the level of perfection is unfair

After a week has passed, I’m emotionally prepared to write this. Firstly, I am really proud of Monsta X and Monbebe for achieving what seemed like an impossible task.

Being part of “Beautiful” promotions, I experienced the disappointment and pain—especially because the boys put so much of their heart and soul into it. It was their first full album—finally with Wonho’s original songs and composition; they created their own choreography for the dance; every song on the album was perfect. It was the epic final installment of the x-clan series. They’d never done anything on this scale before. We really thought this was it. But no…numerous groups were also suddenly having comebacks and Monsta X’s glorious masterful symphony was drowned out. I felt helpless and so confused. I kept wondering how so much talent could go by unnoticed for so long. They were active for nearly two years now and it felt like both Monsta X and Monbebe were being smothered by the hard and unfair industry of kpop. It hurt more when I found that numerous other groups before them had won numerous times in the early parts of their careers. It felt like they were being bullied or teased. It’s clear they’re amazing yet no one else seemed to notice. They’re on a level and caliber that is completely different and more intense than any other—which is why I feel a lot of people are put off. They’re intimidated by perfection. No one had heard of them. And if they had, they still pronounced it as fucking “MONSTER X.” They slowly became the boy group that people called “the group that had never won anything” without knowing anything of Monsta X’s struggle and fight to make it to where they are now. They left brothers behind as they each passionately clawed their way to the top. But this disregard only made Monbebe more set on doing this for our boys. It became our goal to give them their first win.

We wanted to. Not because we wanted to be a fan of a popular group—because they fucking deserve it. Not only because they work so hard that they don’t even sleep anymore—because they are all so musically talented, are the kings of choreography, and have such lovable, beautiful personalities; and, simply put, isn’t that what an idol is supposed to be!?

And we wanted to do this because we all remembered that fateful vlive that broke our hearts; when Wonho started crying out of nowhere—not because they didn’t win; but because he felt they disappointed Monbebe. All six of the other members began crying too as they thought about Monbebe and our deep commitment to them. They were grateful for our efforts, but they felt responsible for not measuring up. Actually, it was us Monbebe that felt we were falling short! This is basically our relationship. And from day one, Monsta X had dreams and ambitions—which is why I love them so damn much; their passion just moves me. First, it was to debut and then it was to become number one. So don’t go saying that a first win isn’t everything.

I hope that the foolish, selfish fools—that wanted to leave because they were annoyed with Monbebe’s strong desire to give Monsta X their first win—felt regret when they saw my boys cry, when they saw the tears fall from Hyungwon’s beautiful eyes, when they heard Minhyuk’s distorted acceptance speech, when they saw the poetic and usually so good with words Wonho suddenly unable to speak, when they saw strong leader Shownu’s face give into the tears when he realized what had happened. It wasn’t winning something that mattered to Monsta X—if you knew anything about them at all you’d know they’re anything but that shallow—it was the fact that so many people—some they’d never even met before—loved them this much and were willing to commit their time and effort to do this for them. It honestly hurt my heart so much to hear Wonho say he didn’t want to be nominated because he didn’t want to see Monbebe be disappointed again. He didn’t want us to cry for him and apologize to him for not being able to give them this gift. And they all vowed to work harder and be better from now on. But it’s not them that needs to change; it’s the world that needs to catch up.

With this win, we have made history. We are taking our first step to taking over kpop as my stars, my monsters, my kings have promised me from day one. We proved that the impossible was possible. I hope this doesn’t make Monsta X think our expectations of them are raised because of this. We are simply proud and overjoyed. We’ve never had expectations of them because we love them just the way they are. I know from now on, though, Monsta X and Monbebe will continue to grow and evolve. Whether this is our first and last win or this is our first win of many, I’m really proud of us and I’m grateful to be part of their journey. MONSTA X FIGHTING!!!

Taking a break from all those breeding and finally got the time to finish off Battle Tree. I’m taking days off work for New Year too! Yay!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
I know it’s a bit late but… oh, well!

I’m done with Super Singles for now. I’m gonna continue to Double and Multi after New Year.

Oh, my Dragonite destroyed Red’s whole team solo, twice, on normal and super single. I’m a bit disappointed tbh.

It’s still amusing tho how silent Red can be.

I also love how he just stand there waiting for us after his defeat, and then shoved all those Mega stones to our face without saying a word… Like, I imagine his face totally saying “Don’t say anything, I know you want it”.

And I just encountered Guzma, ma boi!
He’s levelled up to the title Pokemon Trainer. I’m so proud of him.

You can also scout Guzma and take him as your partner in Multi. I’m totally taking him when it’s time to face Red & Green.
(Still hoping to encounter him with his Golisopod tho)

If only our character can squat like him too!

I’ve also scouted Grimsley, Anabel, Colress, Mallow, and Cynthia along the way. I’m playing Moon, and I heard Sun has slightly different characters that you can scout… Is that true? Well, I haven’t seen Kiawe and Plumeria so far, even tho I’m sure I saw someone encountered them in Battle Tree.

I’m still trying to beat Wally! His Magnezone… it destroyed my team and broke my chain twice yo wtf

Sturdy + Magnet Rise + Bright Powder literally NOTHING hits it. That’s just dirty. Totally unfair.


