the lesser party would say that

Let’s dispense with the “Democrats are just as bad” defense. First, I don’t much care; we collectively face a party in charge of virtually the entire federal government and the vast majority of statehouses and governorships. It’s that party’s inner moral rot that must concern us for now. Second, it’s simply not true, and saying so reveals the origin of the problem — a “woe is me” sense of victimhood that grossly exaggerates the opposition’s ills and in turn justifies its own egregious political judgments and rhetoric. If the GOP had not become unhinged about the Clintons, would it have rationalized Trump as the lesser of two evils? Only in the crazed bubble of right-wing hysteria does an ethically challenged, moderate Democrat become a threat to Western civilization and Trump the salvation of America.
Indeed, for decades now, demonization — of gays, immigrants, Democrats, the media, feminists, etc. — has been the animating spirit behind much of the right. It has distorted its assessment of reality, giving us anti-immigrant hysteria, promulgating disrespect for the law (how many “respectable” conservatives suggested disregarding the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage?), elevating Fox News hosts’ blatantly false propaganda as the counterweight to liberal media bias and preventing serious policy debate. For seven years, the party vilified Obamacare without an accurate assessment of its faults and feasible alternative plans. “Obama bad” or “Clinton bad” became the only credo — leaving the party, as Brooks said of the Trump clan, with “no attachment to any external moral truth or ethical code” — and no coherent policies for governing.
We have always had in our political culture narcissists, ideologues and flimflammers, but it took the 21st-century GOP to put one in the White House.

The GOP’s moral rot is the problem, not Donald Trump Jr.

This was written by Jennifer Rubin, a life-long Republican who I have disagreed with on just about everything in the history of life. If there were more Republicans like her, we likely would not have a congress that has utterly abdicated its co-equal role in government to put a check on an unhinged president like this one.

She has principles, at least, unlike far too many tribal Republicans who exist on a steady diet of right wing talk radio, Fox News, and Glenn Beck peddled bullshit.

Only Ones Who Know

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John Shelby x Reader

Request: Hi 😊 I’m so pleased requests are open again haha Can a request a fic where the John loves the Reader so tries to limit her involvement in his work but the reader feels like it’s because he doesn’t trust her so she still insists on helping out/being around. One day though she gets hurt or takes a bullet (but lives) to protect him thank you so much

“Where’s John?” Y/N continued counting and writing down wagers into her book along with Scudboat. Polly was pinning her hat to her head as she answered Tommy.

“John’s in the Garrison,” Tommy sighed. “Says he wants a meeting about a family matter. After he’s said his piece, he’ll come back and take his place with Y/N and Scudboat. Scudboat?” Polly placed her purse on her arm. “John will be back in ten minutes.”

“Alright,” Scudboat didn’t even look up from his counting as he replied.

“Five,” Tommy corrected, pointing to Y/N because she was paying attention, and followed Polly out the door. 

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one night snap (pt. 1)

words: 1813
description: [23:09] Kim Taehyung:

warnings: none (in this part)
a/n: this was heavily inspired by snapstreak by @namjoone​ (if you’re into taekook, i highly recommend you read it), it’s just that i’ve been thinking about this all week and i wanted to write something with a similar setting and Snapchat is the perfect app for these sort of one-shots hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi - after rewatching TTOI last week I started thinking about Malcolm's career choices (among other things) and why he didn't decide to become an actual politician. He's intelligent, probably charming enough to get votes whilst still being able to act ruthlessly when necessary, and has at least some sense of morality. I suppose if his previous job was in journalism or something similar then that might explain why he got into dealing with the media. I don't know.

Apologies, Anon (if you are even still out there) for the shamefully long time it has taken me to reply to this. Hmmm, I can’t say I’ve questioned Malcolm’s career choice in terms of him wanting a behind-the-scenes Number 10 government job rather than choosing to go into the elected side of  politics.

To start at the end, in UK politics being involved with journalism before (or indeed while) being an MP is not at all unusual so I don’t think that would be the deciding factor for Malcolm.

No, I think for him the deciding factor would simply be a) did Malcolm want to be the one being shouted at? or b) did Malcolm want to be the one doing the shouting? Because I think there is only one answer to that and we all know what it is.

(Although the other side of that is Malcolm as Director of Communications for Number 10 really only has the authority to shout at elected politicians if they are cabinet ministers like Hugh and Nicola and junior ministers like Ben or former cabinet ministers that he’d sacked like Cliff or put out by the bins persuaded to resign like Geoff Holhurst. So if he were on the backbenches with the majority of MPs – like Nicola before her unexpected elevation – almost certainly no one at Number 10 would care enough/even know enough about his existence to shout at him which I’m sure would be intolerable in its own way.)

Malcolm is also pretty consistent in his dislike of being known about by people outside of Westminster – although I think that no matter how much he protests that he doesn’t want the public to know about him he does get a bit of a thrill from even the most negative newspaper article written specifically about him

(which is pretty much every article written specifically about him) because it means he IS Very!Important! which has to be a great big ego boost.

On the other hand though, he pretty much doesn’t trust or like the public at all

and never wants to have anything to do with them if he can help it.

Yes, he can be charming with regular people when he needs to be like with Geordie Julie the Merry Fucking Widow in 303,

(or even telemarketers)

but only when he needs to be (see also Geordie Julie the Merry Fucking Widow literally two minutes later in 303)

and especially Middle England Mary the Actress in 102

although of course in that case Malcolm was in EXTREME need of a nap) and I can’t imagine he has the slightest interest in the public as individuals or in dealing with them on a day to day basis as he would have to (or should anyway) as an MP. I’m thinking about Simon Foster and his disastrous constituency surgeries in In the Loop

and trying to imagine if it were Malcolm instead and…nope, can’t do it.

