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Hiiiii I thought I'd just share a story my dad told me today. So, he saw Liam on a plane flight from London to LA (he was coming home from a work trip) this past weekend, and he said he was so polite. He didn't talk to him, but he saw him fold up all his blankets and said he was really kind to all the staff, and it made my day so much better hearing that they're genuinely nice people even when they know no one is watching. really wanted to share :)

awww, this is amazing. our boys are so kind and humble which i think is so beautiful and rare. thank you for sharing it with me


Thiam / Theo Reaken x Liam Dunbar traveling to Mykonos(with posts) AU (5/?)

Ups I did it again…

Inspired by a post from @glitter-cake20 :
He’s impressed

*hands envelope to Liam*

*Liam opens envelope suspiciously*

Liam: plane tickets…

Theo: i thought it would be nice to go someplace special

Liam: what!? Where are we going??

Theo:  Mykonos…

Liam: *tears up* I’m impressed



My Thiam AU’s:

Special: Teen! Leo Dunbar Reaken AU (with posts)

Thiam ‘Airplanes’ AU Series

There are going to be more Thiam AU’s in the future.

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Post the pic of Liam and zedd pleeease! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Hahahaha, it’s really not that interesting, but here you have it, low quality and all :P.

  • Harry: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Niall: Yeah, can we?
  • Liam: Why are you guys so sweaty?
  • Niall: Alright, we've already figured out how. The beds match up perfectly.
  • Harry: And here's the thing. It'll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.
  • Niall: Please say yes.
  • Louis: You don't need permission from us to build bunk beds. You're adults. You can do what you want.
  • Harry: So...?
  • Zayn: We're not making ourselves clear. We don't give a fuck. Now, we have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you'd be focused on that and not building bunk beds.
  • Harry & Niall: So...?
  • Harry: We can? No?
  • Louis: Yes.
  • Harry: Sweet!
  • Liam: Yes, you can build bunk beds.
  • Niall: I knew it.
  • Harry: Okay. You are not gonna regret this. We're gonna get so much more activities done.
  • Niall: This is the funnest night ever!

** Harry Styles Imagine** ((Requested))


You had meet Harry while you were in LA becoming an actress. After going on a few dates you and Harry became a couple. You had been dating for nearly a year when Harry wanted you to meet his family. He had already met your parents during Thanksgiving so, you were perfectly fine with going to meet his. 

Once you got to England you met Harry’s family and looked at all his family  photos.  It was like he was never even famous.  His mom made him mow the lawn and help her cook.  He kept telling his corny jokes too. You really enjoyed being with his family. 


Ziam Masterpost: 1 of 48943587 reasons to believe in Ziam

These two dumbasses like expressing their love by giving each other gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accesories that mean something for them. 

So me and strangefurydream decided to make a post about most significant ones. 


Cartier bracelet

So on  February 14th 2015 on the OTRA Melbourne concert, Zayn was spotted wearing a gold bracelet. At that time he didn’t actually wear lots of gold bracelets, so that was kinda unusual.

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OT5 Whatsapp Group Chat 3/?

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Niall changed the group name to ‘Zarry is dead’

Zayn: wtf niall

Harry: heeeeeyyy

Louis: lmfao good one mate

Niall: too soon?

Niall changed the group name to ‘BF is not about Ziam!!!’


Niall changed the group name to ‘orange you glad im ur friend’

Harry: isn’t that my joke?

Niall changed the group name to ‘no fuck off’

Louis: MATE

Niall changed the group name to ‘ok sorry’

Harry: hey where’s liam

Zayn: sleeping

Zayn: under me

Louis: really

Liam: no im not!!!!

Liam: i was busy getting this guy here some burgers

Liam: honestly

Mrs. Liam Payne: well you could be sleeping under me

Mrs. Liam Payne: what a shame you’re not

Harry: lol i like that

Louis: what the actual fuck zee

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: hey don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

Louis: hazza not you too..



Louis: big word there

Niall: my ships are doing well

Niall: im a good captain

Niall: shut up lou u didn’t think comedic was a word

Mrs. Liam Payne: liam didn’t either

Mrs. Liam Payne: i thought id actually married an idiot

Liam: oh cmon

Liam: we weren’t even married then..

