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This thing here just destroyed every head canon or shit about Sasuke returning to Konoha because of Sakura. Like, stop.

It was so annoying all that “OMG Sasuke shiden is a SS novel, SASUKE RETURNED BC OF SAKURA!” No. Is a Sasuke’s novel, about his feelings and his most strong bond with his most important person and that person is not Sakura.

He said before this that the only thing that tied him to Konoha was Naruto and now we have this here in where a letter from Naruto makes him smile and he decided to finally return to Konoha. It wasn’t a letter from Sakura. If Sakura words are in there or not is stupid af because she has a hand and she can write a fucking letter for his friend or what? She’s scare? Please. Sasuke only thought about Naruto in all this novel even when there are a lot of forced moments of certain “couples”

But this and the original manga say it all. The one who saved him was Naruto, the one who never gave up on him was Naruto. His weakness is Naruto. He said that Naruto makes him feel in home and remember him of his family and remember him of love.

I don’t even care if after this we have all that NH and SS shit and ilogic moments in where they’re all OOC again. Because this is the real Sasuke.

He returned because of Naruto. He called Konoha a “home” because of Naruto. He has faith in Konoha because of Naruto. He adores him and his own world, he himself said it in the novel.

There’s a spot in Sasuke’s heart that no one has, and it belongs to Naruto not Sakura. Your fucking welcome. 😘

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Here’s a big hug to those of you who feel “not gay enough for the gay community and not straight enough for the straights”. 

Romantic and sexual orientation are wide spectrums and while gay and straight may be the most well-known or most talked about, there’s plenty of people who don’t fall in either of those two categories - and they’re just as valid, real, important and wonderful parts of the lgbt+ community as gay people are! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

“You DUMPED me!” vs “They’ll be back for me.”

The thing about Rogue One is that it takes all of the Star Wars conventions and turns them upside down, then at the very end turns them back and reminds everyone that this is Star Wars–but a little too late.

While I would be the first to admit that Jyn Erso’s character could be improved upon, and she’s most certainly not the easiest one to like, she is still an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT female character.

This is mostly comparing Jyn to Rey. They both had similar backstories of parental abandonment at a very young age and both are similarly badass, and they are both young, pretty white women with three-letter names.

That is where the similarities end. Abruptly.

Jyn has none of Rey’s patience or moral clarity. She is not Force sensitive despite wearing what is implied to be a kyber crystal around her neck. Jyn has none of Rey’s optimism, none of the hope or selflessness that makes Rey so easily likeable. In fact, Jyn is not likeable at all. Not until the very end.

This is because we get the feeling that if Jyn were in Rey’s place–while she might have saved BB8 from Teedo–she would definitely have turned BB8 in for sixty portions without the least ounce of regret. And she would never have stayed in the same place waiting patiently for her family to reclaim her.

Rogue One is the darkest, most realistic Star Wars yet because it follows the odds rather than defying them.

Instead of having an abandoned child turn out optimistic and morally pure against all probability, the abandoned child in Rogue One turns out EXACTLY as anyone would expect her to be: bitter, unhappy, and completely self-centered.

Jyn is a reflection of what Rey could easily have turned out to be, what ANYONE could turn out to be if abandoned as a child in a war-torn world, and that makes us uncomfortable.

Rogue One tells us bluntly that the Star Wars world is actually NOT full of young, idealistic farm boys and beautiful, headstrong princesses who channel their grief towards a greater cause. No, it is in fact full of people like Jyn–flawed, cynical, traumatized yet unsympathetic, and completely apathetic to the bigger picture.

The fact that Jyn is a woman is most likely adding to her unlikeability.

It is tradition in fiction as a whole to make the woman the emotional center, the compassionate figure of the group. Yet Rogue One’s figurative heart seems to lean more towards Bodhi, or Chirrut, who are both much more sympathetic, much more well-adjusted, much more faithful to a cause outside themselves. They have attachments which Jyn cut a long time ago. The only attachment she has is, logically, more self-centered–her long lost father is alive and she is desperate to reclaim the only family she has left.

