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Flannels & Shotguns

Sam x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Oversized flannel. Because everybody needs to be warned about that.

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“Daddy, wait for me!” You bounded the corner. Dragging a small child size suitcase and doing your best to pull up the extra long sleeves on your arms.

“Munchkin, what are you doin’?” Dean came over to you, leaning against the nearest wall while smiling with his arms crossed.

“I wanna beat up monsters too.” You said energetically. Fully expecting them to let you go.

Sam, came into view. Laughing at the sight before him. There you were. Hair in a messy style from just waking up. Tugging a bag no doubt full of stuffed animals behind you. Wearing one of his flannels which fit like an extra long dress in your tiny body.

“Daddy already talked to you about going. It’s too dangerous, sweetheart.” He crouched down in front of you. Making it so you were near eye level with each other.

“Nuh-uh!” You sassed back at him. “An look, Daddy. My shirt can protected me just like you an Unkie Bean!” Waving your arm and flapping the sleeve, you showed him what you meant.

Both of the boys laughed lightly. Trying to not let you hear in fear of offending your four year old mind.

“Our flannels? How could they protect you?” He reached outward, taking your sleeve and rolling it up so your hands could be used properly.

“Betuz you always wear them and always come back to home. They protected you.” You spoke so innocently. “So they can protected me too, Daddy!” The words giggled off your lips.

“Dad, I think she’s figured out your secret.” Dean piped into the conversation, giving Sam a once raised eyebrow.

“I think you’re right, Dean.” Sam sighed. “You know what that means?” His attention directed towards you.

“What?” You asked with a small twinkle in your eye.

“It means you’re ready to be a hunter like us.” He laughed as you beamed with excitement and joy.

“But there’s rules. You’ve got to start at the beginning where all the big girls start. And soon you’ll be hunting the monsters with uncle and Daddy.” Dean spoke to you as he slipped his jacket on over his own flannel.

“Uncle Cas is going to teach you some hunting skills while we’re gone. Think you can get pass the first part of hunter training?” Eagerly you nodded at Sam.

Without a moment to spare you dropped the handle on your suitcase, letting it hit the ground as your small “combat” boots slapped against the ground as you ran towards the kitchen.

“Cassy! We has to go on a hunt so I can big girl hunt with Daddy and Uncle!” You yelled in a happy yet determined tone.

The only hunting in your future would be Easter Egg hunting.

Hey quick reminder that Preston and Harrison are, in fact, assholes?

And before you ask, YES they are my favorite characters, and NO I am not trying to hurt anyone by saying this. I’m just stating the facts: Preston is a self-absorbed jerk, and Harrison has a twisted sense of what’s okay and what’s not.

Before y'all can react and yell at me, let me justify myself:

Harrison is adorable and I love him, but damn the boy’s got problems. See for yourself:

-He has basically scarred Max for life by making him cough up ribbons and bouquets and god knows what else, and his response to doing this was ‘i was trying to hit Neil but oh well.’

-He tricked Neil into believing in magic by making him think Nikki’s life was on the line.

-He pushed Nerris into a lake because he wanted to look like he was helping her out…then nearly drowned them both.

-He broke his and Nerris’s egg, then put the hat back on Nerris’s head—wtf bro

-He offered to saw his parents in half, which on hand is great and all but on the other hand REALLY HARRISON you know your magic is kind of faulty and still you wanna try pulling this shit??

Preston isn’t really problematic like that.., he’s just a jerk that people like to pretend he’s not. He scoffs at everyone’s acting, he screams like a banshee at his grandma, he has some of the best lines in the show (‘my acting career, like the mistakes of so many teenage girls, has been…aborted’)—hell, even when he was being abused by Nurf he maintained his sass levels ('im a terrible parent!’ 'you really are, nurf.’) We are dealing with the loudest, most savage shakespeare ever—and yet people transform him smol cupcake.

Look, I don’t hate these characters. In fact, I adore them. I would kill a man for them. I would take them in my home, and pay good money for their education.

And there’s the thing… when I talk about loving these characters, I mean THESE characters. Not these shy, Tortured™ versions you guys have created.

Did Preston and Harrison have to got through some serious shit? Yes.

Does that make them any less asshole-y? No.

Treat them like the obnoxious drama queen and mag-prick they are, and make them SHINE.

Why the types are dangerous: INTJ
  • If you cross an INTJ, they will find things out about you, they will remember everything, and they will save it if ever they should need it one day.
  • These are the people who take sass to a whole new level without trying.
  • Yes, INTJs have emotions. No, they will not show them to you right now or maybe ever. Quit asking.
  • They’re analytical and have high standards, so it feels like you’re disappointing them and you probably are, even if they don’t say so.
  • Physical contact is not their forte, don’t take it personally when they barely tolerate hugs
  • They have boundaries that are set quite clearly in their minds, and crossing them leads to awkward situations and/or arguments for dayz.
The most badass things about an INTJ

Here’s my list of awesome INTJ traits:

1.They’re not afraid to admit that they are wrong / they don’t know something. (Unless you’re being an asshole, then they might purposely bullshit you.)

2.They value knowledge for its own sake. Consequently, they never stop learning, and have already forgotten more than you’ll ever know.

3.They have an uncanny ability to divine social relationships or hierarchies at first glance (as long as it doesn’t involve themselves).

4.They are impossible to offend. (If you try to hurt them with sarcasm, they will a). reply in kind, and b). henceforth hold you in higher regard, although they won’t show it. If you try to debate or argue with them, the same thing will happen, as long as you don’t drag any messy emotions into the conversation.)