(Although on the other hand if Malcolm were an MP and Sam was still his PA, I’m sure she would have had English Begbie Alan Partridge’s problem with the constituency wall sorted out in a trice.)

Malcolm’s first loyalty after himself – and be let’s honest about the order – is to the Party in general and I would say the first unnamed PM (“Boss”) in particular. What interests Malcolm is making sure the party stays strong and for him that means making sure the party’s message (whatever it may be at any particular moment which may well completely contradict what it was five minutes ago)

is being sold just the way he wants it to be.

At least in the glory days, Malcolm’s position at Number 10 gave him to a greater and lesser degree power over politicians AND the press.  Politicians – and the occasional unfortunate civil servant – only got to say the lines but Malcolm got to create them and then use all of his considerable powers of charm and persuasion and force of personality to MAKE people sell them

even when they really really Sweary Woman of Whitehall TERRI! really really don’t want to.

Just look at Malcolm’s 8:30s when he’s at the height of his power. Is any MP in TTOI who is not the unnamed PM ever as satisfied as Malcolm is here

laying down the law to the ministerial minions?

Oh I don’t think so.



Today’s the day! the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the election is ending-GASP




Naruto Voting Headcanons!

Let’s say the title of Kage had to be voted upon…

  • Naruto would look at the line and his ballot realizing he never registered.
  • Sasuke believes the election is rigged and is dragged out of the polls when he tried to use his Sharingan to convince people not to vote.
  • Sakura would take her vote seriously, having researched the parties, candidates, individual backgrounds, etc. before earnestly turning her ballot in.
  • Kakashi lives under a rock and doesn’t really care, although Sakura pushes him to register and vote - so he ends up voting for an obscure third party.
  • Yamato would take forever to vote. He just finds problems with all the candidates, and eventually goes for the “lesser of two evils”.
  • Sai has a very clinical approach to the election. He feels that their personalities should factor into the decision, rather focusing on policy.
  • Shikamaru, of course, thinks the whole thing is a drag, and only votes because Ino pressured him into it. Yet he analyzes the election like a hawk before the actual day.
  • Ino is passionate about her right to vote, and makes it known. Her and Sakura make a pact to make sure everyone around them votes.
  • Choji is nervous that his vote won’t count. He wants to engage in the process and exercise his right to vote, but worries it won’t make a difference.
  • Asuma has complex conversations throughout the election, both with his peers and his students (mainly Shikamaru). But he is still very nervous on Election Day.
  • Kiba is the one arguing about the candidates among friends. He pays attention to the drama of the election more than anything.
  • Hinata tries to stay out of politics altogether, not even notifying anyone that she plans on voting.
  • Shino is like Hinata but a little more outspoken. He calls Kiba out on his drama shit.
  • Kurenai is the kind to only talk about animals and positive things because she dislikes the negativity of the election.
  • TenTen takes part in her candidate’s campaign, but respects her fellow comrades political choices.
  • Neji is uncertain about the whole thing and wishes things would go back to the old days. He votes anyways.
  • Lee is pumped to participate! He gets in heated arguments with Kiba and votes for the most “youthful” candidate. He also gets to the polling station at dawn.
  • Guy is like Lee of course, at the polls at dawn. He also factors in whether or not the candidate can do pushups with one finger.
  • Gaara doesn’t trust any of the candidates and doesn’t vote. He wanted more transparency.
  • Kankuro is a total protest voter. If his candidate doesn’t get chosen to represent his party, he’ll make a huge fuss.
  • Temari is the voice of reason within the Sand Sibs, even though her demeanor about the election, voting, and politics in general are sharp and heated.
  • Killer Bee is behind all the campaign ads. They’re all raps.
  • Ay finds out about Bee’s position and…shit hits the fan.
  • Darui says he can do better than Bee, even though he doesn’t want to vote. He just finds the whole affair drab.
  • Omoi obviously overthinks the election. He either votes out of panic or not at all - for the same reason.
  • Karui is like Temari, but less open about her opinions when discussing it with those outside of her social circle.
  • Yahiko is pumped for the opportunity to vote. He seeks out dialogue sessions to discuss the candidates, and aims to make an informed decision.
  • Konan follows Yahiko’s lead and has a lot of meaningful discussions with him. She and him vote together.
  • Nagato is very private about how thrilled he is to be able to vote. He sees the process paving the way for a non-violent society.
  • Itachi goes after Sasuke for his irresponsibility and/or attitude. He views voting as an immense privilege that as an Uchiha, he should exercise.
  • Kisame is your poster voter. He loves the sticker that he gets afterwards.
  • Deidara tries to run for Kage himself. He has a pretty unique campaign, mainly touting more funding for the arts - his art, that is. He tries to get Sasori as his running mate (unsuccessfully).
  • Sasori is too busy for this shit. He still watches it unfold…and laughs darkly.
  • Hidan is another one who runs in the race. He tries to finance it with Kakuzu’s money, and calls his party “The Jashinist Freedom Party”.
  • Kakuzu uses Hidan’s platform to target big politicians with big bounties on their heads. To blow off steam from Hidan’s constant ranting.
  • Tobi doesn’t understand what is going on but votes for Deidara-Senpai.
  • Obito wants to run his own campaign…called “Tsuki no Me”.
  • Madara backs Obito’s decision.

