the life and loves of a she devil

tbh i’m grateful taylor swift signed that deal with the devil all those years ago stipulating that she must perform love story at every show she plays for the rest of her life because i barely listen to it anymore but whenever she plays it i’m like oh wow OH WoW oH wOWOWOW a SOng THE SONG the origin of mUSIC the REason i was BORN

Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

GuYS guys guys..
Idk about y'all but Bonnie Bennett just fought the damn devil to keep Damon’s soul on earth harder than she did for Enzo.. the “love of her life” SHE PUT HER LIFE IN THAT FIGHT for Damon motherfucking Salvatore to stay on earth and live and refused to let him go by any means and kept him from letting go 😱😱😱😱👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍.. and not to mention how her voice broke when she heard Damon was dead 😭😭😭😭 call it what you want but Bamon was real tonight before our eyes and if you don’t think so come and fucking fight me 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽🔪🔪🔪 Rant over 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

P.S. that look Damon gave to Bonnie while hugging Stefan 🐸☕️

Goodbye, Eleanor & Where is Madi? Black Sails Episode Six

John Steinberg, the co-creator for Black Sails, stated before season four started that Madi and Eleanor’s stories were parallel arcs. The first five episodes laid the foundation for that, but it wasn’t until Episode six that we even saw the two former friends/sisters onscreen together to absorb what the true meaning of that statement meant.

Madi and Eleanor started off the episode trading barbs at the beach while Flint filled Jack in on what the hell was going on. Eleanor, being typical Eleanor, tried to get into Madi’s head

~ You trust him? Flint? You cast your lost with him. Before this war begin. Before everyone’s roles changed. Your father mistrusted Flint as much as anyone in Nassau did. I assume you were in some contact with him all that time. I’m surprised  that his feelings didn’t influence you~ Eleanor Rogers

Madi, being typical Madi, didn’t let Eleanor’s attempts at “getting to her” go unanswered. In much the same way that she had with Silver and Flint in prior  conversations, she turned Eleanor’s words back on her.

~ You were my sister. There is very little I remember from when I was young, but I remember this. You were older. You were beautiful. I revered you. When you were told that my mother and I were dead, I have to believe that it affected you. You had just lost your mother. But if things were as I remembered, my mother and I were your family too. And yet for all the years thereafter that my father cared for you, counseled you, labored for you he never told you that I was alive. It would have been so easy to lessen your suffering by divulging the secret and yet he never did. Have you yet asked yourself why that is? My father didn’t mistrust Flint. My father mistrusted all of you. ~ Queen Madi Scott

What a way to reintroduce two former childhood friends who were once so close, but yet are now on completely opposite sides of this civil war. How hard it must be to stare into the face of the “enemy” who is someone that you once loved as a sister.

Later on in the episode, as Flint, Eleanor, Madi and their entourage are making their way back to Nassau, they encounter Spanish soldiers and realize that shit has hit the fan. Flint leads them to a safe haven, which wait for it…..  is Miranda’s house. That’s how I knew someone was going to die. Miranda’s house is ceremoniously the “house of hope and pain”.

While Flint and the men are chasing down Spanish soldiers, Madi and Eleanor are holed up in the “house of hope and pain” being guarded by one of Madi’s Queens Guard and one of Roger’s soldiers. As Madi sits reading one of Flint’s books, Eleanor stands at the window clearly worried about the war going on outside. She takes the moment to start over……

~ It did affect me. When Mr. Scott. When your father told me that you and your mother had died, it affected me a great deal. It must have been hard to live hidden away for so long. ~ Eleanor

~ It was hard to be away from him. The rest of it. My mother did the best she could with the rest of it~ Madi

~ She must have did well. I find myself thinking about it. Walking away from Nassau, England, Civilization. One can be happy that way can’t they? A life of isolation, uncertainty as long as it is lived with someone you love, who loves you back? It is possible isn’t it? ~ Eleanor

~ It is. ~ Madi

Remember those parallels that Steinberg talked about? Those last couple of questions that Eleanor asked Madi displayed them beautifully. Here you have two women that have both fell in love. Eleanor with the Governor of Nassau and Madi with the Pirate King. While, Woodes Rogers has started this massacre by telling the Spanish general “I simply ask that you burn it all to the ground.“  Silver is telling Ruth at the Underhill Plantation that he understands the slaves anger and ” that’s why I came here to make it right.“

Look at those parallels… While Eleanor is looking out that window, trying to convince herself that Woodes didn’t start this war, Madi is sitting at that table reading, knowing that John is doing the right thing.

Remember, John discussed his plan with Madi or more to the point… this was their plan. They conceived it together as true partners. Eleanor on the other hand, came up with a plan to save herself, her husband and Nassau. Yet it wasn’t their plan. I would go so far as to say, the two of them have never had a plan. It has always been Woode’s agenda with Eleanor trying to love and support him in spite of it.

It was such a special moment between sisters. With the younger sister offering some solace and hope to the older, but remember this is the "house of hope and pain” so that moment of peace couldn’t last forever. Unbeknownst to Madi and Eleanor, one of the Spanish soldiers isn’t dead and he’s killed the guards and made his way into the house. Both Eleanor and Madi try to fight him off, but Madi is knocked out leaving Eleanor to try and save both of them. She fights fiercely and eventually sets the bastard on fire and the villa, as well. Yet injured, she isn’t strong enough to pull Madi from the burning house. Flint later returns to find a dying Eleanor in the front yard and the villa engulfed in flames. Eleanor’s final words are “I tried to save her.”

Damnit, I wasn’t ready for this fucked up outcome. I felt like Flint staring up at those flames. This is just horrifying. Eleanor and her child are dead because her husband refused to lose. Innocent people are being killed in the streets of Nassau because her husband refused to lose and now Queen Madi is presumed dead because this foine motherfucker refused to lose. Why didn’t Luke Roberts just continue to guard Jon Snow’s mama on GOT? He was not needed here. I am not feeling any of this. And to make matters worse, now Flint has to go tell his best friend, that his “tether” is dead. Lord be a prayer circle around Captain Ginger. Long John already warned him.

So the moment we’ve been waiting for happens… Flint along with Obi and a few soldiers make it to the Underhill Plantation. Silver is all feeling himself because he and badass Julius, the Leader of the Revolting Slaves, have fucked up the Spanish. He’s feeling good and then realizes his Queen is missing

~ Where is Madi? ~ Long John Silver

Flint is speechless. He doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t have too. Que, Silver collapsing like the broken man that he is. Remember, episode five when he looked devastated at even the thought of Madi’s demise? Well, this ain’t a drill folks and John can’t even speak because the grief is too strong. He eventually musters up the strength to say “it’s over”. Meaning, my love is dead, so fuck all ya’ll. Silver the con artist, the thief, the consummate survivor is shattered and has totally given up. Eventually, after everyone makes it back to the Walrus, Flint apologizes and Silver tells him it isn’t his fault. Well, damn! I didn’t see that coming. Now let’s see if the Queen Mother will be quite as forgiving. Somehow, I doubt it.