5.They are inherently sarcastic. (Some people might not consider this a good thing, but we have to admit that there are few things more badass than pure, unadulterated sarcasm. Very few people can match the INTJ level of sass.)

6.If you can actually gain their friendship, they will be loyal to you for the rest of your earthly days (and quite possibly afterwards). The snark, superior intelligence, and I-told-you-so’s are a bonus.

7.If you ever need some clear, levelheaded advice untainted with emotion and other forms of distasteful human baggage, they’re the man (or woman). (Hell, if you need any advice or have an important decision to make you should give them a ring.)

8.They are quite possibly the most open-minded race on the planet, which is, in my humble opinion, is one of the most desirable traits a person can have.

9.They will suddenly spring some awesome skill on you that you never saw coming. (“You have a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? Why didn’t you tell me before?”) Just don’t demand them to demonstrate that skill on the spot, no matter how badass it is. They might actually comply.

(Copied from an answer on Quora by Lydia S when asked “what’s the most badass thing about INTJs?” )
Criminal Minds Headcanons/Character Descriptions
  • Emily Prentiss: not-so-secretly a spy, pretends to be past her emo phase- is actually still really emo, speaks 458379803854 languages, lowkey ninja, super chill, the older sister, drives with the windows down, straight up eats ice cubes for no reason, listens to emo music in her room, quiet in a loud sort of way, her laugh is actual magic, wears too much black to be considered healthy, always just a little bit angry, really bad at being the designated driver (always ends up being the most drunk), always up for a good party, cats are her spirit animal, deepest desire is to be a crazy cat lady, knows how to hold her licquor freakishly well, turns 21 every year, cooler than everybody else
  • JJ: eats cheetos like oxygen, little sister/middle child, hair is always perfect, can eat all the junk food she wants without gaining any weight, can kill you with his ninja hands, smells really nice, somehow knows everybody's secrets, good listener, smiles a lot, just really wants to fall in love one day, the popular cheerleader that everybody actually likes, listens to indie music, never not fabulous, wants to have a ton of kids, brings home strays without telling anyone, always the first to volunteer to take care of the class pet
  • Penelope Garcia: that weird neighbor kid that's just always around, nicknamed "the baking grandma" because of the inexplicable way she has of always having baked goods on hand, "Garcia's the name, and witty comebacks are my game", perfect ray of sunshine, an actual human rainbow, everybody has to have at least one pefectly peculiar nickname, will kill you with her ninja-hugs, has a gigantically beautiful sparkling smile, bright pink lipstick, wears too many colors at once, really good at helping you through a breakup, butterscotches in her purse, might be a grandma, computer nerd, can beat anybody at video games, afraid of guns, tries to be tough but doesn't know how, would wear pure glitter if she could, doesn't have a favorite color because if she chose then she would feel bad for all the other colors (it's actually pink)
  • Hotch: the undeniable dad, loves everybody equally, shows people love without words, you know you're in trouble when he gives you one of his famous "hotch glares", only really laughs when he's with the people he loves, his smile will make your knees weak, likes to spoon, strong and silent type, always wears suits for no reason, works too much, secretly a sinnamon bun, will kill you if you mess with the people he loves, cares too much, the proud dad, shows up to ALL recitals and shows, equally passionate and compassionate, crazy good at his job, nobody knows his secrets, secretly amazing at throwing surprise parties, can not bake to save his life, his smile is like the moon and the stars combined, tries to make dad jokes and fails
  • Spencer Reid: king of the dorks, the precious little brother, must be protected at all costs, obsessed with Halloween, plans Halloween an actual year ahead of time, drinks coffee through an IV, book worm, facts, books make him feel safe, refuses to play video games, thinks he's tough but is actually a precious cinnamon bun, owns too many sweaters, purple is definitely his favorite color, apologizes too much, drinks a lot of water, lost count of the number of PhDs he has a long time ago, awkward, never knows what to say, bad social skills, social anxiety, chess tournaments make him happy, eats a lot of cake, owns a scooter
  • Derek Morgan: the amazing big brother, looks out for everyone else before himself, kicks the bullies in the nuts, burgers and fries all the time, captain of the football team but also organizes fundraisers for the needy, likes working out, shovels neighbors' sidewalks/ mows neighbors' lawns without asking, loves and appreciates dogs, lowkey believes that cats are the anti-christ, helps old people cross the street, grocery store runs are always his job, goes on long bike rides just to think
  • David Rossi: aka Captain Sass, the weird uncle, nosy but he's rich so it's okay, DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO STAY IN HIS LANE, always offers to babysit but he has no idea how children work, has so many stories that just can't be true but actually are, thinks he's cool and hip- might actually be but tbd still, somehow knows all, shows up at random times, can cook REALLY REALLY WELL, super Italian, thrives on pasta
  • Jason Gideon: crazy bird guy that lives across the street, makes pecan squares that he thinks are amazing but actually aren't, secretly paints in his basement (like Bob Ross-level paintings), people watches from his front window, awkward pats on the back, doesn't always understand social cues, throws A+ garage sales, yells at other people for not raking the leaves off their lawn in the fall, raises chickens without telling anyone
  • Elle Greenaway: can stab you with a knife, a gun, a chainsaw, and a machete all at the same time, mean older sister, WILL call you on your shit, thinks about death too much, everybody is afraid of her, skipped the emo phase, somehow came out of the womb a traumatized adult, 100% feminist, steals your food when you're not looking, doesn't like hugs, says it like it is, wears a lot of necklaces, confusing, has a thing for a guy in a uniform
  • Kate Callahan: has a lot of friends, seems really badass until she starts gushing about baby animals, volunteers at animal shelters, sorority sister, infinitely loyal, loves everybody until she hates them, knows how to appreciate the simple things, 5'2" of rage and fury and love, pure emotion, loves to cuddle, sometimes people confuse her, just wants to make the world a better place, hates vegetables but eats them anyway, drinks a lot of chocolate milk
  • Alex Blake: reads a lot, blue is her favorite color, went to college earlier than normal, a beautiful nerd, a rare species, deserves the world but gets a cup of coffee instead, underestimated, knows how and when to pull out the sass, ends up being the babysitter on all occasions, more mature than she should be, extremely level-headed, knows how to read between the lines really well, accepts everything thrown her way, underappreciated, needs to be told she's loved more often, breakfast is her favorite meal of the day, makes a lot of sandwiches for no reason at all
  • Tara Lewis: the cousin that everybody always forgets about, gets left behind on family outings and everybody has to go back to get her- she's strangely okay with it, just wants some kettle corn or cotton candy, puts ketchup on everything, shows up at colleges she's never been to just to party, okay with anything as long as she has a say, will talk to anybody, likes getting to know people, would totally speed-date, likes to watch old stand-up comedy and slam poetry videos on YouTube
  • Erin Strauss: won't admit that she's the mom, proud of all her children, owns 8 million sweatshirts from her alma mater that she constantly wears, kinda lonely but will never admit it, hates cooking with a passion, loves wine a little too much, seriously appreciates a good towel, would sell her soul for a massage