Liam: and while we’re on that topic

Liam: do u mind changing ur name back and maybe removing that shirtless pic of me from your display?

Mrs. Liam Payne: i think u look great baby

Mrs. Liam Payne: sexy santa is a Look

Liam: im gonna go kill myself

Louis: NO hazza

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: what did i do

Louis: i KNOW you’re thinking of changing your dp

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: aw cmon its fun

Louis: don’t u have people like cindy crawford in your list

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: well im only being a wonderful wife to you

Louis: oh god

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: you never appreciate me anymore

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: i’ve given u 3 beautiful children

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: and now that im all old and wrinkly its like you don’t even care anymore

Louis: lord give me strength

Mrs. Liam Payne: i hear her sometimes you know, going on abt how unhappy she is

Liam: hahahah zayn stop

Mrs. Liam Payne: hush you

Niall: wow im enjoying this

Niall: i wonder how much money i can make just selling these chats

Liam: a fortune

Liam: which u already have

Niall: no

Niall: im gonna sell these and use the money

Niall: to get myself something really unnecessary

Niall: like gold plated golf clubs

Mrs. Liam Payne: that’s already on ur wish list

Niall: and have any of u EVER gotten me it? NO

Niall: ungrateful bastards

Niall: i got u all married

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: no u didn’t

Liam: false

Niall: and now that zayn’s pregnant you cant give me what i want??? UNFAIR

Mrs. Liam Payne: you sound like you’ve been reading too much fanfic

Mrs. Liam Payne: to be fair so have i

Mrs. Liam Payne: kinky..

Louis: oh my god

Louis: hazza remember that one with the snooker table and the.,??

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: oh yeah i’ve got it in my recs

Liam: your what now

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: my recs on ao3

Mrs. Liam Payne: i KNEW you used to read fanfic whenever we went on long plane rides

Mrs. Liam Payne: but hey share ur faves with me

Mrs. Liam Payne: theres nothing new in the ziam tag

Liam: what the fuck

Liam: have i married into

Niall sent a link:
Time Magazine: Zayn Malik scientifically proven to be the world’s most beautiful man

Liam: oh

Liam: right

Liam: im so lucky :DDDD

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: do u just keep that around then

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: what else have u got then

Niall sent a link:
Buzzfeed: Here are 20 reasons why you should believe in Larry

Louis: aww look hazza its got pictures of us from 2011

Louis: did none of u think to stop me from wearing those god awful suspenders

Louis: im breaking up with all of u

Luckiest husband in the world: to be fair mate we were all shit at dressing

Mrs. Liam Payne: speak for yourself li

Mrs. Liam Payne: love you though :)

Niall: i love you all

Niall: intensely

Mrs. Louis Tomlinson: we love u too ni!

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you kNOW what happened on that plane!!

A Mile High Prayer

Happy Birthday @irish-nlessing as well as Mr. Niall Horan.

May you both get everything you wanted.

Getting on a plane flight was never fun for you.  Planes sucked.  The ride was always bumpy and more often than not you felt like you were plummeting to your death.  So when Niall informed you the next stop on the tour meant not only a plane flight but one over the pond, you were less than thrilled.

He loosely threaded his fingers through yours as he led you up the plane steps, knowing full well that discussing anything at this moment was not in his best interests.  He knew it was better to keep quiet until you were done stewing about having to be in this “death capsule” as you called it while you angrily packed.  

Your mood had not improved as you stepped onto the plane.  You glanced up at the back of a very tall, lanky, annoying Harry Styles in front of you who seemed to be unconcerned that he was right in your way.

“Excuse me!”  You exclaimed as your eyes rolled.  

Harry turned to look at you, his eyes widening as he stepped out of the way,

“Sorry.”  He drawled in his decidedly British accent.  

You pushed past him, throwing your backpack onto the couch next to Louis and sitting down with a huff.  Louis looked down at the backpack and then up at you, his eyes wide,

“Problem, Love?”

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Okay but

Just in case there are any non-larries out there saying ‘how do you know Harry and Louis didn’t joining the Mile High Club with girls’ I just want you to consider this:

The boys are famous. They take private planes. How often do you see Harry (especially) or Louis coming off a private plane with girls?