For anyone wondering/needing help. Here’s my Battle Tree team for Singles:
(level them to at least 50 because it’s the cap for BT)

Adamant Dragonite @Choice Band + Outrage
(this set generally solo OHKOs everything that isn’t a wall or doesn’t resist it, only problem is Dragonite is pretty slow and weak to ice)

Timid Tapu Koko @Life Orb + Thunderbolt
(backs up when Dragonite is down)

Timid Gengar @Gengarite/PoisoniumZ + Sludge Bomb & Shadow Ball
(fairy killer and speed backup if Outrage fails)

**Mentioned moves are mandatory, the rest is your call. All mons preferably have perfect IVs/Hyper Trained & fully EV trained.

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I wanna know what your other favorite Alec thing in this ep was! Mine were the scenes with Luke. I was hoping for more of them since season 1. And I also loved that Alec clearly threw Sebastian off when he let Luke go.

oooh i loved those too! all the luke stuff in 2x14 was so, so good and i really hope we see more of them working together, and alec slowly gaining luke’s trust and respect, and exploring more of luke’s relationship with the shadowhunters/the clave, since i think he of all the downworlders has the most interesting one being that he was a shadowhunter once himself. 

that being said, though, my actual other favourite alec thing (i mean it was a solid alec episode so there’s so much to choose from) was this 

(sorry he only says it once lol but i had to split up an old gif since it was over 2mb)

alec’s relationship to the lightwood name is honestly a subject of endless interest to me, ever since season one and i’ve been so hoping we get to see that aspect of his identity more and see that idea of the ‘lightwood name’ in alec’s view change and develop as he is, so idk i guess that’s why i liked this little moment so much? 

like my favourite thing is that little smile and moment that he looks down right after maryse says “the last thing we want is to tarnish the lightwood name” like it’s such a subtle little thing, but i feel like it says so much about alec and his growth, that last season he was willing to marry someone he could never love just so the lightwood name would maintain its honour – and after he found out that his parents were in the circle, you could feel the anger from him, when lydia told him, when he told jace and izzy, when he confronted robert in 1x08-1x09. because his parents had forced this family honour down his throat and made him give up so much for it, only to have the whole idea of it turned upside down by the fact that maryse and robert had been in the circle and nothing was what it seemed. 

so that little moment, that little smile, to me (okay i might be reading too much into it but honestly at this point what else is new) shows a moment of reflection for all of that, when maryse talks about the lightwood name, how much the idea of that name and that family honour had been forcing him into being someone he could never be, that impossible standard he had always been made to try and live up to by his parents, and everything that it used to mean to him, and everything that to some degree it still means to him. like, he’s smiling but it’s not a completely happy smile, it’s almost thoughtful, and you see him kind of look away from maryse and then look down, like he’s remembering something almost, remembering everything that he has gone through to “not tarnish the lightwood name” and where it got him (nowhere). like, i kind of just want to see more of this, the struggle of figuring out what that lightwood name means to him now compared to before, so i feel like im clinging onto this as hope that we might. 

now im pretty sure he meant robert and maryse being in the circle as the thing that is “a lot worse” (but it might be a reference to himself and magnus and maybe the wedding thing? it could be both i guess but idk i think it’s more the other one ). i liked how they both sort of laughed at that, the seemingly comedic but really sort of tragic admission that after all of their rigour and everything they both did (and robert and isabelle too), that they couldn’t fix everything – that maryse couldn’t make up for the mistakes of her and her husband by forcing her children to be perfect and carry the name forward, and that alec couldn’t indefinitely deny himself happiness and repress everything about himself in order to maintain their name and honour, because neither of those things worked (more the opposite) actually. so i liked that moment of i guess introspection or understanding that alec and maryse shared there?

and of course alec’s anger at the whole circle thing cooling into this level-headed, almost thoughtful reflection on what the name has gone through because of it was really interesting to me as well. because his anger i think to some degree came from the unfairness of having to give up so much to make up for the sins of the father, being held to a standard they couldn’t hold themselves – and now that he’s coming away from that slowly and becoming open with himself and letting himself be happy, his relationship and response to the lightwood name and everything it’s been through changes as the “it’s been through worse” kind of reflects a shift in the way he relates to his own family name and honour – not something fixed that he has to bear the weight of on his shoulders, but something in flux, something he can mold and change to himself and his own values. so i guess i’m just really interested to see if they explore more about that, and how alec’s identity relates to this almost mythical idea of “the lightwood name” and the family honour as his character grows and develops more. so yeah it’s like 1:30 am i hope this is making sense as my eyes are literally closing right now lmao

Im gonna say the worst thing but its 100% true

Cuphead is the No Man’s Sky of Dark Souls comparisons

That is to say, its exactly what they said it would be, but you all keep expecting AAA quality games, level design, testing, and all around perfection from small teams. The game is hard, and a bit unfair at times. But its beyond beautiful. The aesthetic puts all other games to shame. The sound design is great. The game has a high learning curve, but feels satisfying to complete.

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Hi! Prompt for Loki/Jane: "Are they still following us?" (i'm so sorry you've been struggling with depression. Wishing all the best!)

“Are they still following us?”

“I don’t think so. You might have let me teleport us, you know.”

Jane glared at Loki. Their six-block run hadn’t dislodged a hair on his head. She, however, was sweating liberally and had a line of blisters developing on one heel, ready to blow at any second like miniature volcanoes. Because of course she did.