So the two sisters with the parallel stories “ died” together. Eleanor died being reassured by Flint (lied to) that her husband loved her and didn’t cause her death. Madi, however, was secure in the knowledge that she was John’s world.

 While Eleanor and Madi were at Miranda’s villa, Eleanor asked Madi if one could be happy with a life of isolation with the one you love, Madi responded with a smile, “yes”. In that moment, I think that Madi realized that her love for Silver really is enough. She looked at her “sister” who was standing their struggling to have faith in her man and she recognized that she didn’t share those doubts. If they had to walk away from this war, a life with John in isolation or in a tavern in Bristol, would simply “be enough”. Let’s just hope she lives to tell him that.

And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That very much looks like Queen Madi Scott in chains. They got the Queen in chains ya’ll. Madi Scott of The Maroons. First of her Name, the Unbothered, Queen of the Freed Slaves, Ruler of the People of the Sun, Breaker of Chains and Love of the Pirate King. Yes, that Queen! To quote the devil himself Woode Rogers, Long John Silver is about to burn this shit to the ground ya’ll.

Speaking of parallels…. Five episodes ago, John Silver went into the sea, cut off his chains (ropes), saved himself and was reborn as Long John Silver. Now we find his Queen in the exact same situation. After her rebirth, who will she be?

R.I.P. Eleanor . May your next life be better than this one.


Makeout Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: You- The 1975// Criminal- Fiona Apple// Hey- The Pixies
  • Taurus: Lover, You Should Have Come Over- Jeff Buckley// Should I Stay Or Should I Go- The Clash// I Need My Girl- The National
  • Gemini: I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty// American Music- The Violent Femmes// Girl- T.Rex
  • Cancer: All I Need- Radiohead// Call Me- Blondie// John I'm Only Dancing- David Bowie
  • Leo: Heroes- David Bowie// Age of Consent- New Order// Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Virgo: Life Round Here- James Blake and Chance the Rapper// Inertia- Blur// Babe I'm Gonna Leave You- Led Zeppelin
  • Libra: Just Like Honey- The Jesus and Mary Chain// Moonage Daydream- David Bowie// Diet Mountain Dew- Lana Del Rey
  • Scorpio: Befour- Zayn// She's Not Me- Lana Del Rey// American Girls and French Kisses- Beach Slang
  • Sagittarius: Low- Cracker// Kool Thing- Sonic Youth// Sympathy For The Devil- The Rolling Stones
  • Capricorn: Retrograde- James Blake// Sex- The 1975// NYC- Interpol
  • Aquarius: Pablo Picasso- The Modern Lovers// Kids- Beach Slang// Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order
  • Pisces: Somewhere Tonight- Beach House// Make Me A Bird- Elektrik People// Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans- Mac Demarco

ok kids, so here’s what you missed on the Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t watched it yet, well get ready for spoilers.

Stefan and Damon was given a proposal by Cade, it was either kill each other’s girls or kill a hundred of people. Stefan (being cold and shit) chose to kill Elena - which by the way is in Bonnie’s safe house but we’ll get to that later - Damon on the other hand, is still undecided but was given a suggestion from our lovely Caroline. She wants to make Cade mortal because lmao Cade is heartless literally and figuratively AND fire won’t work considering he’s the devil lmao.

So the duo planned to give the cure to Cade but in another time, Bonnie and Enzo are planning to live the human life. But bonnie yet again puts other people first before her happiness.

“We’re saving everyone else but ourselves.”

Damon learns that Stefan compelled a realtor to sign Bonnie’s house to him, giving him full access to entering the premises blah blah blah

Big brother talks to Stefan about not killing Elena, Stefan was all, “lmao even when the bitch is in the casket, she’s still a big ass obstacle.”

Bonnie syringes some of Elena’s blood (thicc 👌🏼💦) but notices that enzo wasn’t responding to her so she goes into the hallway - there she sees Enzo’s heart out of his body because Stefan just killed Bonnie’s on going LOVE interest because god forbid bonnie to love someone LMAO

Bonnie planned to stake him but he was quick af, but then she stabs him with her other hand with the cure and he falls to the ground and yeah

So currently:

Enzo is dead
Cade is Cade lmao all smiles but is like immortal
Elena’s still in that casket
Stefan is human lmao how unfortunate
Bonnie’s emotional state is unstable rn
Caroline (maybs doesn’t have) has a bounty on her head
Matt is still against vampirism but Caroline put him in his place.

He’s all, “This isn’t our town anymore.”


That’s what you missed on glee.

Something wretched about this (so precious about this)

For anyone that missed it on AO3, here is the Klaroline Valentine one shot I wrote for @thetourguidebarbie. Includes Succubus!Caroline. Title from From Eden by Hozier.

Caroline despised being indebted to anyone.

              Being in such debt to a vampire of all creatures was even worse.

              For millennia, the vampires had been a bane to Caroline’s kind.  They became addicted to the touch and taste of a Succubus so easily, and it typically resulted in a shortened lifespan for the succubus in question.

              But Katherine Pierce had once saved Caroline’s life, and so was – begrudgingly – owed a boon.

              “Distraction.” She ran a finger around the edge of her cup.  It was a latte – a rather delicious latte – but the taste was marred by the fact that she was there with a creature that could choose to go for her throat at any moment.  “That’s all?”

              “That’s all?” Katherine raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow.  “Well, I could try and make it more complicated… but I figured that being a distraction to Klaus Mikaelson would be difficult enough.”

              “Is Klaus Mikaelson supposed to mean something to me?”  Caroline took a sip of her latte, watching Katherine over the edge.

              Katherine eyed her in return, a slow smile that Caroline knew better than to trust curving her lips, but… this would get rid of the damn favor.

              “He doesn’t need to mean a thing.  So you’ll help me?”

              “Tell me what you know.”

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Dating the Cryptids
  • El Chupacabra: An amazing gf. Very supportive, protects you from goats, listens to your problems. Bad kisser but you love her too much to care.
  • Nessie: Not too great. She's way too close to her ex boyfriend Champ and you think if he hadn't moved to the US they'd still be dating.
  • Mothman: A soft boy, a good boy, will make you late to work cause you just want to cuddle him boy.
  • Dover Demon: Bad stay away. He steals your food and makes your house a mess.
  • Bigfoot: She's great but wants you to go to AnthroCon with her.
  • Jersey Devil: Bad. From Jersey.
  • Skunk Ape: He's very shy and very sweet. Has depression and needs some good support in his life and he's so earnest that you want to help him.
  • Lizardman: Not a real cryptid, literally a man in a suit. Don't fall for his tricks.
  • Black Shuck: He's warm and handsome and you will get lost in hys eyes.
  • Yeti: Puts her love of extreme sports ahead of you but if you can accept that then she will treasure you.
  • Beast of Bray Road: Amazing. Has big paws to hold your hands with. Friendly, sweet, and an amazing chef

bittersamgirlclub TOP 5 PROMPT #11: TOP 5 SAM-PRAISE MOMENTS 

Making this made me feel all warm and squishy inside, there are many other little moments I could have chosen and that makes me very happy. Sometimes it feels like Sam is so underappreciated, both in fandom and in universe, so to focus on all those moments where characters talk or feel about Sam the same way we do is just wonderful.