Inside Out  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’m too sad to walk.“
  • “Oh, I’ll show you attitude!”
  • “All right everyone, fresh start!“
  • “Sorry, I went sad again, didn’t I?“
  • “Sir, reporting high levels of sass!“
  • “Can I use that swear word, now?“
  • “Take her to the moon for me. Okay?“
  • “Six years of drama school… for this.“
  • “Okay, I admit it, we had a rough start.“
  • “First day of school! Very, very exciting!“
  • “I want to go home. Please don’t be mad.”
  • “Say what you want, I think it’s all beautiful.“
  • “Okay. I’m positive you will get lost in there.”
  • “Well, what would you do if you’re so smart?“
  • “What is your problem? Just leave me alone!“
  • “I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.“
  • “On a scale of one to ten, I give this day an ‘F’.”
  • “I’d tell you, but you’re too dumb to understand.“
  • “Wait, did he just say we couldn’t have dessert?“
  • “I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few… hours.“
  • “Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you’re welcome.“
  • “Need I remind you of how great things were there?“
  • “Hey, look at me. Did you mean what you said before?“
  • “We did not die today, I call that an unqualified success.“
  • “So that’s how you want to play it, old man? No dessert?“
  • “I don’t know where this disrespectful attitude came from.“
  • “Oh, sure, we’ll eat our dinner… right after YOU EAT THIS!“
  • “What was that? I though you said we were gonna ‘act casual’.”
  • “All these facts and opinions look the same. I can’t tell them apart.“
  • “And we get all cold, shivery, and everything just starts feeling droopy!”
  • “Do you look at someone and wonder: what is going on inside their head?”
  • “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.“
  • I say we lock ourselves in our room and use that one swear word we know.”
  • “Hey, let’s sleep on it, cause I’m sure jolly, fun-filled times are just around the corner.“
  • “We’re gonna have a good day, which will turn into a good week, which will turn into a good year, which will turn into a good life!”
The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Lana’s Panel
  • Lana : “This is the BEST panel ever!” (x)
    • Lana is enjoying the couch “best panel ever!!” (x)
  • It’s her first time to Disneyland Paris. (x)
  • The most moving moment on ouat; moments with Reginas father, Henry, Robin. Most tender moving scenes on the show. (x)
  • Favorite song on Hamilton; ‘My shot’ (x)
    • Lana sings my shot in the car (x)
  • Lana listens to stories from fans with an open heart and mind and tries to comfort . (x)
  • Lana would love to come to Russia she’s never been (x)
  • Her favorite episode to film: the pilot. So new, discover every characters. Many favs, from every seasons (x)
  • Lana likes Eps she can connect with on a personal level (x)
  • Lana likes Regina’s power, strength, perseverance and great heart, her sass (x)
  • Lana would take Trina’s open mind, Eva’s sensitivity, Teresa’s innocence to create a new character (x)
  • Lana says breathe stay out of your head, connected to your body and don’t try to force emotions when filming an emotional scene (x)
  • Lana says acting needs a lot of practice and it takes sometimes years. (x)
    • She couldn’t the way she cries now 20 years ago. you have to prepare yourself. Lots of training (x)
  • Lana would love to see D!OutlawQueen marriage (x)
    • The Evil Queen would wear a black wedding dress, because it would be very sexy ! (x)
  • What made her proud in her career: how she recovered from not getting a job. Proud of her strength, confidence (x)
  • The scene with her father in the UW was a very important scene. She’s always wondered how Regina dealt with his death (x)
    • Lana had 2 takes for the scene with her father because they were running out of sunlight and she was super upset about it. (x)
    • She just focused on the energy of the scene. She waited 5 years to do the scene. Looked at Tony & turned out really beautiful (x)
  • Lana loves Italy’s history, the buildings, people, the food (x)
    • Lana gained 10 pounds in Italy but is now off them bc she did a cleanse for 21 days. She loves Bolognese (x)
  • Lana feels so lucky to have her evil Regals. She has the best fans in the world (x)
    • Lana says evil Regals should be an army of love, compassion, fairness (x)
  • The Henry Regina relations ship is one of Lana’s faves. She loves Jared (x)
    • Lana has respect for people who adopt. She has a half sister who got “lost” and was adopted. They found each other a few years ago (x)
    • “There are alot of children who need homes.” (x)
    • Love and family doesn’t have to be blood related (x)


