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Soft fluff of the Chocobro's S/O helping them wind down after a long day of travel and the like? Lots of snuggling and light kisses.

A fluffy drabble to start your morning! Because who doesn’t love sweet little moments like these? Prompto x Reader ahead, and bubble bath shenanigans ensue. 

Tagging @iinkpools, because fluff. I’m purposely trying to make your life difficult, ha.

When Prompto came through your front door, you were sure he was going to collapse right at the threshold. He gave you a weak smile and leaned bodily against the frame, his eyes half lidded with exhaustion.

You ran towards him and caught him as he started to slip, checking him for injuries.

“M’fine,” he said, swatting your hands down as you lifted his shirt to check for scratches and cuts. “Been a long day.”

You frowned and let out a sigh. “Come on, babe,” you guided him over to the couch. You sat him down and moved to get him something to drink, but his arms hugged tightly around your middle stopped you in your tracks. He dragged you down to the couch with him, leaning forward so that he was lying halfway on top of you.

“Just wanna stay here,” he mumbled against the fabric of your shirt. You giggled and ran your fingers lovingly through his hair. When your hand came away covered in a light film of dirt, you frowned.

“Prom, you’re filthy. Come on, I’m running you a bath.”

“No,” he whined, curling up against you like a toddler. “Don’t wanna.”

“You love bath time,” you chided with a smile, gently smacking at his arms. “Come on, get up.”

He sighed dramatically and forced himself upright, a pout gracing his face. You gave him a quick peck, one that had him sputtering because he didn’t get to reciprocate, and hoisted him to to guide him to the bathroom.

You sat him on the toilet as you turned on the faucets, checking to make sure the temperature was right. You checked the cabinet under the sink for your epsom salts and some lavender-scented bubble bath soap, and soon the tub was filled with faintly purple bubbles, steam starting to gather on the mirror.

“Do you need me to help you undress?” you asked, putting the soap and salt back where you found it. You glanced over your shoulder to see that he was wiggling his eyebrows at you. “No funny stuff, mister. I can see it on your face, you’re too tired.”

Prompto frowned in silent agreement. Then, he perked up. “Join me?”

He gave you his best impression of a sad puppy dog, and you had a hard time keeping the grin off your face. You shed your clothes and he enthusiastically stripped down as well. You gestured for him to get into the bath first, and then you climbed in right after, seating yourself behind him.

Prompto let out a long breath, and leaned his back against your chest. You could feel the tense muscles unbundling and relaxing under his skin, and you ran your hands along his sides under the water.

Your lips found your way to the curve of his shoulder, kissing lines along the scattered freckles. He giggled when you found his ticklish spot, and you kept your mouth there, leaning against him as you closed your eyes. You felt his hands gently massaging your calves, and you leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek.

Prompto turned and captured your lips with his, pressing slow, chaste kisses there as you held him tighter against you.

He pulled away and lolled his head back so that it was resting against your shoulder, and you leaned back as well so you were lying against the back of the tub.

“This is nice,” he admitted, his eyes fluttering shut. “I missed you, you know.”

“I missed you too,” you breathed, kissing him again just below his ear. “Feel better?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. He moved his hand, and you looked at him curiously as he started playing with the bubbles in the tub. “Hey,” he turned to you, bubbles stuck to his face in what was meant to look like a long, white beard. “I’m Ramuh. Better look out, or I’ll smite you!”

Prompto made a noise like he was summoning lightning, pretending it was descending upon the still water of the tub. You deadpanned, and he wondered if he was being too childish, until you lifted your hand from around his waist and suddenly brought it back down on the surface of the water, splashing the both of you.

Water sloshed around, some of it spilling onto the floor, but Prompto’s laughter made it all worthwhile. Once his fit of giggles subsided, he leaned back against you and you both settled into a comfortable silence. It was so good to have him home.

Anyone in the Brandon / Tampa area interested in a pet mouse?

copy and pasted from Facebook

This is Buttons, he’s a fancy mouse that I took home after a customer at my workplace dropped him off in a tiny ‘hamster’ cage. He is not to be food, he is a pet. To ensure this, I’m asking $20 for him and all of his equipment - they will not be sold separately. MINUS THE CAGE AND LID, i will need them for future rescues.