- Admin Rhia

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And you can say “oh but you’re not even American so it doesn’t effect you”, but let’s be honest America has a HUGE influence on the world stage in almost all regards. They can influence a lot of other countries opinions on a lot of matters, and right now the message it’s projecting right now is pretty damning. And yeah, you COULD perhaps say Trump “isn’t so bad” but have you seen the other people in his party? I mean a vice president who was previously advocating gay cures? 

I know most of you who browse my blog are just straight guys who this wouldn’t effect either way, but if you value  trans people as more than just fap bait then you would see how fucked up this is probably going to be. 

Oh and for the record before you start going on about how awful Hillary was I’m aware, but she was the lesser of two evils, in my opinion.

Being the "Filler Friend"

Filler isn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing word to grace the face of the earth, but what does it mean? Simply put–a placeholder. Now, not all fillers are created equal, as some hold great importance. Decorative spots to spice up your home’s interior is considered filler, and a great one at that. Concrete and foams are stuffed with various types of fillers to keep their structural integrity intact and functional. With this, it can be correctly assumed that fillers are undoubtedly helpful. And they are; too helpful sometimes for that fact. There are times when myself and countless others know the exact feeling of being a filler friendand it fucking blows.

“Filler friend” may be a term exclusively coined by me considering how often I’ve felt it in my life, but a brief synopsis of being the “filler friend” is pretty much being there only when someone is bored. Don’t get me twisted–of course friend want to hang out when they’re bored, that’s a natural thing. Being the filler friend consist of only being able to feel validated when the non-filler individual beckons you to their side. This doesn’t sound awesome, but sadly so many have come to view that as the only means of friendship. They don’t have the luxury of having someone text them funny pictures at 2 a.m. for no reason at all. They never get invited to the raging parties. They rarely get to feel the positive aspects of friendship, because these non-filler’s will usually manipulate (sometimes purposefully, sometimes not) the filler into feeling small and problematic. The relationship is toxic, but only to the lesser friend. The non-filler builds up an abundant amount of fillers so they can cycle through them once the previous one bores them or runs out of usable amenities. I have been stuck in the filler position for as long as I remember, and I thought this was just how friendship worked. I would never be invited to the sleepovers, pool parties, just about everything. A non-filler’s explanation?

“Oh, we knew you would say no, so we didn’t feel the need to invite you.”

My usual response was “Oh, okay. That’s fine. You’re probably right.” But then, an epiphany hit me with the force of a freight train. It was hard to stomach, but they didn’t want me there. To be fair, want is a strong word, but I know if they would have at least attempted to invite me, I would’ve known they wanted me to be there. In the past, I was convinced it was me. I have nothing “cool” to bring to the table, I’m unattractive, my social anxiety mixed with my depression gives me mental instability, really 0/10 person. But then, another light bulb ignites above my cranium, making me wonder,“maybe I’m not so bad…”

Self love is still a fleeting idea for me that I would love to capture. We all deserve to feel like we’re worth something, because we are. From you, to me, to all the filler (and even non-fillers) of the world, we all have worth. Using that, we all have the ability to find ourselves and our packs. And my pack? Rad as heck. Granted, it’s comprised of my sister and the only example of true friendship I have ever had in my life (looking at you @dumbfaggot <3), but the number is irrelevant. These two people have made me felt more friendship over the past few months than I ever allowed myself to feel with the vampire bats I once resided with. But what’s the relevancy of this?


A true statement and a good mantra, and how to escape being a filler friend. You may not even see yourself as a filler friend, but just step back and assess the situation? Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel loved by them?
  • Do they make you feel important at all times?
  • Do they at least make effort to hang out?
  • Do they go do fun things without you often?
  • Do they make everything center back to them?
  • Do you feel like a sidekick? Or are you always the bad guy in all situations?

I hope you didn’t have to answer yes to any of these, but if you did, you are not alone. I have felt this, you have felt this, millions of people have felt this. But the best part is that it only last as long as you let it last. You can leave. It is a two-way street, you can leave them as easily as they leave you. This is not easy, but doable. The way you can finally breathe when their vice grips receive is….indescribable, truly no words can capture the essence of it. Just instilling confidence in yourself, and finding the people who display true camaraderie is all you need. Believing in yourself comes from within, but if you ever need a friend, my inbox is always open.

So, long story short, being the filler friend sucks–duh. However, you can find people where you are not a filler friend!!! They are out there, living and breathing and probably being nice petting a dog or something. If you have a steady friend group who makes you happy beyond belief, hold onto them tightly. If (like me), you recently had to let go of someone who made you feel less than stellar, here’s a good way to let them know what’s up:

“Oh, we knew you would say no, so we didn’t feel the need to invite you.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks cunt. :)”

And that’s all she wrote

Silent as the Grave: The Non-Speaking Villain (5th Case Study)

Ungoliant and Shelob (the works of J. R. R. Tolkien)

