the less this quote is relevant the better

 Hey there! These are some of my best GSCE/A-level tips for English literature essays! 

PETER paragraphs are your best friend…seriously.

• Point - get your point across
• Evidence- isolate a good quote, and make sure to expalin what the author • meant (Use the author’s last name!)
• Technique - identify writing techniques used in the writing 
• Explain- Explain why the author used these techniques (word level analysis+context+authors name+ sound level analysis) 
• Reader- Think of how your point effects the reader 

*Additional Tip: Introduce your paragraph with the question to stay relevant, and the body should also include the question restated multiple times (use synonyms-3 sentences throughout is the perfect number)

When quoting from a text, remember to:

  • Use quotation marks
  • Quote accurately (not a random thing you remember) 
  • Quotes of three words or less can be used in the sentence you’re writing 
  • Longer quotations need to be included on a line of their own and with an indent
  • Short, well-chosen quotations are better than long, vague ones!! I cannot stress that enough…

Certain words and phrases are helpful when you’re explaining an idea in detail:

  • which gives the impression that 
  • that is to say 
  • this indicates that 
  • this suggests
  • this implies 
  • this shows 
  • possibly
  • perhaps    

Words/Phrases you can use to move your argument on:

  • however
  • as well as 
  • therefore
  • in contrast
  • because
  • in lieu of 
  • furthermore
  • moreover             

Use articulate language, like:

  • asserts- state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully 
  • egregious-outstandingly bad 
  • insinuate-implies
  • inopportune- occurring at an inconvenient or inappropriate time 
  • melancholy-  a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause 
  • myriad- countless or extremely great in number              

Well, that’s all folks! My inbox is always open if you have any questions, please check out my other posts here too.

anon-foreverandever  asked:

Your thoughts on Daemon "I'll marry and murder my way to the Iron Throne" Targaryen? Another "Gerold the Goddamn Darkstar"? (Why do I like that tag so much? must be the God-damn) The guy seems nothing but an adrenaline driven man who is simply way too competent at being evil, but no special circumstances behind it like Euron who is the rogue protegee of that crow (besides y'a know, dragon family). What villains barring the Lannisters, LFinger-er , Varys and Illyrio are well developed for you?

Well, Daemon Targaryen is a very interesting character. A “rogue” for sure, certainly villainous, kind of a douchebag, but also a remarkably charismatic and seductive one. Both within the story and to the reader… there’s a reason why this picture gets so many “ain’t nobody fuckin’ with my clique” responses, why his most frequent fancasts are Jason Isaacs or Alan Rickman (both famous for playing fan-favorite seductive villains). I wouldn’t say he’s “way too competent at being evil” because not everything he does is evil – the King’s Landing City Watch became far more organized and effective under his leadership, and ending the Triarchy control and eliminating piracy in the Stepstones was a very good thing. Also, if you lean Black in the Dance (as I do when I’m not “a plague on both your houses”, which is most of the time), then his strategy to take Harrenhal as a base in the Riverlands was an excellent and effective one and not at all “evil” (nothing brutal there at all unlike Aemond’s techniques), and also the battle over the Gods Eye was frickin’ awesome. (Also Aemond was a far bigger douchebag and I’m glad Daemon killed him.)

Re his relationships, I think Daemon really was fairly in love with Laena, not just using her – she was farther down the line of succession than he was – and I think there was also more to his relationship with Rhaenyra than just getting close to the throne. His relationships with Mysaria and Nettles were also pretty nice, considering their informality, and I can imagine he was fairly devoted and good to them while they were his lovers. (That Mysaria became Rhaenyra’s mistress of whisperers during the Dance is… kind of interesting to think about, mind you.) Also he helped raise some pretty darn good kids, especially the girls, which means he can’t have been all bad. However, his reported habit of deflowering maidens is creepy (thanks GRRM!), the (probably didn’t actually happen but still) reported sexual “training” of Rhaenyra is super-creepy (thanks GRRM!), and it’s a fact he treated Rhea Royce abominably. (A marriage that just should not have happened, ah well.) And there’s nothing whatsoever you can say in his defense re his “a son for a son” scheme to kill one of Aegon’s sons after Luke’s death. But, yeah, when it comes down to it, he probably would have been a fucking terrible prince consort – if the Dance hadn’t happened and Rhaenyra had succeeded as queen, I wouldn’t doubt there’d be another kind of Dance of the Dragons between her and Daemon’s parties some years later, probably with him using (his own son) Aegon as a proxy vs her support of (the obvious Strong bastard) Jace as the heir to the throne.

