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How would the boys react to their s/o having overslept and asking to please let her shower with them so she won't be late?

Admin Mawile: 」( ̄▽ ̄」) That may not be wise… 

Shuu: He couldn’t care less where you shower, but if it’s with him, you’d better expect to be bitten.  . . and worse. 

Reiji: If you were lazy enough to sleep in, that’s your own problem to deal with. He will not be encouraging such behavior. 

Ayato: He’ll let you shower with him, but you won’t make it even a few minutes without at least being bitten. 

Kanato: Absolutely not! Just because you slept in doesn’t mean you have to bother him and Teddy with your stupid problems. 

Laito: Of course you can shower with him! He’d love the “company” of a lovely little human such as yourself. 

Subaru: There’s a very small chance he’ll let you join him, but you won’t be making it out of that one without some bites. 

Ruki: You will have to deal with the consequences of your own mistake, as he does not have the time to be so lenient with you. 

Kou: He’s busy to you know! Thanks to his idol job, he wouldn’t have time to wait up for you even if he wanted to. 

Yuuma: He really doesn’t care what you do, and is in enough of a hurry in the mornings to leave you unbitten. 

Azusa: He’d be happy to help out. If you need to shower with him, then there couldn’t be a problem with letting you do that. 

Carla: You will be dealing with your own mistakes, not relying on him to bail you out every time you do something unwise. 

Shin: Not a chance! You messed up, now he gets to enjoy your desperate, panicked face as you run out of time. 


Rowan: “Juliet! Can you.. stop rubbing it in? The whole school doesn’t have to know..”
Juliet: “I’m not rubbing anything in! The whole school probably already knows. You’re just making it too painfully obvious..”
Rowan: “Well maybe if you’d stop blabbing, I’d be less obvious!”
Juliet: “I doubt that.. Oh, better wipe that frown off your face, Roro. Look who’s coming..”


The bond we forged in a barren world…
… Gave me strength and Perseverance.

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I am kinda sad but your art makes me feel better! I love your phan and klance and just all your art in general! Keep it up butter cup!

Aw, I hope you are feeling less sad!! I’m glad my art makes you feel better :D Thank you! 

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Prompt list if your still looking... klaroline +no 8 please :) no worries if you ain't x

prompt #8 from this list; ‘There’s only one bed.’

requested by ashleigh-jewitt-xx


requests are open


“I cannot believe this.” Klaus barely manages to move his face out of the way before Caroline’s hand flies into the space where it was. He sighs heavily, rolling his eyes.

That’s what she’s reduced him to; sighing and rolling his eyes like some bloody teenager.

“So you’ve said, love. Seventeen times on the plane. Eleven in the cab. Twice in the lobby of this,” He curls his lip, dragging two fingers across the ugly floral wallpaper and looking in disgust at the grime it leaves on them. “Less than one star motel. I suggest you’d better see her face.”  

“Did you just make a Smash Mouth reference?” Klaus huffs dramatically.

“I’m afraid Hayley showed Hope that Shrek movie without consulting me first. She won’t stop singing it.” Caroline shakes her head, and Klaus catches a whiff of her conditioner, noticing for the third time that she’d changed it since he’d last seen her.

“I wasn’t even talking about this,” She flaps her hand between the two of them. “I Was talking about that.” She flings her arm towards the bed.

“Huh. It would seem that there’s only one bed, love.”

“Oh, would it? Would it seem, Klaus? God, you can’t even ask for two beds. Why do you always do this?” Klaus is about to protest, feeling a flicker of anger, when Caroline slams the door. He sits down in the stiff chair that was probably a different color than when it was first, and waits for her return. It is barely a minute before she stomps up the creaky metal stairs and stops outside the door, takes a deep breath, and steps in much more calmly than she had left. He smirks at her, head tilted up towards her slightly.

“There are no two bed rooms available.” Her voice is full of devastating defeat.

“Come on, love, is it really all that bad?” She laughs spitefully, turning and throwing her duffle bag onto the bed.

“Oh, no, not for me. But for you, well, it’ll suck.” He crinkles his brow, confused for a moment. Caroline turns just as realization dawns on his face, but before she can speak he is too close, his chest almost touching hers. He smells the same, maybe a little dustier, like how she imagines the historic side of New Orleans. Maybe it’s just that; her imagination. He smirks when her mouth parts slightly.

“I am not sleeping on the floor, love.” She doesn’t flinch away.