These are not necessarily in any order, although those first two are pretty much interchangeably in first place.

  1. Marie - Fan Fiction - I just love how with three words Marie manages to sum up so much of what we all adore about Sam, those core facets of his being that make Sam so beautiful. But what I love even more is “there’s nothing he can’t do”. There’s something so powerful about that, and it’s so true on so many levels. The way in which Sam has defied destiny and other’s expectations for him, time and again. Working his way to a full ride to Stanford. Building himself a new life, not once, but twice from the ground up. Overcoming the devil. How could anyone not believe that Sam is capable of anything after reading about that! The other thing I love about Marie is that, although she exists in universe, she gives us an out of universe perspective on Sam, in that sense I find her, and her praise of Sam to be very relatable, it feels as if I am being voiced directly through the show. Of course the fact that Sam did not hear this praise saddens me, but I think it is incredibly important that Dean did hear it, to be reminded of all those things that deep down he knows, and loves about his brother.
  2. Jess - Pilot - I think its no secret how much I adore Sam/Jess and their relationship. Of course we only get tiny slivers of their life together, these fleeting moments, but ones like this especially I think illuminate their relationship perfectly. In this scene, Jess makes absolutely sure that Sam knows how proud of him she is, bringing up his LSAT score, praising how amazing it is, making sure he knows she’s serious when she says she’s proud, that she wasn’t just kidding around, that she really means its and that she believes in him. I think Jess was painfully aware of how little, if ever, Sam had been exposed to the concept of someone being proud of him and that intentionally worked to rectify that at every available opportunity (I might have written a little ficlet about this *cough*shamelessplug*cough*). We hear in ‘Phantom Traveller’ that apparently John expressed his pride in Sam to others, but clearly withheld it from Sam himself, the fact that Jess goes out of her way to ensure that Sam knows how she feels is just SO important.
  3. Mr Wyatt - After School Special - This episode in general is just EVERYTHING to me, but this moment in particular is incredibly special and I think actually instrumental in shaping Sam. I think its quite likely given Sam’s reaction to thinking the Mr Wyatt was going to fail him, that prior to this scene Sam was actually rather apathetic about school, moving from place to place, never being able to make real connections, he probably loved learning and studying but was unable to find reasons to really care about doing well when in a few days he’d be off to the next school anyway, when he saw nothing in his future but more of what his entire life had been, death and danger and loneliness. Mr Wyatt not only praised Sam’s academic abilities, but more importantly he allowed Sam to believe that there could be something beyond his current life, that he was capable of escaping that, of building something of his own.
  4. Dean - Scarecrow - I love, love, love this moment! Firstly, I’m pretty certain that this is the first time Sam has heard the words “I’m proud of you” from anyone other than Jess, look at his reaction, he’s completely at a loss for what to do or say and just taken aback entirely. What’s also important here is what Dean is praising Sam for. Dean is saying that he’s proud of Sam for the very things that go Sam disowned and dissociated from his family, for things that Dean in the past (and sadly will again in the future) had criticised Sam for. Standing up to John and forging his own way were actions that Sam had been led to believe time after time were deep and terrible betrayals and things that he should feel ashamed of, that Dean in this moment acknowledges that they are in fact great strengths and worthy of admiration is just so incredibly important.
  5. Sarah - Clip Show - I actually think this one is a little odd, because I think what Sarah is picking up on here is Sam’s determination to finish the trails and to 'right’ all the perceived wrongs he was done, to make up for all the ways he believes he’s let Dean down, and I can’t really feel that that is a positive thing. On the other hand, Sarah a) doesn’t know the context of what she’s seeing, she’s genuinely trying to and say something good about Sam b) at this point in the season people who bolster Sam in anyway, especially to his face, are so few and far between that anything along those lines is like manna in the desert….

sunflowerchester — I finally finished it! hahah…


American Beauty Murder
Kristen Rossum 

On the 6th of November 2000 in California, Kristen Rossum called authorities after finding her husband, Greg Devillers dead on their bed after committing suicide. Their bed was covered in rose petals and looked like a scene from the movie American Beauty. 

The police claimed it was suicide, but with Deviller’s families persistence, the what seemed like a suicide brought up many dark secrets. Autopsy found a lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system. 

Toxicologist Rossum was having an affair with her boss Dr Michael Robertson as well as relapsing back to using crystal meth. Devillers found out and threatened to expose her habit and affair to her job if she didn’t quit, this lead Rossum to poison her husband. 

7 months later Rossum was arrested, her wealthy family paid her $1.25 million bail

In December 2002, Kristen Rossum was sentenced to life

in another life, zeus is lounging on the couch of his best friend’s house and saying, “i’ll get a job, man, i swear it,” even though CEO seats only smell of sweat and he’s the type to smell of leaving, he says, “guess what’s up my sleeve” to ladies and shows off lightning bolt tattoos and gets drunk and cries and begs hera to come home because he has only ever known rest at the seat of her collarbone

hera’s is louis vuitton, devil wears prada. pants suits and hair up in a tight bun. a warning lies ready on her tongue, she is quick to scold, hard to love. she pours fireball into her morning coffee just to remind herself of the way he always smelled of burning, just so she could face a little bit of him and not come back running. in this life, she is divorced, is doing well, sometimes meets up with the baby mamas of her sour-faced ex-lover (if she could wash him out, she would, she would, she would, but lightning loves towers and she only feels at ease in thunderstorms and twenty-four stories because olympus was rebuilt into skyscrapers and nobody can tell her otherwise), sometimes gets over her hatred of them. the one who jumps at swans is her roommate, they both like romance movies and staying out late. she chooses alone. she chooses: i make my own home.

aphrodite is a party girl with black pumps and a wicked smile, facebook messages hephaestus while sex-skyping her little god of war, she says, “sorry” a lot. sometimes she thinks she is running out of love, sometimes she thinks there’s not enough love left. she comes around again to the satin of her lover’s beds, never feels warm. she says, fine. she says, i’m okay. ares here is commander of the department of defense, never settled down, never got the wife and two kids. one day in this life hephaestus hears a knock on his garage door and walks on over. in this life, they’ve got braces for broken people like him. when he answers, it’s just her, no makeup, just her in her big-eyed weepy mess, and she says, “you actually listen” so he listens for a little. she explains slowly; new term, polyamorous. she says, heart is steady bead on both people. he says, “i know, i understand,” she says, “but it’s hurting you,” he says, “i gave up hurting for other people a long time ago,” he says, “the war god and i go out for drinks and talk about anything but you” she cries again, a whole ocean. he says, “i am learning, and one day maybe it will be all us three” she says, “you wait for me,” and he does. more and more often, when the world tastes too much, she shows up at his door, to be the person she is when she’s unbeautiful. in this life, a little down the road, she takes a break from all of it and starts a no-kill shelter called “the golden apple”. hephaestus builds it for her. she kisses him on the cheek. one day, when the ares comes around, the three of them play video games. after that, it is not share-her. it is all-the-same.