He comes with the rest of his carefresh bedding, his oxbow mouse food, water bottle, wheel, toys, his coconut hide, and chews. The stick and green plastic house was removed to make more room for him.

Male mice are to be housed solo, and Buttons in particular has a strong scent marking tendency, so please be aware of both of these things. He is not hand tame yet, but I have worked with him to where he takes food and treats from the hand with ease.

We’re in the Brandon area

I hate that I have to do this, but my parent has threatened to kill him after long back-and-forthing. I want him to go somewhere safe and where he will be loved. Please help.

day 2 of having pepper: she peed outside of her litter box this morning and my bf and i couldnt figure out why. shes a house trained 6 year old cat and we took every precaution: keeping her litter the same as she had it at the shelter, no lid on the box like she had at the shelter, placed the box somewhere that was convenient for her but also a ways away from her food……….and then my boyfriend figured it out.

u wanna kno what the only problem was?? i didnt pat down the litter enough. whenever she stepped in it, her paws sank and she lost her balance bc shes so small. within 20 mins of my bf patting it down and evening it out for her, she used the litter box for the first time and has continued to use it ever since.

like. of all the problems i was prepared for. her one big problem was that i didnt pat her litter down enough for her. what a little princess. i love her so much.

so idk if you guys care but I’ve been getting a cat treat and putting it under a lid, for my cat, and initially she just pushed it along with her nose until she could get to the treat but I started showing her how to pull it up with her paw and she’s started trying that and today she full-on lifted it up and got the treat in all of 2 seconds and she is so clever and I love her so much 

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-”are you flirting with me?” With Betty please

You look yourself over once more in your mirror before shooting yourself finger guns and smiling. “You look hot, Y/N, and tonight is the night you’re going to make a move on Betty Cooper. Unless she’s uncomfortable, then you had better stop that shit.”

With a deep breath, you head out the door and to Pop’s, where you’d be hanging out with Veronica, Betty, Jughead and Kevin. Once you step inside, you’re relaxed by the atmosphere and music quietly playing in the background. As per the usual, you’d gotten there early, so only Jughead was currently seated, typing away on his laptop that he dragged everywhere with him. Sliding in beside him, you poke his side.

“What’s up Jug? Still working on that novel?” You try to peek at it, making him laugh and close the lid.

“Yeah, but no sneak peeks, Y/N. I gotta keep up the shock appeal that is my novel,” he comments, putting his laptop away.

The two of you chat for a while until everyone else shows up, and despite the clear anxiety settled in your stomach, Betty looks so beautiful that you can’t bring yourself to feel anything but excited. Everyone else is very aware of your feelings for Betty, but the blonde herself seemed to always be oblivious to the waves of affection rolling off you any time she was around. Licking your lips, you pat the spot beside you, smiling at her so brightly that it could probably outdo the sun.

“Thanks Y/N. You look really nice today,” she compliments, sliding in beside you and taking the cherry from your shake.

The comment itself nearly has you swooning, but you manage to compose some dignity and nod. “You look beautiful. Not that you don’t always, but you just…Pop’s lighting really makes your…eyes stand out.” Turning from her, you blush darkly, thinking to yourself that you were so painfully awkward.

A moment passes before her eyes widen and she turns to you. “Are…are you flirting with me?” Her words catch you off guard, so much so that there’s no filter between your brain and mouth as you respond.

“I have been for the past year or so, but thanks for noticing,” you grumble, playing with your straw before realizing what you said. “Oh my god. I-I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. Y-yes, I’ve been flirting with you. It’s…just…you never noticed before? I thought I was really obvious.”

Veronica snorts, her and Kevin sharing a look as they both take a bite of their food. “You were, sweetie, Betty here is just completely oblivious.”

She scoffs, but then glances at you and leans in to kiss your cheek. “Would you wanna come back here later this week? Just the two of us?”

Everyone makes a gagging noise at the booth, but you ignore them, staring into Betty’s eyes and nodding slowly. “Yeah. That sounds good.”

