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BIG MOOD: PEPPERMINT AND TRINITY’S FACES WHEN I TOLD THEM THAT THEIR SCRAPBOOK WAS ENTIRELY CREATED OUT OF FAN SUBMISSIONS ♡♡♡♡ honestly, i can’t thank y'all enough for taking the time to submit your beautiful artwork and writing heartfelt letters for this project!!!!!! it goes without saying but without your contributions, this wouldn’t have been possible. i’ll admit i was stressed af about it but their gaggt reactions and just sincere appreciation for the gesture made it all worthwhile. LIKE it made peppermint get so emotional she was just GASPING and trinity’s face even MOVED and she smiled and everything jsjsksks we did it kids!!!!! i can’t stop crying!!!!!!

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Letters Master List

Hello! Here is a full master list of all the letters in Dear Evan Hansen! Bellow each letter link I have a description of each letter and when it’s used in the play. If you see any missing, message me and I’ll add it to the list! I also included extra material at the end of the list. **Act two letters may contain spoilers!**

Note: This is a work in progress, and is actively being worked on!

Act One:

Letter #1: Evan Hansen to Himself

- This letter is used in the opening scene of the play when Evan is drafting his letter to himself, as assigned by his doctor, Dr. Strauss. 

Letter #2: Evan Hansen to Himself

- The most famous letter of the show. Evan wrote this letter in the computer lab on the first day of school, after a phone call with his mom. He printed it out and was found by Connor Murphy. After a short conversation with Evan, Connor asks if the letter is his. He begins to read it and sees the part about his sister, Zoe. Connor becomes mad and blows up on Evan. Evan pleads to get the letter but Connor takes it with him. This is mistaken by the Murphy’s as Connor’s last words or his suicide note.

Letter #3: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen (Edited Version/Final Version)

- The first letter that Evan and Jared write to make it appear as though Evan really was friends with Connor. This is in the song “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #4: Evan Hansen to Connor Murphy

- The second letter in “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #5: Connor Murphy to  Evan Hansen

- The third letter in “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #6: Evan Hansen

- The fourth letter in “Sincerely, Me” and the final letter of the first act.

Act Two:

Letter #1: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen

- This is the only letter featured in “Sincerely, Me (Reprise)” which is not featured on the cast album. 

Letter #?: Evan Hansen to Himself

- The final letter of the show. This is written (actually spoken) when Evan is supposed to be a freshman in college. This is in the final scene of the show. 

Dear Evan Hansen,
Turns out this wasn’t an amazing day after all. This isn’t going to be an amazing week or an amazing year, because why would it be?
I know, because there’s Zoe, and all my hope is pinned on Zoe, who I don’t even know, and doesn’t know me. Maybe if I could just talk to her. Maybe nothing would be different at all. I wish everything was different.
I wish I was part of something. I wish that anything I said mattered to anyone. I mean face it, would anyone notice if I just disappeared tomorrow?
Your most best, and dearest friend, Me

Love Letter to the Queer Fandom

by Rae D. Magdon (tumblr user raedmagdon)

The women who taught me how to be queer are fictional.

Growing up, I didn’t know a single gay, bi, or transgender person. I was young, I was sheltered. When I started wondering if, maybe, the way I thought about women wasn’t the way most other girls did, I went to the internet.

I hoped to find answers. What I found was a lifeline.

 I read about women in love. Unapologetically in love, unrestrained with their love. I read about women like me, and it gave me the courage to start writing.

I wrote about what I wanted my own future to look like. I wrote about women like me, queer women, getting happily ever afters. I wrote and wrote until I had published ten novels and over two and a half million words of fanfiction.

 Then I started getting messages.

 I got messages from myself ten years ago. I got messages that said: “Thank you.” I got messages that said: “This is me.” I got messages that asked: “Is it really going to be okay?”

 And I got to say, “Yes, it really is going to be okay.”

My lifeline had become a rope, and I was pulling it from the other end. Now it runs in front of me and behind me. And that, I think, is what queerness is, and what fandom is. It inspires you, and gives you the chance—the honor—to inspire other people too.

 It’s the most personal form of expression, but the best thing you can do is make it public, so you can touch someone else.

 So this is my love letter to the queer fandom. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am.

This essay was submitted to the @aroomoftheirown​ project, a blog and zine that seeks document the myriad of ways in which LGBT content creators and fandom participants use fanworks as a celebration of their identities and to force popular mainstream media to reflect their lived experiences by collecting essays, comics, and interviews documenting how LGBT members of fandom use their various talents to carve out a space for themselves in mainstream fiction and to explore their identities in a relatively safe space.