athena turns down apollo on the radio, his song trapped in the throats of all who hear it. a good song, a catchy song, a hear-it-once-and-never-forget-it song. athena dropped out of school to pursue knowledge. she teaches around the world with a backpack on her back and a smile on her face. her girlfriend is a librarian. whenever she comes home, she swings the little woman up in her arms and bursts with stories. the woman laughs because stoic athena in public is not the athena of private, is not knowledge-river athena. athena freelances as a journalist. anywhere she can give out information is good enough. eventually her name and “breaking news” are synonymous.

artemis goes to the red carpet on the arms of her brother, says that the world of hollywood is too much sunlight for her, she goes back to working as the city’s best detective, the hunt in her blood for monsters among men. in her free time, she follows athena down to places, traps poachers who would use her name to ruin the lives of beasts. hera has learned long ago not to pester her about marrying. artemis comes out as ace/aro one day to her brother, who rolls his eyes at her. “you still get grossed out every time people kiss,” and then he bowls her over in a hug she didn’t know she needed. this is one of the only times he sees her cry. the next is eight years later at his wedding. the man he chooses as his partner has already undergone a secret artemis-style investigation. he came out clean, and she came out with a second brother. when her twin asks her about the happy tears, she jokingly tells him she was worried his was going to marry his car. he laughs, big sun laugh and says, “trust me, i was this close.” in hot summers, they go down to the docks and the two boys throw atemis in the water. she never stops complaining or loving it and loving them and is entirely happy when he becomes a father.

in this life, demeter raised a flowerchild who never took to the backbreak of farming, and in this life, hades’s black leather jacket at first made her spit. she despised his motorbike and his big smile and how loud his dog was and how her daughter jumped up nimbly on the back of that thing and flung herself at the horizon. but hades tries as hard as he can: the engine gets turned over into clean fuel even though he breaks his third finger in the middle of it, the leather jacket gets swapped out for a faux replication, he becomes vegan (”’sehpone,” he says in wonder one day, “you taught me how to live off of pomegranates”, sephie laughs), he makes deer-crossing signs and petitions for the rights of small-town farmers. Persephone becomes a wedding designer, loves making big shows out of a lot of flowers. after many holiday gifts (some so desperately approval-seeking that demeter actually chuckled at them), she relents. they have brunch on sundays, made specifically by hades and his whole-grain all-organic house. demeter at one point says, “actually, you’re so earthy-crunchy it’s more than even me” and hades drops the plate he’s holding. demeter comes to the engagement party and laughs when the cake is in the shape of a pomegranate seed. sephie says, “don’t worry mom. he knows what will happen if he does anything to me,” and demeter gives her daughter a proud smile and says, “you’ll crush him like a bug, won’t you sweetie?” and sephie looks over at her duckling god of death and says, “exactly”

hestia finds dionysus because that is what she does. a social security worker at first, she becomes keeper of the hearth-less. she starts with a small group of people and eventually became leader of a chain of homelessness shelters, all immaculate and warm and held to her standards. dionysus cries when she picks him up, he talks about having fallen in love again, she says, “rehab is your only option.” it is here that he meets someone who is also pansexual. it is here he realizes he is not broken. it is here where they wean him off of whiskey and heroin (”what a bad combination,” he’d later say, shaking his head, “like you really gotta choose one”) and where he breaks down often and throws things at hestia’s head and calls her more names than have ever been strung against her: it’s here he makes his best friend. when he gets out, he finds he’s still ever-thirsty, but this time, there’s less empty in him. he helps at her shelters. he meets a girl who is bisexual, she takes him to pride rallies. he later bursts into hestia’s room with a rainbow on his face and says, “there are so many like me! i’m not invisible! i’m not fake!” and she smiles and watches the hearth of his chest warm up and helps him become a leading spokesperson for activism. rather than letting people like him die in the streets, he uses his experience to say, “i lived survival, and you can live it with me.”

hermes is a surgeon over in the children’s section, found that this is where he should be. silicone valley wants him for his communication systems, but instead he feels like he needs to be somewhere the action is. poseidon comes to him in darkness with rough palms and says, “i have a very long-standing secret,” and hermes just nods his head. the surgery is done quickly and without charge. poseideon says, “thank you” four million times, and then she takes back off to her company dedicated to clean energy. she calls up hera crying and says, “i dd it, i did it, i did it, but what will he think of me,” and hera says, “i haven’t talked to zeus in six years but if he rejects you i will walk up to him and shake him until the right answers fall into his head” and when artemis hears she says, “i will go with you” and walks at her side the whole time even though poseideon is awash with emotions and ready to burst into tears. zeus opens the door and looks poseideon up and down and says, “did you do something  with your hair, sis?” and poseideon says, “eat my entire” before she’s swallowed by happiness and has to sit down on the concrete step and sob into her palms for sixty seconds. later she puts him in charge of the wind energy portion of her company. he gets his own place, but he never stops missing hera, who watches him from a distance and checks up on him through poseideon. hera says, “right now it’s about me. it can be about him if he keeps up the good behavior.” poseideon has never been so happy. she has her family and she has herself, in one piece, finally. she calls up sephone, she says, “listen, i’ve got a plan, okay?” and of course the wedding planner would have to be in charge of everything. 

in this life, the reunion is beautiful. dionysus doesn’t touch the alcohol. hestia stands beside him proud and wonderful. apollo (who wouldn’t come without being allowed to choose the music) and his husband push artemis into the pool, she returns the favor with athena’s help. hades and persephone beat everyone at beer pong, but demeter crushes them at gin rummy. posideon dances with her sisters. hera stands back and her mouth quirks and zeus watches her the whole time, in his new three-piece suit. aphrodite is in between two men, but she’s no longer quite in between them. she walks over to her once-king and says “love needs time and understanding” and he thinks: of course. of course. he will change who he is for her. she never needed him. he needed her. he needed this to feel in place: he needed a family, as one, as olympus with its golden gates. in this life, for one moment, they are all happy.

Masterpiece (1/1)

“Make everyday a masterpiece”-Wooden. 

Killian talks of running and it makes her head spin. After all, this was the man who stayed

Rating: T

“Have you ever thought about moving?”

The question is so out-of-the-blue that Emma halts all movement, leaving her red leather jacket hanging at her elbows. She cocks her head, turning slowly to the centuries-old man who just stumped her.