“You know you can’t teleport, not without the All-Father yanking on your leash. That’s big magic for Earth.”

Loki sneered, the same sneer he pulled every time Odin was even alluded to. It was a nice mix of I-smell-dog-shit and I-refuse-to-admit-I-have-limitations-so-how-dare-you-mention-them. Most of Loki’s expressions could be broken down into phrases like this, and Jane was just glad she’d learned how to do so. It was nice to finally have some kind of lexicon when dating a man who seemed to operate on six different levels at a time.

He didn’t reply, so Jane went on.

“Next time I tell you that going somewhere isn’t a good idea, maybe you’ll listen to me,” she grumbled, limping over to a nearby bus stop and pulling off her shoe. Yup, five blisters. Damn it.

Loki joined her on the bench, running one cool finger over her puffy skin. She winced, but the pain was gone in an instant.

Damned if she was gonna thank him for it, though.

“You’re the one who objects to being photographed. Need I remind you that I attempted once to conquer your world? One does not try such a thing and remain shy.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to ham it up for the paparazzi! The first time we were in the news they couldn’t even get my name right, and last time they just called me the ‘god’s girlfriend’. I don’t want that to be my legacy.”

“It shall never be, Jane,” his grip on her ankle tightened, “I swear it.”

She sighed. “I…” it was impossible to articulate her fear when it was this huge amorphous cloud that followed her everywhere, “I can’t crack this thing, Loki. Thanos is hammering at the barrier we’ve put up, but if that breaks…you’ve all trusted me with this huge responsibility, and I can’t…”

She took a breath but it seared her throat and she coughed.

“Jane. Dearest.”

The words were an anchor on her heart, but she was still shaking. Loki enfolded her in him, warm and strong and smelling of good cologne. His body shielded the world from her and she breathed evenly again, though her tears still dripped into the wool of his suit jacket.

“This does not all rest on you. Driving yourself to distraction in that lab will do no one any good. Your mind is too precious to exhaust.”

She sniffled. He conjured a handkerchief and pressed it under her nose. 

“Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” she took the handkerchief and blew, stubbornly avoiding his picture-perfect face. God, it was unfair how attractive he was at times. Most of the time. All of the time. Especially when she was usually a piping-hot mess. “Fine. But next time you take me out to dinner, promise me no paparazzi?”

“I will destroy all their cameras myself. An low-level electromagnetic distortion will hardly catch Heimdall’s eye.”

Jane knew she should object to the threat of property damage, but a traitorous smile curled her lips.


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Why do you like sq? If you like emma why would you want her to be with someone who ruined her childhood? Regina plain up abuses emma - why do you not like killian or captain swan anymore? Im unfollowing you cos you ship sq now ...

You’re completely entitled to unfollow me for this and I understand why, if you’re a CS shipper. Thank you for following me up until now and I hope you enjoyed my blog! Actually, I’m so glad I’ve got this ask, because I’ve been thinking about how confusing it might be to some of my followers that I converted from being quite a hardcore CS shipper to SQ practically over night, so here’s why (warning: this will be long and anti CS): 

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can we have some hurt/comfort with jump obi-wan coming to terms with the fact that this universe turned out better because he died?

Sometimes it burns him, if he’s allowed to think about it to long.

This world is so much happier and safer.

Because he died.

Obi-Wan sighed deeply to himself at that thought. It was an unfair thought but it was still correct, Qui-Gon had managed to be what Obi-Wan had not. Anakin’s confidant in front of Palpatine, someone who understood Anakin.

Qui-Gon had shown Anakin that he was capable of grieving and loving, had gone against the grain of the council and the Jedi’s at large and been something the other needed, a rock in the time of change. That was not to say that the older man had been perfect in raising Anakin, Obi-Wan could spot the temper in the younger man, there was still a level of arrogance in his actions.

But he was not the same man on the verge of gray that Obi-Wan had known in his universe. There was more light in this chosen one then in the one Obi-Wan had raised.

It made him wonder, had his insistence to train Anakin been all for the wrong reasons?

His Qui-Gon had asked for it though, had asked Obi-Wan to train him.

“Your thoughts sound dark.” He looked up in surprise and then smiled at the curly haired blond.

“Anakin, apologies, were my shields slipping?”

“No. But I’m always slightly aware of the intent behind the shields even when people are shielding.” Anakin moved to sit down on the crate next to him, glancing around the cargo room. “So…why are you hiding out down here. Qui-Gon missed you at dinner.”

“…Since you already know my thoughts weren’t of the lightest source…I was thinking about how my death here seemed to have been for the better.” Obi-Wan confessed and smiled when Anakin jerked too.

“What? How can you say that?” Anakin stared at him.

“I can say that because I came from a galaxy where the Jedi were no more because you, the version of you I raised, no longer trusted me.”

“You weren’t the only factor though. Palpatine sat like a spider in his web, pulling its strings and making war. If what we’ve found so far is correct then…well we’ll soon have enough to give over to trusted Senators who can deal with him and bring it in front of the Senate.”

Obi-Wan looked away.

“…Your death almost destroyed Qui-Gon.”

“One person alone is not the same as a gala-”

“Bullshit. He almost went dark. If Qui-Gon Jinn had gone dark, what do you think would have happened to me?” Anakin said sternly.

