. Sam didn’t enjoy it as much, he wasn’t one for the good songs.” Dean said taking a long sip from the bottle, “How was she?”

“Her fever went down but I gave her some medication before she went to sleep along with what you said to give her.” You smiled admiring the caring father. Yours had walked out on the family was a twenty-something secretary with large boobs and a smart brain apparently.

“I forgot to mention she only calms down hearing the first half of Hey Jude.” He chuckled shaking his head, “Mom says she takes after me almost too much.”

“She’s a sweet little girl.” You sighed. Dean tilted his head seeing you in a different light and it scared him.

“I have a question. You’re amazing with my daughter and I would like to know if you would like to grab dinner sometime?”

“Are you sure?”


“Well it’s date.” You laughed before talking more about your lives.

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  • ichiruki/ishihime shippers: it's incredibly jarring and frankly misogynist to the max that Orihime, who had so many dreams and aspirations and had such incredible potential was made to drop out of school in the narrative, despite her friends having the financial ability to support her and her ambitions, just to justify her role as housewife to Ichigo.
  • Ichiruki/ishihime shippers: ...well, okay, here's some meta about how post-686 adultery is realistic and worth exploring--

Sarah Barthel & Josh Carter here…we play in a band called Phantogram.

Our new album “Three” just came out. If some of the songs seem very dark…it’s because they are. They’re highly-personal portraits from our past; snapshots of tragedy, loss, and all the emotions that follow. For those of you who don’t know, we did actually suffer a great loss this past year, when we lost our sister Becky (Sarah’s sister) to suicide.

It crushed us.

We went through a wide range of emotions…loneliness, depression, desperation. And it was hard to find focus. The biggest support we had was each other, and of course, our close friends and family. We talked, we hurt, and we’re still talking. Still keeping on. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point.

We thought about how tragic life can be at times, how the world can bring you down…and we ended up learning that you have to try to find the beauty in it. It’s okay to not feel okay, and it’s okay to ask for help. We even thought about you guys (our fans & friends), and what you’d think about when listening to this album. And if you or someone you know is experiencing any issues with mental health - please don’t be afraid to get help.

Communication was our way of dealing with it…and we think it can help you too. Find love & support in each other, and don’t stop talking. Don’t stop sharing your stories or your advice.


Check out Tumblr’s @postitforward campaign to help continue to counter the stigmas around mental and emotional health.


Good morning angels, it’s me the lil bean aka Laney (if you’ve seen my new movie) aka Rachel. You may know me from X factor but let’s not talk about how I lost or how long ago that’s been and I’m still not over it. At this point; you might be asking yourself if I really picked selfies from an urban outfitters dressing room for my intro and the answer is I absolutely did that. I used the term Becky with the good hair until I realized it was talking about the girl Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé with and because she’s the actual light of my life I don’t use it anymore. @beyonce if you see this: call me, I love you.

Later today I’ll get around to messaging people so give this a ❤️ and I’ll try to message you when I have some down time!

Wordgirl Character Asks
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  • Violet: tell me about a dream you hope to accomplish!
  • Scoops: [ask any question you like!]
  • Tobey: Do you have a crush on anyone? Who?
  • Victoria: do you have any strange talents?
  • Kidmath: What's your favorite school subject?
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  • Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy: If you could choose your own name what would it be?
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  • Professor Boxleitner: Name 3 things you love most about yourself

some girls you’ve never seen before

a mix for the girl from hotline bling who’s having the time of her life now that drake left the city, and is now a lesbian


1. All The Ways You Let Me Down - Candy Hearts / 2. Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen / 3. Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson / 4. Dead Wrong - FEMM / 5. Rock N Roll - Avril Lavigne / 6. Oath (ft. Becky G) - Cher Lloyd / 7. Look But Don’t Touch - Empire Cast (ft. Serayah) / 8. Artangels - Grimes / 9. Boyfriend - Tegan and Sara / 10. Jenny - Studio Killers / 11. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko / 12. Only Wanna Dance With You - Kesha / 13. Perfect Day - Hoku / 14. Girlfriend - Icona Pop


Kick-Ass Chicks: Becky Goebel

Hailing from the land of maple syrup (aka, Canada) comes this total badass, Becky Goebel, who lives life on the edge of her Sk8-Hi’s. She rides motorcycles, goes on snowboarding adventures, and starts trends one Good Charlotte trucker hat at a time. We caught up with this firecracker to learn more about how she became a merchandiser at Vans, and her personal mantra for living life Off the Wall. 

