the life and loves of a she devil

ok kids, so here’s what you missed on the Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t watched it yet, well get ready for spoilers.

Stefan and Damon was given a proposal by Cade, it was either kill each other’s girls or kill a hundred of people. Stefan (being cold and shit) chose to kill Elena - which by the way is in Bonnie’s safe house but we’ll get to that later - Damon on the other hand, is still undecided but was given a suggestion from our lovely Caroline. She wants to make Cade mortal because lmao Cade is heartless literally and figuratively AND fire won’t work considering he’s the devil lmao.

So the duo planned to give the cure to Cade but in another time, Bonnie and Enzo are planning to live the human life. But bonnie yet again puts other people first before her happiness.

“We’re saving everyone else but ourselves.”

Damon learns that Stefan compelled a realtor to sign Bonnie’s house to him, giving him full access to entering the premises blah blah blah

Big brother talks to Stefan about not killing Elena, Stefan was all, “lmao even when the bitch is in the casket, she’s still a big ass obstacle.”

Bonnie syringes some of Elena’s blood (thicc 👌🏼💦) but notices that enzo wasn’t responding to her so she goes into the hallway - there she sees Enzo’s heart out of his body because Stefan just killed Bonnie’s on going LOVE interest because god forbid bonnie to love someone LMAO

Bonnie planned to stake him but he was quick af, but then she stabs him with her other hand with the cure and he falls to the ground and yeah

So currently:

Enzo is dead
Cade is Cade lmao all smiles but is like immortal
Elena’s still in that casket
Stefan is human lmao how unfortunate
Bonnie’s emotional state is unstable rn
Caroline (maybs doesn’t have) has a bounty on her head
Matt is still against vampirism but Caroline put him in his place.

He’s all, “This isn’t our town anymore.”


That’s what you missed on glee.


I am vibrant. My soul has finally collided with my skin. Time, herself, patiently kissed me on the lips and whispered sinful things in my ear. She wants me to fall in love with her, yet again. I stood, but I have fallen. Where was I kneeling all these years? 8760 days of life and I want to see the face of God. I want black men to feel hopeful when they see me, black women to feel even stronger than they already are when they look into my eyes; and black children to feel their youth with every game they play, abundantly and forever. To think that suicide was even an option saddens me. I have sat with the devil and his demons, and they love to hate me. With all this raging compassion, the depth of my forgiveness, and war for oneness within myself - I am whole. My wholeness is leaking through my pores like a river that leads to a crystal clear ocean that no one ever visits. Twenty-four years of life, and I know that my spirit will never die.

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I’m not poetry but I want to be. I want this to mean something. I want to say, here the blood flows and it means something and I want to make someone cry out of pity or the aching wrench that means truth. I want this pain to be a metaphor for love or life or how she left me instead of just being pain. 

I want to be your heroic sacrifice, the martyr. Goddammit. Maybe it could even be beautiful if my bruised knuckles were from fights with the devil instead of myself. Maybe I could be good and selfless and dissolved in holy water. You’d kiss me sooner than kill me and that would hurt just as much.

I want to be good, you know? I try to do good things but God sees the truth. How I’d sooner die than live like this. God knows my heart’s broken & that I don’t really mean it. I want to mean it God I really do. Please open up the pearly gates I don’t want to go to hell I’ve hurt enough. God I just want to be happy please just let me be happy

me /breathes/ I lo-
anyone who has ever spent 5 seconds around me ever: yes, you love Reficul, we know, you love Reficul so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Reficul, we KNOW , you love Reficul , you’re kin with her, you REALLY love Reficul ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE REFICUL. WE GET IT.

in another life, zeus is lounging on the couch of his best friend’s house and saying, “i’ll get a job, man, i swear it,” even though CEO seats only smell of sweat and he’s the type to smell of leaving, he says, “guess what’s up my sleeve” to ladies and shows off lightning bolt tattoos and gets drunk and cries and begs hera to come home because he has only ever known rest at the seat of her collarbone

hera’s is louis vuitton, devil wears prada. pants suits and hair up in a tight bun. a warning lies ready on her tongue, she is quick to scold, hard to love. she pours fireball into her morning coffee just to remind herself of the way he always smelled of burning, just so she could face a little bit of him and not come back running. in this life, she is divorced, is doing well, sometimes meets up with the baby mamas of her sour-faced ex-lover (if she could wash him out, she would, she would, she would, but lightning loves towers and she only feels at ease in thunderstorms and twenty-four stories because olympus was rebuilt into skyscrapers and nobody can tell her otherwise), sometimes gets over her hatred of them. the one who jumps at swans is her roommate, they both like romance movies and staying out late. she chooses alone. she chooses: i make my own home.