Obi-Wan blinked at that. “I…”

“He would have brought me along and trained me. I would have been dark from the get go instead of what I am now. I would have trusted him because I certainly didn’t trust the council after they scared me.” The blond reached out and wrapped an arm around him. “Life was certainly not better because you died. Your arrival here has changed things and you know it. You are here and giving us information. Who’s not to say that eventually Palpatine wouldn’t have managed to turn me if you hadn’t appeared. He may have used longer time then he did in your universe but he’s obviously been patient.”

Obi-Wan looked away.

“You’re different though.”
“I’m still fundamentally the same person. Just with different information and with slightly changed circumstances…and…and now I have you too.” Anakin tugged on the others sleeve. “…I got you don’t I?”

The copper haired master laughed quietly at that and looked to the blond, nodding. “Of course you do. There will never be a time when I don’t care about you Anakin Skywalker, you are my friend.” Anakin perked up at that and wrapped the other in a tight hug which Obi-Wan returned.

There was silence for a few moments as the two enjoyed each other company and comfort.

“…You know Qui-Gon wants to bed you right?”



“ malecxwessa said: Hi Cassie :))) Just wanted to say that you are my favorite author of all time, your books never fail to make me smile… Or cry… Or both, at the same time. You are such and amazing author, and I want to thank you for completely messing up my expectation in boys. My friend,, who just read your book, was wondering about why Magnus didn’t want to tell Alec about his father, or his past, and if that was part of the reason they broke up. And also where Magnus gets his glitter?’

Alec’s pretty clear it was part of the reason in COHF:

“It was my fault, what happened. But it was your fault too. I could have learned not to care that you’re immortal and I’m mortal. Everyone gets the time they get together, and no more. Maybe we’re not so different that way. But you know what I can’t get past? That you never tell me anything. I don’t know when you were born. I don’t know anything about your life—what your real name is, or about your family, or what the first face you ever loved was, or the first time your heart was broken. You know everything about me, and I know nothing about you. That’s the real problem.” 

Magnus had his reasons for being secretive. Some of those reasons were better than others, but all his reasons— logical, flawed, reasonable, unreasonable, fair, unfair— added up to his decision to remain secretive in order to protect himself, and, on some level, those he loves. Magnus wants as little to do with his father as possible. He knew that any contact could cause potential disaster/heartbreak (which it did). Was complete silence on the matter his best course of action? Not necessarily. Magnus may be glittery, but he isn’t all-knowing, and he isn’t perfect. Nobody is.

Magnus gets his glitter from Ricky’s like everyone else, I assume.

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♡ + dissatisfaction

I think the one thing Takumi is most dissatisfied with is himself. Takumi is a perfectionist by nature, and his inferiority complex and habit of constantly comparing himself to others plays a major factor into this. He over-evaluates his own actions, striving for the best of the best and nothing less. Considering his position (being the second prince of Hoshido and all), there’s already a lot of pressure and weight placed upon his shoulders. Flimsy excuses and actions don’t get past Takumi, and the same applies for himself. If Takumi knows he could have done better, he will beat himself up about it until reaching that level of perfection that places on himself (which is, unfortunately, a near impossible feat). It’s pretty easy for Takumi to feel dissatisfied in something because of the constant expectations he places on himself and others, especially without voicing it to anyone in the first place, thus, making it unfair some of the time.

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"take me laser tagging and then push me into a corner and kiss me. then shoot me and walk away." Kara organizes a laser tag birthday party and invites Lucy Lane because she would. Alex and Lucy start the trash talking before the teams are even chosen and it spirals from there. Snark, sarcasm and smugness a bonus.


(eta i wrote a second part to this what what)

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Soccer!calum and soccer!yn arguing because Calums team is occupying half the pitch and in the heat of the srgument Calum asks out y/n but she only agrees to go if they win the home game

Requested: Yah

Warnings: None (I believe)

A/N: This was a bit rushed, I’m gonna say soccer!calum but imma be writing football because I’m from the UK lol

