the lever game

It’s taken me all day but I did it kids. I got the silence achievement on the Clockwork Mansion level in Dishonored 2. Though I really don’t know what this means for me

Looks like Wadanohara’s got competition. …Or impostors.

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cloqworks  asked:

What was the point of the Lever Game between you and Teep? I never understood it

Improv! I think I broke a lever off minty’s bar and tee picked it up, in the heat of the moment he put it down and this the lever game was born, with it the beginning of a rivalry!

Lever Game Official Rules

We created an arena and some official rules for the lever game, here they are! (The arena can be seen in previous photos of the tournament we had)
BOTH players must get a 2-minute buff of instant health so they don’t die from the command block at the end of the platform.
TO WIN: the player across from you must be knocked into the water, BUT, for you to win, the lever must be pointed at their side when they hit the water!
Fists only, nothing else.
If a player falls in the water and the lever is pointed away from them, the game is paused and started again once they climb back in their spot.
Two players and a referee are required at minimum.
The arena consists of a vertical log with a lever on top, with a wooden floor, a stair, and two more wooden planks in a row on both sides.