And there is only a shred more sympathy for Cassian, who is just as ambiguous as Jyn. He unceremoniously drags her away from her father’s dead body. He mocks Jyn for being self-centered and apathetic about politics, yet in the same breath admits to having done horrible things in the name of the Resistance. The point is that neither of them have the moral high ground in the argument. Jyn commits petty crimes in the name of survival, Cassian commits war crimes in the name of his cause.

Over and over, Jyn fights as hard as she can throughout the whole movie, as hard as any Star Wars protagonist. But unlike the others, she loses.

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

You’re allowed to be angry about bad representation or lack of representation. 

People who say “It’s a waste of energy” or “There are more important things to be angry about” or “It’s like you want to feel offended” are most likely people who are already well represented in media. It often sounds somewhat like “I’ve never lacked food in my life, so why do poor people not simply go and buy food? It’s like they want to be hungry!”. 

But change occurs when people stand up. And sending a complaint to a tv channel who is handling lgbt+ representation badly (and similar actions) are not a waste of energy, they’re exactly that: It’s us standing up for our rights. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

To all incredible women who strive for excellence, 

When I was growing up, I had a dream. I’m sure you did, too. My dream wasn’t like that of an average kid, my dream was to be the best tennis player in the world. Not the best “female” tennis player in the world.

I was fortunate to have a family that supported my dream and encouraged me to follow it. I learned not to be afraid. I learned how important it is to fight for a dream and, most importantly, to dream big. My fight began when I was three and I haven’t taken a break since.

But as we know, too often women are not supported enough or are discouraged from choosing their path. I hope together we can change that. For me, it was a question of resilience. What others marked as flaws or disadvantages about myself – my race, my gender – I embraced as fuel for my success. I never let anything or anyone define me or my potential. I controlled my future.

So when the subject of equal pay comes up, it frustrates me because I know firsthand that I, like you, have done the same work and made the same sacrifices as our male counterparts. I would never want my daughter to be paid less than my son for the same work. Nor would you.

As we know, women have to break down many barriers on the road to success. One of those barriers is the way we are constantly reminded we are not men, as if it is a flaw. People call me one of the “world’s greatest female athletes”. Do they say LeBron is one of the world’s best male athletes? Is Tiger? Federer? Why not? They are certainly not female. We should never let this go unchallenged. We should always be judged by our achievements, not by our gender.

For everything I’ve achieved in my life, I am profoundly grateful to have experienced the highs and lows that come with success. It is my hope that my story, and yours, will inspire all young women out there to push for greatness and follow their dreams with steadfast resilience. We must continue to dream big, and in doing so, we empower the next generation of women to be just as bold in their pursuits.

– An open letter by Serena Williams


A letter from the Moors Murderer, Ian Brady , in which he advises a young pen pal away from a life of crime and to focus on his studies instead. Here, Brady almost seems to show genuine concern and kindness for the boy. The letter reads:

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for your letter. Now I want you to read this letter very carefully to ensure you fully understand the important points I intend to make. I’ve told you repeatedly in previous letters that crime is a mug’s game, and that you can earn more by training for a skilled job, as you are presently doing, getting good results from your courses and exams, which I tried to assist you with. I spent most of my life in prison advising other prisoners to get out and keep out. There’s nothing romantic about crime, it’s hard unrewarding work even for the criminals who are clever. An amateur would be caught or sold out immediately. Seeing cases in headlines only gives the impression of excitement, while the people behind the headlines rot for decades in tiny cells. If you find ordinary life and freedom boring at times, you can’t imagine how much worse it is in prison. If you could imagine it, you’d soon lose any interest in crime and criminals. Try to imagine sitting in a cell for forty years, while your friends outside are enjoying themselves. I get the impression that you may have written to other prisoners. If they have ever suggested that crime is an intelligent occupation, they are lying simply to comfort themselves. You’ve as much chance of becoming a successful criminal as winning the lottery. The majority of successful criminals have also spent most of their lives behind bars, flash when they win, but never mentioning when they lose. I’m talking from 36 years of experience of criminals remember.