Soccer!Calum was cocky, or maybe cocky was an understatement, but soccer!Y/N was no different. Calum was captain of the boys football team whilst Y/N was captain for the girls. Both teams did exceptionally well in the championship between rival schools, but when it came to the finals, things got tough. The girls had luckily won their final game in the championship by scoring the winning goal during a free kick. Calum attended the game giving Y/N her support, she appreciated that - despite her and Calum having their disputes - he was always there for her, whether it be for football or not. The boys were playing their final game tonight, and they had missed all classes to practice for the game. Y/N knew how serious football was for Calum, for the team and for the school itself, she loved the way he was passionate about his team and the sport. The only thing that bothered her, was the fact Calum didn’t know how serious football was for her either. Y/N had a ‘friendly’ match coming up with their neighbouring school, so she needed to practice too, but Calum and his team had been occupying over half the pitch. Whenever the 2 teams needed to practice, the boys would get the left half, while the girls got the right half. Y/N’s team mates kept begging her to get Calum to move over with his team (because neither of them knew how to convince Calum to move except Y/N herself). Marching over to Calum, she takes a deep breath preparing for the battle that will come. “Hood!” She calls, Calum shooting the ball into the goal, giving the goalie no chance of saving it. The roars of his team cheering echo through the arena, the boys all congratulating Calum and high-fiving him as if it’s something new. Y/N rolls her eyes at the boys, Calum catching her but sauntering over to her. “You called on me princess?” “Yeah, you and your team are occupying our side of the pitch and we need our half back.” I complain, crossing my arms over my chest. “Have I told you how good your butt looks in those shorts?” He smirks. “As a matter of fact, you have. Now if you don’t mind, please give us our side.” She grunts, annoyed that Calum has that silly smirk on his face. “That’d involve moving team and we’re practicing for our game tonight.” He frowns. “So? You still have your half to practice on!” “But that’s smaller, we aren’t playing a park field! We’re playing a full length pitch! We only took like a third of your side, what’s your problem?!” He raises his voice, Y/N’s anger levels rising due to the unfairness. The two end up bickering for a good 5 minutes, either team listening in on what the (hundredth) argument is about. “You’re being a twat! Why can’t you just give us what belongs to us!” “Because we have an important game tonight!” “And we have one coming up in like a week!” “We have a matter of hours Y/N! Can’t you do with what you’ve got?” Letting out a groan, Y/N is prepared to kick a ball into Calum’s perfect face. “What does it take to let me have my side of the pitch!” “Go on a date with me then!” Calum blurts out, surprised by his words as is Y/N and a majority of the players from both sides. People suspected that either Y/N or Calum liked the other, but no one expected Calum to admit it. “What?” Y/N smirks. “Do you have a crush on me?” Her heart skipping a beat at the words repeating in her mind, ‘go on a date with me’. “Maybe- I mean- Do you?” “You’ll only find out if you win the game.” She challenges, Calum feeling a pang in his chest, what if he doesn’t win? He thinks. “B-But we’re playing against the best team in the country, how-” “I don’t know ‘how’, but win and you get to know how I feel and take me out.” The pitch swarming with wolf whistles and cheers. “You love a good game even when it’s not you playing, right?” Calum smirks, letting a chuckle. “What if I don’t win?” “Play a good game,” she winks. “We’ll have the pitch another time. You can have the full pitch, you need the practice.”

School!5sos & Domestic!5sos blurb night with @kinkharries and@emmahood1996! Send in blurbs/prompts or submit!

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Hey, I like your meta. Do you think Historia and Mikasa are "more alike than they are aware of?" While the girls have traumas in the past and someone important to them, I find that Mikasa has almost a unfair advantage over Historia, she's 'in perfect control' of her actions, she's so strong that she can be with Eren, meanwhile Historia is denied choosing, concludes "Ymir doesn need me", and tries to move on, it's messy but at least she is trying. Your thoughts on this Mikasa/Historia comparison.

Hey, I try to like it too, thanks.

-rubs hands together-

Ah, these two.

Mikasa and Historia are incredibly alike, and I’m of the opinion that Mikasa, at least, understands that very well even before she knows Historia’s history.

They both need people on varying levels. When Mikasa thinks she’s lost Eren, she slams into emptiness before she succeeds in pulling herself back up by being inspired by her lost loved one. Historia undergoes the same process when she loses Ymir–only over the course of several weeks.

The main difference between Mikasa and Historia’s codependency predilections is that Mikasa is not left alone with the trauma that cracks open that vulnerability.

She watches her parents die, and her young mind makes its magic connection to the world being a cruel place, but then Eren is there. He and his family step in and give her stability when her world’s been upended.

Historia never really has that stability to begin with, and then, oops, here’s our Bambi allegory, and alone and sad switches over to alone and traumatized.

Eren and Ymir are obviously counterparts when you compare Mikasa and Historia, but in terms of flashback land?

Eren is Mikasa’s salvation as a child.

Historia’s is Krista.

Krista, much like cake, is a sweet lie.

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Hotter Than You

[Summary - So Dean’s waited years to find out what Cas’ skin tastes like. And when he finally does, everything goes wrong again, because his life is just that much fun, and goddamit.]

Written as a tumblr thank you.

So Dean is a lying liar who lies, but even by his standards, this day is going to be one for the fucking ages.

“And you noticed when you woke up?” Sam asks, and, again, he does that frown, like he’s trying not to laugh, because he’s a good brother and wants to be supportive and Dean should definitely remember that the next time he’s about to scrub his armpits with Sam’s toothbrush or something.

(He won’t, though.

Not a chance in hell.)

“Yes,” Dean says, firmly.

(A sigh. A moan. His hands desperately seeking more skin, pressing under Cas’ shirt, almost completely unbuttoned. Looking up in the sudden flash of a passing car’s headlights, and seeing his own face staring down at him.)

“And you don’t remember what you were doing, you know, before?”

“No,” Dean says, even more firmly; and then he adds, for good measure, “Just normal stuff, I guess.”

(Cas standing up, almost stumbling in the unfamiliar body. Cas blushing when he’d realized his fly was undone. Cas looking at him, as if begging him to say something, anything, and then disappearing in the usual flutter of disturbed curtains and papers.)

“Mh,” Sam says, his eyes moving around the motel room before looking Dean up and down. “You’re going to be weird about this, aren’t you?”

“No,” Dean says -

(How can it not be weird, though? If this had happened at any other time, he’d probably be cursing in exasperation and then giving in to the sleazy, unforgivable, inevitable curiosity - he’d be undressing himself, discovering what Cas’ body is like - his body, goddammit, because this is not a vessel, not anymore.

