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30 Day Selflessness Challenge

Day 1: Only pray for other people- not for your own needs and desires.
Day 2: Hold the door open for someone.
Day 3: Ask someone how they’re doing. Really listen to their answer.
Day 4: Let someone else decide what to eat/watch on TV/etc.
Day 5: Have an entire conversation without turning the subject back to yourself.
Day 6: Loan someone money/a jacket/a sweatshirt/etc.
Day 7: Try to go an entire day without complaining.
Day 8: Slow down to let someone over into your lane while driving.
Day 9: Pray for someone you don’t like.
Day 10: Send someone a kind message.
Day 11: Let someone else have their way/win an argument.
Day 12: Call or text your parent(s). Tell him/her/them you love him/her/them.
Day 13: Laugh at someone’s joke, even if it isn’t funny.
Day 14: Try to go an entire day without complaining.
Day 15: Give someone a gift. Expect nothing in return.
Day 16: Donate to a charity or thrift shop.
Day 17: Volunteer to do a task you hate.
Day 18: Leave a nice note on someone’s car.
Day 19: Have a friendly conversation with someone you don’t like.
Day 20: Apologize to someone.
Day 21: Try to go an entire day without complaining.
Day 22: Forgive someone who’s hurt you.
Day 23: Do something kind. Anything. Tell no one.
Day 24: Spend time with someone annoying.
Day 25: Don’t say anything mean about anyone- even if it’s true.
Day 26: Only pray for people you don’t like today.
Day 27: Give a clothing item you like to a charity or thrift shop.
Day 28: But something from a vending machine or self check out. Leave your change behind for someone else.
Day 29: Only pray for people who have hurt you today.
Day 30: Try to go an entire day without complaining.

Response to "Let It Go (Africanized Tribal Cover)"

I have felt strongly about this video since I saw it about a month ago, and I have put off writing about it for long enough.  It’s time that my (most likely unwelcome) opinion be stated.

I’m going to start out by presenting the fact that I am not a Frozen fan.  At all.  The cast was perfect (even if Idina is too old to play a 21-year-old woman, she’s still fabulous), “Let It Go” was a good song, it was pretty and fairly blindly entertaining, and it did blatantly present a “different” view on love.  But I honestly thought that it was a bad movie.  If you really want to know why, message me and we’ll talk.  Because I’m not here to give my scathing review of Frozen. I’ll let That Guy With the Glasses take care of it, and I eagerly await the day he rips it to shreds.  Instead, I really want to talk about the “Let It Go Africanized Tribal Cover”.

If you have not seen it yet, you might want to.  Here is the link.

At first glance, it’s fabulous.  That little girl is awesome, though let’s hope she doesn’t sing like that all the time or her voice will be shot before she turns 20.  The costumes are beautiful.  The set is fantastic.  The arrangement is delightful.

But, true to my ways, I only post if I have something to say.  And I have something to say about this video.  In fact, I have quite a bit to say.

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