aphrodite is a party girl with black pumps and a wicked smile, facebook messages hephaestus while sex-skyping her little god of war, she says, “sorry” a lot. sometimes she thinks she is running out of love, sometimes she thinks there’s not enough love left. she comes around again to the satin of her lover’s beds, never feels warm. she says, fine. she says, i’m okay. ares here is commander of the department of defense, never settled down, never got the wife and two kids. one day in this life hephaestus hears a knock on his garage door and walks on over. in this life, they’ve got braces for broken people like him. when he answers, it’s just her, no makeup, just her in her big-eyed weepy mess, and she says, “you actually listen” so he listens for a little. she explains slowly; new term, polyamorous. she says, heart is steady bead on both people. he says, “i know, i understand,” she says, “but it’s hurting you,” he says, “i gave up hurting for other people a long time ago,” he says, “the war god and i go out for drinks and talk about anything but you” she cries again, a whole ocean. he says, “i am learning, and one day maybe it will be all us three” she says, “you wait for me,” and he does. more and more often, when the world tastes too much, she shows up at his door, to be the person she is when she’s unbeautiful. in this life, a little down the road, she takes a break from all of it and starts a no-kill shelter called “the golden apple”. hephaestus builds it for her. she kisses him on the cheek. one day, when the ares comes around, the three of them play video games. after that, it is not share-her. it is all-the-same.

athena turns down apollo on the radio, his song trapped in the throats of all who hear it. a good song, a catchy song, a hear-it-once-and-never-forget-it song. athena dropped out of school to pursue knowledge. she teaches around the world with a backpack on her back and a smile on her face. her girlfriend is a librarian. whenever she comes home, she swings the little woman up in her arms and bursts with stories. the woman laughs because stoic athena in public is not the athena of private, is not knowledge-river athena. athena freelances as a journalist. anywhere she can give out information is good enough. eventually her name and “breaking news” are synonymous.

artemis goes to the red carpet on the arms of her brother, says that the world of hollywood is too much sunlight for her, she goes back to working as the city’s best detective, the hunt in her blood for monsters among men. in her free time, she follows athena down to places, traps poachers who would use her name to ruin the lives of beasts. hera has learned long ago not to pester her about marrying. artemis comes out as ace/aro one day to her brother, who rolls his eyes at her. “you still get grossed out every time people kiss,” and then he bowls her over in a hug she didn’t know she needed. this is one of the only times he sees her cry. the next is eight years later at his wedding. the man he chooses as his partner has already undergone a secret artemis-style investigation. he came out clean, and she came out with a second brother. when her twin asks her about the happy tears, she jokingly tells him she was worried his was going to marry his car. he laughs, big sun laugh and says, “trust me, i was this close.” in hot summers, they go down to the docks and the two boys throw atemis in the water. she never stops complaining or loving it and loving them and is entirely happy when he becomes a father.

in this life, demeter raised a flowerchild who never took to the backbreak of farming, and in this life, hades’s black leather jacket at first made her spit. she despised his motorbike and his big smile and how loud his dog was and how her daughter jumped up nimbly on the back of that thing and flung herself at the horizon. but hades tries as hard as he can: the engine gets turned over into clean fuel even though he breaks his third finger in the middle of it, the leather jacket gets swapped out for a faux replication, he becomes vegan (”’sehpone,” he says in wonder one day, “you taught me how to live off of pomegranates”, sephie laughs), he makes deer-crossing signs and petitions for the rights of small-town farmers. Persephone becomes a wedding designer, loves making big shows out of a lot of flowers. after many holiday gifts (some so desperately approval-seeking that demeter actually chuckled at them), she relents. they have brunch on sundays, made specifically by hades and his whole-grain all-organic house. demeter at one point says, “actually, you’re so earthy-crunchy it’s more than even me” and hades drops the plate he’s holding. demeter comes to the engagement party and laughs when the cake is in the shape of a pomegranate seed. sephie says, “don’t worry mom. he knows what will happen if he does anything to me,” and demeter gives her daughter a proud smile and says, “you’ll crush him like a bug, won’t you sweetie?” and sephie looks over at her duckling god of death and says, “exactly”

hestia finds dionysus because that is what she does. a social security worker at first, she becomes keeper of the hearth-less. she starts with a small group of people and eventually became leader of a chain of homelessness shelters, all immaculate and warm and held to her standards. dionysus cries when she picks him up, he talks about having fallen in love again, she says, “rehab is your only option.” it is here that he meets someone who is also pansexual. it is here he realizes he is not broken. it is here where they wean him off of whiskey and heroin (”what a bad combination,” he’d later say, shaking his head, “like you really gotta choose one”) and where he breaks down often and throws things at hestia’s head and calls her more names than have ever been strung against her: it’s here he makes his best friend. when he gets out, he finds he’s still ever-thirsty, but this time, there’s less empty in him. he helps at her shelters. he meets a girl who is bisexual, she takes him to pride rallies. he later bursts into hestia’s room with a rainbow on his face and says, “there are so many like me! i’m not invisible! i’m not fake!” and she smiles and watches the hearth of his chest warm up and helps him become a leading spokesperson for activism. rather than letting people like him die in the streets, he uses his experience to say, “i lived survival, and you can live it with me.”