Personality-wise, Daemon strikes me as an Oberyn-type – physically adept, mentally quick, fierce to anger – albeit more far more ambitious than Oberyn and far less loyal to his brother, but gosh it would have been so much better if he’d been the viper to Viserys’s grass, no? And personality sorting is easy: ESTP, enneagram type 8 (7-wing), chaotic neutral, Slytherin. Also, some relevant creator quotes about Daemon:

“Rhaenyra’s second husband is probably the most remarkable, and maybe infuriating as well, Targaryen who ever lived since Aegon and his sisters. I suppose you’d call him an adventurer.” – Elio Garcia

“A rogue if there ever was one.” – GRRM

“Daemon was a bad bad boy but fun to write about.” –GRRM

And last but not least, I highly recommend this post for how I really feel about talking about Daemon Targaryen. ;)

Re developed villains that I enjoy reading about… um, there are many? (Especially if you branch out from GRRM.) In ASOIAF the ones you listed are a given, yes, but ask me again sometime, I don’t want to shift from the Daemon-focus on this post too much. (Though ftr I don’t believe in the Euron-as-Bloodraven-protégé theory, at all.) Anyway, hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

I think sunset may be an orphan. we never got mention of her family so i kinda figured shes either an orphan or something.

It’s as good a theory as any, at this point. I mean, just because we haven’t heard anything about them, doesn’t mean they’re gone, but that could be a reason Sunset’s never brought it up before.

She hasn’t even reunited with Celestia yet, a character we know she had a connection with in Equestria, so it’s hard to say if there’s anyone waiting for her back home, you know?

I think the best reason for the orphan theory is that Sunset hasn’t gone back to tell them she’s okay, from what we know of. A good fic I liked on the subject of Sunset’s family was Firebird Dahlia by The Albinocorn, which was mostly about Sunset’s broken relationship with her sister (in this fic, Spitfire), but there was a moment that stood out to me. At some point the family goes to a big fancy party hosted by the royals, and Sunset’s mom stops by the door, FURIOUS at Celestia, and tells her the fuck off for not telling her her daughter was still alive after she went through the mirror.

I make the reference because it brings up a good point: Even if Sunset’s family is alive, how much do they know? How close were they to Sunset/did Sunset live in Canterlot castle like Twilight did (and for how long of her childhood)? Since Sunset’s built a new family in the human world, do they mean more to her than her old family (as in: does the family she chose treat her better)?

With Equestria Girls, since there’s less content per year, they tend to only really talk about stuff that’s relevant to the plot of the movie/special/short, though. Not a bad thing at all, but it means in this case we have literally no idea about her family, if she still has any…

Oh and here’s a fun one: what if Sunset’s family was alive before she went through the mirror? What if she didn’t get to say goodbye?

No matter what happened to them, I always like pulling out this quote (because it’s the one good thing that came out of this comic): 

Dear Twilight,
My second slumber party with the girls, and already I feel so much closer to everyone! I haven’t felt so loved, so accepted, in… well… ever! I feel like I finally have a family again. Without all of you to help and support me, I’d be—Well, you know what I would be! Anyway, I should get some sleep. But I want to let you know, before I do… that I love you all.
Sunset Shimmer

~ Sunset, The EQG Holiday Special comic

It’s been a while since Sunset had a family. What exactly that means is unclear, but at least she finally has one worth calling family.

Okay, so if you plan on using these arguments to tell me that my being a Christian witch is wrong and God hates me for it, you can fuck right off. Like, don’t even waste your time. 

“[quotes something from the OT]!”

no longer relevant sorry

“You’re going to hell!” 

literally not how going to hell works thanks

“The Bible says witchcraft is bad!”

okay 1) the Bible says a LOT of stuff is a sin, ie wearing clothes of multiple fabrics and shaving, so why are you pointing the finger at ME when you have your own sins to deal with? Are your sins better than mine and less sinful? Is there some sin hierarchy and witchcraft is the baddest of the sins? Didn’t think so. 2) The witchcraft of the Bible is not actually witchcraft. King James had a huge dose of witch paranoia and slapped all sorts of magick under the witchcraft label, including practices that aren’t witchcraft. It was a major mistranslation. 

Also, if you don’t personally practice witchcraft, then don’t try talking to me about how my being a Christian witch is bad. The only reason I say this is because so many Christians who don’t have a clue what real witchcraft is have said that it’s self-serving, that it’s a Satanic practice, etc. Don’t try to tell me what my practice is or is not if you don’t fucking practice it.