I’ve read a few instances of Tolkien’s approach to his work where he proclaims to despise allegorical readings of his universe.  Though given his religious background, I can see how he may not have been able to separate a theological/metaphysical treatise (which is what the Silmarillion is on one level) with an allegory…even though the two narratives have a rich history of intermingling.  The gradations of Tolkien’s ideas concerning evil are, of course, personified by his villains and how their particular brands of evil affect themselves and their external environments.  Sauron is corruption, which is different from being fallen.  Melkor is fallen.  He does corrupt, but Sauron is the corruption inspired by Melkor personified.  For this corruption to gain power, risks must be taken.  The most well-known example is Sauron’s ring (no one really calls the ring Sauron’s ring, and I’ve often wondered why that is).  The ring is externalized power that yields great results for Sauron, but also makes his weaknesses obvious to his enemies.  True power to Sauron and Melkor is a gamble.  Melkor’s great gamble was aligning himself with a creature he didn’t fully understand…a creature that he didn’t seem to feel could, or more realistically would, try to overpower him: the spider demon Ungoliant.  The two kill some trees together and steal some pretty jewels.  Ungoliant’s evil, however, is consumption.  Melkor metaphorically feeds his own powers in order to attain higher ends.  He makes the world fall down his level of darkness so everything can be utilized as his tools tools.  Re-appropriation is Melkor’s game: the re-appropriation of good into evil.  This isn’t Ungoliant’s game.  She is feeding, both literally and metaphorically.  She does not recycle!  I know that sounds silly, but what she consumes is rendered unusable.  She is only hunger and void.  This is evil even to Melkor, the supposedly most evil creature in all of Tolkien-dom.  Ungoliant has no attachments to the meaning of Melkor’s coveted Silmarils aside from their value as food.  She has no sense of rallying around a cause like Melkor does.  She is not deceitful but a surprisingly honestl form evil.  This is a concept that Melkor doesn’t understand since his mind is so focused on the dichotomy of good and evil, light and darkness: his methods are deceiving holy binaries to promote the values of the damned.  Ungoliant is of one mind: darkness and evil.  This makes her more dangerous to both the holy and the damned in Arda.  It doesn’t make her less intelligent, as it might seem, but rather makes her a being who has realized that she can demand what she wants rather than having to scheme like Melkor (”You can give me those gems, or I’ll just eat you as well.”).  Her consumptive nature is so voracious that she literally eats herself.  She is an affront to the game played by the Valar and Morgoth.  Were all of the major players of the war of the gems kids on a playground, both parties would look at the kid playing Ungoliant and say, “You aren’t playing right!”  Melkor is orderly chaos; Ungoliant is chaotic chaos.  Let’s play alignment chart: Sauron is lawful evil given his machinations are largely inspired by the schematic set up by Melkor, Melkor is neutral given that his loyalty is to himself, and Ungoliant is chaotic evil because “consequences be damned!”  The same is true, to a lesser extend, of Shelob, the greatest offspring of Ungoliant.  

She exists in Sauron’s world, but Tolkien goes to great lengths to show how she is a separate force.  She isn’t his servant, and the grand scheme of what is happening in Middle-earth means very little to her.  Let’s say she killed Frodo, Sam, and Gollum, and the quest to destroy the ring was derailed absolutely.  She wouldn’t have cared in the slightest.  Given this scenario, it is likely that Sauron’s ring never would have found its way back to its master.  Even the most tempting thing in the realm wouldn’t sway her from the desire to consume.  Sauron would more than likely have lost as well.  She might have sent Middle-earth into a bloody stalemate.  But that’s what her evil is, and it is only a small portion of her mother’s, whose attack on Melkor shows unequivocal disregard for the world of war and instead favors the darkest parts of what might be called a glutinous sense of instant gratification.

[ @ellanasha-lavellan // continued from x]

Ah, so she is the Inquisitor. Fenris had his suspicions, but her words confirmed them. He shrugged. Was he officially with the Inquisition? No. Was he assisting where he could anyway, as long as Hawke was there? Perhaps. 

“I am an interested party,” he said in lieu of a proper answer. “Humans,” he continued with a slight curl of his upper lip, “will never be pleased unless we are servants or slaves.” It was odd, perhaps, that he then placed his affections on a human but Hawke was different. Besides, his distaste for humans was a more recent development, birthed mostly from extensive interaction with Orlesians. 

Perhaps it was more accurate to say that Orlesians would never be pleased with elves as anything other than lesser, but Fenris was not the kind to correct himself unless he had to. 

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🐍🐝💊⭐+ ❄

❄️- Winter

aka a hell season for all involved

🐍- Kobra Kid

- catch him being bundled up in as many layers as he can. He runs kinda cold anyway, so when the weather starts reaching the 50 degree mark? nooo sir

- he likes the clouds though. he likes it when the sky gets all grey and cloudy and the Demon Sun is gone.

🐝- Fun Ghoul

- his already bad allergies get 1000x worse. his nose is stuffed and dripping and his throat feels gross and he hates life.

- he likes the cold, even if he’s getting colds. he’ll have to get wrestled into a jacket because he would be wandering outside with just a tank top. jet says that that’s why he gets sick so god damn much.

💊- Party Poison

- he thrives in the sun/heat so he seems much… lesser in the winter. he sleeps longer and when he’s awake he doesn’t have as much energy as he usually does.

- he appreciates the fact that he isn’t sweating as much during the day as he would be in the summer. he feels cleaner during the winter.

⭐️- Jet Star

- he has the same problem as Poison during the winter - he just feels a lot more lethargic and Less. he misses the sun when it sets hours earlier than usual.

- he likes the rain they’ll get. he likes to sit in the booth by the window and just listen to the pounding on the windows and the ground. sometimes, when it’s safe, he’ll go outside and just soak it up. usually everyone would join in and they’ll end up having a mud battle.

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What about Bernie Sanders do you not like?

He’s just pretty trash overall, even if I might agree with him on some things. His entire campaign keeps people who WOULD be radicals from grassroots organizing by directing grassroots efforts to some shitty presidential election.

I don’t care if you vote for him, I don’t care if you think he’s the lesser of evils, he’s still a part of the same corrupt system, and when it comes down to it I think he will be the enemy of the people if we ever tried to implement an alternative system, such as one based around direct action and mutual aid rather than property and surplus value.