Betty’s smile makes your insides melt as she presses another kiss to your cheek again. “Great. Now, when did this all start and how come I was the only one who didn’t know about it?”

Kevin smirks, leaning against the table and starting to ramble off as you feel yourself floating on air. They might be teasing you a little, but you had two lipstick marks from Betty Cooper on your cheek and nothing was going to ruin your mood.  

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Me and the Boy

There is a boy in rags. He is at the beach, crouching in the sand. The rags are multicolored, and were it another day, you might try to count the colors. As it is, the counting does not seem so important as what the boy is doing right now. He has a glass jar set in the sand in front of him, its lid sealed tight. Something is moving in the jar. The boy has a smooth stone in each of his hands, and he appears to be comparing their weights. There are more stones by his side. He closes his eyes, and puts one of the stones in a small pouch.

The boy stands up, and walks over to you. He places the other stone in your hand, and closes your hand tightly around it. He holds your hand, and looks into your eyes. The boy stretches his wings, and flies away.


1) Describe the beach.

2) How many colors of the boy’s rags did you see without counting them?

3) What did the glass jar used to hold? What is moving in the jar? How is it moving?

4) Describe the boy’s stones. What are their significance?

5) What about the pouch? Where did he have it, what did it look like?

6) How quickly did the boy walk?

7) Which stone did he give you?

8) Are the boy’s hands warm?

9) What else is happening as he is looking into your eyes? What sounds are present?

10) What sort of wings does the boy have? Did you notice them before? Why not?

11) How much time passes here?

12) How do you react to all of this?

13) How did you decide your answers to the above questions?

Once you’ve determined your answers, note that these were some of the questions that the boy later asked me. I told him that these were not my decisions to make.

Boy: “I do not understand.”

Me: “I am just the writer. I don’t tell the reader what they see. They decide that for themselves.”

Boy: “So, I could be different - this whole story could be different - depending on who reads it?”

Me: “Yes.”

Boy: “But, where do you draw the line? How do you know how much to tell the reader? Or how much not to tell them?”

Me: “Well, I’m not really sure. It depends on what initially crawled into my head–”

Boy: “…‘Crawled into your head’, okay… But my story. How did you decide to stop where you did? Why did you leave so much to the reader’s imagination? Do you think they might be confused, or even left wanting more?”

Me: “I didn’t really stop, did I. I just changed the story.”

Boy: “You are right. This story has not ended yet, but it has gone a very strange way. And I do not see the beach here, or even the sky. I do not think that is a good thing.”

Me: “Too much dialogue… Let me think. How can I save this story…”

Boy: “You are talking to yourself now. I am still here, you know. So is the reader.”

Me: “I know.”

Boy: “I will save your story.”

Me: “How?”

The boy smiles, and hands me the other stone.

oliver and i are really blowing the lid open on s12 right now yall

full details to come later but at this point i’m like 85% sure that the range rover is getting blown up THIS WEEK in the gang tends bar

[image description: a clear plastic cup container with a white lid containing half pastel blue floam and half pastel pink floam. The floam is studded with tiny white polystyrene beads. The lidded cup container sits in a blue bowl-plate.]

Cotton Candy Swirl Floam: $10 USD / $13.44 AUD (check link for regional pricing) for a 5 oz / 141 gram container.

Ships worldwide from the US.

Product description:

Cotton Candy Swirl Floam is a personal favorite of mine, half baby pink and half baby blue and incredibly crunchy it’s scented like cotton candy and is a sweet reminder, to me at least, of how my shop started. Full of micro beads it’s fun to squish, poke, and stretch!

Through Bleakest Night Dawns Hopeful Morns

She’d tended to Queenie first, hugging her little sister through her heartbroken sobbing and helpless hiccups.  In the hours proceeding the loss of Jacob’s memory, Tina had whispered comforts and wiped tear-stained cheeks until exhaustion had carried the blonde off into, what Tina hoped, was a blissful respite.  Once assured of sleep, she’d darkened the room and tiptoed away to search for the other broken heart currently residing in her home.