And for me, well my example says it all. I’m already a dead man walking. What’s to be admired about having death as a sole ambition? What’s even interesting about that? You’re young, free, and have everything to look forward to. Forget crime and criminals entirely. Even the Krays spent most of their lives in prisons. So did the Train Robbers, I met them in prison and they were broken men. They would’ve chosen different lives had they been able to see the future. I am weak now and also have flu, so I’m losing all interest in the outside world and have nothing left to teach you or anyone else, except the futility of crime. So I’m beginning to say goodbye to all the people I write to, including you. I enjoyed our letters and the many intelligent questions you have asked - much more than many other people I write to. Simply guide your interested intelligence in a more positive direction. My life is over, long ago. It’s important that you do not believe my stopping writing to you is something personal. It isn’t. I’m simply tired with the outside world in general. It has no relevance to me as I will never see it again. The crucial thing is that you forget all about crime and criminals and get on with your life in a positive manner. Once you commit a crime and are caught, you forfeit all the many benefits of society.
It is also important to realise that your innocent letters to me would get you into a great deal of trouble if certain people outside found out about it. That alone could ruin your life. Understand? Destroy all my letters and simply remember the good advice I’ve given.
There’s no need to answer this letter. I wish you all the best. Thanks for writing.

Best wishes, Ian Brady


I have had many people argue with me on the credibility of graphology since in the world of deduction, many deem it to be a pseudoscience. While I do not recommend making deductions solely through handwriting analysis, I do hold that deductions and support for such can be found through the observation of writing. One of the most important factors to consider in graphology is context. When was this written? Where was this written? Why was this written? What was written? Who was this written for? The average person has four variations in handwriting depending on their circumstances. If you have multiple excerpts of writing, you have the ability to compare samples against one another. This allows you to form an emotional and mental map of the subject’s writing throughout various tension and emotional levels. For example, notes scrawled during a lecture will vary from those of a letter to a lover

Yet, you will not always have as much ample data. When dealing with a singular sample, I like to test my deductions with “palm reading”. I typically start one of these “sessions” after having observed a sample, by asking the subject if I could practice my palm reading skills on them. This set up not only allows me to observe body language and micro expressions in action, but I can feel body temperature changes and slight flinches. During “sessions” I start with deductions I am certain are correct; to not only get the individual’s natural baseline, but to gain their trust. From this point, I gradually add in my more risky deductions. One of the most useful skills this exercise has taught me, is how to morph an incorrect deduction into something correct, so as to not lose credibility. If the subject’s body starts giving off signs counter to what you have deduced, start to twist your statement until a proper reaction is given. Note that this must be done quickly. If you can not get a proper response, try to morph your sentence into something true for the majority of the population or something that they will simply not say no to (I hate flattering, but if it’s going to save you, you might as well).

One of the first traits that I look for when observing handwriting is slant. Slant in handwriting is a general indicator of emotional openness. Slanting to the left indicates that the individual is holding back their emotions, consequently, handwriting slanting to the right indicates emotional expression. However, there are exceptions such as when people write with great speed, their handwriting may also slant. The absence of slant can also show someone who is very in control of their emotions and most likely all areas in their life. Take note of handwriting that is very manicured as this indicates someone who many have forcibly changed their handwriting for varying reasons including, but not limited to aesthetics and legibility.