You should vote for the candidate who you think would make a good president. Not a lesser of two evils. When you vote for someone just because you perceive them to be better than the other most popular candidate, you’re being dishonest, and you’re ultimately hurting democracy. I’m going to go on record and say voting for someone you don’t actually want as president is immoral. You’re not making your voice heard if you vote for someone who you don’t actually want to be president. We only live in a two party system for as long as people allow for such a system to thrive. You can change it. You just have to stop being so afraid of losing.

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the fact that people are rioting and having a peaceful protest, only to replace trump with "lesser-evil" clinton says a lot. if trump were to be forced to step down only for hillary to take his place nobody would criticize her VERY flawed politics if she were in office. i hope that the people who are protesting right now get a better outcome than that.

That’s what I’m partially concerned about. I have noticed that some of the protest fuel seems to be deriving from a “replace Trump with Clinton” sentiment. At this point we need sweeping solutions to the mess the two-party system got us into, and that doesn’t mean ousting Trump and putting establishment figurehead Clinton in his place – it requires a social revolution that can dismantle the capitalist status quo. I just hope that these protests and the surging liberal-to-leftist trend can keep a momentum of resistance culture going. We need to face the reality: we’re most likely stuck with Trump and Pence for four years; in that time, we need to give them hell and build a socialist movement, a bonafide leftist opposition.

The Leaders Debate

Hopefully, those of you who are British citizens out there are aware of the upcoming election which is coming closer with every day. I would encourage you to vote because political apathy is a huge problem within Britain and voting really does make a difference to some extent. Yesterday we witnessed the ‘leaders debate’ which for many people helped to decide which party they felt was worthy of governing the UK. In this post I do not wish to come across as bias to any particular candidate or party so I’m just going to give a list of each party and their key policies, then I will give my opinions on that after. If you do not wished to be swayed by what I have to say, stop reading after I’ve gone through the main candidates. Okay? Great. 

David Cameron (The Conservatives):

Main Pledges:

  • Eliminating the deficit
  • Cutting taxes by raising basic and higher rate starting points
  • Helping people to own their own home and have financial independence in retirement
  • Providing an education system that helps children reach their potential
  • Holding a referendum on Britain’s EU membership

Ed Miliband (Labour): 

Main Pledges: 

  • Cut the deficit every year, no extra borrowing for manifesto commitments
  • Make it illegal for employers to undercut British workers by exploiting migrants
  • Extra £2.5bn funding for the NHS, to pay for 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 GPs
  • Cut university tuition fees by £3,000
  • Freeze energy bills until 2017 and give energy regulator new powers to cut bills this winter

Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats):

Main Pledges: 

  • Balance the budget fairly through a mixture of cuts and taxes on higher earners
  • Increase tax-free allowance to £12,500
  • Guarantee education funding from nursery to 19 and qualified teachers in every class
  • Invest £8bn in the NHS. Equal care for mental & physical health
  • Five new laws to protect nature and fight climate change

Natalie Bennett (Green):

Main Pledges: 

  • Publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use
  • End austerity and restore the public sector, creating jobs that pay at least a living wage
  • Build 500,000 social rented homes by 2020 and bring empty homes back into use
  • Work with other countries to ensure global temperatures do not rise by more than 2C
  • Scrap university tuition fees
  • Return the railways to public hands

Nigel Farage (United Kingdom Independence Party): 

Main Pledges: 

  • Rapid referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union
  • Control immigration
  • Powers for voters to recall MPs
  • Extra £3bn a year for the NHS
  • No tax on the minimum wage

Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party): 

Main Pledges: 

  • Wants new job-creating powers for Holyrood
  • Will protect Scotland’s NHS budget; cut waiting and introduce a one-stop cancer diagnosis
  • Stands by free tuition and commitment to smaller classes
  • Backs minimum pricing for alcohol to cut cheap booze and make “towns and neighbourhoods safer”
  • Has a zero-waste strategy and backs low carbon transport
  • Wants independence to “determine our own destiny and build the best future for Scotland”

Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru):

Main Pledges: 

  • Living wage for all employees by 2020
  • Extra 1,000 doctors for Welsh NHS
  • Scrap Bedroom Tax
  • Transfer control of criminal justice system - including policing - to Wales
  • Oppose renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system
  • Wales to get same powers as Scotland. Also similar funding - additional £1.2bn each year

My Opinion: 

Evidently, these are not all of the parties that Britain can vote for but these are certainly the most relevant parties. Why? Because as we saw five years ago, it is likely that neither the Conservatives nor Labour are going to win an overall majority and therefore will be forced into a coalition with either: the Lib Dems, Green, UKIP, SNP or Plaid Cymru. 

I’m not going to outright say who I’m going to vote for in the upcoming election, as I’m not entirely sure yet. However, I do prefer some parties to others and some candidates to others. 

In the case of the Conservatives and UKIP, I don’t believe we need a referendum on the EU because I do not believe that leaving the EU would be a good thing for Britain. Many people debate over this, so I won’t go in to too much detail but I just believe that the European Union is a good institution despite its flaws. This is not the only policy that I disagree on with the Conservatives or UKIP but it is my main disagreement with them and I feel like it is enough for me to not give them my personal support. 

The Green Party did not come across well in the Leaders debate, perhaps because they’re not used to the live debates and the publicity as they are somewhat new to this world of popularity within politics. However, I do believe that their policies shine through this, the environment and global warming is one of the key issues facing our world today (at least, in my opinion and Bill Nye’s). Furthermore, one of the main aims of the Green party is to abolish tuition fees completely. How they would be able to do this I don’t know, maybe it’s a little too idealistic as Nick Clegg quickly found out 5 years ago. But, I wouldn’t let this sway you. A vote for Green highlights that people support environmental change and environmental based policies which in turn makes the bigger parties change their policies so that they can win the Green voters back to them. Unfortunately, I doubt we will be seeing the Green Party becoming the leading party any time soon. 