hermes is a surgeon over in the children’s section, found that this is where he should be. silicone valley wants him for his communication systems, but instead he feels like he needs to be somewhere the action is. poseidon comes to him in darkness with rough palms and says, “i have a very long-standing secret,” and hermes just nods his head. the surgery is done quickly and without charge. poseideon says, “thank you” four million times, and then she takes back off to her company dedicated to clean energy. she calls up hera crying and says, “i dd it, i did it, i did it, but what will he think of me,” and hera says, “i haven’t talked to zeus in six years but if he rejects you i will walk up to him and shake him until the right answers fall into his head” and when artemis hears she says, “i will go with you” and walks at her side the whole time even though poseideon is awash with emotions and ready to burst into tears. zeus opens the door and looks poseideon up and down and says, “did you do something  with your hair, sis?” and poseideon says, “eat my entire” before she’s swallowed by happiness and has to sit down on the concrete step and sob into her palms for sixty seconds. later she puts him in charge of the wind energy portion of her company. he gets his own place, but he never stops missing hera, who watches him from a distance and checks up on him through poseideon. hera says, “right now it’s about me. it can be about him if he keeps up the good behavior.” poseideon has never been so happy. she has her family and she has herself, in one piece, finally. she calls up sephone, she says, “listen, i’ve got a plan, okay?” and of course the wedding planner would have to be in charge of everything. 

in this life, the reunion is beautiful. dionysus doesn’t touch the alcohol. hestia stands beside him proud and wonderful. apollo (who wouldn’t come without being allowed to choose the music) and his husband push artemis into the pool, she returns the favor with athena’s help. hades and persephone beat everyone at beer pong, but demeter crushes them at gin rummy. posideon dances with her sisters. hera stands back and her mouth quirks and zeus watches her the whole time, in his new three-piece suit. aphrodite is in between two men, but she’s no longer quite in between them. she walks over to her once-king and says “love needs time and understanding” and he thinks: of course. of course. he will change who he is for her. she never needed him. he needed her. he needed this to feel in place: he needed a family, as one, as olympus with its golden gates. in this life, for one moment, they are all happy.



an AU created by pinample

Kim Taehyung was the devil. He was created with humanity and has never died. He harvests his souls, keeps his deals and kills the liars and the breakers of deals. He is the one without love in his heart. But for one girl he cares. Young without a lot of experience in life. But she has the most beautiful face ever.

Satanic Mother
Juanita Gomez

In August 2016, local people asked authorities to check on 50 year old Juanita Gomez. Upon arrival they were horrified by what they saw. Gomez’s 33 year old daughter Geneva Gomez was found dead with a crucifix shoved down her throat.

Juanita was instantly arrested, she claims that her daughter was ‘possessed by the devil’ and pushed the crucifix down her throat until she saw blood. There was swelling and bruising on Geneva’s knuckles, in which Juanita claimed she was fighting Satan. After the murder, Geneva’s corpse was placed in a crucifix position and washed.

POC are either villains or your favourite punching bags, right Julie?

Let’s look at the receipts:

  • Every single black character on your show has been brutally murdered at the hands of your Confederate white vampire
  • Bonnie (her life sucks majorly at the moment, she can’t be with her love)
  • Tyler (is fucking DEAD and died in the most humiliating way possible, fuck YOU Julie Plague)
  • Sarah (brought her back just to brutally kill her like her mother, black women are only expendable after all … )
  • Enzo (let my boy REST and LOVE his woman, why do you hate him so much?)
  • Cade (you made a BLACK MAN the DEVIL? I can’t believe this bullshit, I need to lie down)
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- Binan Kokou Chikyuu Bouei Bu-Love! (and more kinatsu or enatsu,or imagine this show converted in a tipical otome,with a inutil cute heroine not desided for  none boy, because,she is a fangirl and love shiping the boys)

- karneval (and gareki return)

- Gugure!-kukkuri-san

- Meganebu (and more megane and pretty boys)

- Bakumatsu Rock!