“But I thought that’s where dogs usually sleep.” She smiles slightly as she says it, reminding him of Kol. He almost laughs, can feel the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, but resists.
“Funny. But it’s not the full moon and I am much more than a dog.” He pushes forward, and she follows suit. He can feel the heat radiating off her clenched hands onto his. This is a battle for dominance, and for the first time since Klaus had turned, he wasn’t sure who would win.

“Are you sure about that? Because Matt’s dog followed me around just as much as you do.” Suddenly she is pressed against the wall, legs around his waist, gasping at the lips pressed against her neck. His mouth is closed, there is nothing sexual about the way his face is resting on her neck, and yet she thrusts against him.
“Did Matt’s dog make you feel like this?” He moves up and flicks his tongue out on her chin, cause her to moan. She knows her panties are soaked. “Hm? Did that mongrel make delectable noises drop for your mouth when he licked you?”

“No..” He rests his head against the wall, waiting for her to respond. “But he was cuter than you.” She feels Klaus’ chest move in a silent laugh. He pushes up, letting her support her own weight. Her legs fall the short distance to the floor. He puts a little distance between the two of them. “You promised we wouldn’t do anything like that.” She says after a little while. Her cheeks are wonderfully flushed, her hair a bit of a mess. He turns away moving towards the bathroom.

“Well, the end justifies the means. I convinced you of my more than a dog status, did I not?” She is quiet as he turns on the water, the pipes screaming in protest.“Take the bed, Caroline.” He admits defeat, shoulders almost slumping. Caroline giggles at how much this small loss is defeating him. She watches, still panting, as he splashes water onto his face.

Fuck it, she thinks.

Maybe the other moms are getting to her; Come on, Forbes, live a little.

She speeds to him, knows he hears. She loops her arms around his waist, connecting them above his belly button. She expects him to stiffen, if not for a moment, yet he relaxes into her. They make eye contact in the mirror, his eyes full of doubt. He doesn’t say anything, just keeps his eyes onto her.

“Well, now I just feel bad…” She trails off, and his eyes turn from doubt to triumph. She almost reconsiders changing her mind just so he would lose. “I mean, you’re taking time out of your villianing to help with this, so the least I can do is share.” He raises an eyebrow and his smirk appears.
“Share, love?” She brings one of her hands lower and gives a light squeeze to his crotch, watching the way his eyes fill with lust in the mirror. “Caroline,” It is a warning; stop now or forever hold your peace. “Please don’t play with me.” She feels a flash of guilt for the pain in his voice.

“After we fix everything, things are going to have to go back to the way they were. Graduation announcements, baby announcements, ridiculously large checks, maybe the occasional drunk voicemail.” Caroline pushes down and moves her hand back and forth, and he opens his mouth slightly. “But for now, it is just you, me, and a filthy motel room. All signs point to hot hybrid sex.” She sees his eyes turn gold in the mirror, registers her shirt being ripped off and feels the wall next to the door crack as she is slammed against it. Klaus’ mouth finds her nipple, teeth grazing it as she arches into it.

God, is she grateful for her friends’ affinity for getting into trouble, and overbooked motels, and-

Oh, fuck, Klaus, just fuck me.”

The dumplings are hiding under the scallion pancakes and the orange chicken, but. Bowlful of noms.

Dumplings could use more ginger, but that’s because all dumplings could use more ginger, I got spoiled by the old place that is no longer in business.

Scallion pancakes could use more scallions, but are still nommy.

Orange chicken is definitely orange, and not overly soaked with vinegar.

Crispy beef is nom.

Whole thing could do with more vegetables. If I want more vegetables, I have to actually order it myself instead of telling dad what I’d like, and letting him order it. Or make it myself, since we have the means to do so. (Which would also let me use less hot peppers, because yeah, they’re less a problem than bell peppers, but I’d probably be better off if I didn’t eat them.)

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Coming home from 5 hours of work at the office and working for nine consecutive hours only to realize that the page isn’t close to your standards, and scrapping it, throwing away nine hours of work. Because you have standards you want to keep, and sometimes the correct answer is the worse one but you go with it anyways. 

A lesson i learned working on this page:

Sometimes hard work without planning is the worst thing you could do. I know that the same page would’ve taken much less time, and come out incredibly better, if i’d just taken ten minutes, maybe less, to jot down a panel by panel plan.