I like to think of the Liberal Democrats as a nice in between of the Conservatives and Labour. They’re not too radical either way, they’re just a middle ground. I particularly enjoy their notion on having equal mental and physical health care treatment. Mental health is definitely a big issue currently, there is a huge stigma surrounding it and public actors such as Katie Hopkins (ew) are not helping with this situation. It’s unfortunate, but because the Lib Dems were unable to keep their promise about University tuition fees I fear that their popularity has decreased and they will not receive nearly as many votes as they did previously. This being said, they do have some very good policies such as: wanting laws to protect nature and prevent climate change and increasing funding to schools. 

I have to admit that I was very anti-Ed Miliband previous to this week. From what I had seen of him, he took very bad pictures and stumbled on his words a lot. He was certainly not what I viewed as a strong Prime Minister. However, after seeing him in recent interviews and in the leaders debate I have been enlightened and seen Ed in a new light. He is much stronger, he engages with the audience (albeit sometimes in a slightly creepy way) and he seemingly actually cares about people. Whether this is an act or not, I don’t know. But he seems so much more genuine and down to earth than David Cameron. He is a guy who I feel I could have a conversation with without feeling like lesser of a person whilst doing so. Furthermore, many of the Labour party policies would have an impact on me. I work for minimum wage, on a zero hour contract and I am at University. The Labour party wishes to raise the minimum wage, abolish zero hour contracts and wants to reduce university tuition fees by £3,000. What’s not to like there? 

As for Plaid Cymru and SNP I do not feel like I can comment too much on these parties as they are more representative of Wales and Scotland and their respective devolved parliaments. However, I must say that I was extremely impressed with each of their parties policies as they were not too country based and did actually have some policies that would help Britain as a whole. Furthermore, Nicola Sturgeon blew me away with her debating style and the confidence she had against the leaders of the other parties. If I was Scottish I would definitely back her, she seems like a brilliant leader and the SNP should be proud to have her. 

That’s my opinion, what’s yours? 


Now this is not character hate what-so ever. In fact as I have told my friends multiple times I like Keyleth as a character and I absolutely love Marisha Ray and how she plays Keyleth.

That being said Keyleth, recently, has become a very toxic member. First off, her whole attitude to how Vax is taking his responsibility to the Raven Queen was not cool. Vax was clearly not looking forward to encountering and talking to the Raven Queen, but throwing away his relief by accusing him of wanting this path, instead of comforting/celebrating with him was just not cool. Secondly, not even apologizing for blinding Percy, and instead forcing Percy to apologize to Keyleth made me extremely uncomfortable. 

As someone who has been in toxic friendships, I cannot help but draw parallels to my experiences and the friendship between Keyleth and Percy. First off, we all know Percy is a dick. I love his dearly for being a dick, but that being said, Percy so desperately wants to be good. Ever since the guilt of harming the party by going after the Briarwoods has occurred, time and time again, we see Percy trying to become a better person. Yes he was a bit bitter about how Keyleth acted with the Clave, and in my opinion had every right to be. Yes the Clave are not good people, however they are still people and deserve to be treated with respect, something Keyleth refused to show and honestly this is worrisome for any leader to show that sort of attitude. Percy was honest in his opinion, you dont have to like it, but you have to recognize the impact the Clave has on society within a city. 

Another point is Keyleth continues to put Percy down, by calling him terrible and comparing their leadership styles, all while looking at the situation from only her point of view, rather than the point of view of someone who lives a very short life and has very few years to accomplish something great enough to be remembered. Yes Percy comes from money and sometimes (often) acts a little superior, but this is also the gentleman who gives up every coin he has to Vex, who is housing refugees, who has gave funds to the party that should have been focused on rebuilding Whitestone, who keeps much of his emotions to himself, yet always tries to give little gifts to people, to show how much he cares for them, romantic or otherwise. 

Because of these situations, it really, really bothered me how Keyleth did not apologize for acting rashly, even though all of Vox Machina told her to be careful and not touch anything. She was stubborn and said Percy deserved it, even though he was not the one to cause his blindness. Then add on other members saying he was basically useless now, and you have a gunslinger human who feels as if he is only a hindrance to the party, and maybe they are right, maybe everyone would be better off without him. Then Keyleth forces him to apologize for being bitter about how she treated others as lesser. Wrap all these points up into a nice little present of a manipulative toxic friendship. 

I want to emphasize that this is not character hate, just observations I have come to make throughout watching critical role and I sincerely do love Marisha Ray and how she plays Keyleth, and I do think Keyleth overall as a character is hilarious, powerful, and overall a good person. I just really want someone (probably Vex at this point) to call her out on her manipulative and toxic behaviours that have only currently begun showing.

klaroline-overdose  asked:

Hey could write something about 4x19: Klaus going around the house all worried because his Carebear needs a dress, thinking, picking out the perfect dress for his queen “Wife will look hot on this one” “Wife is gonna be prom queen”?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t as funny as you (or I!) initially wanted it to be, but hopefully you enjoy!


A Dress for a Queen

“Uh, Klaus? Are you doing alright in there?” Caroline tried to crane her head to look up into the attic, but Klaus had absolutely insisted that she remain down at the bottom while he looked through his family collection. At least, that was partially the truth.

“Be patient, love, I’ll be right down!” he called out, hoping to sound as casual as possible.

The problem, however, was that he wasn’t feeling casual. Not in the slightest.