“Excuse me?” She is standing in the foyer of their house, the place the damned pirate had chosen himself. It’s pretty and she can afford it and it’s close to his stupid sea so what on–Oh.

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APWOA: Chapter Two

Here is the next chapter of A Penny’s Worth of Affections! I hope you like it, please let me know what you all think! ✨

Prologue: A Penny ; I. The Red Man

II. The Blue-Stockings

Edinburgh, Scotland

28th April 1914

A week of time had passed, and Claire had yet to meet the Red Man that Raymond had mentioned. You will see him again, he had said. Not knowing who this man was made Claire’s frustration grow ever more defined. If she hadn’t met someone yet, how could she meet them again? The word again implied that something had already happened, but they had not had an initial meeting. She would have known it; she assumed that she would’ve remembered meeting someone called the Red Man, with the odd alias that it was. She continuously tried to push the thought from her mind, but it always came back up again, ceasing to be forgotten. Similar to the penny stuck deep in the pocket of her gown, its cold metal a constant reminder of the weighted presence.

  She bustled around the Inn and markets, trying to keep her mind from wandering back to the topic at hand. Upon sending her letter to let her presence in Edinburgh known, Claire met with her friend Gillian every day to walk about the city. The two reveled in each other’s company, seeing as both of them were left alone at present; For Claire, it was because of her uncle’s schedule with the university, but for Gillian, it was due to her husband’s imprisonment. Mr. Edgars, according to Gillian, was a very excessive drunkard, and had gotten himself into so much trouble with Scottish law enforcement that he ended up behind bars “indefinitely”.

  “He will be released in a couple months, most like,” Gillian had disclosed in a whisper to her confidant, her arm wrapped around Claire’s elbow. “He’s got a knack for charming people into helping him with things he desires.”

  I guess you two have a lot in common, then, Claire thought to herself. A woman of many talents, Gillian liked most to meddle with the men of the city as she pleased. She owned her own tent in the market, selling potions and poultices that have “good intentions”: a combination of flowers, herbs, and fungi that can have lasting effects on a person’s health, good or bad. 

  Today, the ladies hovered over one of the desks in the tent as Gillian worked. The concoction she was working on, made of a mustard-colored mushroom, ground up into a powder to be put in one’s tea, made the tent smell of a pungent odor that Claire couldn’t quite place.

  “It’s a natural poison,” Gillian clucked as she poured the powdered substance into a glass vial. “Works like a charm to get rid of an enemy.”

  As Gillian began to slave over a poultice for one Arthur Duncan, Claire ventured deeper into the tent, finding an old volume sitting on the back desk. The cover was bound in a desaturated shade of brown leather, decaying with green mold around its edges due to centuries of use. In the center was a drawing of an eye in sage-colored ink, worn and weathered with time. The wide, green pupil stared soullessly back at her, maintaining its macabre stare. Trying to free herself of the eye, she flipped to a random page of the book and read the first thing that stood out to her.

  “‘Convallaria majalis’,” Claire murmured to herself, the name sounding familiar to her. “Lily of the Valley.”

  “Those are poisonous, ye ken,” Gillian said suddenly, startling Claire, whose hand came up to rest just above her breast over her erratically beating heart. Gillian didn’t seem to notice the sudden jump, or if she did, decided to overlook it. “Every piece of the plant is toxic: the berries, the leaves, the flowers. If ingested, even in smaller doses, it will cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and rashes.”

  Claire pressed her lips into a half-smile, but said nothing. She fingered the corner of the page and flipped to another random page, reading the title as she had before. “‘Myositis’.”


  Nodding, Claire looked from the page to Gillian. “I heard from my uncle that ladies in medieval times would wear them to show loyalty and love to those they cared about.”

  Gillian nodded, her mouth curling upward in a smile. “That sounds like it. The name comes from a translation of the Bible, I believe. ‘Forget me not, O Lord!’ The plant had said, to which God replied, ‘That shall be yer name.’”

   She ran her hands over her skirts casually before reaching for her coin purse. “Fancy taking a walk around the market, Miss Beauchamp?”

After quite a bit of wandering, the ladies found themselves seated in a tavern, warm mugs of tea in their hands. Claire sipped the drink excitedly; she would’ve been content with drinking anything, so long as it wasn’t the nasty spring water they had at the Inn.

  The conversation between the two ladies started more formal, discussing interesting topics such as the length of Claire’s stay, the amount of poisons that Gillian can recite off the top of her head — fifty, along with their recipes — and their mutual fondness of botany. But as the colloquy progressed, and the population of the tavern diminished, Gillian leaned forward and whispered most dramatically, “I’ve a lover.”

  Claire was shocked by the forwardness of this revelation, much less the truthfulness of it. Despite the honesty exchanged between the pair in neatly-penned letters throughout the years, they had neglected to mention nothing more than surface-level information about their lives. Never had their companionship reached a point of confidence, where they exchanged with the other their deepest, darkest secrets.

  It took Claire a moment to settle her thoughts before she could reply.

  “Have you?” She implored, eyebrows raised as she took a sip from her steaming cup.

  “I do,” Gillian replied, more confident than before.

  Claire smiled wryly, quirking one of her brows skyward. A moment passed between them before she decided to press the matter further. “Are you going to tell me who it is?”

  A beat.

  “It’s Dougal MacKenzie,” She murmured wistfully. Claire went to speak, but Gillian interrupted. “I know that you dinna ken who that is, although, you might meet him someday. We are talking about getting married.”

  “But…” Claire paused, not sure how to say what was on her mind without sounding rude. “You’re already married, Gillian.”

  “I ken that just fine. But who knows when that devil of a man will get out, if ever.” She took a cautious sip of her tea, then shrugged. “Might as well figure out my next steps, no? I don’t want to be a spinster for the rest of my life, Claire.”

  She nodded once in reply, not sure how to respond. In her own mind, she thought about Dougal MacKenzie: a man without a face courting her friend. How any man would decide to pursue a married woman was beyond that of her own knowledge. It didn’t surprise her, however: Gillian was a lovely woman, not much older than herself, who had the appearance of some evangelical being that had descended directly from the Holy Gates. With her beautiful auburn hair, cascading past her shoulders in waves of copper, bronze, and gold — and eyes as bright as a that of a tree’s leaves — heads were bound to turn and watch her as she strolled down the street.

  But that wasn’t always a result of flattery, Claire reminded herself. Despite the aura of adoration that seemed to follow her wherever she went, Gillian Edgars also raised an awful lot of suspicion. Witches weren’t very common in these times, but if there were any, she could not deny that Gillian was one of them. Mixing poultices and powders, no matter their purposes, seemed a bit outdated in lieu of newer advances in medicine and technology; but she did them anyways. 