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Power Rangers (2017)

Eventually, it’s morphin’ time.

Director Dean Israelite gives us Andrew (Emilio Estevez) Jason (Dacre Montgomery), a high school quarterback who has ruined his chances of a football career with a cow based prank and now has to spend every Saturday in detention. When he, fellow detainees Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) Billy (RJ Cyler), Claire (Molly Ringwald) Kimberly (Naomi Scott), criminal Zac (Ludi Lin) and basket case Trini (Becky G) find a series of mysterious coins in the local gold mine, they are pulled into an eons old struggle to defend life itself from Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), and to defeat her must become the Power Rangers. SPOILERS HO.

Power Rangers nicely illustrates the strange state of franchise cinema at the moment. A reboot of the mid-nineties series (this is the original teens-in-Angel-Grove series, and has nothing to do with the myriad of sequel series nor the original Super Sentai material) that debuted to the joy of eight-year-olds and consternation of parents everywhere, it’s aimed at a teen demographic while only remembered by people who are now pushing thirty. And so, this rehash of a fondly remembered chunk of children’s TV features both Bryan Cranston crawling naked across the mud of a battlefield surrounded by the bodies of his team mates and the implied jerking off of a bull within five minutes of the lights going down. Such is the nature of the genre reboot; it draws on children’s entertainment but aims for a more mature audience, and thus must reframe those robot dinosaurs and magic tchotchkes into something grounded enough to hold attention.

In this Power Rangers largely succeeds. The focus here is not on the mechanics of power ranging and gigantised monsters, but rather on the dynamic of our five teens with attitude. Comparisons with The Breakfast Club are unavoidable, but complementary; here are five people from disparate backgrounds coming together for something greater and becoming friends throughout. The great success of Power Rangers is that where that melodrama might be used as a crutch for the action, so that the audience may be coaxed into a willing suspension of disbelief vis a vis robot dinosaurs and the screenwriter may emerge with some sense of dignity, here it is the totality of the premise. The teens we watch are far more rounded than might be expected- full of failing and humanity and far more willing to grow than the angsty men that usually fill out super hero costumes. The real conflict here is internal and startlingly generational; the power rangers must prove to both themselves and the ancient wall-head which goads them into action that they are capable of great good, regardless of what misdeed their past may hold or flaws they may possess. At a time when an old white guy is claiming being rich is a superpower, Power Rangers’ commitment to showing the young and human as heroic is something of a revelation.

Structurally this approach leads to some problems. That focus on character means there is very little in the way of action for the majority of the film; we get some explosions and training montages early on but that’s it until the finale, which follows a truncated variant of a a typical Power Rangers episode fight/zords/megazord structure, and is filled with shout outs to the old show’s stock footage and a whole lot of collateral damage. If you are invested in these characters it’s fine, but there is a definite itch for some fights and explosions through most of the running time. Conversely, this lack of action means we don’t have to spend much time trying to process the film’s terrible design. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE:

There are some other misses here. The very nature of the franchise means our teens with attitude have to deliver some genre dialogue, and talk of morphing and crystals and holding the line clash with the understanding of these characters the film has built. Bill Hader’s Alpha 5 falls utterly flat as the comic/relief/exposition monkey, as do the creaky references to other franchises. The Krispy Kreme product placement is far too overdone.

There’s a laudible attempt to improve the diversity of superhero movies here, but it is not entirely successful. Trini’s establishment as the first LGBT superhero is undercut by the fact that her sexuality isn’t made explicit; it’s brought up by Ludi Lin’s Zac and Trini responds with some angst regarding her family’s fondness for labels or somesuch. Whatever she may be it’s apparently defined by a painful home life. Similarly, RJ Cyler’s Billy gives us the first superhero living with a mental illness. This is something no other franchise has even been criticised for failing to grapple with yet, but it’s hard to escape the sense that Billy’s place ‘on the spectrum’ is little more than a justification for some tired black nerd tropes and too-pure-for-this-world guff; I don’t think that’s Israelite’s aim at all but it is the impression it makes. In fairness, this does put the other rangers in a position to show us their reaction to Billy’s nature and their resulting alternation between respect and concern is reasonable and plausible. Again, this is all laudible, but it’s 2017 and the movies should be better than this.