Dresses of varying lengths, colours, fabrics and styles lay strewn around the room, hanging out of trunks and over boxes, haphazardly piled on top of each other as Klaus flashed around the room, pulling them out, each one leaving him completely unsatisfied.

“Too garish,” he muttered, throwing a yellow gown to the corner. “Not formal enough,” he growled, tossing aside a blue cocktail dress.

“Seriously, do you need help or something?” Caroline called up.

“Really sweetheart, everything’s fine!” he insisted, hoping she didn’t catch on to the slight edge of desperation in his voice. He had promised her, he had sworn upon his status as the alpha-male that he would find her something of royal caliber, something that would set off her beauty; present her as the stunning queen she was.

Apparently it was easier said than done.

“Okay, you were taking way too long so – what the hell happened here?!”

Klaus spun to see Caroline step into the attic, taking in the disaster scene in wonder. To Caroline, it was like walking into a candy store on Christmas; dresses, gowns, everything a girl like her could’ve dreamed of. Suddenly, Klaus producing a ball gown to drop on her front porch no longer seems ludicrous if he had the contents of Paris fashion week just sitting in his attic.

“You own all these dresses?” asked Caroline with barely restrained glee, running her fingers over the skirt of a red gown.

“Well, my sister tends to hoard pretty things but this is what my family has amassed over the centuries, yes,” said Klaus with an amused smirk, watching her flit from dress to dress. He grimaced when she held up a black and white number that would’ve looked awful on her, plucking it from her hands immediately.

“Are you seriously going to play Tim Gunn right now?” she asked, eyebrows raised amusement.

“Who?” he asked, but she just shook her head and waved him off, going for another dress, only to have Klaus toss it aside with a look of disgust.

“Love, you wanted to look like Grace Kelley, not like a circus escapee,” he said, wrinkling his nose and Caroline couldn’t help the loud laugh that bubbled up in her throat, the sound of it echoing throughout the large attic, bright and happy and finally dispelling the dark mood Elena’s actions had cast over her perfect day. She felt carefree and young, like a teenage girl with nothing to worry about past college decisions and where to roadtrip after graduation. Not that she hadn’t done her best to capture that sense of normalcy with Bonnie and Matt by her side but she saw their smiles slip ever so slightly when they thought she wasn’t looking, she knew that their minds had gone to the town’s latest grave, wondering how long it would be before the next one was dug, and who the poor soul would be.

“What about this one?” asked Caroline, holding up something bright yellow, but Klaus simply arched his eyebrows and she set it aside with a sigh, both of them moving to sift through old trunks.

“I trust everything else about tonight is continuing uninterrupted?” asked Klaus idly.

“Well, I haven’t gotten a phonecall saying that the place is on fire so I guess Elena settled for stealing my dress,” said Caroline, a little more bitterly than she intended. She was going to rise above this, for God’s sake. She was going to hold her head high and show the emotionless bitch that she couldn’t ruin the one night Caroline had held onto for so, so long.

Klaus noticed her sudden shift in mood, and as he observed her silently, he noticed the persistent weight she seemed to carry on her shoulders. To be Caroline Forbes was no easy task, to constantly radiate light and strength when the world around you was determined to destroy you – a lesser person would break.

“This hasn’t caused you too much grief, I hope?” he asked her carefully.

Caroline rolled her eyes, “It wouldn’t be a Mystic Falls party without drama,” she said with a wry smile.

“I can’t say I fully understand your insistence that this dance be perfect.”

Caroline sighed and turned to him, “Let me guess, the Big Bad Hybrid doesn’t do high school dances?”

“Give me some credit love, I’ve shown up to at least two!” he said, feigning hurt, pleased to see a small smile on her face. “But truthfully, a thousand years does hinder you from seeing the importance in such things, regardless of Rebekah’s viewpoint.”

“But that’s just it!” said Caroline in earnest, “We’re not a thousand years old! We’re kids! We barely know what we’re doing; we could die tomorrow, and then what?” Caroline sighed again, deeper, wearier, running a hand through her hair. “I just – I just don’t want us to look back and only remember funerals, and fighting, and curses and murders. In a thousand years, if any of us even make it that long, I want to be able to look back at Mystic Falls and remember the good times. I want us to have something to hold onto.”

They stand in dead silence after Caroline’s speech, the full weight of eternity suddenly bearing down on them. For a baby vampire, Caroline had more perspective than Klaus ever did. He thinks back to those first few years of mayhem and bloodlust with his siblings by his side, he wonders if he ever once stopped to think about making memories to carry him through his lifetime.

He never thought to, but Caroline, Caroline stands in a class of her own.

“This one,” he says at last, reaching into the bottom of an old trunk and pulling out a dress worthy of a Queen. She gasped upon seeing it, running her hands reverently over the intricate beadwork and Klaus smiled proudly, knowing he had done well. Caroline took it from him carefully and he left the attic to let her try it on, ambling downstairs and mulling over her words. As he resumed his spot in front of the fireplace, he hears her come down and turns to see a vision that would put Princess Grace to shame.

Weeell,” she says with a small smile, “how do I look?”

Klaus stood speechless as he looked her up and down properly. Slowly, he walked forward and took her hand,  lifting her arm up and twirling her slowly, admiring the way the dress flattered her. “Stunning,” he said finally. “Absolutely stunning.”

Caroline preened under his praise and the rush of confidence she got emboldened her, allowing her to stand so close to Klaus without bolting. It was hard not to blush under his admiring gaze, and for a moment she let herself lose her sense of time and just enjoy the moment before the chime of the grandfather clock in the hallway snapped her out of her haze.