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Hey Jason, I've been having pretty intense nightmares recently about my traumatic events repeating themselves. I'd been feeling a lot less low and better able to cope recently too, but then these awful nightmares started and I'm being driven back into such a low place. I'd be really grateful if you could give me some suggestions on how I could deal with this.

hey 💕 i’m really sorry you’re going through this nonnie, trauma nightmares are horrible and scary i know 💕

the internet has been frustratingly unhelpful with answers on what you can do to help yourself so i’ve tried to compile a list of the best things i can find, but there’s not much useful info out there sadly. most of these are just about improving your sleep in general which has been shown to reduce how often you have nightmares 

specific tip for reducing nightmare intensity

  • if you have a specific repeating dream, try visualising a positive ending. lets say for example that your dream is about being attacked by someone - a way you could visualise this positively is if you imagine fighting back and beating the person, or imagining running away and escaping, or something coming to save you. this is a bit weird i know but from what i have read it really seems to help
  • make sure your bed is a nice place to be - make it comfy with cuddly toys and blankets and pillows and make it a safe space that you can relax in
  • talk to someone about the specific details in your dream - a friend or family member, a therapist, someone who you trust. even just saying it out loud to a pet or toy. talking can really reduce how scary they are, and just knowing that someone else knows you are having a bad time can really help you feel more supportive. if you really don’t want to say it out loud, maybe write it down and then like tear up the piece of paper. you can type it up and message it to me if you want to :) 

before bed 

  • try to avoid caffeinated drinks in the late afternoon/evening (stop drinking caffeine at least 6 hours before you want to go to bed i think is the recommendation) 
  • try to avoid drinking too much alcohol too, it’s best to not drink any alcohol at all but i know this can be really hard so just try to drink as little as possible right before you sleep
  • having a routine can really help improve sleep, just doing things like getting into pajamas and brushing your teeth and washing your face in a set order each night can help get your body get better at sleeping
  • pajamas are rly helpful, making sure you change before bed helps your brain think “oh this must be sleep time”
  • trying to avoid screens for an hour before bed can help but i know that’s hard to do so make sure you turn the brightness right down and if your phone has like a nighttime mode make sure you turn it on!
  • doing some light exercise before bed (like going for a 10 minute walk or 10 minutes of yoga) can also help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply

when you wake up

  • making sure you get out of bed without hitting snooze really helps quality of sleep, and again having a routine can really make a difference with this
  • if you have had a nightmare, be kind to yourself. light a candle or watch a funny video or have a calm bath or hug a pet/toy/friend. remember that you are safe and it was just a dream 
  • because this is a fear that a trauma will be repeated remember that you survived it last time and you can survive it again. you ARE strong enough.
  • find a breathing exercise that works for you - such as breathe in for 4 secs, hold for 4 secs, breathe out for 4 secs

good luck non, and i really hope things get better for you soon 💕 take care 💕

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what are some good uncommon gay/lesbian ships from warriors you like? if you have any, that is.

I don’t really have any, so I can’t think of any less common pairings for that matter, you’d probably be better off asking someone else. ^^ However I’m sure if I post this ask now a whole lot of people will have suggestions for you. :)

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Are requests open yet? If they aren't, can you give some tips on how to write HC's?? 😃😃

Mod Enki: I’d say it really depends how you want to write them. Most of the time I’m pretty formal when I write headcanons because I end up thinking about them pretty intensely. To some people this is kind of boring and doesn’t really show a lot of emotion. But other times when I’m really feeling the flow I just write up whatever comes to mind really. Sure it ends up less formal but the flow is a lot better. In general I’d say to not force it. Your ideas will come as they please and it’s better to take time to think about what each individual character reflects than to force it. Sometimes I like to think of friends or people I know who are similar to the character I write about and get ideas from them on how that character would act or say. You can be as descriptive as you want to be or kind of vague to let your readers take charge on how they might interpret things. Everyone is different though so don’t feel like you have to adhere to some sort of template for how headcanons look. Don’t be frustrated when you find that you’re taking a while to write because it’s definitely not a race. (I honestly take forever to write lmao). Just be you and write how you personally would describe it and not how someone else would.

Mod Lyra - I tend to word vomit sometimes, it helps if i just run with an idea and just go from there. Like, don’t stop letting stuff come from your mind and onto the paper, and then when you’re done you can go back and elaborate ideas from there. It also just helps to not use any filter and write whatever comes naturally from your mind or so. It also helps me if I bounce ideas back and forth between me and someone else, it helps keeps ideas flowing and keeps me focused on something as well. Also it helps for me if you’re vague as possible and then elaborate on them ! I often start my headcanons with some vague idea and go from there. Also take your time !! If you get frustrated, come back to it. I also like to jot down ideas on my phone when they come to me because I know I’ll forget later if I don’t write them down.Just have fun with it anon !