The blog that will accept submissions on a consistent basis and the eventual goal is to compile a selection of the pieces into a zine or a series of zines, the proceeds of which will go to the Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline

To learn more or submit to the project, click here.

Dear Evan Hansen,
Life at rehab is all right. I like the yoga and the sharing circles every night.
But dude, these stories sometimes scare you half to death? So many people end up sucking dick for meth. And one more thing, that’s worth mentioning, that guy from our school, Jared Kleinman. Yes, the insanely cool Jared Kleinman! I think we should start to make him part of this awesome friendship we have. A part of this awesome friend we have! This adorably heartwarming friendship we have!

The signs as white haired anime boys

Aries: Gauche Suede

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Taurus: Soushi Miketsukami

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Gemini: Yashiro Isana / Adolf K. Weismann

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Cancer: Nai Muhinyi

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Leo: Tomoe

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Virgo: Shion

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Libra: Toshiro Hitsugaya

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Scorpio: Hampnie Hambart / Kizuna Astin

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Sagittarius: Aru Akise

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Capricorn: Allen Walker

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Aquarius: Killua Zoldyck

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Pisces: Hichigo

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“Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your whole family!”

I’M ALIIIIIIVEEEE! (Actually this is the third project I’ve finished since the Pokemon stitch, but I can’t show those because they’re birthday presents. So you’ll have to wait til December, sorry)

Mulan is my FAVORITE Disney movie!! I love it, really, and I can never find anything related to it. So I was super excited when I saw FrigidStitch had a pattern available. I bought it the same time I bought Trinity’s Pokemon pattern.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors used for the two Mulan characters so I changed them. In the original pattern, Girl!Mulan was wearing the outfit she wore at the very beginning of the movie while Ping!Mulan’s colors were slightly off (they’re still slightly off but shh we’re gonna roll with it). I wanted Mulan in her matchmaker outfit because 1. She was wearing it when she sang this song and 2. She’s not comfortable in both this outfit and as soldier Ping, so I wanted to “reflect” that (ba-dum-tish, I’ll see myself out).

This was done on 18 count aida because I love me some 18 count mmm yeah. And I don’t want to talk about how much I had to rip out… Also-also, for my log, this was literally finished today, so, yay! Productivity!



I probably love this Kiyoko-san too much that I have pasted in my notebook!!
There are definitely male athletes who love the look of the female athlete uniforms.

After I bought a new notebook, I moved these two stickers over from my last one.   (* ̄∇ ̄*)  lol

I made the mistake of messing up the kanji for her name so I had to fix my tweet, I’m so sorry Kiyoko-san  ||orz|||

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

***There’s a follower of this blog who should recognize that second sticker very well!!!

Garnet Tells Jamie Off

An alternate ending to the episode “Love Letters”.

(Read the rest of the comic under the break!)

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dear evan hansen + panic! at the disco
  • jared: *starts typing fake email*
  • jared: dear evan hansen,
  • jared: is it still me that makes you sweat...

Dear Evan Hansen,
We’ve been way too out of touch. Things have been crazy, and it sucks that we don’t talk that much. But I should tell you that I think of you each night. I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight. I’ve gotta tell you, life without you has been hard has been bad has been rough, and I miss talking about life and other stuff. I like my parents, I love my parents, but each day’s another fight. If I stop smoking drugs, then everything might be alright. If I stop smoking crack, If I stop smoking pot, then everything might be alright. I’ll take your advice. I’ll try to be more nice. I’ll turn it around, wait and see. 'Cause all that it takes is a little reinvention. It’s easy to change if you give it your attention. All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be.
Sincerely, Me

Hey, y’all. I know a lot of hate has been going around lately, but that’s not what Valentine’s Day is about. Regardless of whether you’re following me or not, I love each and every one of you, and to show that, for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I plan on sending y’all “letters” from your valentine, aka your favorite character.

If you would like a valentine, please do the following :

  • Tell me who your favorite Supernatural or Marvel character(s) is (can be multiple, but I’ll only pick one unless I decide otherwise.)
  • Send me your favorite pick-up line or pun. Preferably super cheesy. The cheesier the better. (*Optional but super appreciated <3)
  • Asks only. No private messages please. They’re easier to keep track of this way.
  • Reblog this post to spread the word! I want to show love to as many people as I can!

Note: All letters will be sent anonymously via ask on February 14th. If a lot of people respond to this post, I may have to make this a multi-day affair. Unless this post gets an overwhelming response, I will do my absolute best to get to everyone! If I can’t, know that you are still loved, and I will most certainly do something like this again!  

Tagging some people below the cut who might either be interested in this project or willing to help spread the word (or both):

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