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Impossible: Part 1

Summary: Prompt: ‘I’m a superhero and you’re my arch nemesis but we don’t know each other’s identities and we’re actually best friends’

You’re best friends with Bucky, although you know him as James Ranier. He’s your best friend, too, but he has no idea you’re actually Shade, the woman who plagues the reformed Winter Soldier’s life as his arch nemesis.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Mutant!Reader

Warnings: Violence, Swearing (always), explosions

Word Count: ~3,816

A/N:  For @bookybuns​‘ fic fest! I’m looking forward toying with the whole “wars are only fought if two sides believe they’re in the right “ idea. I think it makes for interesting antagonists.

This chapter was inspired by Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Masterlist // Next Chapter

Originally posted by sexylibrarian1

“You’ve lost this round, Soldier,” you said, grinning at him from behind your mask as you sat at your desk. You rested your head on your interlaced fingers, your arms propped up on your mounds of paperwork.

“I can still kill you,” he said, advancing on you quickly. His feet ate up the distance between you and his spot at the door in mere seconds. His metal hand reached out and grabbed your arm, fingers gripping you so hard you knew there’d be bruises. He yanked you out of your chair and pulled you up and over the desk.

You laughed at him even as your face twisted in pain. “You can kill me, Soldier, but then you’d never find the bombs in time,” you said, tilting your head as a wicked smirk that he couldn’t see graced your lips. “Either you save New York and all of its inhabitants or you kill me,” you said, reaching up to caress his mask slowly with your fingertips.

His eyes locked onto yours, searching for truth in them. After a moment he let out a frustrated groan and released you, throwing you back onto your desk.

“Where are the bombs, Shade?” he roared, metal fingers reaching out as fast as lightning, clasping around your neck. The pressure was enough to be uncomfortable, but he wasn’t hurting you. Yet.

“Don’t be so hasty,” you said, eyes narrowing at him. “You have an option, Soldier. If you kill me here you and your friends will never find the bombs in time. If you want to save New York, I suggest you release me,” you spat, glaring at him. Inside, you were terrified, but you wouldn’t let that show in front of your arch nemesis.

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  • person: The dub totally ruins Yugioh. It's cut and censored, the the dialog is completely changed. What's so good about it?
  • me: Well, we got Joey and Bakura's adorable accents, Kaiba's sass level turned up to eleven, toned down the whole "love triangle" with Tea, Yugi and Atem, and the occasional jokes about Yugi's hair and height.
  • person: But it still changes the plot and characters too much. It feels like the whole show turns into a joke.
  • me: We also got Dan Green.
  • person: Okay, I'll give you that one.
The Joker x Reader - “5 Minutes”

After a nasty concussion you got 2 months ago during a car chase where Batsy was involved, you developed a strange ability: for 5 minutes every day you can read minds. It happens at random times, you never know when it’s going to hit. It’s not necessarily a good thing…or a bad thing…

Friday, 3:25pm

You must be kidding me, you gasp, getting up from your loveseat, enraged as you can be and you go kick the desk, pushing all his papers on the floor.

“What the hell, Y/N?!”The Joker spins in his chair, turning towards you, wanting to start a whole tirade about how much you annoy him when you do random shit like this.

“Why are you thinking about Lexi’s boobs, huh?” you smack your lips, feeling your blood boiling. (she’s the new bartender at the club)

Dammit, J thinks, I’m busted. You couldn’t have read his mind at a worst moment so he tries to fix it:

“I was just accidentally thinking about that, Doll, and…”

You don’t care and block his attempt:

“Mine are not good enough for you?! I’m a G-cup; what do you need, triple G???!! You wanna suffocate with these airbags?”

He takes a deep breath and grins, knowing he might talk his way out of it:

“Daddy likes your airbags, ok? They’re purrrrrfect,” he purrs, slowly pulling you in his arms, wishing you would let it go. “Are you jealous?” he winks and you slap his hands away, annoyed.

“You suck!” you kick his foot, taking a couple of steps back.

“Where are you going, Pumpkin?” J inquires, irritated he got in trouble for such a trivial thing (in his opinion).

“I’m gonna go and stare at our henchmen’s butts and see which one looks nicer!!!” you yell, already heading out of the office.

“Don’t you dare, Y/N, come back here!” he growls, following you so he can set you up straight.


Saturday, 9:57pm

Next day you evade him as much as you can and decide to go for a drive after dark. You are still livid from the day before and decide to take it out on a jewelry store you kind of had your eyes on for a while, breaking inside and smashing all the fragile glass counters, deciding to keep just a necklace for yourself when…

Fuck, you freeze for a few seconds when you realize Batsy is close, watching, probably waiting for you to notice him. You feel kind of stupid because you only have the baseball bath with you but your ability couldn’t find a better time to kick in for today.