But now -)

- and, of course, he’s lying again.

Sam acts like he doesn’t notice that because his arm is still in a cast, and that means that despite his freakish size, Dean could totally take him and Sam knows it.

(He did get 174 on his SATs, after all.)

“Well, first thing we gotta do is find Cas.”

“Yeah, thanks, Sherlock - think I haven’t tried that yet? I called him and looked for him and prayed to the damn bastard -”

“We don’t know if Cas is in any shape to be seen or answer calls,” Sam points out, reasonably. “Your body was never made to be his vessel. Maybe it exploded, or something.”

Dean opens his mouth, then closes it. Of course, he’s seen Cas standing up and zapping out in his, Dean’s, body, but that doesn’t mean Sam couldn’t be right. That doesn’t mean Cas’ actually okay, and not pink mist on a wall somewhere. That doesn’t mean squat.

Sam sees the expression on his face and backtracks at once - in a very awkward, unconvincing way.

“Which I’m sure would be fine. Cas can probably put it back. He did it before, right?”

Yeah. When he raised Dean from literal Hell, and how can Sam be so fucking casual about this - how can he talk about Dean’s body as if it’s nothing, just an it kind of thing that can be discarded and replaced at will -

But thinking about his own body, and what Cas is doing with it right now, and what he was doing with Cas in the first place - that’s something Dean can’t do, so he lets the whole thing slide.

“Dean?” Sam adds, and God, he still looks so goddamn earnest -

“My body was made for the archangel Michael, bitch. I think it can handle a dorky seraph,” Dean snaps, and that’s the complete truth, for whatever it’s worth.

Sam kind of smiles and kind of hums in agreement, then moves to the desk, even if there’s nothing there, and that means Dean can now see himself in the mirror that’s right in front of him.

And, goddammit, Cas looks so hot in his clothes.

Because, yeah, Dean was not about to stand around in his underwear and wait for Sam to find him, but getting dressed was still, very clearly,  a mistake, because his life is unfair and wrong on every level and Jesus fuck, look at the guy - Dean’s jeans are a perfect fit, and the old Grateful Dead t-shirt makes him look different, but good different, somehow; dangerous, but not in Cas’ usual I’ll smite you right now dangerous - more of a I give the best head in the state but I’ll use my fucking teeth if I fucking want to vibe.

“Where do you think we should look?” Sam asks, now fidgeting with his tablet, and Dean turns away from the mirror, because he’s not about to get a goddamn boner when looking at himself - or, even worse, at Cas.

No matter what happened last night.

Which was clearly a mistake, and something Cas now regrets.

If he’s even alive, that is.

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Supercat, S. If I were perfect for you, wouldn’t you tire of me?

Wow, busting out the ALNM. Unfair. 

It’s Lois who says it first, because if anyone can reach into a happy situation and salt the earth with an asinine comment, it’s the older and less attractive Lane. 

“So, Kara, huh? Isn’t she just perfect?”

Cat lets it slide, as she hasn’t with a thousand other slights, mostly because she’s wrapping her head around other revelations. About how cousins of Kara and cousins of Supergirl must be the same person, and how Cat was slow to put that together despite her expert detective work at every other level. For a brief, shimmering moment she feels an old sisterhood with Lois resurface, of women scaling something impossible in a world determined not to give them a scrap of help, but then Lois opens her stupid trap and almost ruins everything.

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The funny thing is, after so long of watching how hard it is for Root to be without Shaw, here at the end of all things, what kills me is the thought of Shaw being without Root.

All of the hand-me-down depth that we get from them being pushed to their breaking points is very informative, but this last episode gets down all of the parts of them loving each other that I love. Root being an impossible annoyance makes Shaw smile. Shaw kicking someone into unconsciousness makes Root smile. They hold hands.

That damn scene is going to have me in a happy glow of frustration for a while. Just the fact that they hold hands at all is already lethal, but Root threading their fingers together and Shaw’s slightly delayed response? Followed by the closest thing to heart eyes!Shaw we’re ever going to get?

Before they’re interrupted, she looks seconds away from kissing Root. No tension, no underlying aim. She just looks at Root, holding her hand, and you can see the beginnings of her leaning forward.

That whole scene is the things dreams are made of.

In all of the drama and torment that this show has put both of them through, it was nice to return to them simply being. The grand moments happen because, at a very basic level, they genuinely dig each other.

The only problem is that Root is the only thing that has made Shaw smile since her return to New York, and Root came down with a critical case of dead.

(Even Shaw’s reaction to that is perfect; it mirrors the way she responds to her father’s death, and in the context of the rest of the series, it is very plain how deeply she cared for him. Root receiving similar regard on any level is spectacular and hurtful.)

After everything Shaw’s been through, there’s something substantially unfair about her being without that positive force in her life. She loves the nut, and she’ll live without her just fine, but fine is a pretty low bar–one that Root could be counted on to regularly drag her over.

In happier areas, my wishlist for the rest of the finale is very simple:

  • Flashback to the park where the stalemate ends with Shaw kissing Root out of sheer annoyance.
  • Or, you know, literally any flashback to living Root and Shaw.
  • Shaw shooting the first payphone that uses Root’s voice.