Performances are generally fine. While the script is deftly written and filmed it asks for little more than commitment and a modicum of nuance from the sexy teens who fill out the cast, and for the most part they succeed. The one exception is Ludi Lin as Zac, who just isn’t up to the task for some reason. Cranston and Banks get to do some scenery eating, although Banks has little more to do than stagger around in some moody costumes and spout references to the original show. As noted above Hader’s Alpha 5 doesn’t work, but this has little to do with Hader’s voicework.

Despite some flaws, Power Rangers is surprisingly earnest and a refreshing change from the long running franchises that surround it. You should give it a watch.


Sam Winchester- Wedding from hell Part 2

Title: Wedding from hell Part 2

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1078

Request:Hey, YOUR STORIES ARE HILARIOUS BTW. And can you do a part two of Wedding from Hell? Your cliffhanger is killing me 😥

Links:Wedding from hell

Placing the long silver blade against the table, it cluttered loudly as the crimson leaked onto the tray and dripped towards the edge. The man withered and moaned against the restrains, eyelids fluttering shut to keep your manic eyes from meeting his. 

‘’Open your eyes’’You whispered, voice hoarse. You hated what you were doing but you had too. This is what you had become. You. You were a demon, the thing you hunted down all your life and swore you’d never become. 

You had thought about Sam a lot but every time you did you just pictured his face when he told you he didn’t love you no more. He was probably eating a romantic meal with Becky. 

You growled, hand picking up another instrument. That’s what you did. They expected you to hurt them so you just remembered about your old boyfriend and all the pain was taken out on them. 

The man yelled, a cry falling from his lips and hanging in the air as he screamed out in pain. His fists clenched together, chest heaving as the cherry red marks painted his chest raw. 

You thought about how disappointed the brothers would be how horrified, but none of that mattered to you any more. Hearing loud footsteps you got back to work before the door was opened and in came Sidam. Sidam was the demon who was in charge of your torturers and torture. 

He was ruthless, ripped you apart until he finally decided you would make a better Demon than just a torture victim. The man whimpered, eyes widened as he bit down on the ragged cloth between his mouth. 

‘’You’re needed’’Sidam grumbled, a small smirk flashing onto his haunting features. You nodded, staying emotionless as you handed him the knife rather harshly and silently wished the man a ‘good luck’ before heading out. 

Making your way to Crowley who you now took orders from; you walked straight into the room without waiting for approval. You obeyed his orders but you didn’t kiss his ass. 

‘’Ah, come in then’’He remarked sarcastically. Rolling your eyes at Crowley you stepped forward as you braced yourself for who he would give you next. He handed you a folder, the blood from you hand coating the clean cream sheet in thick crimson. 

Crowley dismissed it, he had seen far worse being the king of hell and all. You opened up the folder, brows furrowing when you noticed that it was a picute of Sam. 

‘’What the hell is this?’’You scowled with a pissed voice. Glaring up at Crowley you clenched your jaw together as he smirked at your reaction. ‘’Is this some kind of joke?’’You asked angrily. You weren’t sure whether Crowley wanted Sam as your next target, whether it was a prank or he just wanted the excuse to show you your ex boyfriend a.k.a the love of your life. 

‘’No love’’Crowley chuckled as he paced around the floor. ‘’I want you to give him a message’’He added. You raised your  brow in confusion but kept on your blank face as he proceeded to explain. 

‘’Message?’’You repeated shortly. Crowley nodded, scratching at his stubble as he stepped closer to you. 

‘’I want you to tell your little puppet to stop looking for you. Stop torturing my demons, otherwise things will end bad’’Crowley raged. ‘’But of course it might work better coming from your mouth’’He smirked, relieving his anger. 

‘’And why should I go talk to the man who thinks I’m stuck innocently in hell, remaining with my human soul with my sanity intact?’’You retorted. You had changed so much, but hell did that to people. 

‘’Because if you don’t, then I’ll send every single demon after your loving ex boyfriend and your best friend. See if they survive that’’Crowley grinned. Giving him one last glare you made your way out.


You didn’t let your mask of a emotionless stone face fall off at all but you secretly enjoyed the feel of the fresh air tingling at your skin. You walked past, arms spaced with broad shoulders to give people a warning not to mess with you. 

You took heavy steps, different from your quiet fast ones. Looking towards the motel you spotted a tall brown haired man walk past the window. Your heart almost shattered. He was wearing his familiar buttoned up plaid shirt that you used to steal at night and he had his soft locks tucked behind his ears. 

Giving yourself a moment of weakness you slipped your mask back on and walked towards the door. You knocked on it harshly. Footsteps were heard before you came face to face with green eyes. 