 She supposed she would also be seen under the same skeptical eyes, had they known what she was up to. An amateur nurse, Claire had learned from many books—as well as through her own experiences traveling with Uncle Lamb—how to use plants to make medicines that can speed up healing, fight off infection and cure the symptoms of numerous afflictions. Whilst staying in Africa, she had met a medicine woman who had taught her an assortment of different things, examples being how to use kneading techniques to roll out tense muscles and make poultices with only minimal ingredients like rocks, sand, herbs, and water. Thinking she was just as skilled, she would wander around her Uncle’s archaeological sites with a white apron and cap, performing small ‘miracles’ on the other staff working there. Because of this, she was known to Uncle Lamb’s colleagues as La Petite Dame Blanche, or the Little White Lady. As she aged into adolescence, they had dropped the petite and she became the White Lady. Among the group, if someone suffered from an ailment, they knew that La Dame Blanche would be there in a matter of seconds, apron tied around her waist and cap resting gracefully atop her dark hair.

  “There’s something else,” Gillian said suddenly, her voice laced with suppressed excitement. Claire, nervous as to what the new revelation would be, didn’t say anything as she took another sip of her tea. “I’m pregnant.”

  Claire blinked, eyes wide in shock. “You’re pregnant?”

  “Aye. I’ve known for a couple of weeks, now.”

  Trying to compose herself, Claire cleared her throat and attempted to keep her face as emotionless as possible. “Congratulations, I’m very happy for you both.”

  Gillian gave Claire a glance from the side. Apparently, her attempts to keep her emotions clouded had floundered.

  “I know what ye must think ‘bout me now. It’s what anybody would, if they kent the circumstances.” She paused, as if she didn’t know how to go on. Her mug was resting comfortably in her lap, her right hand wrapped around the outside while her left traced the rim in a continuous circular motion. Claire stared at it, avoiding her friend’s eyes. Gillian sighed inwardly, then turned her head to look at her. “I know what people say about me… everyone in the city. I’m not a daft woman, and I’m certain I’m no’ blind.”

  Feeling sympathetic for her dear friend, she reached across the table and took her left hand in her own. The gold wedding band on Gillian’s ring finger pressed into Claire’s palm, a daunting reminder of the everlasting promise she had once made to an eventual convict.

  “Most of the time, it doesna bother me. I can walk through the streets on business and no’ see any of their faces jeerin’ at me, like I’m some dirty tramp*,” Her voice became heavy with emotion, but yet she continued. “But sometimes, at night when I’m in bed, about to doze off, I can hear them shrieking at the sight of me. Callin’ me a witch or Satan’s mistress… some other foul names not dignified for ladies to hear, nonetheless speak aloud.”

  She bent her head down towards her lap. Claire knew it was an attempt to hide the tear that fell down her cheek. She saw it plop into the contents of her mug; Gillian didn’t seem to notice as she took another sip of the cooling brew.

  “People say strange things about me, too,” She had said at last, squeezing her friend’s hand. The movement caused Gillian to look up, the two of their eyes meeting like the sunrise as it touches the horizon of a grassy plain. “The people who knew me in London used to call me a blue-stocking*. Of course, it’s because I’m well-versed in literature and science—God forbid a woman learn anything. But just because someone thinks about you in a certain way, Gillian, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

  “When I was younger, my uncle told me that your worth isn’t based on what others see you as, but instead what you do in order to better yourself.” She grasped her friend’s hand tighter, rubbing her thumb across her knuckles. “I’ve never forgotten it, and neither should you. Be proud of who you are, because there is nobody out there that is anything like you.”

  Gillian smiled, putting her right hand on top of their clasped hands. “I suppose that makes me a blue-stocking, too.” She brought their joined hands up to her lips and kissed the back of Claire’s left hand. When the two girls’ eyes met, they erupted into a fit of laughter.

  Blue-stockings, indeed.

About a half hour later, the doors of the tavern swung open suddenly, hitting the walls beside them with a resounding bang! that shocked both the patrons and the owner himself.

  Said owner, of whom Gillian labeled as Murtagh Fraser, definitely had the look of a barkeeper: a short, grubby man with ebony hair and dark, beady eyes to match, the look of him was downright intimidating. His frosty demeanor seemed to work in his favor; the regulars knew not to cross him, and the newcomers learned quickly not to if they did.

  Murtagh didn’t seem too phased by the sudden intrusion, for all he did was look up from the glass he was cleaning to the open doors.

  A man stumbled in then: the clumsy way that he walked made it almost look like he was intoxicated. Almost. Claire noticed that his feet, clad in a pair of very large boots, were perfectly aligned across the wood-paneled floor, implying that he was, indeed, not drunk. But as her eyes trailed up his legs, torso, and ultimately to his shoulder, she realized what the problem was.

  His arm, contorted in an awkwardly unnatural position, was cradled against his chest, a makeshift sling of some form of white cloth tied untidily overtop it. Stumbling further into the tavern, he took a step, then another, and then promptly fell into a mess of limbs on the floor.

  Instinct took over as Claire lurched from her chair, only a foot or two from the door, and went to tend the man. She noticed a small form run out the open doors, most likely to fetch a doctor, but she knew that she had to do something — anything — for the unconscious man on the floor. In her mind, she was already compiling memories from her time with the Dame Geneser* in Northern Rhodesia. She had tended to multiple patients with the same ailment and recalled exactly what she needed to do.

  As she went to turn the boy over onto his side, the barman came up beside her and grunted gruffly. “Best save it for the doctors, lass.”

  Turning her head slightly to face the man, she scoffed and said, “Not to be cross, sir, but I feel that if this man’s condition is to get any better, it would serve him best to at least start treating him now.”

  He raised an eyebrow in question, “Have ye some training, then?”

  “Some,” Claire replied. She stared at him for a moment, trying to make it as clear as possible that she only wanted to help. The man seemed to sense this, and gave a curt nod.

  “There’s a cabinet particulier* up tha’ way,” Murtagh stated, pointing to a small winding staircase in the back of the room. “I save it for specific patrons and no one’s come in yet. Ye wouldna be bothered there, at least until the doctor comes.”

  She thanked the man generously, then turned back to the patient, still sprawled out across the floor.

  It wasn’t until then that she noticed the color of his hair.

*tramp: a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work, or as a vagrant or beggar.
*blue-stocking: a derogatory term for a well-read woman.
*Dame Geneser: literal translation is Lady Healer from Afrikaans, the language used in Northern Rhodesia. It might be something different, I just used Google Translate (which isn’t extremely accurate).
*cabinet particulier: a private room, usually in the back of a bar or restaurant, equipped with a sofa or a bed for a rendezvous between lovers or people having extra-marital affairs.

continued here.