The sight of his closed case gave her pause; should she knock?  After a moment’s deliberation, she shook her head and carefully unlatched the brass fittings, raising the lid slowly as to avoid any nasty surprises. When no creatures made to burst from the case, she opened it fully and slipped down the narrow ladder into his sanctuary.  

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...As A Bat.

The gnome sat on the captain’s chest, pink bunny slippers bouncing in time with her breathing as she glared angrily at the man. Finally, with a sigh, the doctor leaned forward, using the man’s chin to balance herself, and examined his eye. “How long has it been since the attack1?” she inquired, moving the heavily scarred lid this way and that.

“Six months,” he grunted, trying to keep his mouth movements nearly non-existent. The old captain knew the kind of things Pippers got into in her free time and the thought of her bare hand going into his mouth literally made his skin crawl.

In her defense, he had dropped by unannounced. The sun was just peeking over the horizon when Pippers stirred herself from her bed, blonde hair everywhere. She’d gone about her normal morning routine; putting her hair into pigtails, feeding the robotic squirrel, oiling and cleaning the chainsaw, apply her makeup, and organizing her medical equipment. She had just pressed the button to cause the hearth to start spitting fire to ward off the winter’s harsh chill, a cup of hot chocolate and book on surgery to keep her company, when she’d heard the knock at her door. Grumbling, she rolled off the oversized cushion that served as her couch and slipped on her bunny slippers. Complaining the entire way to the door about early birds, she finally reached her offending goal. Cinching her robe around her tight, the gnome peeked out… and immediately had to look up to see who the unwelcomed intruder was. It wasn’t long before furniture was moved and David laid prone on the floor for examination.

“You old fool,” she muttered, sliding off his chest onto her feet, a small squeak from her slippers signifying she’d landed on the floor. I told you that you were rushing your recovery… I told you it was all experimental. But noooooooooo. YOU wanted to rush things. YOU didn’t ‘care about the consequences’.” With a heaving sigh, she walked over to the wash basin, cleaning her hands in annoyed silence. “How far?” she asked quietly, not bothering to turn and face her employer.

“Three meters.”

Turning, she fixed him with an even gaze, literally biting her tongue to stop herself from tearing into him again. “Two months ago you could see twenty meters easily. You know what this means, idiot.”

Closing his eye, David slowly stood up from the floor. He knew what it meant all too well. “I’ve been hiding it,” he admits softly. “I don’t think anyone has noticed that I don’t shoot anymore or that I only greet them when they’re close or speak first. I’m… adjusting.”

“It won’t be enough,” she snapped at him. Pippers was angry, more angry than she had ever been. “You were useless without your sight before. It’s the entire reason we tried this stupidity of your’s. You knew this wouldn’t work. I told you again and again it was temporary at best. I told you that it would do more harm in the long run. Had you just fucking waited and recovered like a norma-“

“If I had just waited the four months and recovered like a normal person,” he interrupted with a soft voice, his face sullen, “I wouldn’t be losing my sight completely. I know, Pip… I know.”

“Get out,” the gnome sneered with fire in her eyes. “I’m tired of looking at you, ‘Captain’.”

David left without another word, trudging off into the snow. Fuming, the gnome returned to her drink and book. She would stare at the pages silently for a few moments before a single tear stained the paper, causing the ink to run slightly.

“You old fool,” she sobbed quietly.

( 1. Referring to this post:


What I have :)

•Succulent leaves to propagate
•Rosemary  to propagate or not
•Cinnamon Sticks
•Cayenne Pepper
•White tea lights
•Rose thorns
•Some zodiac charms (Taurus & Gemini) for jewelry
•Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
•Loose corks
•Coffee Grounds
•Fire Salt
•White stones
•Fishing Wire  (I have a lot specify amount)
•Desert Sand (I live in AZ)

What I would like:

• Any raw crystals -especially amethyst
•Essential Oils
•Incomplete tarot decks or any tarot deck
****Bleu Cat Tarot ****
•Palm stones
• Anything Buddhist/Hindu related (especially anything to do with Tara)
•Jars with lids or corks
*I would really really like the most recent herbal almanac. Mine is from 2008… I would gladly give anyone anything I have