You sniffle, placing the bath on your shoulder, and ask:

“Why do you keep on thinking about Bruce Wayne? Do you know him?”
Batsy is shocked; he doesn’t know what to do with this so he doesn’t move a muscle when you keep on yapping:

“Are you related or something? All I see in your mind is that name,” you tilt your head to the side and smile; and my God, he freaks out and doesn’t show it when you wink at him (he just thought about it for a second but you caught it):

“Oh, thank you, they’re real. Mister J loves them too… supposedly,” you scoff and look down at your low cut top, passing your fingers through your hair. “Are you taking me to Arkham?” and you bend over because a very shiny diamond on the floor got your attention. ”Hey, don’t think that about my boyfriend!” you snap, kneeling so you can collect your treasure. Batsy didn’t say a word and he has no clue what the hell is going on, but you sure seem to know what’s in his mind. When you look up again, he’s gone.

You’ve never been more confused in your life; you thought you will for sure be locked away which will happen soon anyway if you don’t run: the police sirens are getting closer and closer.


Sunday, 8:17am

The following morning you wake up, stretching and realizing J is not next to you - probably taking a shower and…it hits you for the present day. After a few seconds you hold your breath, stunned at the revelation: Oh my God, no way! And you jump out of bed, dashing in the bathroom, yanking the shower curtain to the side and just stare at him with the widest, creepiest grin ever:

“That’s your real name, baby??!!”

“Huh?” he turns towards you with soap in his eyes, trying to rinse his face. “What?” he makes you repeat because he didn’t quite hear you the first time.

“I know your real name, you were just thinking about it!” and your smirk gets even wider, if that’s possible.

“Are you kidding me?!” The Joker snarls, gazing at you with his mouth opened in frustration, debating on what to do.

“I knew it your name doesn’t even start with a J, I just flipping knew it !“ You suddenly sulk, furrowing your eyebrows, “Hey, stop thinking about killing me!…Stop it I said!”

“Then stop reading my mind, woman!!!” he splashes you with water, feeling homicidal and you try to ignore it:

I can’t help it, you know that. Can I call you by your real name?”

“NO!” he slaps your shoulder but you don’t even care and get inside the shower with him, totally smitten.

“What about when we have sex?”

“No way!” he protests yet you get in his face, keeping that eerie smile on your lips. Right when you thought he can’t surprise you anymore…

“It’s suuuchhh a cool, unique name, I reaalllyyy dig it!” you roar, kissing him and getting such an urge to spend the day in the bedroom. “Sexiest name ever!”

The Joker doesn’t really react for a few moments but then he kisses you back as you grumble, locking your hands around his neck, enjoying the warm water on your skin:

“I said stop thinking about killing me!”

I can’t help it,” he mocks your voice, actually telling the truth. Yeap, you know it too since you can still hear his thoughts.


Monday, 1:31pm

You walk alongside Frost, holding his arm, focusing on walking normal since J went crazy on you yesterday. He was sooo pissed you found out one of his secrets that no living soul is supposed to know. Jonny is confessing how much he hates the latest missions because they are getting more and more dangerous when…here it comes for today.

You would leave?!” you detach from his hand, astound while reading his mind. “You would just leave??!!!” Your eyes get watery and he doesn’t know what to say seeing how flustered you got.

“What’s going on?” J wants to find out when he catches up with the two of you. “Did you say something to my girl?” he barks at Frost after seeing your tears. “Nobody makes her cry but me, understood?” he continues to lecture while you don’t hear anything, too distressed about what Jonny was thinking.

“YOU!!!!!!!!!” you suddenly shout, interrupting The Joker’s discourse, pointing your finger at Frost, fed up with all the crap: “You don’t deserve me as your best friend!!!” and you are so mad your body shakes. “AND YOU!!!!!” your finger is now pointing towards J, “You don’t deserve me as your girlfriend!!!!”

You take a few deep breaths, letting it all out and even more irritating information comes up:

“Stop thinking about killing me!!!!!!!!!” you address J so loud all the other henchmen halt what they’re doing around the warehouse, puzzled on what’s going down with your little group. “YOU BOTH SUCK!!!”

You can’t even be there anymore so you turn on your high hills and strut away, not wanting to hear what’s going on in anybody’s brain anymore. But it’s not up to you; your daily 5 minutes are still here.

Yes, they are real, OK????!!!!” you yell at all the guys on your way out, pointing at your cleavage, exasperated that so many have doubts about it. For once, you would just love to silence all the voices in your head and since you are aware you can’t, it really pushes you to the limit as you storm outside the building.

“Who was thinking that way about my Princess, YOU JERKS?????” The Joker’s angry rant resonates behind you before the heavy metal doors shutting down cut off all the sound.


Tuesday, 6:21pm

You drove away to your house on the secluded small patch of beach you own on the coast because you really need a break.  Your ability hits and for once you don’t have somebody around; it feels really good not to deal with reading minds. You blocked J’s and Frost’s phone numbers, this way they won’t bother you. Sure as hell they will try and that’s not an option for now.

* Frost was thinking about leaving on vacation, not permanently, tired as he can be after all the assignments but you didn’t let him finish his thoughts since you panicked and lashed out. On the other hand, J really had murderous intent in his mind- again. That was genuine. He’s such a sweetheart…*


Wednesday, 10:01am

You are finally finished with the morning walk along the shoreline and you are heading back to the house. It’s so nice and warm you can actually get away with wearing your favorite two piece bathing suit without feeling cold.

You slide the glass panel and tread inside.