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anonymous asked:

Several questions: a) when did mulder first fall for scully, b) when did he realise it, c) when did scully fall for mulder, d) when did she realise it, e) when did they first bang forreal

I will try and keep this shorter than novel length…

I think Scully had a crush on Mulder in the very beginning. She was used to always being the smartest person in the room and here comes this handsome, weirdo genius with all this passion. The intellectual battles fired her up. For arguably the first time, Scully’s brain was matched in competency and it was exciting. She left medicine for a career in excitement, no? But she also recognized that he was an obsessed workaholic with no time or thought toward anything even remotely romantic. So, she flirted some and was jealous some (Phoebe) and eventually compartmentalized the crush. Scully’s ability to pack up thoughts and feelings into boxes with neat little bows and shelf them throughout the series still amazes me.

Mulder had a different experience in the beginning. Scully was a spy, she was not to be trusted, but here was this woman who actually listened to what he was saying. No one ever just listened to him and gave his thoughts consideration before disagreeing or dismissing him as crazy. He didn’t want to like her, because she was the enemy, but he couldn’t help himself. She gave him respect when no one else bothered. So, he tried to guard himself with sarcasm, but still ended up spilling his guts about his sister on their first case. There was no crush going on for him like there was for Scully- for a long time Mulder just didn’t believe he was worth anything. And the people in his life, namely his parents, kept proving that to him. So, when they were reassigned at the end of season 1, Mulder took it as Scully leaving him, and good for her, she’ll have a better life.

At this point, Scully had shelved her little crush but cared about Mulder enough to pull him out of his funk, even though he straight up ignored her in the hallway when she tried to say hi. Little Green Men was really Mulder’s moment to realize that Scully actually gave a shit, and oh my god he had a friend, a partner, in this. His spy guard came completely down at this point and all those caring feelings he pushed back came to the front. 

Then they took Scully away. Mulder went bat shit crazy. The one person, the one thing in his life that didn’t treat him like crap was gone. He didn’t know how to function anymore. I know a lot of people think he was in love with her then, but I don’t see it that way. He wasn’t capable of being in love quite yet, still too damaged and self-loathing. It was more like he’d been holding his breath for years and then finally inhaled. And right at that moment, all the oxygen was sucked out of the room. He totally panicked. His life didn’t make any sense without her anymore. Thank the lord she was returned, because I do believe that if she hadn’t been, he would’ve spiraled out of control and gotten himself killed within a year. He was so affected by her being gone, he traded his sister for her later that year. Season 1 Mulder wouldn’t have.

When Scully came back, her investment in the X-Files went up 1000%. They wanted to get those bastards together. Lots more touching and love in season 3, very deep friendship going on. If they were normal people with normal lives, they’d have fallen for each other during this time. But, this is Mulder and Scully and their focus was not on their relationship, it was on justice and the truth. They both trusted that the other would be there until their work was done, so there was no reason to question anything at this point. It was an unspoken pact between them that they’d keep going and keep fighting until all the questions were answered.

Season 4 is when things get interesting. Good ol’ Ed in Philly reminded Mulder that Scully is a person outside of their partnership and that he was taking her for granted. Right after this, cancer brings the whammy. That understanding they had going on that they’d both be in it to win it endlessly is completely shattered by Scully’s mortality. The cancer arc is where Mulder tips the scales and falls in love. He’s aware of it in his own way, but she is dying and there’s no point in exploring it at this time. The way he looks at her and touches her COMPLETELY changes and evolves in season 4. I’ll never forget his face when he sees her on the couch with Eddie Van Blundht.

Scully has a ton of emotional garbage thrown on her through season 4 and 5. Emily really messed her up and thoughts of being in love with Mulder were far from her head. I mean, she did, but she put it in a box and shelved it without even realizing it. I think Scully fell in love first but she had absolutely no clue. When she wrapped up that crush from season 1 in a box, that was the last of her exploration into anything beyond friendship with Mulder for a very long time.

They both were in love with one another in FTF, Mulder knew it, Scully didn’t. This could’ve been their moment to bang it out and enter the bliss of being in love, but cue Fowley. I swear I have never hated anything as much as I hated that woman. When Scully sees her holding Mulder’s hand in The End, she is completely devastated. That scene is so damn powerful, her walking out to the car and calling him to go to the office. Seeing that affected her so much, she couldn’t even handle it. This pushed her to explore her feelings some, which is why she was in a place to kiss him in the hallway in FTF.

Season 6 was a legit rollercoaster for MSR. When Mulder told Scully he loved her in Triangle, he absolutely meant it 100%. He was ready to deal with it, but she wasn’t. She passed it off as a drugged up moment. But, they walked closer and closer to the line and were SO CLOSE by the time Rain King and Tithonus rolled around they could taste it (and so could we). Scully’s speech about friendship and love in the bathroom is how she feels about Mulder. Of course, CC is the devil. So re-enter Fowley. She wrecked everything all over again. Mulder and Scully really had to build their partnership back up after One Son. Scully was still pissed at him in Arcadia. Mulder was so excited to touch her and play married but she was having none of it.

For me, Milagro sealed the deal. Scully almost got her heart ripped out and clung to Mulder for dear life. We got jealous!Mulder and heard someone say out loud that Scully was in love. No time for putting it off any longer, the shift has occurred. You can see it in The Unnatural. The weight has been lifted, they both know they are in love with each other and the coupling will happen, it is inevitable at this point. Even Fowley can’t stop it this time. They even exchange vows in Armor Fati… 

And finally, after seven long years, they bang it out January 1, 2000.

Rose’s Playlist (on Spotify: @erika.pulido169)

I saw someone post songs that remind them of Romitri. So I got inspired and made a playlist of songs that remind me of Rose, Romitri, the books, etc.

1. Heavy In Your Arms-  Florence and The Machine

2. Alive-  Sia

3. Spark the Fire-  Gwen Stefani

4. Castle-  Halsey

5. Song 5- Haim 

6. I’m So Sorry-  Imagine Dragons

7. Power-  Little Mix

8. Bad Reputation-  Joan Jett

9. In the Night- The Weekend

10. Island in The Sun- Weezer

11. Breath of Life & Seven Devils- Florence and The Machine

12. This Is How You Remind Me- Avril Lavigne (cover)

13. Unconditionally-  Katy Perry

14. A Little Taste-  Skylar Stonestreet

15. Secret Love Song- Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

16.Can’t Pretend-  Tom Odell

(Bonus Tracks: Love Me or Leave me- Little Mix & It’s You- Zayn Malik)



1. {Heavy In Your Arms} When Rose realizes Dimitri has been turned. Devastated, she decides to hunt him down in Blood Promise. Only to realize he has become the exact opposite of the man she fell in love with.

2. {Alive} This is how I picture Rose must be feeling after Mason’s death and she is getting the marks ( im blanking on what they are called lol) on her neck. Everyone is congratulating her, and she realizes being a guardian is not all it’s cracked up to be. (But post Last Sacrifice, despite all that happened to her, she is still here living and breathing.)

3. {Spark the Fire} A sort of up beat tune I can picture Rose kicking ass too. At the Equinox dance, and Dimitri sees her in the dress, and when she and Christian rescue Lissa.

