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MARCH 22: America #1 (2017)

Before you see the word comic book and decide this article isn’t for you, hear me out real quick: a lesbian Latina superhero strikes out on her own to take on her biggest challenge yet – going to college. Are you hooked yet?

I was first introduced to America Chavez through the Young Avengers comic books and she completely stole the show for me. As someone who was introduced to superheroes through movies, I was used to the stereotypical lead character following in the same narrative footsteps as all his straight, white male brethren. To see a queer brown girl as a main character excited me (and did I mention she can kick star shaped portals that lead to other dimensions???). When it was announced that America Chavez would be getting her own solo comic to be released in March of 2017, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The possibilities within America’s story are endless and Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones did not disappoint with this first issue.

Marvel made headlines when they first announced America Chavez’s solo comic series, and not just because it was the triumphant return of many people’s favorite hero, but also because it was announced that writer Gabby Rivera would be spearheading the series. It was refreshing to hear that a gay Latina writer would be bringing truth and realness to this gay Latina character’s story. The story follows America as she retires from her usual superhero-ing business and enrolls in Sotomayer University – think Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters but cooler. Rivera’s influence is prominent from the very first page; from America’s relationship with her girlfriend Lisa to her memories of her two mothers from the Utopian Parallel, it is the little things throughout the first issue that imbue the character and the story with a sense of queerness that kept me smiling. No matter how well-versed you are in comics or the superhero genre, I definitely recommend the “America” series to everyone seeking out more lesbian representation in their life.


I love how so many fandoms are basically just new versions of old things, but made gayer.

Sherlock: modern version of Sherlock Holmes where Sherlock and John Watson are in love

Merlin: re-tread of Merlin where Merlin is younger and he and King Arthur are deeply in love

Doctor Who: continuation of the Old Doctor Who, including an omnisexual, immortal Captain who got a spin off show

MCU: Adaptation of old Marvel comics where Iron Man, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes may or may not be in a super love triangle. On the side the X-Men backstory includes Magneto and Professor X being ex-boyfriends

Percy Jackson: Modern Greek Mythology including canon gay son of Hades with his possible son-of-Apollo boyfriend

Star Wars: The Fandom Awakened, this time with the main otps being a ex-stormtrooper with an x-wing pilot with both men being POC, along with the emo grandchild of Darth Vader and Evil Bill Weasley

OUAT: Fairy Tale characters in modern day and one of the main ships being The Evil Queen and the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, complete with them being mothers to the same child. 

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Natasha part one

Complete series 

“You got…” Tony starts, before pausing and grinning wickedly. “Oh now this is exactly what I was hoping for. Buckle down everyone. It’s college girl experimentation time.”

“You are vile.” You say, watching Natasha smirk from across the room.

“Hey its completely natural for you and Romanoff to explore each other’s bodies and let the rest of us watch and possibly film it for future purposes.”

“Oh I am so sorry. Vile was too pleasant a word.”

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