“Oh,” you frown, seeing him in the kitchen, twiddling with your cell phone.

“What kind of greeting is that, hm?” J moves his elbows towards the end of the kitchen counter, not lifting his eyes up, concentrating on his task. “There, I’m unblocked,” he sighs, sliding your phone towards the center of the table. “Nobody blocks my number, Pumpkin, especially you, got it?” he bites his lip, huffing so you get the point faster. “You can keep Frost blocked thought,” the suggestion is fast to follow.

You gulp, noticing what he has on: the nerve on this man! He is sporting (try to keep yourself together) the purple shirt of sex, your absolute favorite. This shirt does things to you and he is very aware of it.

“Wh-what are you wearing?” you utter, feeling your heart skipping a beat.

“A shirt, Y/N,” he responds, the level of sass going up pretty high.

You take a few steps towards him and glance at that almost unbuttoned, enchanting piece of clothing, but have the confidence to mumble:

“I’m staying here for a while and you’re not welcomed, so…” and you show him the exit.

“HA!” The Joker sarcastically grins, slowly approaching and it gives you goose bumps.

“Y-you and your shirt stay away from me, alright?” you try to bargain without success. That shirt and those eyes sure are a lethal combo.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s just a shirt,” he insists, no doubt having some plan regarding the whole thing.

“Stay away, I mean it,” you sniffle, backing out more. “I’m not sleeping with you and I don’t want to…ummm… talk to you.” Wow, that sounds so fake it makes you hate yourself instantly.

“Good, makes two of us,” J shamelessly lies without blinking, being so close you can smell his cologne. Jesus, your favorite one: you’re so screwed.


“I don’t want to!” you stop his hand pulling down on your bikini.

He just snickers with a devious expression on his face, forcing you against the wall.

“I-I really don’t want to,” you fight the sensation and for some reason manage not to lose your shit.

My God he’s a good kisser, you think when his lips find yours and you close your eyelids, moaning; he doesn’t see it coming when you push him away:
“That’s enough, p-please take your shirt and go!” BUT, luckily (or unluckily) it kicks in for today:


That freaky smile flourishes on your face once more as you read his mind.

“Really???” you whimper, emotional at that split moment he thought about it. “You love me?”

“What?!” he scoffs, so vexed your ability always hits when he is thinking about stuff he doesn’t want you to know. “No way, I barely tolerate you!” J attempts to save his pride but you sure have that bizarre, unsettling sparkle in your eyes that makes him tense.

You giggle, not giving a damn he is denying it, signaling him to come to you.

“Don’t put words in my mouth, woman,” he bitterly mutters but approaches regardless.

“I don’t have to,” you whisper, happy like never before and elbow him in the next second:

“Seriously??!!! Stop thinking about killing me!”

He starts chuckling and you tug on his shirt, antagonized:

“Are you… are you thinking it on purpose to annoy me?”

“Ahhhh, I wouldn’t know, Kitten, you’re the mind reading expert,” The Joker lifts you in his arms, making sure not to think about how much he likes you (in his own way) by the time the 5 minutes are up.

Too late, you already know.

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Reasons to Vote for Summer!Leo

The Summer Gauntlet is approaching so I decided on doing my part to ensure that Leo makes it to at least the finals round this gauntlet, or even better, finally get that win he deserves.

  • A+ Lines
    • Summer!Leo has one of the best lines in the game. Everything he says is a gift. I’d put down a recording I did of his lines because of Max Mittelman’s amazing performance, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Either way, his lines consists of such gems as “Tropical islands? Forget it! And this swimsuit? Don’t even get me started!” and “I actually like walking the beach at night, but swim?  In the ocean? *laughs* With my body?” And that’s just his voiced tapped lines. If you inherit skills to him or get a bad level-up, he literally sasses you about his clothes. He’s an adorkable edgelord, and that shows in all his lines, voiced or not.
  • A+ Specials
    • Iceberg is part of his natural kit, and given his high res, he can make good use of it for a cheap SP price. That, and his special quotes are gold. He goes from stuttering about tropical attacks to drowning in tomato juice blood.
  • Confession / Maxed Lvl Convo
    • Arguably one of the best in the game. This man literally tries to be a tomato. Sure the summer units are just fanservice, but hey, I’m here for a good time and Summer!Leo definitely did just that.
  • High Res
    • As someone who doesn’t have Julia or Sanaki, it feels really nice to have a unit who can soak magic like no tomorrow. This is coming from someone whose magitank is a -Res Nino. Plus, his naturally high res helps him capitalize on skills like Atk Ploy, which can be useful.
  • Flat is Justice
    • Sure he ain’t packing the abs of Frederick or Xander or have anything on their bulges, but come on, you can’t tell me that Leo isn’t even remotely charming. I rather like his flatter bod compared to the other males. His body isn’t even that bad if we’re talking about that.
  • Tobi
    • His artist, Tobi, is the artist who did Klein and Clive. In fact, what drew me to Summer!Leo in the first place was that his art looked clean af. Basically, I’m a big fan of Tobi’s art, and they didn’t disappoint with Leo.
  • Absolute Meme
    • He’s packing the tome-ato, which unfortunately isn’t even called anything like the tomatome for max meme potential. Leo’s also a meme for gauntlets, so meme + meme = more meme, and I don’t see the problem of that. There’s also about how he wants to throw ashses to the waves, so Leo’s come ready to meme it up.
  • Let the boy win for once
    • I am highly amused at how much IS wants Leo to win, and hey, I want him to win as well given at how persistent he is in gauntlets. He has literally participated in every odd-numbered gauntlet. Sure Elise has been in three gauntlets as well, but she already won the Healer Gauntlet. It’s Leo’s turn to win, and he’s coming with memetome and fanservice to up his chances. So please, please help the boy win.