4. {Castle} When Rose and Lissa return to the acadmey. Both Rose and Lissa  are highly criticized and judged for leaving, especially Rose. The rumors and the backstabbing that occurs between these two in the first book.

5. {Song 5} Frostbite is my favorite book, but I’m just gonna say it: Rose was very irritable and fedup with everyone and everything in this book lol. I feel her frustration in this book when people assume she is hooking up with Adrian, getting ‘beat up by her Mom/her return, and Dimitri getting cozy with Tasha.

6. {Im So Sorry} The song when Rose has her ‘fuck it I’ll do whatever I want” moments. “I tend too punch first and find out who I actually hit later.”

7. {Power} Another song I can picture Rose kicking ass too or working out too. Rose is overly confident and self aware of her beauty that boys admire her and other girls envy her.

8. {Bad Reputation. When Rose and Lissa escape from the academy, and are eventually caught by Dimitri (And when Rose is broken out of jail by the whole gang).

9. {In the Night} My poor cinnamon roll Rose is always being criticized by evryone! :( everyone expects the worse from her. Especially in Frostbite, Shadow kissed, and Spirit Bound. When people think she is a whore, when she isn’t. When her mom thinks she irresponsible, but she just wants her mother’s approval.

10.{Island in the Sun} I think in Frostbite when she sees Christian and Lissa dancing at a royal party, or in Shadowkissed when she has to guard Christian and sees them Kissing all the time, this song comes to mind. Rose realizes she may never get that because the man she loves does not wanna risk either of them getting in trouble for their forbidden romance. Rose is on the outside looking in. (Which is pretty funny considering this is supposed to be happy song lol).

11.{Seven Devils & Breath of Life} Breath of life, when the strigoi attack the school and Dimitri gets kidnapped and she hunts him down. Seven devils, when Rose is being haunted by Mason and decides to go to Dimitri’s home town to tell his family he is ‘dead.’

12. {This is How You Remind Me} When Rose’s Mom tells her Dimitri may become Tasha’s guardian. And she begins dating Mason and realizes she will always love Dimitri. Poor Mason :( (Also a tune when Rose is dealing with the aftermath of his death.)

13. {Unconditionally} Rose and Lissa’s friendship summed up. Especially when Lissa is crowned queen, and Rose is her guardian. Rose is beaming with pride :)

14. {A Little Taste} Literally, blood lol. Anything related to the bad things moroi vampires got themselves into. That, and Rose’s attraction to Dimitri in the first book.

15. {Secret Love Song} Rose wishing her Dimitri could go public as a couple. Their love story summed up lol.

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16. {Can’t Pretend} This song can literally fit in with any of the books. Rose realizing she will have to put Lissa first through everything, no matter how frustrating it is. Rose realizing being a guardian is not what it is cracked up to be. Dimitri trying to hide his feelings for Rose. Rose trying to accept her fate with being shadowkissed, and awaiting sentencing in Last Sacrifice.

{Bonus tracks: Love me or love me- Little Mix 

It’s You- Zayn }:

 I had just discovered Little Mix a while ago, (amazing band highly recommend) and I listened to it and I thought of Rose’s frustration that she and Dimitri will never be. And she dates Adrian even though she longs for Dimitri. Love me or Leave me and It’s You, can also be seen from Adrian’s POV :/ Adrian chooses not acknowledge the fact that Rose still loves Dimitri. His heartbreak and Rose’s guilt for hurting him, is inspiration for these tracks.Poor Adrian..


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Fic prompt

@kanshou87 said: Lucifer found Chloe battered and bruised after one month captivity in the hands of notorious human traffickers. Chaos ensues… Hurt/Comfort theme

(ok I altered this a bit but yes)

Protip to all the criminals in Los Angeles, petty or otherwise:

If you absolutely have to pick a target to try to kidnap and force into your underground human-trafficking ring, it really, really, really would be a good idea to pick someone apart from the woman who is the true love of the Devil Himself, whose best friend and co-mother is a demon from the bowels of hell, whose quasi-brother-in-law is the firstborn archangel and the Wrath of God, whose ex-husband has a brown belt in karate, and who is herself no mean hand at kicking a lot of ass.

If they weren’t such total dicks, you might even feel sorry for them. Briefly.

“Lucifer, I told you, I’m fine.” Chloe wipes the blood from the gash on her forehead, hands still shaking slightly, but she clenches them until they stop. Yes, it’s been a hell of a day – happens when you have a bag thrown over your head and are ambushed among the mazes of shipping containers of Los Angeles Harbor, when you’re there to investigate the murder of some of the traffickers’ rumored victims – but Lucifer, Maze, Amenadiel, and Dan got her out posthaste, after she made them sorely regret their poor life choices to start with. She’s never seen Lucifer look like that before. Holy terror doesn’t begin to cover it, the way he tore through them. Chloe is shaken, bruised, dazed, and really hoping Trixie doesn’t ask too many questions, but otherwise all right. She has too many very scary people who love her too much to ever let her remain in dire straits for long. She’s lucky.

(Especially one very scary person. Devil, rather.)

“You’re not fine, Detective.” He’s barely stopped pacing since they got home. “And I let you down. I shouldn’t have ever let them get a bloody hand on you in the first place. Should have torn their arms out of their sockets and used them to make a campfire. All sorts of special punishments in hell.”

“Lucifer.” Chloe reaches out to rest both hands on his arms, which are as tense and hard as cordwood. “I’m here, all right? I’m here.”

He lets out a slow, shaking breath, eyes dark with guilt and pain and fear, his ever-present terror that he’s unforgivably let her down and this is when she decides to cut bait and run. His own hand comes up, curling around her face, thumbing along the bruise on her cheek with utmost tenderness. He speaks one word, low and heartbroken and rumbling in his chest. “Chloe.”

“Hey. Hey, hey.” Chloe steps closer, moving her hands up to cup his face, as his arm thinks about coming over her back, but can’t quite let itself. His ever-present hesitation about holding her or touching her or imposing himself on her at all, but she curls into it, and he instinctively draws her close. “Lucifer, shh. It’s all right. You saved me. You and Maze and Amenadiel and Dan. That’s what families do. That’s what partners do.”

He rests his chin on her hair as she presses herself into his chest, a little more undone by the day’s events than she’d like to admit. She needs him, needs him to hold onto, to soothe her soul, to stand steadfast. And he does. He does. He does. Barely even seems to know it, still.

After a long moment, he kisses the uninjured bit of her forehead, and is about to pull back, but she grabs him by the head and guides his mouth to hers. His fingers comb through her tangled hair, pulling her closer, as they sigh and turn and kiss again, long and slow, until they good and damn well feel like letting go. Chloe manages a grin. “Hey, I don’t look too bad, do I?”

“No.” He doesn’t look away. He never does. His voice is soft. “Beautiful.”

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