Jordi Alba: “Iker leaving Madrid? He’s done enough to merit everyone’s respect. Maybe because they didn’t win any titles. At Barça, things would have been done differently with Iker. You have to ask Madrid why they did that, it’s none of my business. The season before last, we didn’t win anything either, but Xavi’s goodbye was done in a completely different way this year.”

Summer recruits: “We have a very good team, with young players that have many years at a very high level ahead of them. The new players are great. Aleix Vidal knows the club and the way Arda plays is perfect for us”

Criticism of Messi :"Messi has heard it all before. Everyone knows Leo is the best. It’s completely unfair to criticise him because he had a great season and a great Copa América”.

you know what pisses me off about that Steve and Tony aou scene? that, for as short as it is, it’s fucking wasted opportunity for all it shows.

because they’re alone, battered and tired after a lost fight, all walls down and, for what Tony mentions, having seen the worst of themselves of their teammates. Steve has seen Tony’s ‘dark past’ and doesn’t say a thing about it, doesn’t bash Tony for it even though the topic’s on the table.

and they’re lost and hopeless and Tony goes to Steve, in Tony’s own particular way, to seek guidance, because that’s what Tony always does in the comics, he looks at Steve for directions for an approving nod. and for what I gather Steve hasn’t yet given it, so Tony wants to talk Steve through it, get him to say yes to give him green light because Tony doesn’t want just to override Steve’s orders.

and under ordinary, comic characterisation, Steve would let his walls fall as well, because Tony gave him a home, they find home in each other. under ordinary Steve characterisation, Steve probably would have just said something like “I /do/ have a dark past, Tony. I’ve killed innocents I’ve been at war and I’ve compromised the people under my command the people that trusted me. I didn’t look hard enough for my best friend and he got turned into a machine for decades. I didn’t see hydra was there all along under our noses and look at us now, and that’s all my fault.”

because yeah I get it, Steve and Tony got off with the wrong foot in mcu. but he’s not unfair and he wouldn’t just snarl at Tony because he’s sour and tired. not when Tony’s obviously in such an open, passive mood. It’s painfully evident that he’s frustrated and desperate as well, that he has an idea a risky one but it could save them, it could let them go home and he just wants Steve’s approval he doesn’t want to fight and it is so //there// in that scene.

but their take on steve is so shitty because he still has his head up his ass and he still lashes at Tony even though he’s with a white flag weakly flapping behind his shoulders. And that’s not Steve Rogers. That’s not Steve around Tony, specially not when he sees the other man come down to him to make amends, to try and understand him. Steve Rogers is not unfair and proud for the sake of it.

and Marvel wasted the perfect chance to level them up, to let them be in the same page, to understand each other, to see into one another’s souls and pasts.

or should I say whedon, since he doesn’t understand Steve at all? because at his point I don’t know, after all they do want to have them go at each other’s throats with civil war so what’s the point on letting them be friends right?

ugh I’m so pissed right now

"I'm Not Like Those Other Girls", or "How Striving To Be The Low-Maintenance Perfect Woman Has Actually Harmed My Relationships"

Warning: the language used in this post is going to be fairly heteronormative-sounding due to the usual types of relationships and interactions that seem to bring on this toxic issue. However non-hetero people can and do fall into the same traps.

We’ve all heard it when we’re starting up a relationship. “You’re amazing,” he says, in awe of you. “You’re so laid back, you’re into all the stuff I’m into, you’re not dramatic or high-maintenance… you’re not like other girls.”

It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? It sounds like a compliment. Like you’ve risen above your basic evolutionary failings as a girl and you’ve grown into a confident emotionally mature (and therefore attractive) woman. You don’t stoop to those low levels of backstabbing catty jealous girlhood, which is something everyone seems to quietly agree is “the norm”. You’re not like those other girls - you’re better.

It works for a while, doesn’t it? After all, your relationship is going well. You have so many things in common, you feel confident in his devotion to you. You’re in love and when you’re in love there’s no need for drama, no need for insecurity, no need for arguments and demands (all of which are clearly failings on the Other Girls’ end). He goes on and on about how this all makes you the Perfect Woman.

But it doesn’t last, does it? Suddenly you start noticing little things here and there. Logically you know it probably means that New Relationship Smell is fading away. Which isn’t a bad thing, you’ve become established as a couple. But it means you’re suddenly needing more. You aren’t as comfortable with him blowing off important things in favor of his own hobbies and interests. You aren’t okay with the way he teases your shortcomings. You aren’t as easy-going when he forgets to call or text when he’s out late drinking or partying with his friends to make sure he’s safe. All seemingly easy things to work on, right? Unless you’re still striving to be his Perfect Woman.

It’s not easy, is it? You have to make a choice. Do you sacrifice your status as The Perfect Woman and bring up these issues? Do you ask him to make changes to improve your relationship? Or do you stay silent, because his insistence on your attractiveness being rooted in your lack of “Other Girl”-ness seems vital to your relationship.