I am but a poor botany student. Any trades would be perfect :)

Contact at @ivy-wind

One time in primary school my mom accidentally put a bottle of cream in my lunchbox instead of a bottle of yoghurt bc the packaging and colour scheme was similar and she was in a rush and anyways some dude realized it before I did and he was like LOOK AT THIS WEIRDO DRINKING CREAM and I’m like NO ITS YOGHURT and he’s like the bottle SAYS CREAM so I open the bottle, doing my best to conceal the noise of the little plastic ring separating from the lid, then look him dead in the eye and chugged the 180ml bottle of cream in one go. And then I was like, no, it’s homemade yoghurt that my mom put into a used bottle, binch. Then I threw the bottle into the recycling bin so he couldn’t check and went to hurl in the bathroom.

Which should give u an idea of the lengths I’d go to to avoid even the faintest twinge of embarrassment.

DIY Magical Edible Noodle Water

So you have seen our lovely cooking spells but you cannot make your own damn soup. Maybe you do not have the ingredients in your current residence, maybe you are physically unable to walk into a kitchen, maybe you’re just super stretched for time but want to get in some extra magical umph. Recreational Witchcraft is here for you.

Edible Noodle Water is traditionally used in the  culinary world to relieve the empty feeling in your stomach we all must bear every 8 to 12 hours, but we will be bumping up it’s magical potential.

Basic Recipe:

  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Instant Ramen
  • Seasoning Package

First, pull the lid of the ramen cup back halfway. Once the water has boiled and your ramen cup has been prepared, pour the water into the cup. Add enough water to reach the “fill” line on the inside of the cup. Let it sit and cook. Once the water has been added, press the lid back into place. Usually, the ramen should sit undisturbed for three minutes. However, some brands of instant noodles require a longer or shorter cooking time. Check the back of the package for these cooking times.

Now onto the magic. All dry ingredients (Seasoning Package) should be added in with the water. All other spices should be added right before it’s eaten.

Cleansing and Purifying:



Attracting Love:

Attracting Money:

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A dream finds its way within Allisiana's mind while she sleeps. Within the dream, the sound of Rayne's voice echoes down the hallway, coming from the living area. He seems to be reading a book aloud, a children's book at that. As she rounds the corner of the bed, she would see her husband with their daughter fast asleep and tucked against his body. He looks up to her and smiles, his own expression looking very tired. His voice calls out in a soft and groggy tone, "She is her mother's daughter."

Pale lids would flutter open as the sun peeked in through her pained-glass window, the filtered warmth a caress along her face like the touch of an angel’s. She was still for some time, simply staring at the morning outside from the warmth of her bed, the protective arm of her love still wrapped securely around her in a cocoon.

She wanted to slip back into the dream of hers, to see what happened next, to look at her daughter’s face and see if she held the earthy toned eyes of herself or the sky blues of her father’s. Lips pulled up into a soft smile as Allisiana breathed in the air around them, losing herself in a land between alertness and sleep. 

Turning ever so slightly, the young noblewoman would stare at the peaceful face of the sleeping Rayne… of Shego, her love. Her heart began to thrum a little faster within the boned cage of her chest, attempting to break out and reach his own. He had no money, no titles. He chose the illusion of a simple life, to blend in. And she’d not have had it any other way, despite what society deemed appropriate. 

Cedrick had a plan to negate those fears, however. To allow for Allisiana to have a future if Rayne would have her. Though their relationship was still young, it was fierce, and it was true. She adored him, would do anything to ensure he was safe from the chaotic world they lived in. Despite him taking her family ‘under his wing,’ the woman felt a fierce need to ensure his own safety. His own secret. 

Sighing a slow breath of utter contentment, Allisiana lifted her hand to lay along the face she’d come to know quite well. She’d commit it to memory. Illusion or not, she knew him from within, his soul. Cliche’ as it was, that is what mattered most to the woman. 

The rest of the world could burn for all she cared. And who knew? Maybe some day it would…

((Thank you so much for this prompt, anon!!))

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