My favorite letter to look at is the letter Y. The letter Y is speculated to be linked to trust, social relations, and (in some cases) sex drive. When observing this letter, pay close attention to the tail of the Y as that is the most descriptive part of the letter. Large, exaggerated loops indicate someone who is very imaginative and likely has a higher sex drive. People with closed or extremely tiny loops tend to be very selective in their social relations and can be slow to trust people. Loops that land in the middle generally show a healthy amount of drive and average trust. One odd looping that isn’t as often seen is a small circular loop at the end of a tail, this odd shape indicates someone with a closed circle of friends, almost like a clan. You will also find those who, instead of looping their Y’s, will draw a straight tail. Long straight tails indicate someone who is independent and proud, while someone with a short straight tail shows a more “loner” like mentality with less drive behind their actions. In graphology, aggressiveness is noted by sharp angles. In the letter Y this can usually be seen at the end of the tail, direction does not matter, simply the fact that it is a sharp angle. Some sharp angles will be very acute, almost touching the tails, this is an indicator of someone who is antisocial and has trust issues. One of the last things to look for are incomplete loops, these tend to appear in someone with an incomplete or unsatisfied sex life. While the letter Y is the easiest to see these traits, you will sometimes be able to observe them in the letter G, but generally the style of the G is less extreme than the Y and can look like a very toned down version.

I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions you can send them to queries or send me a message!

Happy Observing!

celebrities coming out is still important

Fifth Harmony, besides being the world’s biggest girl group at the moment, are now not only five strong feminist woc but one of them is also bisexual. She came out in the most casual way. It literally took half a sentence in an 8 paragraph long open letter addressing Trump voters. Most importantly she spoke out on her own terms after years of pressure from her own fans and being brutally outed days prior. She really showed everyone and I really think this is gonna save lives. At least I know I already feel more comfortable in my own skin and I’m so thankful for that. Celebrities need to keep coming out. The struggle is nowhere near over.


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You’re quiet, capable, with deep convictions and a strong desire to make everyone happy.

I love that family is very important to you. You see the grand scheme of things and recognize that your family, whether it’s the biological sense of a family or a group of people you’ve adopted as your own, is the most important thing anyone can have.

You aren’t shy about expressing that you truly care for someone, and tears hold no shame for you.

You’re amazing at seeing what needs to be done and then acting upon that knowledge. While most people may not see all the great things that you do, a lot rests of your shoulders and I love that you get things done. You’re great at taking initiative and getting things started on your own without having to be prodded.

You’re also amazing at taking directions–you will cheerfully comply and complete tasks to the best of your ability.

I love that you’re responsible. You are upstanding in your character and people trust you. You have a very reliable history and are unlikely to do anything rebellious.

You’re an amazing friend who will always be there to help others. If I have truly earned an INFJ’s love and trust, I will trust that INFJ with my life and know that it will not be forfeit.

Thanks, guys. You bring a lot to the world. Carry on.

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Jin(bts)&female reader Fluff or Smut with letter V plz?

V: Royalty AU

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You are at a banquet.

Likely the most important banquet of your life - it has some fancy title in your culture, in your country but the breakdown is that this is the preface to your engagement. Here you are supposed to pick your future husband from the pool of potential suitors who have been invited, carefully gathered for you to choose from.

Sitting at the head table, you are bored. Several men have asked you to dance, traditionally bowed to you and given you their most luxurious gifts - diamond earrings and puppies and products from their native counties - but none of them even came close to peaking your interest.

When Kim Seokjin waltzed up to the table, he was clearly different. Walking with a unique swagger, wearing a black, crisp, sparkling suit with a modern design where others worn their traditional clothes. He stood for a moment, silent, unoffering of a gift, it seemed.

“What do you offer as a gift?” One of your receivers asked in a deep, brooding voice.

He ran his hand through his hair handsomely. “The gift is me.”

It was the first time you had smiled all night.