So now what? You have a choice. You either smile and nod and pretend these things still don’t bother you the same way they didn’t bother you in the beginning (which, despite what he might say, is not hypocritical… people change)… or you fight for your relationship to evolve and grow and demand the same level of respect and compromise from him that he demands from you. In the first scenario, he stays comfortable. He stays happy. He still sees you as this paragon of girl-ness, this amazing hero of femininity that doesn’t come with the awful complications thousands of movies and books and TV shows and comedians insist exists in every woman… but you sacrifice your own happiness in pursuit of this ideal of “perfection” he’s encouraged. In the second scenario you stand your ground and insist on your own happiness’s importance, and you strive for an adult and equal relationship… while running the risk of losing the person you love because his illusion is shattered. In an ideal scenario he’ll appreciate your candor and independence of his vision of you. He grows to love you as the individual and not as the dream. But that’s not always how that ends - you know this. And loneliness is a powerful fear. Is it worth the risk?

I personally struggle with this constantly (even more so in poly when his other relationships might be a bit heavier on “drama” - it’s easy to want to be the stable thing he can count on). In every relationship I’ve started with a man, he’s fallen head over heels in love with the idea that I’m Not Like Other Girls. I match his interests and hobbies, I’m patient and relaxed, I’m confident, I’m selfless. Everything is drama-free and upfront, everything is good and wonderful and “perfect”.

Which has put me in a bind every time. Because when a problem does arise, suddenly I’m not sure if me fighting it is going to be seen as being an independent individual (with the confidence he claims he loves) or I’m going to be seem as Just Another Dramatic Girl.

The easy solution here is to stop seeing these Girls and Women as a hive mind. Every woman has a different heart and mind, every woman will be bothered by things another woman won’t, every woman will find some things fun and others frustrating. There is no “Other Girls” (In fact, I prefer not to be called a “girl” at all but that’s not the issue at hand here). I’m a grown woman, an individual. I’m not unique in this. I AM “like other girls”. I will have flaws and perks, I will have strengths and weaknesses, I will like one thing and hate another and it will be just as unique and different as every single other woman out there.

This is a flaw in everyone’s logic, men and women alike. Some women like to brag that “they’re not like those other girls” - I’ve been guilty of this same thing. This is, we think, a compliment. Girls are backstabbing, girls are shallow, girls are catty, girls don’t like “boy things” like cars and sports and geek culture, girls are fake, girls are over-emotional. Some girls backstab, sure. Some are shallow. Some are catty. But all of these traits, good and bad, are gender-neutral. But the assumption that women are the “other” whereas male is the assumed dominant gender means that it’s easy to lump them all into one category. It’s why stereotypes are assumed to be truth - the “default” needs to categorize and limit in order to, in their minds, “understand”. There is no understanding women, same as there is no understanding men. You can understand on an individual level only. Seeing an individual and limiting them to the stereotypes of their group is unfair… it limits them, it limits you, and it limits your relationship.

So yes, this has harmed my relationships, over and over. Because over and over I find myself not liking something a partner has said or done, and I stop myself before speaking. Will I be seem as too confrontational? Is this a legitimate problem, or “just drama”? Am I being unreasonable? All of these things are questions the “Perfect Woman” has to keep asking herself. Everyone has a limit, everyone has something they won’t be happy with when interacting with another human being. That’s not “drama”, that’s not “over-emotional”. It’s conflict, sure. But some conflict is healthy. Without conflict and individual cannot grow, and without conflict (from both outside and inside) a couple cannot grow either. I don’t mean constant fighting or anything, but a relationship should be between two individual personalities and people with individual wants and needs, and conflict is necessary and normal. It’s not easy, but it’s healthy.

This can’t and won’t be fixed overnight with me. Every time a man is excited that I’m not dramatic or jealous or reactionary, I worry that any negative in our relationship is going to shift his perspective and his vision of me will be destroyed and I lose that connection. In an ideal world I’d shrug this off with a “well I can do better - if all he wants is the idea of me and leaves the second I’m not as low-maintenance as he wants, I’m better off”… and as an idea that’s correct. But that risk is always going to be there, that concern and worry in the back of my mind… even if they’ve not really done anything to cause or encourage that concern.

The best way to rid ourselves of this is to accept that there is no “Other Girls”. Because I am like other girls, honey. I am. I am unique, yes, but so are they. There is no universal feminine trait, there is no hive mind. Do not compliment me by putting other women down. Not only do you insult other women, you insult me, and you set our relationship up for failure from the very beginning. Because now everything about me that you end up not liking will be lumped as a “woman” thing and you’ll either ignore it entirely (“Honey it’s just your time of the month, this isn’t a real problem” or “Why do girls always get so upset about this?” - which rids yourself of the responsibility as my partner to engage in this discussion and work on it with me) or you’ll feel betrayed because you thought I was somehow above the pack.

So, yes. In all ways I’m not like other girls, in the exact same ways that I am like other girls. Hell even you, male reader, are both like and unlike these mystical “Other Girls”. There are no feminine traits, there are no masculine traits. Jealousy, shallowness, cattiness, anger, avoidance, passive aggression… all of these and more as seen as “Other Girls” traits, but both men and women have them. Yes even that Perfect Woman that you think is exempt from human flaws.

Stop. Stop saying I’m not like other girls. Stop establishing early on that these flaws and hurt feelings aren’t allowed. I am like other girls. I am like other women. I am like some men, too. And until you realize we’re on the same page emotionally, we’re not going to work. The less pressure out there to be “better” than others in your group, the more we can have an open and honest and healthy relationship where we can BOTH discuss what bothers us and what makes us happy. Even if those things are “stereotypical”.