mod flux: mmmm as someone that worries a lot about writing characters ooc (and thus takes 12 years to write anything lmao) i spend a lot of time researching the characters i plan to write for! more than anything i like brainstorming ideas with other people (especially the other mods bc we’re all go hard or go home types), it helps me figure out more about a character from the interpretations others analyze from them bc i know what thorough and analytical people my friends are. for general tips just on writing though that’s a little harder. sometimes one of the mods will ask “what do i do for this” and we just throw ideas at each other. other times you kind of just get these sudden bursts of ideas, when that happens i like to quickly draft down a very basic idea of the hc or scenario i have in my mind so i don’t forget it later. more than anything though i think forcing or trying to rush yourself to write is a bad idea! take your time and think through what you want to write

{ @terrortwerp - Happy Birthday you scruffy fucker. }

It had taken a ridiculously long time to plan this, in retrospect - it’d better damn well go over nothing less then swimmingly.

Considering the amount of time off and plain cash he’d had to bribe Tracey with in total, he prayed to Arceus that this would work out and Ash wouldn’t find it stupid or lame– ugh, was that his age showing in that out-dated slang? Already, Professor Gary Oak wanted to find his bottle of scotch and take a few swigs.

Birthdays were never his forte.

It was hard to enjoy them when, growing up, he’d watched his grandfather participate more in his neighbors’ birthdays than Gary’s. He rarely did more than buy someone a card and scrawl his name in it; on the off-chance he did deign to get the lucky so-and-so a gift, he was incredibly bad at picking out things that weren’t generic. A Heal set for one of his former cheerleaders, a couple new canvases for Tracey, an honest-to-Arceus tie for his grandfather once. Really, Gary was talented in a vast amount of things…but celebrating birthdays wasn’t one of them. Hence why he was getting his panties in a twist over this particular one.

Most of the time, he looked on the relationship between his lab assistant and his crush love interest walking wet-dream f r i e n d with benefits with disdain and even disgust at points. Heathens, the pair of them. If the pair was together, then it was guaranteed to smell like weed, booze, and two men who were old enough to know better. Still, they were close friends and Gary fully had intended to make use of that by squeezing information from Tracey until satisfied. It meant his workload would be tripled in the next couple weeks, but ultimately it was–



…going to be worth it.

The sound of the front door opening and the two aforementioned friends stumbling in down the hall shakes Gary from his anxious thoughts. “Maaaaan…you’re fucked UP.” Tracey drawls out, snickering, “Hey– go visit the tightwad for a few minutes while I grab your shit. I bet if you annoy him enough, he’ll give you some birthday money to fuck off.” Why in the hell did he continue to keep this asshole employed, again…?

His pushing-his-employment-status assistant thumped up the stairs, and once Gary calculated that he was in his room the professor put some last minute thought into straightening his clothes - now or never, then. “Shit talking me in my own house already? Next you’ll be doing it right in front of me.” He called out, exiting his kitchen. Damn. The dark-haired man standing by the stairs has no business looking so attractive all the fucking time. Focus, you horny asshole. Grinning, Gary leans against the doorway between the hall and the kitchen - he holds up a cold bottle, covered in condensation. “Got time for a beer with me, Ash? Heard from a little Pidgey it was your birthday. Be a shame if I had to drink all this liquor I bought for you by myself, huh?”


so change of plans!!!!!! my new fic wont be posted this weekend like i promised LOL but im hoping soon at least? i dont wanna speed thru it and wanna take my time!!!!!!! but its halfway done so :-) thx for being patient!!!!!!! i dont really have an excuse why its taking me so long but ive been feeling less motivated to write i guess??? but ive been feeling better about it :-D


if Spira had smart-phones… Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna edition~

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(Flipped a coin for the muse - lucky lady got the little lady)

Mallory probably shouldn’t have been drinking in a new town. But Angelo’s work had him far away during the move, and she just wanted to be around people to feel a little less lonely. No better place than a bar.

There’d been eyes on the little lady in the little pink sweater almost as soon as she walked in the door. She avoided looking at them, getting a few sweet drinks, one right after another. Ones with a lot more alcohol in them than it looked.

So everything was a little bit fuzzy. Looking over at the lady sitting next to her, a small, sweet smile crossed Mallory’s face.
“E…excuse me?” Barely loud enough to be heard. “I..I just wanted to say…you have some r-really pretty eyes, miss.”

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late?”

Well if you’re just going to straight up rob the guy and you don’t care about concealing your identity, why not just rob one that’s already closed? In fact, that would be better since you’d have even less of a chance of getting caught.