I needed something to get me through this next week of hiatus so i’m dedicating the whole week to wish hook. Each day is going to be focussed on a different persona of him or his relationships with others because i’m just choc full of feelings for this dashing dude!


Originally posted by joshdallas

I know, i know…. we haven’t seen much of these two interact.

But what we have seen, let me tell you.. it’s got me wanting MORE.

I want this friendship to blossom. Tiana/Sabine is right up there tied with Alice as my favourites of the newbies. She’s got a naturally kind and pleasant charisma while still being a strong leader. 

When her and Hook first meet it’s right after he’s started his second chance. You can see he’s slightly nervous at the beginning, probably wondering how he’ll be received, but once he’s sure he’s accepted, the old charm comes out.

He’s his fun flirty self once again because he’s happy. He’s back on the right path, back to being his younger spry self and… life is looking up for him. He has hope. So he revels in bringing out the smooth talking rogue within… but it’s with reassurance and warmth. His way of showing he’s trustworthy and here to help. 

We can see she’s surprised yet unaffected by his silver tongued attempts, but is grateful and happy to have more people on her side of the resistance.

Originally posted by swansmayor

And this is one thing I do love about Wish Hook’s role this season. He’s not a ‘hanger on’, he’s not been reluctantly roped into helping, he’s not being treated like he’s a last option… he’s an equal. He’s got the same level of respect and purpose as every other member of the team. No backhanded comments or sass, no jibes about being a pirate or a villain or not to be trusted.

He’s welcomed and he’s wanted.

Originally posted by dragon-princess

Over in Hyperion Heights they’ve got a nice little friendship going. 

He helps her with discounted murder trucks for their business… she makes him beignets. 

I would love to see more of these two interact.

I think they’d make a great team.

They’re both good hearted people, kind, thoughtful, loyal and ready to help out a friend in need at any given moment. 

These two wonderfully fluffy cupcakes deserve to have each other as a support system.

And who wouldn’t want a friend like Sabine? Look at how frickin’ adorable she is!

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So yes. I’m backing the captain cook AKA hooking utensil bromance with full force.

anonymous asked:

*slides into the askbox* sup? Could I request nyo axis dating head cannons??

*Slides in to request box* hiya *Slips and fall* Ah ya wee bugga!

Nyo Germany:

  • This girl is built AF! and will often ask her s/o to sit on her back when she’s doing push-ups.
  • because she is so built she eats alot and cooks huge meals with her s/o 
  • In public she doesn’t show too much affection.
  • But BOII she struts her stuff. 
  • She wants you to touch her hair Touch. Her. Hair 

Nyo Italy:

  • This girl will babble on all day about anything and everything she can think of.
  • She is a very outgoing person and loves to go on adventures around the world.
  • Often gets bruises and cuts from said adventures, her s/o will have to take car of her after she breaks an arm.
  • Will sit on her s/o lap and press her boobies in their face just to get some cuddle time. 
  • This is often done in public, surrounded people
  • Cooks 5-star meals every-night.

Nyo Japan:

  • The most polite person you will ever date
  • She asks you before she does anything with you, even if its just lightly tapping your shoulder to tell you dinner is ready.
  • Seems like she can’t harm a fly…until someone else touches you THEN NINJA NYO JAPAN COMES OUT WITH A KATANA AND NINJA STARS
  • Girl gotta protect her s/o
  • Loves to just listen to rain and cuddle with her s/o
  • Buys the cutest matching outfits for her and her s/o

Nyo Romano:

  • and on the other side of the polite spectrum is dis ball of sass
  • She Loves cuddles but she won’t admit it (little angry muffin)
  • She does the same as her sister except she is even MORE extreme
  • In public she clings to her s/o like here life depends on it
  • Loves to garden with her s/o, she spends hours in the garden and hopes her s/o will join her on occasion 
  • The sass levels on this girl is over 9000

Nyo Prussia:

  • Her milkshake brings all zhe boys
  • Loves to show her body off (in an attempt to get her s/o jelly)
  • Will tackle her s/o down to the ground to cuddle
  • Comes up with the craziest ideas, for example: “OI S/O! ZHE AWESOME ME IS GONNA RIDE MEIN MOTORBIKE OVER THAT CLIFF!”
  • Her s/o needs to be able to deal with her being in hospital every few months 
  • On the bright side the girl never fails to make her s/o laugh, 
EXO Reacts to You Performing On stage and Fainting

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When he saw you hit the ground his heart stopped. He couldn’t rush do anything though due to the fact that you guys were not public yet. He didn’t want the scandal and the rumors to start. He saw you being carried off the stage and he had to hold back his tears.

“She said she was tired. They’re working her too hard.”

Originally posted by huang-shit-tao


He was so angry with your manager and himself. He felt that he should’ve done more to ensure that you were being taken care of but it just got away from him. He couldn’t check on you despite how bad he wanted to. When EXO went up to the stage to accept their award later on in the show he stared down your manager who was sitting in front of them.

“It’s his fault. He shouldn’t be a manager anymore.” 