Alright big news ☺☺ I formally came out as transgender to my mom today and explained to her why I chose to go to gender therapy!! I wrote this big letter to her explaining it. I emailed it to her at 6am after staying up all night writing it and debating whether or not to send it. After 12 minutes she responded “I love you no matter what. Let’s have fun today.”
We got Chick-Fil-A and facials. She’s going to pay for my gender therapy and help me get on T if I decide to transition.
Even though I’m not passing yet (or out to my father who lives in Texas) this has been the best I’ve felt about myself in so long.
Love your children!! Your children are your children and they were your children before you knew their genders!! Keep them alive and healthy and happy and love them !! My mom is doing a good job and we have the best relationship. Better now than ever before.

The Shapur Plate


Medium: Silver and gilt 

Type: Metalwork

Date: 4th century 

 Accession Number: F1934.23 

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

“I, Shapur, king of kings, partner with the Stars, brother of the Sun and Moon, to my brother Constantius Caesar offer most ample greeting.…”

Description from The Smithsonian Museum:  “Like Shapur’s flowery letter to the Roman emperor Constantine, this masterpiece of silverwork presents Shapur II as a ruler of the universe, the king of kings.

It was produced during the fourth century CE for Shapur II, the Sasanian king who is identified by his distinctive crown. He was one of the most powerful rulers of the Sasanian dynasty, which controlled Iran and much of the Ancient Near East from 224 to 651 CE. During Shapur’s reign, scenes depicting the king hunting gazelle, boars, bulls, and ibex were important metaphors for royal power. The plate, like several other similar examples, was presented as a gift to dignitaries or was displayed prominently in the Sasanian palace to assert Shapur’s sovereignty.

This Sasanian plate, however, was not discovered in Iran, but in Russia. Its journey from Iran to Russia and then to the United States and the Freer Gallery of Art is as important to its identity as was its role in the Sasanian court. Acquired by a wealthy Russian noble family, the Stroganovs, on the borderlands of Siberia, it was displayed in their palace in Saint Petersburg until the Russian Revolution of 1917. In 1934 it became one of the first works of Sasanian art to enter the United States, and it is among the most important Sasanian objects in an American museum”  via: smithsonian 


Text:   Smithsonian Museum

PHOKIS, Delphi. 5th century BC. AR Tridrachm (25mm, 18.26 g). Two rhyta (drinking vessels) in the form of ram’s heads; above, two dolphins swimming toward each other; ΔAΛΦ-I-KON in small letters below; all within beaded border / Quadripartite incuse square in the form of a coffered ceiling; each coffer decorated with a dolphin and laurel spray.

We come this week to a coin that is considered to be one of the most important historical, religious, and architectural artifacts from the Greek world. Struck in Delphi, the so-called “navel of the world,” this coin is thought to show two drinking vessels shaped like the heads of rams on the obverse, and is commonly associated with the Greek defeat of  the Persians in 479 BCE. The reverse is thought to show the actual ceiling of the temple of Apollo at Delphi on the reverse.

This attribution has raised some questions, but it is believed that the Persian treasure from the campaign was dedicated at Delphi and the frequent repetition of dolphins, associated with Apollo Delphinios, the particular god of Delphi, has strengthened these claims.

This is a very rare denomination (tetradrachms are most  common, along with didrachms and drachms) and a very rare coin. Less than twenty are known to still exist.

Masato Hijirikawa Headcannons!!

Happy Birthday, Masa~!


It takes Masato a fairly long time to time to take action once it’s decided that he’d like to start dating someone. So, while he may have asked them out today. He’d been brewing it for about a month.

He attempts to ask them about five times before realizing he can’t do it. So, he’ll write a letter and leave it up to the to approach him once they’ve read it.

For the first date, he’d like to go someplace quiet with nice scenery. He’d invite them on a picnic and he’d make all the snacks.

He’s another that believes first impressions are important, so he does his best to make sure everything goes according to plan. And believe me, he has a very detailed first date planned.

Because of this, he’d be very nervous most of the date! He’s dying for things to go well. He might be a mess on the inside but he’d do what he can to prevent that from showing.