The older Winchester stood staring with his mouth wide open. Poor Dean. he thought you were alive but here you were, their worst enemy. 

‘’(y/n)’’Dean breathed out your name, a mix of shock, sadness and happiness crossing on his features. Barging past Dean followed you into the main room to where Sam looked up to ask Dean who it was before his book fell out of his hand and his mouth dropped like Dean’s did. 

‘’(y/n)…’’Sam trailed off, eyes watering. 

‘’You need to stop looking for me’’You stated coldly. The brothers both looked at you with shock and hurt as they got up and walked closer towards you. Remaining emotionless you peered back at them before Dean decided to speak up. 

‘’You come back from hell and that’s what you say! No hello or a hug?!’’Dean yelped in shock and anger. 

‘’Of course we aren’t going to stop looking for you. But we’ve found you know!’’Sam whispered as he stepped forwaard to embrace you. Hurt flashed his face as you stepped back. 

Explained everything with a fast cry you understood Sam’s story of why he left and just nodded. 

‘’I have to leave now. But you need to stop otherwise bad things will happen’’You explained. 

‘’Is that a threat?’’Dean scoffed in shock. 

‘’No. It’s the truth. I was sent to tell you to stop looking for me, and if you don’t… just trust me, okay’’You huffed. 

‘’What the hell happened to you. I know you went to hell… but why are you coming back?’’Dean cried. 

‘’Because I can’t. You can’t help me’’You whispered with a hoarse voice. 

‘’We can save you, (y/n)’’Sam begged, no idea what you had become. 

‘’I’m way past saving’’You growled as your eyes turned a manic black. 

‘’You’re too late’’


after eight days, nine shows, and an entire palette of eyeshadow used as dirt, tech week and opening weekend of “urinetown” is FINALLY over!!! and this little becky two-shoes is ready to shower, sleep, and finally have some free time again. 💜✨💜

Our Droughtware 2 collection is being released tomorrow, March 11 from 12-3.

We’ve been working on this ceramics line for a whole year between jobs and life. This project has been the ‘art’ that keeps me going, something purely about shape and color. There’s not too many moments these days that I’ve been able to just meditate and use my hands for something so simply aesthetic. I’m really excited to share it with people and know that it will live for a long time in people’s homes and families. 

All forms made by Becki Chernoff and painted by Adi Goodrich. 

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See you there. 


Kate Tempest is a woman of words. The English rapper, poet, playwright and novelist keeps language — and the stories that language brings to life — at the core of everything she does. Her subjects are everyday people: their hardships and failures, their loves and losses.

Tempest’s debut album, Everybody Down, was nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize, annually awarded to the best album from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It consists of a single narrative, with each song providing glimpses into the interconnected lives of its characters. The album’s opening track, “Marshall Law,” introduces listeners to two of the story’s central figures, Becky and Harry, as they meet for the first time in a bar.

“Both of them feel pretty lonely and pretty strung out and pretty afflicted by life in London,” Tempest says of the two characters. “And the concepts that are running through the record are about how to trust a relationship — how to find a way of breaking out of this kind of endless separation and isolation that seems to be a part of modern life.”

Tempest and the album’s producer, Dan Carey, approached Everybody Down as an experiment: Would it would be possible — and interesting — to sustain a single storyline over the course of a full album?

Kate Tempest: ‘When You’re Writing, It’s Not About You’

hoosieriusb  asked:

Thanks for your kind comments re: my video (James and Sharna – Love of My Life). I think no matter what happens, they will always be the love of each other’s life. Also, just thinking what actors should play key parts if “Chasing Checkers” (J’s brother’s book) was made into a movie. Here’s my take: J – Daniel Radcliffe, S – Emma Stone, and B – Paris Hilton – (she’s in a lot of the worst movies of all time – lol). What is your cast?

You are welcome! They are absolutely something very special to each other and I don’t think that will ever change. I like your ideas… but I think Becky will insist on playing herself, don’t you? 😏

Me: Comes on Tumblr to make friends because I have one friend and she hates me because its bands and WWE 24/7
Me: gets ignored and still has no friends

Sometimes there’s too much smoke, and you have to look at it, brace yourself, put your goggles back on and waltz straight through it. Then come out the other side and have the time of your life….. This is a true story about a girl, an entrance and a smoke machine….. I guess it could be a metaphor for life too, if you’re into that sort of thing…. straightfire
—  Becky Lynch