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher


He would be torn between sadness and anger. He was so worried about you but he knew that he couldn’t do anything. You had told him that your manager was being rough with you but he didn’t think it was this bad. He knew that fainting was apart of the job but that didn’t mean he agree’d with it.

“I’m going to make sure she has enough rest and enough to eat. This is not going to happen again.”

Originally posted by softber


When he saw you fall.. his whole world stopped. He thought the worst and thought that you tripped and broke a bone but when he didn’t hear a scream or a cry out, his heart cried out. He leaned up from his seat and looked towards the stage. Xiumin had to remind him that no one knew that you two were a thing and that he couldn’t do anything about it. 

“I’m so sorry baobei.. I’m so sorry.. please be okay.”

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He got quiet when he heard your mic hit the stage. He knew that something bad had happened and he was so mad at himself that he couldn’t be there to help you and protect you. He watched as 30 seconds past by before people came up to help you. You weren’t moving and he couldn’t handle watching it. He faced the other way and looked at Suho with his teary eyes.

“She’s all alone and I can’t help her. She’s all alone..Jagi..”

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When he had to perform after you.. on the same stage that you just collapsed on… his mind was not where it needed to be. He was so worried about you and disgusted that he was on the same stage that you had to just fainted on… performing, instead of being by your side. He went to speak but his mind blanked the only thing he could think of was you.

“I’ll be there soon jagiya.. just hold on..”

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His sassy-ness was on a level 10. He replaced his worry and sadness with anger and sass. He didn’t pay attention to what was happening, all he knew was that his girl was being carried, no, dragged away by two security guards while her manager sat at his table eating. He was so angry and he wanted everyone to know.

“I’ll stop when I know my girl is okay.”

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He had to make sure he had his ‘game face’ on. He couldn’t let the fans and cameras catch him being overly worried. It killed him inside to know that no matter what you would be alone until this award show was over. You’d be without him.. he’d be without you and everyone knew how he was without you. He was miserable and unable to think. He focused on the dance moves more than his lyrics when they went to perform. He needed you.

“Please be okay jagi.. please.. I’m coming.. I promise.” 

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He knew that you were working hard and that your manager was being pushy but he never thought it was this bad. That it would turn out this way. He was stuck in a trance of blaming himself and your manager. He felt that it was his fault that you were on your way to the hospital instead of sitting a few tables down from him, enjoying yourself. He couldn’t snap out of his state of mind and it was really scary for him. This was the first time he’s never known what to say, he was completely out of it.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you jagi.. I should have listened.. I’m so sorry..”

Suspiciously Specific things my Shows have in common pt.1

ok so, a few months ago I made this post, and, well, essentially this is a better version of it. (and more comparison posts to follow, I’m sure)

The “your fave is a flaming trash pile of sin and despair” Edition. 

We start off with an unreasonably sexy immortal in a sharp suit

who has a thing for deals and contracts…

they have a tragic story

they were forced to endure the death of a close loved one

they have a cruel manipulative mother

and the level of sass is too damn high

They think they’re big and bad

but they’re actually lil cuties

and they’ll probably call you by a nickname

And finally: Surprise Hug!

No but seriously, are these 3 the exact same character, or what??

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Mayyyy I have some headcanons (sfw, nsfw, or whatever works for you) for Kuroo, Oikawa, and Ushijima handling a s/o who hides her affections/emotions through sass and sarcasm (almost salvage level cause she easily gets embarrassed)?

Yes you mayyy ヾ(。・ω・。)

~ Admin Kay


  • Kuroo loves when you sass him, just because it gives him an outlet to sass back. He’ll often tease you when you’re out in public, just to see you blush.
  • He’s not really a sensitive guy when it comes to being sassed, so when your savagery increases so does his. It’ll get to the point where you guys have a point system for who ended up the Sass Master ™ for the day.
  • Sometimes your sarcasm comes back to bite you in the butt when you really want to show emotion or bring up how you are feeling. It makes you unable to voice your thoughts seriously, but Kuroo is an understanding guy, and he’ll wait until you know what you want to say.
  • (and one nsfw because of the “your sarcasm comes back to bite you in the butt” gave me a great idea) Kuroo likes to be in control during sex, so when you inevitably sass him, he will punish you by spanking you and teasing what you want out of you. He won’t let you come until you are begging for release.


  • Oikawa deals with enough sass through both himself and his team, so he is used to it by now. Coming from you though, it makes him want to hear more. He’ll gladly be insulted if it means witnessing your savagery.
  • Ironically, paired with your sass, you don’t want to really hurt Oikawa, so when he pouts after a particularly biting remark, you immediately apologize. He was only teasing you though, nothing you say can really hurt him.
  • He loves seeing you embarrassed, but he loves seeing you put the team in their place even more. Sometimes he’ll bring you to practice, just to see you tear into their hides for trying to tease Oikawa about you. Even Kyotani knows to be nice to you.


  • Ushijima doesn’t mind when you get sarcastic. After all, he’s dealt with worse personality types *cough* Tendou *cough*. He handles you with all the patience of a saint.
  • That is not to say that he doesn’t get a little frustrated when he tries to be affectionate and talk seriously, but the captain gets what he wants eventually after realizing that your aggressive response to affection was not because something was wrong with him, but that you were too embarrassed.
  • When you’re alone, Ushijima likes to rile you up and embarrass you by being extra fluffy. You wouldn’t expect that from a stoic guy like him, but he honestly thinks your coping mechanisms are adorable, like an angry kitten to a large doberman. He goes along with whatever you say to him, not offended in the slightest.