A person with zero respect for personal space is a turn off for him. He is one of those people who has a ‘bubble’ and expects everyone to stay out of it until he’s comfortable enough around them.

He does not kiss on the first date. No matter what.


Masato is one of the most easily embarrassed men there is in the Utapri world. He would die from PDA so he stays away from it at all costs.

If his s/o tries to hold his hand in public, he may shove his hands in his pockets and keep walking like it never happened.

He never forgets an anniversary. He may miss the day of due to work travel but he’ll send his lover all types of gifts to make it up to them.

He’s generally very good at hiding things like irritation and annoyance. But when he gets jealous, it can get a tad more strenuous.

He shows his jealousy through mild possession. It’s not that he doesn’t trust his lover. He just isn’t a very confident man and that shows through his jealousy.

Sadly, his communication skills are lacking. His s/o will never really know that that they are HIS significant other unless they ask. He just kind of assumes that they know.

He especially bad at communicating when there are issues. It’s not because he doesn’t want to resolve the issues. He just doesn’t know how to speak his mind and is too afraid that he may say something hurtful. (Even when it’s not that serious of an issue) So, he just holds back.


The very first kiss is bound to be nothing more than a peck and it may not last for too long if he’s super nervous.

A kiss from Masato is generally gentle yet powerful. To him, kissing is his way of convey his true feelings without having to say a word.

Masato secretly adores receiving forehead kisses especially if his s/o is shorter than him because they’ll to tiptoe to reach. And he loves giving them just as much.

Generally he’s not a tongue kind of guy. Making out with his idol generally consists of a series of pecks and occasional lip nibbling.

He’s not the best kisser from the start but over time he improves; he secretly wants his s/o to let him know that he’s become a pretty good kisser.

Now, although he’s not big on tongue kissing that doesn’t mean a little tongue doesn’t turn him on. In fact, that’s one indicator for his s/o realize he’s hoping for the make out session to turn into a little something else.


He’s not the most affectionate man in the world outside of the bedroom, so his s/o is in luck if they want to cuddle while in bed.

He is sucker for bedtime cuddling.

He likes for his s/o to rest their sleepy head on his chest while he rubs little circles on their back.

Another time he cuddles his s/o is when they’re feeling down and they need comfort. Once he’s said all that he can, he just likes to hold them in his arms so that they know he’s there for them.  


He’s the big spoon most of the time. Though, there are times where he feels more vulnerable and prefers to be the little spoon.

Whether or not Masato is a light or heavy sleeper, depends on how tired he is from the previous night. Some nights he can wake up just from hearing a pen drop other nights his s/o would probably wonder if he’s dead….Ya know, if he didn’t snore loud as hell.

Yup, Masato snores especially when he’s exhausted.

Some nights, when he’s feeling restless he tosses and turns until he’s awake. He’d make him some chamomile tea to help ease him back to bed. Most of time it helps.

He owns several very expensive pajama sets that he wears to bed. He swears by them because the materials they’re made of makes him feel like his body is wrapped in clouds.


It’s common knowledge that this idol is afraid of all things creepy and crawly. Often times, he’s the butt of some pretty simple pranks that somehow manage to get him every single time. Once, Ranmaru was pissed off that he left the buzzing air purifier on all night so he covered Masa’s bed in plastic worms, roaches and spiders. Masato screamed louder than any girl Ranmaru has ever met in his life. The best part is that Masato has no idea that a camera was recording him the entire time. All of Starish and Quartet Night has seen the video except for him.

trying to figure if the situation
is fixable
cause she wants unconditional
love but the relation-
ship is in fragments
as we practice detachment
even though we both promised
we never would but she missed
the most important part
of my poems, my heart,
i dunno if it can still
love when i don’t have the will
to write,
but i’m trying despite
every letter
in me aching to let go,
“you deserve better”,
yeah… i know -


- i don’t want someone better, i just want to matter -