- Black Bullet

- kyoukai no Kanata

- No Game No Life

- Ookami shoujo to Kuro Ouji

- Brothers conflict

- Vampire Knight

- Inu x Boku ss

- Love Stage!! 

- Gekkan shojo Nozaki-kun (and more mikoriin)

- Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (and more Dantalion,and the cuteness of sytry)

- Pandora Hearts

- Kamigami no Asobi

From far away, with the sun on her back, she looked like an angel. As she moved closer, her face and her smile made me believe she was. But when she spoke to me, I knew she was much more than an angel. She was a devil with angel wings, and I would follow her to hell and back. All she had to do was ask.
—  wordsbyt

hello lovelies! I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on in my life because as you may have noticed I haven’t been as active. I’ve been pretty busy with school work but thankfully I’m on holidays now & I also got a new puppy who I’d like to introduce you all to! Her name is Daisy & she may look cute but she’s a fricken devil spawn. anyways, that’s all from me & I hope you’re all doing well x


Once upon a time, and angel and a devil fell in love.
It did not end well.

Once upon a time, a little girl was raised by monsters.
But angels burned the doorways to their world, and she was all alone.

Once upon a time, an angel lay dying in the mist.
And a devil knelt over him and smiled.

Once upon a time, there were two moons, who were sisters.
Nitid was the goddess of tears and life, and the sky was hers. No one worshipped Ellai but secret lovers.

Just another peaceful day with the ot3 and their partners devils and an angel

i apologize for my hiatus so long i was enjoying too much around mogeko’s series

so heres some daily life with Reficul, Satanick, Ivlis, Emalf, Rieta and Igls

Dont ask me why Igls is in 

prolly because she is paying a visit to her lovely brother

I just love the OT3(Reficul, Satanick and Ivlis) because Ivlis is so cute and weak among the OT3

If you only played the games by mogeko then you might not know who is Satanick and Igls (and the ot3 relationship), so i recommend you try all the series made by mogeko(Satanick - Obsolete Dream; Igls Unth - The Sun’s Curse)

I have no idea why Rieta is doing inside i just

i thought of Poemi too but then i thought “Rieta more suitable bc such loyalty to Ivlis”

Get Rekt, Ivlis

Ah, I just love Mogeko’s series and their character. so unique in their own way

I want to do more of these imagine memes with mogeko’s series/characters in the future

anyone a big fan of mogeko pls be my friends rn

like, rn.

by the way i have no idea why i cant open my fb lmao i want to die

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Rereading EoS and honestly Elide/Lorcan's chapters give me life

I love how confused he is by her, this “she devil” as he says. 500 year old immortal indeed, whipped by this girl. And barely into knowing her, he gives a real smile when she says she was mistaken about having no money

God I hope they are actually end game, that he crawls on his knees begging forgiveness when really, I can’t blame him too too much for what he did at the end

Tenerife Sea - Lucifer one-shot

Characters: Lucifer x reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean
Words: 2198
Summary: There was once a being that the devil loved, worshiped even. And now she is needed in the fight against evil. 

4.6 billion  years ago the earth, with its plants and water and sky and sun and life, was created. We all know what happened after that, but before that is a separate matter. Before the earth and before the light there was darkness. God, her younger brother, created the archangels to help him trap her in unbreakable chains: Michael, Raphael, the youngest Gabriel and Lucifer.

All was good for the time, more but lesser angels where made and God’s supposedly perfect creature was happy. Lucifer, was secretly God’s favourite. He held a purity and passion that rivalled his own. But his passion was his ultimate downfall.

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Explain an otome game badly in one sentence

Dance with Devils: Half Demon, half christian daughter get’s into incest, bestiality and other shit she didn’t sign up for.

Kamigami no Asobi: Zeus wants other gods to love humans like he does and gives them a young girl to fuck.

Brothers Conflict: A story about a girl squirrel that comes into a pro-life family who would have better tried abortion from time to time.

Diabolik Lovers: It’s basically 50 shades of mommy issues.

Heart no Kuni no Alice: Alice in wonderland but Donald Trump style, where everyone got a gun but no manners.

Black Wolves Saga: A young Girl with a brother who wants to get in her panties, get’s rabies, lives with wolfs and is really not a cat person.

hogwartsishome12  asked:

1 and 2 for the question thingie please (ily ❤️💚)

1: 6 songs you listen to most?

I mostly listen to Nightcore, so I’d say the 6 that I listen to most, or like the most, are Pretty Little Psycho, White Rabbit, Run Devil Run, Sarcasm, Left Behind, and Little Game.

2: If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

Oh, @thereal-queenk, for sure. She’s the love of my life, I wanna be with her more than anything ❤