“Oh my god, is it seriously that late?!” she said, panicking. “I have to do my hair, makeup, I have to call the rest of the committee…” she rambled off her duties while Klaus just chuckled and she was quickly making her way to the front door, leaving Klaus in his solitude. The hybrid watched her go off with a small smile on his face and was ready to get back to brooding before he felt her presence behind him again, and he turned, confused, to find her marching up to him determinedly and after just a second of hesitation, she stood on her tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you, Klaus,” Caroline said softly, ignoring the pleasant brush of his stubble and the scent of his cologne. She pulled back, restraining a giggle at the dumbstruck look on his face and was ready to be on her way before one last thought pulled her back.

“Hey Klaus?” she said, frowning slightly. “One last thing – this dress, and the ball gown you got me – how did you know my measurements?”

Klaus smirked rakishly, a glint in his eye. “Love, do you really want to know?”
There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote
We’re in the season of protest vote advocacy, with writers of all political stripes making arguments for third-party candidates (Jill Stein…
By Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky put down the Word on this one!  I don’t know who they are, but I might hafta spend some time looking up some more of their writings.  Get into this bit about “voting your conscience” because as many times as I’ve thrown shade at that explanation from third-party voters, Shirky comes at it from the very real angle that it’s completely selfish and has nothing to do with your conscience.

This is a read.  Catch the tea:

Throwing away your vote on a message no one will hear, and which will change no outcome, is sometimes presented as ‘voting your conscience’, but that’s got it exactly backwards; your conscience is what keeps you from doing things that feel good to you but hurt other people. Citizens who vote for third-party candidates, write-in candidates, or nobody aren’t voting their conscience, they are voting their ego, unable to accept that a system they find personally disheartening actually applies to them. 

SAY THAT.  Your conscience is what keeps you from doing things that feel good to you but hurt other people.

Now, if you’re convinced that Hillary Clinton (who – I repeat yet again – is just a garden variety Democrat and no more inherently evil or bloodthirsty than any other Democrat in office) is a greater threat to America and the world than Donald Trump (who will start World War III on day two in office) then that’s an entirely separate conversation that I have no interested in having with you.  But if you recognize Hillary as the lesser of two evils and you’re still determined to sit out or vote third party to assuage your conscience…then you’ve got the wrong word.  The word you were looking for is ego, not conscience.  Your conscience would compel you to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t win the Presidency if you’ve acknowledge that he is the greater danger to life and liberty.  You can’t say with your mouth that Donald Trump is the more dangerous candidate and then say with your vote that you don’t mind if he becomes President and still pretend you’re voting with your conscience.

Anyway, people send me stuff to read all day and this article in particular needed to be shared.  Go on and share it with someone else, especially the conscience voters in your life.

JEB BUSH: “You get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that doesn’t suppress wages and kill jobs.”

THE FACTS: According to the Labor Department, the unemployment rate was 9.9 percent in March 2010, when Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. In June of this year, it had fallen to 5.3 percent. The economy has added more than 12 million jobs since March 2010.

While the health care law doesn’t seem to have had a major impact on jobs, some lesser consequences are likely. The Congressional Budget Office projected that the availability of government subsidized health insurance will prompt some people to drop out of the labor market, since they can get coverage without holding down a job.

On replacing Obamacare, Republicans may be able to repeal Obama’s law, but it’s unclear if and how they would replace it. The party has yet to rally behind a plan of its own, partly because of internal ideological differences. Some Republicans say it would be the job of the 2016 presidential nominee to forge a consensus.

Arrow Fic: beauty in the breakdown 5/?

beauty in the breakdown 5/?
Author: dettiot
Rating: E
Summary: so let go jump in/oh well whatcha waiting for it’s alright/’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note: I got some feedback that makes me want to reiterate that this isn’t your traditional BDSM fic.  I’m choosing to write what I’m interested in writing, exploring Oliver and Felicity in a new way while keeping their characterizations in mind.  If you’d like to discuss this with me, you’re welcome to drop me an ask, so we can talk privately.  If you don’t have a Tumblr, you can send your comments to me anonymously and I will read them, but I will not respond since I could only do so publicly with anon asks.  Thank you!

Thanks for all the support this story has already received, and to fanmommer for reading over this chapter for me.


With a spring in his step, Oliver walked down the stairs of his home one Friday morning.  He was thumbing through the emails on his phone, checking today’s schedule which his assistant had sent him, when his mother’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Oliver, you’re looking almost chipper this morning.”  

Looking up from his phone, he gave Moira Queen a smile.  “Good morning, Mom.”  He brushed a light kiss over her cheek.  “You look beautiful, as always.”  

Moira’s eyebrows raised slightly.  “Make that definitely chipper,” she commented.  “Good.”  

“Good?” he asked, slipping his phone into the pocket of his suit coat.

“Yes, of course it’s good to see my only son looking happy,” Moira said, lifting her chin.  “It has been a rare occurrence until recently.”  

Tilting his head to one side, Oliver took in his mother.  Dressed in a sleek navy dress, not a hair out of place and her makeup perfectly applied, Moira Queen’s appearance fit her position in life: a woman of society, a woman with knowledge and power and skills.  Yet she was also his mom–the woman who had fought for him, who had served as a buffer between Oliver and his father.  The person who had always seen his potential and encouraged him to live up to it.  

It was a privilege to have Moira Queen in your corner.  But it was also a responsibility.  One that Oliver knew to be a heavy one.  After so many years of disappointing her, he had resolved, when he had chosen to start working for Queen Consolidated, that he wouldn’t let her down anymore.  Especially not after the heartbreak of Robert Queen’s untimely death.  But he was beginning to realize that he needed to strike a middle ground between not disappointing her and being his own man.  

Keep reading